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Gameday blog: Canes at North Carolina

The Miami Hurricanes (2-3) will look for their first-ever win in Chapel Hill Saturday when they take on the North Carolina Tar Heels (5-1). UM won last year's meeting at Sun Life Stadium 33-10, but against a North Carolina team depleted by injuries.

Gio Bernard> ABOUT CAROLINA: Interim coach Everett Withers suffered his only loss 35-28 at undefeated Georgia Tech back on Sept. 24. The Tar Heels rank 52nd in total defense (363.67 yards), 39th versus the run (119.17) and 87th versus the pass (244.50) and are led on defense by senior linebacker Zach Brown, who leads the team with 42 tackles, five for loss, 2.5 sacks, an interception and a forced fumble. Offensively, UNC has the fourth most efficient passer in the country in sophomore Bryn Renner (99-136, 1,305 yards, 12 TDs, 6 INTs), a star freshman tailback in Giovani Bernard (657 yards, 103 att., 8 TDs) from Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas and senior receiver Dwight Jones, who is second in the nation with seven TD receptions (37 catches, 605 yards). Carolina has scored on 16 of 19 opportunities in the red zone -- all 16 are touchdowns. In 21 trips inside the red zone, Tar Heels opponents have scored just eight touchdowns. UNC ranks eighth in the nation in red zone defense.

> WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN IT COMES TO THE CANES: UM's porous run defense figures to get abused again this week by Bernard and the Tar Heels. The usually slow starting Canes need to be wary of not falling behind by too much. Carolina hasn't allowed a first quarter touchdown this season and has outscored opponents 42-3 in the opening quarter and 94-42 in the first half. UM quarterback Jacory Harris has thrown for 837 yards, nine touchdowns and just three INTs -- and sparkled over the last 10 quarters. But his last trip to Chapel Hill wasn't a good one. He threw a career-high four INTs as UM lost. Redshirt sophomore running back Lamar Miller, who ranks third in the nation with 135.4 yards per game, is looking to record his sixth consecutive 100 yard game. Expect to see a lot of Miller early and often.

> MANNY'S PICK: UM 33, North Carolina 30. Nothing really favors the Canes in this game as UNC -- in the words of Al Golden -- probably the best team they Canes will face. Only, I'm not buying it totally. North Carolina struggled to beat lowly Louisville 14-7 last week and figures they have this one in the bag at home against a beat up and reeling Canes team they've owned at Kenan Stadium. UM has played out of its mind on offense of late while the defense has played with a cheese-like stench. I don't expect the offense to keep up this pace all season. But for this week, they will. I see big day from Jacory, a big day from Lamar, and a Wieclaw field goal in the fourth quarter that wins it for the Canes.

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No wonder Futch the LB never really made the starting lineup until graduation and injuries. he is lost, looses containment, takes fakes, etc.

#22 is kacy rogers out of texas. He's young with little to no experience. He needs more time. He did very well for himself in highschool back in texas. We'll see how he turns out, way to soon to tell.

I agree with poster on DT 54 Regis. This guy is being destroyed at DT. he is over-matched against the Olmen he is going against.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | October 15, 2011 at 01:51 PM


lemme guess ... run the table, ACC Champs, BCS Orange Bowl Win, 11-3 record and Top 5 Finish ?

UNC just stinks, but Miami needs a game like this, esp after going 0-4 last 4 trips to Durham.

Frank Reich

Listen man don't go putting words in my mouth. You got a problem with me cheering on my team and being passionate then that's your problem.



Guys like Curtis Porter were good run stoppers at DT. The guys at DT now are horrible!!!
The never get any penetration and are taken out most all of the time seldom winning any battle.

Best Half in Jacory's career?

Dario there have been a lot of injuries in the defensive line.

I do agree 54 and those will never be anything more than career backups---they just don't have it.

16/22 233yds 2 TD NO PICKS!!!!!

It's only halftime 27-10 we got this.

Tard heels don't have it.

