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Gameday blog: Canes at Virginia Tech

The Hurricanes (2-2) take on the 21st-ranked Virginia Tech Hokies (4-1) at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, Va. seeking to avoid an 0-2 start in ACC play. The last time UM started 0-2 in the ACC? 2008 when they lost to North Carolina and Florida State at home in back-to-back games. Saturday's kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. The game can be seen on ABC in the Southeast and on ESPN throughout most of the rest of the country (except parts of Texas, etc). Here is your Canes' TV coverage map.

Will David Wilson abuse a banged up and reeling UM run defense? > ABOUT THE HOKIES: Virginia Tech is coming off a 23-3 loss to Clemson at home a week ago. The Hokies haven't lost back-to-back games at home since 2002. The Hokies rolled to a 31-7 win the last time the Canes came to Lane Stadium. UM has only won one of the last five meetings. The Hokies lost five starters on each side of the ball from last year's ACC championship team including quarterback Tyrod Taylor. This Hokies team still has plenty of playmakers on offense, led by star tailback David Wilson (7th in nation in rushing), cornerback Jayron Hosley (3 INTs) and defensive ends J.R. Collins (leads ACC with 4.5 sacks) and James Gayle (3.5 sacks). Virginia Tech's national rankings on defense: 2nd vs. rush (58.20), 4th in total yards (249.60) and 29th versus the pass (191.40). The Hokies are also currently ranked 2nd in the nation in time of possession (35:48).

> WHAT TO WATCH FOR THE CANES: There have been two big injuries on UM's defense in the aftermath of the Bethune-Cookman win: starting strongside linebacker Ramon Buchanan (knee) and defensive tackle Marcus Forston (knee) have both been lost for the season. The Canes, ranked 105th in run defense, will suit up four healthy defensive tackles Saturday: Micanor Regis, Darius Smith, Olsen Pierre and former defensive end Adewale Ojomo. Tailbacks Mike James and Lamar Miller have also been playing banged up for the Canes, who on the positive side should get more production this week from sophomore tackle Seantrel Henderson. Hard-hitting safety Ray-Ray Armstrong is also back this week from suspension UM. If there is something the Canes may be able to exploit against Tech it's special teams. While that may sound surprising considering Frank Beamer's team has shined for so long on that side of the ball, Virginia Tech actually ranks 117th in net punting. UM's Travis Benjamin has had long returns in back-to-back weeks for UM and may be able to break one. In two games versus the Hokies, Jacory Harris is 10 of 27 for 153 yards with one interception.

> MY PICK: Virginia Tech 34, UM 21. The Hokies aren't as good a football team as they were a year ago -- Clemson showed us that. But the Hokies still have plenty of weapons on both sides of the ball and it's hard to picture them losing back-to-back games at home. Are the Canes totally overmatched? No. But the problems on run defense are very real. This team sorely misses Allen Bailey, Colin McCarthy and Brandon Harris, who all were exceptional on run defense. Ray-Ray will provide a lift. But the Hokies know how to ground and pound. They ran for 251 yards against UM a year ago. And against UM this season, that's all you really need to be able to do well to have success. 


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Whoever is doing all this Ron Paul kool-aid drinking, take it somewhere else.
It is as bad as the Obama clueless squadron, AKA the Obamabots.

Besides the guy is a demented idiot who should have stuck to delivering babies! Enough nonsense!

Ok, I have finally calmed down. Jacory probably your best game ever until that last drive. Team looks much better this year than any of the last 8 years other than on defense. I know this Dnofrio has got alot of work to do on defense every where. The special teams and offense are pulling their weight now if only our defense could stop someone. Chikillo looks like he's going to be a good one along with Perryman. There is something to be said though about what was said about defensive players freelancing too much. When Logan Thomas went for that TD run spence should have had him but did not fill his spot which allowed the TD. The thing that bothers me more than anything is we look like a read and react defense instead of attacking teams. Maybe its just a lack of quality D linemen or they are young and aren't strong enough yet. I don't know but I know this I would have sent some blitzes to pressure the QB at least once they got that close and risk getting beat on a pass. Do we not use the cover 2 deep man under coverage anymore? Looks like that would have been a good time to use it on that last drive. In any event we are playing alot of young guys like Butch did in his first few years so I can't really expect too much. At least we are in every game with a chance to win so that is a huge improvement from the previous two regimes. Once these young kids learn how to pull out these type of games we will be well on our way back to the top and it will happen this year. Just enjoy the ride.

Champs. I hear you. But sean spence is not young. He is 4 months away from " spposedly "entering the nfl draft, and in that last td, he was grossly out of position, and left a wide gap in the middle that my granmas granma could have strolled through.

