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Gameday blog: Canes at Virginia Tech

The Hurricanes (2-2) take on the 21st-ranked Virginia Tech Hokies (4-1) at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, Va. seeking to avoid an 0-2 start in ACC play. The last time UM started 0-2 in the ACC? 2008 when they lost to North Carolina and Florida State at home in back-to-back games. Saturday's kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. The game can be seen on ABC in the Southeast and on ESPN throughout most of the rest of the country (except parts of Texas, etc). Here is your Canes' TV coverage map.

Will David Wilson abuse a banged up and reeling UM run defense? > ABOUT THE HOKIES: Virginia Tech is coming off a 23-3 loss to Clemson at home a week ago. The Hokies haven't lost back-to-back games at home since 2002. The Hokies rolled to a 31-7 win the last time the Canes came to Lane Stadium. UM has only won one of the last five meetings. The Hokies lost five starters on each side of the ball from last year's ACC championship team including quarterback Tyrod Taylor. This Hokies team still has plenty of playmakers on offense, led by star tailback David Wilson (7th in nation in rushing), cornerback Jayron Hosley (3 INTs) and defensive ends J.R. Collins (leads ACC with 4.5 sacks) and James Gayle (3.5 sacks). Virginia Tech's national rankings on defense: 2nd vs. rush (58.20), 4th in total yards (249.60) and 29th versus the pass (191.40). The Hokies are also currently ranked 2nd in the nation in time of possession (35:48).

> WHAT TO WATCH FOR THE CANES: There have been two big injuries on UM's defense in the aftermath of the Bethune-Cookman win: starting strongside linebacker Ramon Buchanan (knee) and defensive tackle Marcus Forston (knee) have both been lost for the season. The Canes, ranked 105th in run defense, will suit up four healthy defensive tackles Saturday: Micanor Regis, Darius Smith, Olsen Pierre and former defensive end Adewale Ojomo. Tailbacks Mike James and Lamar Miller have also been playing banged up for the Canes, who on the positive side should get more production this week from sophomore tackle Seantrel Henderson. Hard-hitting safety Ray-Ray Armstrong is also back this week from suspension UM. If there is something the Canes may be able to exploit against Tech it's special teams. While that may sound surprising considering Frank Beamer's team has shined for so long on that side of the ball, Virginia Tech actually ranks 117th in net punting. UM's Travis Benjamin has had long returns in back-to-back weeks for UM and may be able to break one. In two games versus the Hokies, Jacory Harris is 10 of 27 for 153 yards with one interception.

> MY PICK: Virginia Tech 34, UM 21. The Hokies aren't as good a football team as they were a year ago -- Clemson showed us that. But the Hokies still have plenty of weapons on both sides of the ball and it's hard to picture them losing back-to-back games at home. Are the Canes totally overmatched? No. But the problems on run defense are very real. This team sorely misses Allen Bailey, Colin McCarthy and Brandon Harris, who all were exceptional on run defense. Ray-Ray will provide a lift. But the Hokies know how to ground and pound. They ran for 251 yards against UM a year ago. And against UM this season, that's all you really need to be able to do well to have success. 


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Anybody need a hook-up for an abortion?

This team is such a joke. No wonder we haven't been competitive since, christ, the 1990s????

I swear most of the people on this blog watch one play then take 4 off to get on here to talk crap. It is amazing how bad of fans get on this. If you were such UM fans you would not be downing every little move they made. Yes our D had a terrible game but you dont throw everyone and the season under the bus. Golden is 5 games in..it takes time. So if you want instant success get the hell out of here. And half of you talk about changing the channel or not going to games anymore...good, your obviously not a UM fan so we don't need you. I will be at the carolina game cheering for my CANES

mia3054life.....your so clever and funny !!! using peoples posted by names to post BS.....GO GET A LIFE OR BETTER YET GET A GIRLFRIEND YOU PATHETIC LOSER !!! GO CANES IN GOLDEN I TRUST !!!

Love Golden, but Chickilo was a Randy recruit. He had a great relationship with Randy. He almost decommitted when Randy was fired. We need a couple more guys on that "D" that play like that kid and Perryman (2 Freshmen, go figure). Again, I love Coach Golden and he has and will get more great players here, but Chick is Randy's guy.

Huh? Shannon's W total increased every year except his last. I'm not following your point, Jorge

Keith.Keith u sound like punk shut up i wonder are u guys really fans or is this ur first time hearing about the hurricanes stop living in the past.Miami has been struggling but to give up on a coach in his first five games is sad give this team sometime and hopefully next year u start to see some results but to discredit coaches who have alot to change in this program like come on they have to instill their philosophy and when they do then lets talk about the U.


Here we are talking about Miami, !@#$ All the big florida schools got spanked today. And here I thought this was a FOOTBALL state.

Golden is doing the best he can with what he has. Worse comes to worse, he becomes a nude model. He certainly has my attention.

Lets at least try to make it to a crappy bowl game. Win one for the gipper i guess.

i love sweaty jockstraps i love it i love it.I need it in my life i lke being a dick ryder


JOE IN BOCA....havent been copetitive since the 90's?!?!? I GUESS I INVISIONED THAT CHAMPIONSHIP IN 2001 AND 2002....YEA I SAID 2002 CAUSE WE BEAT SORRY ASS OHIO STATE THAT NITE !!!!


The GIPPER ! wow that way back there !

