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Gameday blog: Canes at Virginia Tech

The Hurricanes (2-2) take on the 21st-ranked Virginia Tech Hokies (4-1) at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, Va. seeking to avoid an 0-2 start in ACC play. The last time UM started 0-2 in the ACC? 2008 when they lost to North Carolina and Florida State at home in back-to-back games. Saturday's kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. The game can be seen on ABC in the Southeast and on ESPN throughout most of the rest of the country (except parts of Texas, etc). Here is your Canes' TV coverage map.

Will David Wilson abuse a banged up and reeling UM run defense? > ABOUT THE HOKIES: Virginia Tech is coming off a 23-3 loss to Clemson at home a week ago. The Hokies haven't lost back-to-back games at home since 2002. The Hokies rolled to a 31-7 win the last time the Canes came to Lane Stadium. UM has only won one of the last five meetings. The Hokies lost five starters on each side of the ball from last year's ACC championship team including quarterback Tyrod Taylor. This Hokies team still has plenty of playmakers on offense, led by star tailback David Wilson (7th in nation in rushing), cornerback Jayron Hosley (3 INTs) and defensive ends J.R. Collins (leads ACC with 4.5 sacks) and James Gayle (3.5 sacks). Virginia Tech's national rankings on defense: 2nd vs. rush (58.20), 4th in total yards (249.60) and 29th versus the pass (191.40). The Hokies are also currently ranked 2nd in the nation in time of possession (35:48).

> WHAT TO WATCH FOR THE CANES: There have been two big injuries on UM's defense in the aftermath of the Bethune-Cookman win: starting strongside linebacker Ramon Buchanan (knee) and defensive tackle Marcus Forston (knee) have both been lost for the season. The Canes, ranked 105th in run defense, will suit up four healthy defensive tackles Saturday: Micanor Regis, Darius Smith, Olsen Pierre and former defensive end Adewale Ojomo. Tailbacks Mike James and Lamar Miller have also been playing banged up for the Canes, who on the positive side should get more production this week from sophomore tackle Seantrel Henderson. Hard-hitting safety Ray-Ray Armstrong is also back this week from suspension UM. If there is something the Canes may be able to exploit against Tech it's special teams. While that may sound surprising considering Frank Beamer's team has shined for so long on that side of the ball, Virginia Tech actually ranks 117th in net punting. UM's Travis Benjamin has had long returns in back-to-back weeks for UM and may be able to break one. In two games versus the Hokies, Jacory Harris is 10 of 27 for 153 yards with one interception.

> MY PICK: Virginia Tech 34, UM 21. The Hokies aren't as good a football team as they were a year ago -- Clemson showed us that. But the Hokies still have plenty of weapons on both sides of the ball and it's hard to picture them losing back-to-back games at home. Are the Canes totally overmatched? No. But the problems on run defense are very real. This team sorely misses Allen Bailey, Colin McCarthy and Brandon Harris, who all were exceptional on run defense. Ray-Ray will provide a lift. But the Hokies know how to ground and pound. They ran for 251 yards against UM a year ago. And against UM this season, that's all you really need to be able to do well to have success. 


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It was a bad call...on the first catch.

I just hope these guys keep playing conservative. Can't go around scoring too many points now can we?

How many strippers does Jacory get for a TD pass?...

alligators not too good vs teams with a pulse

How many strippers does Jacory get for a TD pass?...

Posted by: JJ | October 08, 2011 at 04:52 PM

2. But if its a game-winner, 4.

Man those 3 points look good now ...

@Canesjunkie & Tim that was a bad call I'm not going to lie about that. The defense needs to clamp down. As they can see we're not going to get to many breaks. And besides, the official owe VT a penalty or two.

Not a good day to be the SO CALLED BIG three in Florida today in college football. I knew LSU was better the Florida, but I did not think the difference was this big. But FSU has no excuses losing to wake forest. LSU and V Tech are the clear favorites.

UM is 104th against the run? Jimmy Johnson's hair will turn white if he hears that.

you people are pathetic. name one coach who took a team who was pathetic for years and in one season turned it into a great team. you cant. give the guy a chaqnce. and for the where is randy people, he was just as bad. or do you have dimentia? im not sure how to spell that.

you people are pathetic. name one coach who took a team who was pathetic for years and in one season turned it into a great team. you cant. give the guy a chaqnce. and for the where is randy people, he was just as bad. or do you have dimentia? im not sure how to spell that.

Posted by: mike -s | October 08, 2011 at 04:56 PM

Hey! I'm offended!

cant get off the field on 3rd downs

the truth hurts.

and for the where is randy people, he was just as bad. or do you have dimentia? im not sure how to spell that.

Posted by: mike -s | October 08, 2011 at 04:56 PM

Further proof that public school's suck.

Damn u ray ray!!!!!!!!

It's very possible that there will be no Florida teams in the Top 25 after today. Amazing and I can't remember when that ever happened.

@mike -s of course you are not sure how to spell that. You are an idiot. Miami has had talent for years. There is f--king reason THE U has more players on NFL rosters then any other school, and that includes any of the SEC schools. That is a fact.

Good news. The Canes have just been invited to the toilet bowl. I heard its going to be held right here in the "fine" city of Miami.

This guy looks like Joe Montana against our D. Just play freshman...forget Ojomo, Futch, and every other idiot out there.


The D-pensive Coord gotta go. No one fears Miami Defense. It's a shame.