Doofrio has been a terrible dissapointemnt. His games against maryland and ksu were travesties. The osu game was ok, but osu has a terrible offense, so it wasnt much of a sign. The bethune game was another eye opener. And this game clinched it. We absolutely have the worse dc and defense in 20 yrs. There is mo adjusting, there is no aggressivennes, there is no energy. I am so dissapointed and sick withbthis defense, and id golden defends his buddy, and begins creating lame excuses for him than goldie is part of the problem as well.

Ill give goldie a pass, but donofrio is either on the hot seat or shlud be ien a pink slip, in honor of breast ca month

Yeah I agree I expected much more out of the defense than what I have seen. Golden, Fishe and Carrol have been great. And U are right Spence was out of position which is why a car could have run through that hole in the defense. The thing I don't get is in years past if we got a lead like that late in a game we would not allow a score. I guess thats what is so disheartening. The positive is in three losses we had opportunities to win. What I don't get offensively by Harris is why he throws a 15 yard out with no time on the clock to miller. Tommy Streeter is 6 ft 4 or 5 at least give him a chance to go up and get the ball. That was the only thing I could falt Harris for today. But our defense has got to turn things around.

RON PAUL 2012!


Good assessment of what happened yesterday. I think the team has made a lot of progress, but not enough on defense. Spence was probably trying to cover for someone else, I doubt there's lots of trust on that defense.

If these issues don't get corrected we are going to lose at least 2 more games.

Donna is OK with 5 losses, so I doubt anyone is going to lose their job.

Jedd Fisch called a great game too. Give the coaching staff a chance to work and good things will happen.

Canesjunkie - you want the AD fired already? Seems a little reactionary.

THe worse Miami defense in thelast 27 years.

They havent learned anything week in week out.

I knew the VT QB was going to keep it and run it up the middle. Why cantthe DC figure that out? Why coulndt the players? The KSU QB did it over and over 2 weeks prior and burned Miami with the read option. It was done several times earlier in the game yesterday. Couldnt they learn?
There is this excuse that the D is young. really? Spence is a senior. And no he hasntgotten better. This was his stop to make. Same with VT and ray ray. No way they were going to allow this to happen and look. Brandon Mcgee is the worse dback miami has ever had that started for miami. he is constantly getting burned, constantly allows too much space, constantly misses tackles. When arew thy going to bench him and go with the freshmen?

This cant go on. UM will not win any more if this persists!

I don't want anyone fired.

Why do you say that nobody's job is in jeopardy because Shalala is happy with 5 losses?

It implies you would fire the AD if they lose two more, no?

We have sucked for ssooo long now that yesterday I expected the Canes to loose as always. It would have been a shocker if we had won. Maybe we finish 500 this year cause we will loose to Clemson,FSU and for sure GT who must be licking its chops looking at our swiss cheese D that cant even stop a HS running team....

"Loose" - free from anything that binds or restrains.

"Lose" - to suffer a loss.

I understand that "there", "their" and "to", "too" get lost in your fingers sometimes but how little grasp of the english language do you have to have to not know how to spell "lose"?

Posted by: Eudocimus

No, everyone on the blog wants D'Onofrio out after the past 2 defensive performances. I'm not happy about the D, but I don't think it means the guy can't coach.

I thought we did great yesterday. I also think the program needs stability.

Ah, yea I was upset that they didn't adjust to bring pressure on the young QB but agree that it's too early to judge D'Onofrio.

Of course Donna Shalala has nothing to do with who the football team's coach hires or fires.


Gaytors n Noles both SUCK but they're both better than the bloody abortion of a team that Duh U rolls out each Saturday ...

Wrong again, blog Pig. Gatr trash laid down like the cowards they are.

Gatrs are back to the 80's. But have faith you bible-thumping child molestor.

Furmam is just a few weeks away.

5-7, meet the mythical Gatr Nation. Get acquainted. You will be spending a lot of time together.


Yeah, gator trash, Look at the records of all the teams youve played. 0-5 FAU, 0-5 UAB, 3-2 tennessee. But you lose to real teams. there you go. Now play someone in the middle. No, not vandy, nor Ole Miss. they sk too. Not Furman.

Yes Miami sks. But they were not OVER rated like UF and FSU were (and always have been).

I'd shoot myself if UM had started the year eanked as high as UF and FSU were and UM lost thelast 2 and 3. Especially if Miami had 40+ points put on them like beeotches that the they are


For the fist time since 1982 a Florida cfb team iis not ranked. Well deserved, i say. All of this recruiting hype of florida high schoolers is blowing up in everyones face.

One common denominator---- All 3 are missing a real QB.

Got 2-4?

Next week you will.

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Eucalyptus. You really have a head wedged if you think SHALALALALALA has NO part in athletic department hirings and firings.

I always get a good laugh reading the garbage written on this blog, grow up kids or you will end up like your Gator cousins, spending lots of quality time in the Alachua Detention Center, really the ignorance on this board knows no bounds.

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