The DTs they have (freshmen or sophomores) now are young and a little undersized. With time they will grown and be good. The current defensive linemen for the most part are average at best, they are not major college football starters.

The Tar Heels rank 52nd in total defense (363.67 yards), 39th versus the run (119.17) and 87th versus the pass (244.50)

This is CANETILLIDIE....DH and this is from a previous post I wrote up on the canes penalty blog about the defense.


Our Defense doesn't look good and nobody else's defense would look good either if it had to endure season ending injuries to key players on the line and LB position, suspensions with players coming back at various times of the season, players being moved back and forth again never really grasping the position. Our defense will be ridiculous next year.

Those returning on Defense:

Marcus Forston 6'3" 300
Darius Smith 6'2" 330
Jalen Grimble 6'2" 280
Olsen Pierre 6'4" 265
Luther Robinson 6'3" 295
Ricardo Williams 6'5" 220
Olivier Vernon 6'4" 265
Shayon Green 6'3" 255
Adewale Ojomo 6'4" 270
Anthony Chickillo 6'4" 248
Curtis Porter 6'1" 300

Davon Johnson 5'10" 185
Thomas Finnie 5'10" 170
Thurston Armbrister 6'3" 195
Kacy Rogers 6'2" 200
Keion Payne 5'10" 185
Ray Ray Armstong 6'4" 215
AJ Highsmith 6'0" 195
Vaughn Telemaque 6'2" 200
Dallas Crawford 5'10" 190
Andrew Swasey 5'10" 195

Gionni Paul 6'0" 230
Kelvin Cain 6'3" 230
Denzel Perryman 6'0" 215
Akil Craig 6'1" 215
Erik Lichter 5'11" 215
Sean Goldstein 6'0" 230
Eddie Johnson 6'1" 230
Eric Akre 6'2" 240

Defense will be a completely different story next season for sure. We're gonna be fine.

We need to give Golden his time to put everything together piece by piece. Give him the time that we all gave candy randy and we'll see results.



C-A-N-E-S CANES ! ! !

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | October 13, 2011 at 11:06 PM

This is just my view of what we will likely look like next year and this doesn't include any incoming recruits, only players currently registered. Some guys I have left out because they have yet to sniff the field and are still on the practice squad.

Hope this was informative for you guys, enjoy the game.

Amazing how just one play, the fumbled kickoff, can be the difference between a 27-10 lead instead of a 20-17 lead at the half. What I'm saying is, is that usually we are the ones to make the stupid turnover that is a complete game changer. So far so good, but there is still 30 long minutes to play. TAKE care of the football and we should be just fine. If not, this game is far from over.

Amazing how very good coaching and organizing makes such a huge difference. UNC calls Timeout with 8 seconds in the 1st. and still 10 seconds on the play clock? That may seem small but over and over n over it all adds up. Just so glad not to see that eneptness on the Cane sideline anymore.

No turnovers, no BAD penalties, get 3's, hold them to 3's and head back to the Coral Gables house. Ball Game.

Then Ga. Tech

Who cares about the rank of the Tar Heels defense. If Miami was not playing at the current level, folks on this blog would be all over this team with negative comments. This team is doing what they should be doing. Learn to appreciate and stop the negative comments!!!

Hope this was informative for you guys, enjoy the game.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | October 15, 2011 at 02:21 PM

it wasn't so do bust Ur arm patting Ur delUsional self on the back U cheerleader.


well said my friend, well said.


Earl Moore DT 6.1 280
Jelani Hamilton DE 6.5 260
Corey King DT 6.1 270 ( a 410 bench presser)
Jalen Grimbel DT 6.2 280 (a 400 bench presser)

These young frsshmen and high school commits will be the future as they can be trained into a system.

A number of the current defensive linemen are playing hood ball---out for themselves and undisciplined. I played for BTW in Miami in the 1980s.

Hope this was informative for you guys, enjoy the game.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | October 15, 2011 at 02:21 PM

it wasn't so do bust Ur arm patting Ur delUsional self on the back U cheerleader.

