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Gameday blog: Canes at Virginia Tech

The Hurricanes (2-2) take on the 21st-ranked Virginia Tech Hokies (4-1) at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, Va. seeking to avoid an 0-2 start in ACC play. The last time UM started 0-2 in the ACC? 2008 when they lost to North Carolina and Florida State at home in back-to-back games. Saturday's kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. The game can be seen on ABC in the Southeast and on ESPN throughout most of the rest of the country (except parts of Texas, etc). Here is your Canes' TV coverage map.

Will David Wilson abuse a banged up and reeling UM run defense? > ABOUT THE HOKIES: Virginia Tech is coming off a 23-3 loss to Clemson at home a week ago. The Hokies haven't lost back-to-back games at home since 2002. The Hokies rolled to a 31-7 win the last time the Canes came to Lane Stadium. UM has only won one of the last five meetings. The Hokies lost five starters on each side of the ball from last year's ACC championship team including quarterback Tyrod Taylor. This Hokies team still has plenty of playmakers on offense, led by star tailback David Wilson (7th in nation in rushing), cornerback Jayron Hosley (3 INTs) and defensive ends J.R. Collins (leads ACC with 4.5 sacks) and James Gayle (3.5 sacks). Virginia Tech's national rankings on defense: 2nd vs. rush (58.20), 4th in total yards (249.60) and 29th versus the pass (191.40). The Hokies are also currently ranked 2nd in the nation in time of possession (35:48).

> WHAT TO WATCH FOR THE CANES: There have been two big injuries on UM's defense in the aftermath of the Bethune-Cookman win: starting strongside linebacker Ramon Buchanan (knee) and defensive tackle Marcus Forston (knee) have both been lost for the season. The Canes, ranked 105th in run defense, will suit up four healthy defensive tackles Saturday: Micanor Regis, Darius Smith, Olsen Pierre and former defensive end Adewale Ojomo. Tailbacks Mike James and Lamar Miller have also been playing banged up for the Canes, who on the positive side should get more production this week from sophomore tackle Seantrel Henderson. Hard-hitting safety Ray-Ray Armstrong is also back this week from suspension UM. If there is something the Canes may be able to exploit against Tech it's special teams. While that may sound surprising considering Frank Beamer's team has shined for so long on that side of the ball, Virginia Tech actually ranks 117th in net punting. UM's Travis Benjamin has had long returns in back-to-back weeks for UM and may be able to break one. In two games versus the Hokies, Jacory Harris is 10 of 27 for 153 yards with one interception.

> MY PICK: Virginia Tech 34, UM 21. The Hokies aren't as good a football team as they were a year ago -- Clemson showed us that. But the Hokies still have plenty of weapons on both sides of the ball and it's hard to picture them losing back-to-back games at home. Are the Canes totally overmatched? No. But the problems on run defense are very real. This team sorely misses Allen Bailey, Colin McCarthy and Brandon Harris, who all were exceptional on run defense. Ray-Ray will provide a lift. But the Hokies know how to ground and pound. They ran for 251 yards against UM a year ago. And against UM this season, that's all you really need to be able to do well to have success. 


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Fake fg on the road. Where's randy shannon

The offense under jokecorey is a pitful joke.

Please fire our dcoordinator... Please!! 15 yards of wide recievers!

i totally agree backspace. stupid call on the road. gotta take the points.

The D stands for "D-livering first downs to the opponent regardless of yardage required."


That was a freshman on defense and a badly timed blitz.

The def coordinator is goldens boy. Do we have the right hc.

im sick of this crap. we dont stand a chance today. maybe been if we didnt fake fg. jharris is awful.

starting to wonder if we got right coach itcdolphin! he doesnt seem any smarter or dumber than shannon.

Jacory is horrible...he can't even slide correctly.

You guys want to fire the DC already?!?! It's Shannon's players, you have to give these guys a chance.

