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Gameday blog: Canes at Virginia Tech

The Hurricanes (2-2) take on the 21st-ranked Virginia Tech Hokies (4-1) at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, Va. seeking to avoid an 0-2 start in ACC play. The last time UM started 0-2 in the ACC? 2008 when they lost to North Carolina and Florida State at home in back-to-back games. Saturday's kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. The game can be seen on ABC in the Southeast and on ESPN throughout most of the rest of the country (except parts of Texas, etc). Here is your Canes' TV coverage map.

Will David Wilson abuse a banged up and reeling UM run defense? > ABOUT THE HOKIES: Virginia Tech is coming off a 23-3 loss to Clemson at home a week ago. The Hokies haven't lost back-to-back games at home since 2002. The Hokies rolled to a 31-7 win the last time the Canes came to Lane Stadium. UM has only won one of the last five meetings. The Hokies lost five starters on each side of the ball from last year's ACC championship team including quarterback Tyrod Taylor. This Hokies team still has plenty of playmakers on offense, led by star tailback David Wilson (7th in nation in rushing), cornerback Jayron Hosley (3 INTs) and defensive ends J.R. Collins (leads ACC with 4.5 sacks) and James Gayle (3.5 sacks). Virginia Tech's national rankings on defense: 2nd vs. rush (58.20), 4th in total yards (249.60) and 29th versus the pass (191.40). The Hokies are also currently ranked 2nd in the nation in time of possession (35:48).

> WHAT TO WATCH FOR THE CANES: There have been two big injuries on UM's defense in the aftermath of the Bethune-Cookman win: starting strongside linebacker Ramon Buchanan (knee) and defensive tackle Marcus Forston (knee) have both been lost for the season. The Canes, ranked 105th in run defense, will suit up four healthy defensive tackles Saturday: Micanor Regis, Darius Smith, Olsen Pierre and former defensive end Adewale Ojomo. Tailbacks Mike James and Lamar Miller have also been playing banged up for the Canes, who on the positive side should get more production this week from sophomore tackle Seantrel Henderson. Hard-hitting safety Ray-Ray Armstrong is also back this week from suspension UM. If there is something the Canes may be able to exploit against Tech it's special teams. While that may sound surprising considering Frank Beamer's team has shined for so long on that side of the ball, Virginia Tech actually ranks 117th in net punting. UM's Travis Benjamin has had long returns in back-to-back weeks for UM and may be able to break one. In two games versus the Hokies, Jacory Harris is 10 of 27 for 153 yards with one interception.

> MY PICK: Virginia Tech 34, UM 21. The Hokies aren't as good a football team as they were a year ago -- Clemson showed us that. But the Hokies still have plenty of weapons on both sides of the ball and it's hard to picture them losing back-to-back games at home. Are the Canes totally overmatched? No. But the problems on run defense are very real. This team sorely misses Allen Bailey, Colin McCarthy and Brandon Harris, who all were exceptional on run defense. Ray-Ray will provide a lift. But the Hokies know how to ground and pound. They ran for 251 yards against UM a year ago. And against UM this season, that's all you really need to be able to do well to have success. 


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RON PAUL 2012! He'll end the wars!

I am out of here . GO CANES !! See you next week.

I'm gonna go to www.miami.edu, and under employment there better be a posting for defensive coordinator.

Posted by: johnny | October 08, 2011 at 08:25 PM

I hope so too.

Cane4life66. shut up he played well last 2 games and had a great second half at k state dummy

lol, shut up, what are you 13? Please, miami "fan". The guy is pathetic, can't even muster up 25 yrds. 19 seconds. Besides, what the hell do you care? The moron is gone after this year anyway. Say hello to the Toronto Argonauts, at best.


Coach Golden has said we have the best defensive coordinator in the country. Well, he is either lying to everyone, or he doesn't know what he is talking about. When your receivers are wide open in every play, you too can complete every pass. Zero pass defense. Everyone knew VaTech was going to score in that last drive. Everyone, except our DC. This guy is way out of his league. Not only was his game plan, if any, pathetic to begin with, he never made any adjustments. Nauseating. Georgia Tech must be salivating.

Coach Golden has said we have the best defensive coordinator in the country. Well, he is either lying to everyone, or he doesn't know what he is talking about.

Posted by: chubby | October 08, 2011 at 08:31 PM

Uhhh, uhhhh......



Can we please fire Golden now?

Jacory blew it. Guy can't even get us in field goal range in a must-win game. Loser.


Stephen Morris needs to be give one more shot. Jacory is the worst QB in UM history, bar none.

Welcome to the new reality. 5 to 8 win seasons. You are not an Independent or in the Big East where you only play 2 tough games a year. It was pretty pathetic performance. I am sure the U fans are lamenting on the times when the U would wave four fingers and it actually meant something.

Oh well, sucks to be U

SUCK 4 LUCK.....

Oh, wrong team.....

I thought the plug #98 was supposed to be at stopping the run.
The only thing he is plugging is the Toilets!

i hate v.tech,,plain and simple,,,but they have this sheer luck whenever they play miami,,,i mean, how in the hell do a team that score only 3 point the prior week,,score 38 points today, how do a virgina tech team who could no right just 7 days ago, again look , the team who will win out, represent the division ,,and quite possibly represent the conference in the orange bowl...is the U just a group of talented but very unlucky youngsters, i simply do not get it, the U is fielding NFL talent at several positions, WR, LB, OL, and probably QB,,but why in the hell can these guys not stop a QB who did absolutely nothing last week...WOW,,just amazing..