Posted by: U Paint Ur Face Orange or Green This week ? | October 15, 2011 at 02:26 PM


Hello delusional douche. Get a life man. Don't be mad that now your beloved tard heels are being shown who they really are. A bunch of cowards limping off the field left and right, down by 17pts, and realizing that your 5-1 record is a garbage lie.

UNC's 5-1 record is absolutely delusional. It's the only delusional thing going on today.

OOPPSSS another sack, oh well long day for the unc. Enjoy douche.

Quit trolling, only the lifeless do that. But I guess once you get off of your cousin sister that you have nothing else left to do with your day other than shovel up some road kill for supper.




Defense has improved today. Not where it needs to be, but making progress. Jacory looks great so far. Running game needs to get going.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | October 15, 2011 at 02:45 PM

U ever get the feeling that Ur having a conversation and then realize that no one else is in the room ?

all the time, but i hate losing all those arguments. @what#jersey. go canes

Defense...please dont let them score 17 pts in the 4th qtr!!! please!!

@CANETILLIDIE - don't let the bast#$ds wear you down - I, like you (and U) am a CANE through and through - attending games since the Andy Gustafson era when I went with my dad.. These are average times at best, but foreshadow a briliant future (can shadows show a future briliancy?? I do not know...) but I agree that we are seeing the redevelopment of the team that EVERYONE loved to HATE.... let them bring it on, as we carry it on!!!


miami will end up losing once again...poorly coached, defense sucks, when we will learn...Golden needs to fire the D coordinator right now

Man oh Man...this UmM team sure needs a punter. These little division 2 a schools have better and most are walk ons.

Canetillidie we got your back. Bug out trolls.

This team needs a membership at Golds Gym or a REAL strength coach no some guy with a degree in sociology that was carried by Coker, Shannon and now this guy.

coach needs to get this offense going again. good adjustments on both sides, but we need a drive now. harris missed streeter, but a good game so far, time to see how good our off is. go canes

This vanilla defense and 'the offense givin up the ball over and over is making me sick, how is this game even 'in' question??

yo!! mike... you want to talk to me after the game??? or will it be criket time??

The UM OL cannot handle in running plays the NC defernsive line. The are physically getting their clocks cleaned and many time BC is not unsing 7 or more in the box.

Who is their center he looks like a high schooler in development.

The UM OL cannot handle in running plays the NC defernsive line. The are physically getting their clocks cleaned and many time NC is not unsing 7 or more in the box.

Who is their center he looks like a high schooler in development.

Most ridiculous turnaround...did u see the drive stats for each half?


The UM offensive and defensive lie are in dire need of steroid!!!!!

god its, shannonitis, its a disease from randy, the overwhelming urge to fold under pressure



UM needs a real strength coach as many others have posted on this board.


I leftteded 17 points on the field ...

go auburn FOR THIS WEEK

OK, maybe I am less intelligent than you guys, but U up by 13 with a little more than 2 minutes to go .... and you are dissing Us?

please, come by for an adult beverage and a thorough discussion with an illuicidation from you as to why we are so horrible right now... I agree, not great, nothing near where we were before, but Waaaaaaaayyyyyy better than your trash talk...

AHHHH 30-17



Expatinbrasil - must have been awesome watching all of those games since the Gustafson era. Amazing and I'm envious of you for that. I'm 32 and have had season tickets since I was 12 and watched my canes since I could walk according to my parents.

Ltcdolphin - another true fan in my opinion that has stuck true to his colors. You have my respect sir.

As for the rest of you trolls that run around using different handles to disguise your BS, get a life. Choose a handle and stick with it. I've had mine for years and use no other handle. Douches!!!!

oh man

The most pathetic defense in the ACC...GT must be salivating to get at this team

god byrd sux

Brandon McGee should be removed from the defense. I've said it a hundred times. DAMMIT.

Agreed CANESINFANTRY waste of a scholarship!!!1

that should never have been that close. but a win is always GREAT.

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