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Gameday blog: Canes at North Carolina

The Miami Hurricanes (2-3) will look for their first-ever win in Chapel Hill Saturday when they take on the North Carolina Tar Heels (5-1). UM won last year's meeting at Sun Life Stadium 33-10, but against a North Carolina team depleted by injuries.

Gio Bernard> ABOUT CAROLINA: Interim coach Everett Withers suffered his only loss 35-28 at undefeated Georgia Tech back on Sept. 24. The Tar Heels rank 52nd in total defense (363.67 yards), 39th versus the run (119.17) and 87th versus the pass (244.50) and are led on defense by senior linebacker Zach Brown, who leads the team with 42 tackles, five for loss, 2.5 sacks, an interception and a forced fumble. Offensively, UNC has the fourth most efficient passer in the country in sophomore Bryn Renner (99-136, 1,305 yards, 12 TDs, 6 INTs), a star freshman tailback in Giovani Bernard (657 yards, 103 att., 8 TDs) from Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas and senior receiver Dwight Jones, who is second in the nation with seven TD receptions (37 catches, 605 yards). Carolina has scored on 16 of 19 opportunities in the red zone -- all 16 are touchdowns. In 21 trips inside the red zone, Tar Heels opponents have scored just eight touchdowns. UNC ranks eighth in the nation in red zone defense.

> WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN IT COMES TO THE CANES: UM's porous run defense figures to get abused again this week by Bernard and the Tar Heels. The usually slow starting Canes need to be wary of not falling behind by too much. Carolina hasn't allowed a first quarter touchdown this season and has outscored opponents 42-3 in the opening quarter and 94-42 in the first half. UM quarterback Jacory Harris has thrown for 837 yards, nine touchdowns and just three INTs -- and sparkled over the last 10 quarters. But his last trip to Chapel Hill wasn't a good one. He threw a career-high four INTs as UM lost. Redshirt sophomore running back Lamar Miller, who ranks third in the nation with 135.4 yards per game, is looking to record his sixth consecutive 100 yard game. Expect to see a lot of Miller early and often.

> MANNY'S PICK: UM 33, North Carolina 30. Nothing really favors the Canes in this game as UNC -- in the words of Al Golden -- probably the best team they Canes will face. Only, I'm not buying it totally. North Carolina struggled to beat lowly Louisville 14-7 last week and figures they have this one in the bag at home against a beat up and reeling Canes team they've owned at Kenan Stadium. UM has played out of its mind on offense of late while the defense has played with a cheese-like stench. I don't expect the offense to keep up this pace all season. But for this week, they will. I see big day from Jacory, a big day from Lamar, and a Wieclaw field goal in the fourth quarter that wins it for the Canes.

Herald Sports Writer Andre Fernandez will run today's live blog. Manny Navarro is covering the Miami Dolphins today. Remember to please keep your comments clean of profanity or you will be removed from the chat room.


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A win is a win. Go Canes!

waste of scholarships IMO:

Lee Chambers (converted RB to CB)
Brandon McGee CB
Chase Ford TE
Laron Byrd WR

This is just the top guys on this list that I would consider removing from the squad because they have simply not done their jobs in any way.

We almost lost this game because of coaching not to lose. Ugh. It never ends.

Laron Byrd couldn't hang on to the damn ball. This game was over. Brandon McGee gave up 2 TDs. Other than that, it was a good game.

I don't hear the losers. Where are youuuuuu??????



@CANETILLIDIE - truly it was not always pretty, but then,, neither am I lol... yes. I have seen a tremendous range of talent... George Mira (his sone was not bad, but not the same) Ted Hendricks.... Otto... dude, I could go one, but for YOU ( or U ) I do not need to.. the old orange bowl... section 33 seats 33.34. 35 with my dad and brother... D*mn - those were the times! Let them come again, unfortunately without my Dad... and since I am here, not there in body... but we are there in SPIRIT

GO CANES!!!!!!

