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Gameday blog: Canes at North Carolina

The Miami Hurricanes (2-3) will look for their first-ever win in Chapel Hill Saturday when they take on the North Carolina Tar Heels (5-1). UM won last year's meeting at Sun Life Stadium 33-10, but against a North Carolina team depleted by injuries.

Gio Bernard> ABOUT CAROLINA: Interim coach Everett Withers suffered his only loss 35-28 at undefeated Georgia Tech back on Sept. 24. The Tar Heels rank 52nd in total defense (363.67 yards), 39th versus the run (119.17) and 87th versus the pass (244.50) and are led on defense by senior linebacker Zach Brown, who leads the team with 42 tackles, five for loss, 2.5 sacks, an interception and a forced fumble. Offensively, UNC has the fourth most efficient passer in the country in sophomore Bryn Renner (99-136, 1,305 yards, 12 TDs, 6 INTs), a star freshman tailback in Giovani Bernard (657 yards, 103 att., 8 TDs) from Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas and senior receiver Dwight Jones, who is second in the nation with seven TD receptions (37 catches, 605 yards). Carolina has scored on 16 of 19 opportunities in the red zone -- all 16 are touchdowns. In 21 trips inside the red zone, Tar Heels opponents have scored just eight touchdowns. UNC ranks eighth in the nation in red zone defense.

> WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN IT COMES TO THE CANES: UM's porous run defense figures to get abused again this week by Bernard and the Tar Heels. The usually slow starting Canes need to be wary of not falling behind by too much. Carolina hasn't allowed a first quarter touchdown this season and has outscored opponents 42-3 in the opening quarter and 94-42 in the first half. UM quarterback Jacory Harris has thrown for 837 yards, nine touchdowns and just three INTs -- and sparkled over the last 10 quarters. But his last trip to Chapel Hill wasn't a good one. He threw a career-high four INTs as UM lost. Redshirt sophomore running back Lamar Miller, who ranks third in the nation with 135.4 yards per game, is looking to record his sixth consecutive 100 yard game. Expect to see a lot of Miller early and often.

> MANNY'S PICK: UM 33, North Carolina 30. Nothing really favors the Canes in this game as UNC -- in the words of Al Golden -- probably the best team they Canes will face. Only, I'm not buying it totally. North Carolina struggled to beat lowly Louisville 14-7 last week and figures they have this one in the bag at home against a beat up and reeling Canes team they've owned at Kenan Stadium. UM has played out of its mind on offense of late while the defense has played with a cheese-like stench. I don't expect the offense to keep up this pace all season. But for this week, they will. I see big day from Jacory, a big day from Lamar, and a Wieclaw field goal in the fourth quarter that wins it for the Canes.

Herald Sports Writer Andre Fernandez will run today's live blog. Manny Navarro is covering the Miami Dolphins today. Remember to please keep your comments clean of profanity or you will be removed from the chat room.


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Manny I agree with you on the Canes victory but I see a complete blowout 51-3. Lamar for 250 and J!@ 5 TDs. We figured it out and with a run and a little help we WILL win our first ACC title.

thanks for the hope manny


I never understand the need to predict the score of a game....

Like trying to predict what the weather's gonna be like in Tibet next week....What's the point?

The prediction should be limited to who's more likely to win or lose. And why. Good enough.

My prediction:

Another close game.

Defense trying to find it's courage and it's inspiration. A bunch of young kids, too many back-ups, and a couple top-tier guys all trying to figure out on the fly how to be solid unit. They need to believe in themselves. Do exactly what the coaches tell them to do. Stop any freelancing.

Somebody PLEASE GET TO THE QB and start playing with some RAGE!

Offense will continue to get better. Miller is due for a fumble, so he needs to keep the grip on the ball. Jacory is due for an INT(s), so he needs to not get overly confident in himself from past 2 games. Pull it down or scramble if it he feels like trying to do a thread-the-needle pass. O-line will get better, protect Jacory better and give him more time to look, open more holes for Miller/James. Receivers are starting to understand their routes and can now catch tough balls (remember last year? when they treated the football like a grenade thrown at them?)

Penalties. Stop the stupid freaking "false-starts" and we score and extra TD every game.

Improvement is all i'm looking for from game to game. Not necessarily wins.

Close game. Outcome is hard to predict. If Canes perform at their 80% best, they win. If they backtrack with mistakes (fumbles, INTs, penalties) they lose..... simple.

Go Canes or Go home.....


An excellent analysis as usual! Enjoy reading your work!

The pass and run efficiency of NC is troubling, as is their defense. We must score well to win, and I hope your close game 33 - 30 call is in the right direction.

Let's see some D and some major O today!

so far so good, I love the offensive package

great drive, good job evryone. DEFENSE DEFENSE

yes yes


Wow yea!!! 14-0

Lmao keep the defense off the field yay!