So frustrating. Lost 3 close games. Just don't know how to win these games. Defense is the worst I've seen in a long long time. Cannot get off of the field unless it's a quick 60-yd TD pass. We should have blitzed every play on the last drive. Either we come up with a big play or give up a big play, either way VT doesn't take 3 minutes off of the clock and leave us with little hope. I wouldn't even have been upset if VT scored on the ensuing kickoff. At least we would have had 3+minutes left, and the way our o-line was wearing them down, I would have taken our chances. But not with our D. There wasn't anybody near a reciever catching the ball all day. KSU, Maryland, and now this. I wonder how many qbs will have their best game of the season against us. We have to at least take a chance and be aggressive, but allowing 7-9 yrd completions, uncontested, all the way down the field is way too easy. VT scored 3 pts last week, and Thomas had 2 incompletions today. With an average D, just average, we may be 5-0 now.

Man nobody remembers 2002. This sorry ass franchise needs massive shock treatment. How much money you bet on these guys, jorge? Yeah, that's what i thought. Save your money for the hookers, bro. You'll get much more out of it.

i think the canes have some of the greatest fans....but it has also come to light...we may have the most ignorant idiotic fans in all of football!!!! most cant get accepted to miami dade community college!!! hahaha

Hey i guys i know i know i just like the smell of refreshing nutz aww i need it i need it i need it.


I made 3M today, and all i did was bet the house against the Canes. NOW YOU CAN TOO! Bet against UM every week and become a GAGILLIONAIRE!! YIPPEEEE!

Just remember .... Its all about the U

Just remember .... Its all about the U

Posted by: Cane4life66 | October 08, 2011 at 08:01 PM

Damn straight. Al about them getting slapped like the little girls that they are.


Posted by: another example of a idiot canesfan | October 08, 2011 at 08:00 PM

No thanks. I'll leave that to your wife.

Jacory Harris has an internet fan club? Damn, who knew?

No one is bashing LSU !!! I think you are on the wrong site, go find some Gators to hate!!

Its so easy to tell when the Canes lose. Fans just start saying how the team is on its way to greatness once again. Works every time.

he is a hunk i like his body guys i will be back in 5 min im getting hot all over my body.

Aight, no problem Canes. I know y'all ain't ready to scrap with the Bayou.

Thanks to you dump ass fans, Miami will never be the same!! What great ball player wants to play for you fair weather fans!!! Get a grip!! Miami has lost good recruits because of you want-a-be fans. You are the worst in college football. If you not going to support the team, please find a new team to cheer for. We don't need your stupid comments on this board!!

Who's body are you talking about?

Anyone who says that Golden needs to be fired after 5 games needs to be institutionalized. I am not saying that he is Jimmy Johnson, but lets look at Jimmy's 1st season with the 'Canes. The team went 8-5. We lost to Maryland in the Orange Bowl. In that game we blew a 31 point lead. Frank Reich that Maryland QB brought them back (he was also the back-up QB who brought the Buffalo Bills back from a 28-3 deficit in the playoffs against the Houston Oilers). We lost again in the Orange bowl 38-3 against FSU. We lost again in the Orange Bowl on the Friday after Thanksgiving to Boston College. Hail Flutie,anyone ever hear of that? We lost to UCLA in the Fiesta Bowl 37-35. I believe the other loss was to Michigan up in Ann Arbor. This is off the top of my head, so I can't swear about the Michigan loss, but I distinctly remember the other losses. Well, people were wondering who this "yahoo" was that Sam Jankovich hired from Oklahoma State. Well needless to say, things worked out well for Jimmy and our 'Canes. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel with this team and coaching staff. We have not scored more than 17 points against VaTech in the past 5 or 6 games. For us to go into Blacksburg and score 35 says a lot about our offense and the team.Again, I am not saying that Coach Golden is Coach Johnson, but can we give him more than 5 games please?

Who do you think, Cane4life? GOLDIE!!! Such a great piece of meat. YUM!!!

Thanks to you dump ass fans, Miami will never be the same!! What great ball player wants to play for you fair weather fans!!! Get a grip!! Miami has lost good recruits because of you want-a-be fans. You are the worst in college football. If you not going to support the team, please find a new team to cheer for. We don't need your stupid comments on this board!!

Posted by: CANE VA | October 08, 2011 at 08:09 PM



Very impressed with Golden and Fisch today.
Every week they take it up a notch.
getting better week by week.
Go, Canes!

this is really getting weird. im outta here. beat NC. go canes


Yes I agree with Cane4life, lets give this guy a chance.

Joe in Boca: The University of Miami and all other college teams are not franchises, they are programs. Franchises are professional sports teams. I always here people talk about the UM franchise, UM, Notre Dame, USC, UF, Texas and the Buckeyes are programs. The Dolphins (barely), Steelers, Yankees, Red Wings, Lakers and Heat are franchises.

it sucks that we are not able to take advantage of the fact that jacory harris is playing good, the defense really needs to step it up, yeah jacory did good but the defense just can't sit there while having it shoved down their throats and expect jacory to do it in 56 seconds.

u guys i have to wack off now

I stopped going to Canes games about 5 years ago when i knew this team was headed towards the gutter with no going back. The D today was what it always was, a joke, but Jacory had a chance and the little punk blew it. Horrible play calling, horrible D, and worthless QB. Good luck in lala land to you Jacory lovers. PapaJohsPizza Bowl once again.

The Dolphins (barely)

Posted by: Cane4Life | October 08, 2011 at 08:18 PM

I dispute that.

darn it i wont ever get the taste of jacory nuts out of my mouth im going to miss the taste

i think the canes have some of the greatest fans....but it has also come to light...we may have the most ignorant idiotic fans in all of football!!!! most cant get accepted to miami dade community college!!! hahaha

Posted by: another example of a idiot canesfan | October 08, 2011 at 07:57 PM

You haven't come to this blog much have you?

J Harris needs to go! He is way to sporadic and has no consistency. Good one game and mediocre the next does not when games.

Lets all play with each other, ok? It'll be fun!

I'm gonna go to www.miami.edu, and under employment there better be a posting for defensive coordinator.

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