Golden what are you thinking trying to go for it instead of taking the 3 points. This is not your Temple team you're coaching here it's the Canes from Northwestern...they don't pull things off. They just lie down and get whipped.

14-0...Absolutely no defense on this team. How sick is this to watch...GT must be smelling blood in the water.

looks as if all 3 Fla major teams are irrelevant

Need mike leach if this is what are defense is gonna look like. Smh maybe we can out score teams

I'm so glad I stayed at work and check the score on Yahoo and that I cannot see this disgusting display.

well its going to be a painful 3-4yrs until we can see what al is all about. the gators are getting whooped 2 so soldy n rawpimple should stf. life sux n s. fla. right now

y not run 2 the wide side of the field.

Our D is too small we need to beef up

I have said from day one that Golden is / was not the right hire. He has been out coached in every game. If Bethune Cookman had better players they would have beaten Miami. Please stop this self made excuse that he is playing with Randy Shannon Players...What does that mean? To me it means that he simply cannot coach players to go beyond their potential. Which makes him as a head coach a tie wearing LOSER!!

This team just makes me wanna cry, soo many incoming freshman could do better, the recruits should be lining up for a chance to start here right away, the lack of talent is just so obvious. In 45 yrs I have not been soo saddend by the product we have put forth : (

Butch davis where r U lI

Al golden stinks. J Harris dumb as a rock. I would use another word. I hope J Harris breaks his neck and his crippled for the rest of his life.

What do the Hurricanes and the Dolphins have in common? They both have inferior and pathetic quarterbacks. Why is Harris still the starting QB for the hurricanes? Right now, they are behind by 14 and still counting. The Dolphins are the worst team in the NFL and the owner still sticks with Spara"NO". The Dolphins defense sucks.

It's sad because we wont be having the NBA. Both football teams are not good for your health.

V tech will score touchdowns on every series. I have never seen such a horrible Miami defense. Starts with coaching. Al Golden is way out of his league.

wow it is painful, our O line ( the upperclassmen) cant block crap , Gunn got pushed 5 yards back , and watched his back get crushed...... and jacory couldnt even think of looking for a reciever with untouched rushers.... I wounder if our Defensive coach ever looks at bud fosters 6-7 man rush defenses and says wow maybe we could get pressure too!!!! sad sad sad...

The defense is awful!!! VT is going to end this before halftime.

Why does't Thomas throw in between three defenders? What does Jusscary Harris know that Thomas can't figure out?

Good maybe that losers career is done

I'll tell you this D'nofrio can take his defensive scheme out of this city. The guy just sucks. My god how much of this crap do we have to watch every week.

Geez, these guys need help.

All I want for Christmas is AL Golden to die a slow and painful death. What piece of crap he is.

Damn, just caught a break there.

Game is over anyways. No way they can even score 10 points today

Miami still sucks.

@Tim man this is horrible. I can't stand to watch this sh** any longer. Damn I see Fl.State loss & Fl gators is getting their heads smashed in. Miami Needs to get it together and deliver.

Supposedly the offensive line was supposed to be our best thing. NOT I hope everyone of those fat guys die of heart attacks.

Miss me yet?


Just got on 1....we're too stupid to alter snap count.

Damn, Jacory sucks dick.

Please put in backup QB

nice throw though

I need a stripper.

Damn Feliciano/!!!!!!! pay a damn tention bro!!!! I see VT is pressuring the hell out of O-line. It's a shame Miami is looking like a circus. Well we can kiss our hopes for the ACC tittle good-bye!!!!

@Tim naw bro you can't bale Jacory dawg. Its jedd fisc and the O-line fault. They trippin. But we need to score.

Must be cane fan watching replay. As much as I love the canes, that is horrible call.

Hurns is the man!!!!

I'd have 'em run 1 gasser for every yard of penalties. Right now, we're up to 25. This team need to have the fear of God put in them to keep from being just plain stupid. Hell - I'd make them run for no apparent reason.

Good job Hurns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Wipe sweat from forehead. Miami caught a break then can't lie.

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