Damn, these Canes suck. Couldn't even stop an old man from collecting social security.

hey tim, answer the question. if you cant, YOU ARE THE IDIOT. every team has talent. fsu has talent. they just lost 3 in a row. moron

@Canesjunkie yeah we look bad. The Defense looks very horrible. I know Golden is going to hear a lot about those 3 pts he didn't take. And then he tried to do something with Spencer Whipple? OMG!!!!! what a dumb-ass. Brandon mcghee is garbage!!!! this dude can't cover his self with a blanket.

every team has talent.

Posted by: mike -s | October 08, 2011 at 05:05 PM

I beg to differ.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.. That was bigg. Needed a stop there.

It's almost as if they are afraid of being successful Have them locked down? Then commit a penalty and let them out of it. Got them backed up in a 3rd and 29 situation (KS) then don't tackle. They need absolute punishment - anyway - we're at another 15 wind sprints for the last dumba$$ penalty.

Mak D needs to be fried along with Jedd Fisc. No wonder Seattle Seahawks was ready to get rid of his ass.

Logan Thomas? I could have sworn that kid was Tom Brady.

This is just brutal. Canes have been the same team for 5+ years!

Florida is roaring back, now down 24-3

The good thing is they play better defense in the second half. Run the ball on offense but rotate backs and get Clements more carries.. Go CANES!!

I have seen it now for sure 5 games and not 1 time do we cover a back out of the backfeild..... this D co-ord stinks, and the defense is pathetic , that dude should be fired today, it isnt a talent issue it is a defense set-up or lack of that has miami as a weak pushover team... if you watch alabama, LSU hell or even VT you notice 5-6 guys on the line every friggin play ---- to get pressure---- this Coach blows arse...

The Hurricanes are a marginal program not in VT's league but at least they are not being humiliated today. Hopefully they can keep it within two or three toucdowns.

Why on Earth would anyone have expected a win today? Based on what? Time travel??

This is just brutal. Canes have been the same team for 5+ years!

Posted by: Greg D | October 08, 2011 at 05:10 PM

8. 8+.

@tony sparano, sorry forgot about ypo guys.

I thought Golden was the savior, he rode into town talking defense and discipline...hmmm well lets take a looka here. We are 104th in run defense, we still avg 8-10 penalties per game. So why are we paying this guy and his staff?? If being average is his goal, he is still a failure, my beloved Canes are playing below average. Golden still thinks that Jacory is the best option..need I say more

I agree with the previous blogger... why the hell do the corners play at least 10 years off receivers ??? I just don't understand....it's pitch and catch out there...this QB is not Marino for gods sake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

@Canemutiny kenfolk we can hang up our cleats, for the season. Miami doesn't have what it takes. Mike Williams could of kept his butt at Wake Forest. We need winners not garbage losers. Someone commented on Logan Thomas playing ability earlier this week. As I stated I knew Frank Beamer was going to make him look like a pure champion when he faces us. Miami is horrible. We have to find us a D-Coordintator & a Offensive Coordinator and I mean fast. Donna Shalala keeps on hiring these cheap inexperienced coaches. Spend ur money on something good. When u do as u can see a lot of positive results come out in the end. I'm sick of these loosing seasons.


I can't wait for this group of players to graduate so Golden can get his own players in here...these players are slow, they're weak, they're SOFT! This defense sucks big time!

After pulling within 14-7, one would think theyh would be motivated...instead, VT goes right down the field like UM doesn't have a defense on the field.


WHY DONT We Blitz? They act like this guy is Tom Brady or something? Golden always take the points on the road.
Our defense is like Swiss Cheese!!!!

After a good opening drive, the Canes daunted offensive line and Miller can't make ONE yard in 2 tries. I know, let's forego the field goal and points and run an option fake field goal against a team known to penetrate on special teams! Brilliant idea! One of the dumbest calls I have ever witnessed!!!

Then, D'Onofrio, let's run the same stupid defense for the full half and not blitz! After all, your 4 man "rush" once got seven yards away from the QB! AND, why don't we have our DBs play 6 six yards off the receivers? Ain't it fun to watch pitch and catch for the VA. Tech QB and any given receiver. Pathetic,no?

And there will be no Hail Mary at the half, unlike normal teams. Jacory, let's just throw the ball (kind of) out of bounds.

This team is a souless mess.

Sad days for us.

Well it's halftime and Mia better adjust or this game is over.

You can't rush 4 against this goofey VT qb. He'll pick you apart. Rush him and throws interceptions...he's not that good.

Get Eduardo Clements in the game. Love Miller but let's face it...Miller is hurt and Golden won't admit it.

Benjamin MUST get involved somehow...In space or screens and then get it to Streeter and Hurns.

Miami sucks!!!!!!! I wish like hell they could read our bloggs during the half.

God we suck so bad. Might as well shut the damn program down.

This team is so hard to watch. So hard. I hate our defensive coordinator. He is giving them all day to throw

Bad players? Bad coaching? Bad attitudes? I don't know. All I know is I can't keep doing this to myself every damn Saturday. At least when the Dolphins suck you can dream of a high draft choice. What do we have to look forward with UM? Probation and scholarship cuts. Folks, the truly sad news is that THIS is as good as it's going to be for at three years or more!

Why give us the death penalty...we kill ourselves year after year.

Bring bach Randy Shannon sa DC.

I cannot believe this is our team , hell this is the first game I can remember in the last 30 years I didnt even put any canes gear on because of the shame I feel for the product on the field. Man, what is it gonna take to end this embarrassment called "miami hurricanes" , it isnt like VT is a good team , hell BC was in the game till the end of the third.... I had soo much hope, what a waste of energy...

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