I am not pleased with this performance, anytime you almost choke there is no reason to celebrate, I don't understand how this offense completely shut down for two quarters. This team still has a lot of work to do and a long way to go.

Take the win!!!

GaTech is next...the guys are fighting. The lack of depth still shows.

you gotta admit - Jacory is playing better. Keep it up, man!

@CANETILLIDIE - you are a member of the family - can I call you a whippersnapper? oh. just kidding - from your posts, I KNOW YOU... one of my few regrets being here is that the road trip to the game is so frealin far!! but maybe one day... carry it on

and as Spider John sang

"don't let ht bast#$rds wear you down,
don't get hassled to a frazzle..."

but this may be before your time

abracaos from brasil

A win is a win, but it could have been so much nicer. The only way we beat Ga. Tech is keep their offense off the field. With our defense and its lack of any experience with a great counter team, they will rush for 500 yards.


I always sat in the WEZ with all of the lunatics. For me it was home. I was friends with all of those guys every saturday. Those were great times. I miss my ol'OB. There was nothing like it and playing in Joe Robbie stadium isn't the same. But we'll make due.


EXPATINBRASIL, I CANT GO BACK YHAY FAR, but i was there when mira was qb for the dolphins. my dad was a city of miami cop, and at 6 he took me to the games. no bigger mistake evr than leaving the OB, but we have the memories. my heart is still pounding go canes


Ok you can call me a whippersnapper if I can call you oldtimer. I say that with respect of course. You've seen more CANES games than I have. Hell makes me jealous actually lol.


"you can't always get what you want...
but if you try sometimes...
you just might find...
U get what U need!!!"

I will take this, and hope that it all continUes

Sleepy Spence bloody FREE LANCED on the next to the last play and came U-p with a game winning sack!

In other words, Spence took Cane D-matters into his own hands and refused to let Miami lose today! Can I have an AMEN!!!

Give a shout to the Hurricane defense. They came to play today. If Miami comes out all weak and what not on defense, the Canes lose.

And those TWO takeaways by Miami were the absolute game changers. The Hurricanes don't come up with some road turnovers, then Coach Golden's squad ends up losing a heartbreaker, again.

Oh, don't get down on Lamar and the Hurricane offensive line. Because I GUARANTEE this point, U'all BANDWAGON, FAIRWEATHER bUbba's. The Tar Heels game planned to take away Miami's rushing attack. Too bad Carolina couldn't take away Miami's passing attack of Fischer, Harris and the Cane wideout's. Hee hee Ha ha.

Hey @ canestillidie Yes, you can call me an "oldtimer"... shucks, I have been called worse - even just today by my wife... I hope for you that you see the U achieve as much in your life as I have in mine!!!

and by the way, the young guy buys the scotch in my bar.... come visit me here when you can... pousada saint germain... buzios brasil

it feels goood to enjoy the rest of the games after a win beatGT


First round is on me as long as I get some canes stories.

Where's the bar again??

Right here at Pousada Saint Germain... Buzios Brasil... it is the town that Bridgete Bardot made famous... but I may be dating myself with that refernce, however, there were and will be very few who are as hot as she was... no, really, show up here in some beautiful orange and green and I will give you a few free caparinhas... just be careful when you come through customs .. if you have too much dental floss and they will think you are coming here to start a bikini manufacturing corp...

a tough life now, but someone has to do it

Expanibrazil. How dare you talk about George Mira and not mention the only man that could catch his fastballs, bill miller. :). Now call me old too.


Always wanted to visit Brazil. I'll walk in with my Canes gear no problem. Just let me in on those old Canes stories!!! Jim Otto, Ted Hendricks, Chuck Foreman, Mira....

I know the place you are referring to now. Bridgete Bardot was truly amazing. Hot movie too, lol.