If this coaching staff had last years team, we would have at least played for the ACC championship thus had a even better recruiting class. We would be right on schedule. We let Randy go a year to late. Anyways..... Great start canes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacory picking up where he left off last week. 7/8 2 TDs.

Wow our D stopped somebody lol... Anyways seems like we gettin pressure and their offense is gettin ansy they already have to score from behind so lets see what happens

UM was 7-5 last year and it looks like another 7-5 year with a better QB and RB.

how is it any better?

Only losers dig in the past. Winners learn from the past and focus on the future. The future is 3-3. Thnx 2 The J-12 crew, the Spence crew, and the Golden crew. So leave the Randy crew out of our present. Go Canes!!

anyone know where I can see the game online?

@canesrus firstrowsports.com

Jacory is playing great. his receivers should be ashamed.

Hmmm. This game is based on defense and defense alone. U are looking at 4-8.

I like what i see.. Finally playing with a lead makes the defense look better.. Go Canes!!

Positive thoughts bring positive results!! Leave the past behind and focus on what's in front of this current team!! They will make mistakes, but the fans need to stay behind them; lift them up spiritually and emotionally!! GO CANES!!!

UM dee just looks lost out there.

Played DE at Montana for 2 yeaar until leg injury ended career. Mnay defensive mistakes look like the freshmen or guys who have not played as a unit.

However, the DL like # 54 who looks like he is oevr 300 pounds is just being pushed around and truned by the guards and center at will. This guy does not have great bodly power and does not use much technique or leverage both of which allow him to be manhandled.

this is where coach said we need some offense. we must keep scoring. they can move the ball too easy on our D, the drop pass hurts, but we just need to keep scoring.

The interior DL are terrible even before the injuries. They are physically overpowered. When Alan Bailey left there is no one that is double teamed and hence they can dominate these current DT/DEs.

Where is the strenght coACH? Oh! It is the retreaded guy from Coker and Shannon who has a bachelors degree in sociology.

Jacory is getting killed by his receivers. Must be frustrating.


Posted by: UNC's Q.B. ... The Next All ACC Q.B. ... For The Week Anyways | October 15, 2011 at 12:25 PM


Ahhh look who's here, the troll. What's up douche?

You didn't have much to say after my previous post when I enlightened you of the team's #s being full of fluff. That's what happens when you play garbage teams, your #s look great, that's it. Miami has played real teams this season, not James Madison, not east carolina university, and not loserville.

Now look at the score (17-3) and it's still in the beginning of the 2nd qtr. Miami's offense is chewing up yards left and right.

By the way, nice fumble on that kickoff return. Thanks for the ball on the 29yd line.

You're a POS troll on the wrong site. Get a life man.




59 Perriman reminds me of a young Jonothan Vilma. He has everytthing just needs playing time.

These young LBs are doing OKconsidering there is not help from the defensive line.

awesome play to stop the momentum from NC after the hit. great job

Who is that UM center # 63. He has arms like my grandmother and misses assignments quite a bit. Do they have anyone better at center that looks like a football player?

Good call Cool Cat.

You going to switch allegiance to FAU if they hire Shannon?

Is UM playing with a full 11 man dee fense?

I agree Arizona Fan. That UM center is driven back quite a bit in the games I have observed. He needs guard help a lot. Looks weak physically.

Number 54 the DT is totally outplayed and he is a senior? Has no strength or mobility for 310 pounds.


Posted by: UNC's Q.B. ... The Next All ACC Q.B. ... For The Week Anyways | October 15, 2011 at 12:25 PM




Good thing is UNC QB is more incompetent than the UM defense.

Freshman DE 71 looks good and trys all the time. The rest of the DL would be hard pressed to make the starting line up at FAU!!!!!!

The center blew the block and just stood there and let the guy run by him and tackle miller.

When did I get the UNC job ?

Number 65 helped the center 63 or he gets destroyed by number 90. 65 is physically looking guard.

Where are the J-12 haters!!!????


Jacory is playing like a real QB. Staying in the pocket making the dump pass, making outside passes so only his receiver can catch it.


The are comitting 7 or even 8 to the box to stop Miller and the WRs are having a field day.

Just glad the Tar Heels suck worse than us ...

and they doooooooooo sUck


Posted by: UNC's Q.B. ... The Next All ACC Q.B. ... For The Week Anyways | October 15, 2011 at 12:25 PM



Where is Boshner at 215 pounds and 4.5 speed and could tackle? Number 22 lost containment and allowed the man to get around the corner. Who is # 22 and he is rather slow also.

MikeT youre right. They're more afraid of Miller than Jacory.

And Jacory is more afraid of his own Defense than UNC's.

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