@mike - i remember getting into the games to sell programs - yeah, what a dream for a 12 year old kid.. sell programs fo rhte first 20 to 30 minutes and then watch the game // i recall watching Joe Namath in the OB when Alabama lost.. do not recall the year.. but I was there to see him.. lots of memories from the OB.. I am now in Brasil and doubt that I will make it back for a Joe Robbie (or whatever you call it) victory.. D.mN i wish that the city of Moral Gables would have lived up to their words when they told pipe-smoking Schnelly - go win a national championship and we will talk to you about an on campus stadium"

by the way,, did I mention that I have two degrees from there ? 1973 & 1981.. for the rest of the story... meet me at the bar



hey # itcdolphin... given my age, caparinhas and all. I am willing to accept the beating for not mentioning Bill Miller et al... but then.. I did not mention the name of Charle Ta*% so maybe it balances out... come on down, we will pound a few and have a grand old time!!

One more win closer to a bowl game that we can voluntarily give up due to future sanctions put on us. That was a great win, much needed for coach and kids. Don't count us out for next week though, offense will hopefully keep us in it. GET TO SIX-SEVEN WINS and punch the santion clock so we can keep recruits in the future. Golden is the man.

Bumbling Wreck down to Virginia at halftime...

Cav's 24

Ga. Tech 14

Miami has an excellant shot to defeat the Bumbling Bee's next Saturday. Of course, Fischer, Jacory, Lamar and the rest of the offense will have to come with their A game. Eh.

Oh. Seeing that Virginia is up, so far. Moi thinks that Ga. Tech BE LOOKING AHEAD to the Miami game. Yes. Yes!!

Yes The Golden One is the man. However, Miami's D'Onofrio is the question mark. Yes. Yes!

Nonetheless, at least their was some signs of improvement today from the Cane D-unit, i.e., key 3rd down stops and a forced turnover and a couple of redzone FG's.

Hey itcdolphin... do recall the game wher George threw a bullet pass left handed? I was there... for all of you newbes.. George was right handed and claimed that his arm strength was from stacking the cases of beer in his fathers bar .. btw i was also there when the lizards wanted to get some sort of transient recognition for their QB and did the "g8r flop" what a cheap way to try and claim fleeting recognition.... I will be happy to tell the story of my father trying to explain to a grade school kid the elements of class and sportsmanship that implies... lol who was that qb?

John Reaves
Steve Spurier
Muncha Macunchie (tribute to Steve Colbert)

Great game Canes! You're getting better each week.

Jacory Harris is a flat-out super star. Private Benjamin and Streeter are in an elite class of athletes.

Even after the most incredible (lucky) on-side kicks in the history of football the Canes kept their composure and won the game.

There was improvement on the defensive side of the ball, but we still have a long ways to go before we are reminded of the Canes of old.

Al Golden is a spectacular head coach/leader and for the first time in years our team improves each week instead of going in the other direction.

And what about Jedd Fisch? This Cat introduces something new to his arsenal every week...today it was the "Wildcat" and "Middle Screen".

Nothing we can do about yesterday, but if this Canes team had any defense we would be undefeated.

Go Canes!

@expatinbrasil, my oldest memories are watching a young OJ run all over the place, but being younger than you, i still saw some great games. that place was rockin with the fish in the early 70's. i do remember g. wilson the first dolphins coach? my dad was usually stationed by the tunnel in the w end zone, so when the games were packed, i would sit on the field and lean up on the fence. the band was more the highlight for the canes back then.so many memories. enjoy the dental floss, or lack of, thanks for making me remember the good times. many more ahead with golden.

Yeah man!! I remember the Herald column... Hey George! and that stellar under-rated receiver... Twilley

old times man!!

remeber when they had the dolphin "flipper" in the tank?

old memories coming back

this is what makes it GREAT to be a member of the family U know what I mean???

oh man, now maybe i should go look in my box of junk from the games. the canes games they threw those little plastic hand sized footballs out. i still have my horrible hankies. which came befoe the steelers towel. they stole the idea.and the food was actuaqlly cooked there. when i was real young, the popcorn lady was the same each game, and it came in a megaphone, and as long as i brought the megaphone back, she would refill for free. i still have the cups from the 87 OB game with okla. and each year after that for about 5-7 years. i have at least 4-5 of each have a great day it was MY pleasure

Expatinbrasil. Was there for that one too. Threw it left handed because they were holding his right.

Mike s. Got some of those too. 20 straight p bowl games for me. South stands east 40 yard line Row 22.

id be jealous but that would get me nowhere.thats awesome. nothing like good football.golden will build the team, its just a matter of how long the ncaa drags this out. it hurts the recruiting,im going to go watch auburn smash some lizards. have a great weekend

Jacory is playing much better. Good win...limited penalties.


UVA just knocked off GT 24-21!!! That's big for us if we can take care of business next week. GT only scored 14pts on offense. They had a pick 6 that gave them the 3rd and final TD. But VA moved the ball with ease!

Things are really looking up if we can start each game fast and finish strong, not like we did today. D looked a little better today but something is wrong when teams keep picking up 3rd and 14 or more! But I did see more stunts and blitzes and penetration so I'm glad to see the DC making some adjustments.

Stay focused team and do it to GT again!!! Go CANES.

And Wake is up 10-0 on VT. This thing could be lining up nicely for us.

Aside from winning the division outright UM needs some pretty specific scenarios to make it to the ACC title game and ultimately the Orange Bowl.

All of which are moot if we can't stop Ga Tech - it all comes down to next week!

You're right Eudo, but those scenarios are falling into place right now. We beat GT next week and that gives them 2 losses and they still have to play Clemson.

VT loses to Wake tonight and that gives them 2 losses and they still have to play at GT.

So all we need to do is take care of every conference game in front of us and we play in the title game! VT will end up with 2 or 3 losses and same for GT. We win in those very likely scenarios.

So many you fans act like these are the good canes, from back in our hey days.
Enjoy this win and be glad we did not choke it away.
Were playing so many true & redshirt freshmen.
They are taking baby steps. We have long ways to go, but I for one are enjoying it.

Peace Cane Nation!

Canes.....one game at a time. Other teams are giving us some help. Just handle YOUR business. Benjamin, way to come back after that nasty hit by #12. Way to show that HEART!!

Forgot about that big hit that TB took. Good point about heart and coming back strong after that one.

Its amazing what's happening with the WRs now that this coaching staff is truly practicing what they preach about putting the best players in the game. Byrd can no longer see the field now that the other guys are being rewarded for the hard work they're putting in at practice!

And that's what I do like about this staff. But some of the gameday play calling has got to get better.

C'mon Wake! Need that win over VT.

We pass to open the running game..instead of the the other way around..
My only complaint is coach played to burn the clock instead of going for the kill..
86..Touchdown Tommy Streeter looks a little better than your boy, AJ.....

If you have read my post, I have piled on Jacory all year to be replaced by Morris. So now to be fair, I must give Jacory praise for his performance today!! One blogger said that if Golden had the team last year we would have contended for the ACC championship, REALLY!! Some are quick to say Randy was the problem, and yet give a pass to the so called “offensive guru” Mark Whipple. That guy should have been forced to give the U back a portion of his pay. He failed to develop Jacory, and that was his job folks!! The Jacory for the past two games is the QB that we have all hoped for since his arrival.

The FSU game will tell us if this team is ready to make a championship run.

Props to golden. The d needs to play better next week. As long as they improve week to week we are good. I hope Vernon give us a spark next week. That might have been j12's best performance. He would have had an even better day if receivers don't drop some balls. We need to focus on one game at a time. We haven't done anything special other than what we were supposed to do. We crushed this same team last year. We also beat gt last year and we need to do it again. Feels good to win today.

I'd a beat U by 10 , and U know this ...


This blog is hard to keep current on a iPhone.

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