Stephen Morris needs to be give one more shot. Jacory is the worst QB in UM history, bar none.

Posted by: Jeremiah | October 08, 2011 at 08:44 PM

the offense put up 35 points against a great defense under jacory harris, he had a good game and no INT's, I think its really unfair to blame him after the defense had a dreadful performance, jacory put this team ahead and allowed vatech to walk into the endzone, blaming jacory because he couldn't win it in 56 seconds is unfair, this defense is horrible and golden really needs to do something about this.

: Cane4life66 what r u watching the same game idiot all those false starts on the last drive recievers covered dummy what is he supposed to do lob it and throw a interception stupid

UM1997 the name u have says it all dummy stop living in the past

Sweet jesus, i haven't seen a defense that bad since the Democrats in 2010.

UM1997 the name u have says it all dummy stop living in the past

Posted by: miami fan | October 08, 2011 at 08:59 PM

Yes, because the present is sooooo much better. That Jacory, what a stud. I mean, he almost reminds me of Kellen Moore or Andrew Luck.

English isn't your first language, is it, miami fan? Tough break. Must suck being "indocumentado".

Got to give it to the rest of the team, they really fought back and showed heart. Last year's team would've packed it in half way through the 3rd quarter.

The offensive line really came on in the second half. I don't know what changed, but they really got after VT hard. Lamar Miller is a stud...we all know that.

Maybe the best Jacory game ever. He played great, really can't blame him for this one.

Dear Sucks to be U fans
1) Ray Lewis is not coming back
2) The OB is not coming back
3) You can not schedule South Carolina State like you used to when you were an independent, you actually have to play quality opponents
4) Your fickle fan base is deminishing
5) VT owns you
6) No one is scared to play you anymore, as a matter of fact, many teams want to play you during homecoming.
7) U suck

Don't nobody respect Miami. LSU4LIFE!

Now on the the defense. Just horrible! We made VT look like an offensive juggernaut. Chickillo and Spence are the only players on that defense. Telemaque was MIA and the D-Line is just soft. 2.5 players...on defense, that' all we have.

Any team that commits to the run has a chance to beat this team. This is the worst run defense in all of college football.

I've always heard that when a team loses by less than 7pts, it falls on the coaches. We have 3 losses by less than 7 (late MD pick 6 is the exception). And this is another one I put squarely on coaching and play calling.

Opening series we made bad play calls from the 11yd line. Fake FG was suspect but I don't consider that the worst of the play call from this staff.

Last VT possession and our last series are the clearest examples of piss poor play calling from this staff (again)!

No blitz or pressure or stunt or fake blitz or anything to shake up the QB. On the last play where QB scores, we have no safety or LB containing the middle (again)!

But the coaches could have redeemed themselves on our last series with 47secs left. VT has a 3-man front and instead of running the ball or throwing quick 5yd outs, our genius coaches call deep routes where their 3-man front eventually got pressure on J12. Lamar would have been good for at least 10-12yds per carry. That's 30 of the 40yds we needed for a FG. And with timeouts we could have dialed up a play action pass.

So once again the players do the best they can with the scheme created by their coaches. And the net result is an unforced loss. VT did not beat us. We lost the game to VT. We gave the game to VT.

Hope we get it right for UNC. Go CANES!

Maybe the best Jacory game ever.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | October 08, 2011 at 09:05 PM

And we only had to wait til his senior year when the season is already over.

UM1997. i didnt say he was a stud but to rip him when he kept us in the game was a dumb assumption.

regardless of the record or sanctions that will be hitting miami they are guaranteed a bowl game!

CHARMINS Toilet Bowl!!!

Cane4life66 watch the game and stop crying about jacory you sound heart broken

hey miami fan I was a canes fan back before they won chanpionships so stfu..... I call it as I see it and this defense sucks and the this years future is not bright at all, so keep your opinions to yourself on what others write as you yourself sound like an friggin retard. I bet you believe Obama turned this country around too huh? idiot...

Keith no i don't think obama has but this is a sports sectoin not politics stupid

RON PAUL 2012!

by far the defense lost this game. loose coverage on the corners, and letting the vt receivers get wide open on the sidelines all game was aweful. don't blame the current coaches..blame the past coaches for not recruiting deep enough in certain positions. Shannon sucked when it came to organizing and it show's with what is left on the field. Canes played hard today with what they had across the board. can you blame golden for not having any corners ready to play this year? i think not you moron's..give it three years..than let's talk about getting rid of donofrio.idiot's.

Keith. I don't care how long you been a cane fan I responded to your comment. so moving right along. I think these arguments are getting dull and stale.

I'm definitely voting for Ron Paul. Obama has just been way too disappointing.

Posted by: JacoryStinks

I'm not crazy about him either, but we put up 35 points at VT. This one falls on the D.

The defense sucked as usual. Jacory was unusually awesome until the last series. He wasted wayyyyy too much time running around and used up precious seconds on the clock. However, if the friggin' defense had defended and stopped someone, it would not have come down to the offense to pull off another score. The only thing that comforts me, is that we were not expected to win or be in the game anyway. That, and FSU and Florida lost.

NYUFIU fan- miami played very tough teams as an incependent- check out the 1987, 1988 schedules or in 1999, when they played Penn State and UCLA. Seriously. Just hump off the verrazano. No one will miss you

Thought our run Defense played much better today- unfortunately on passing downs we got NO pressure on the QB and our d backs are terrible and belong up the road at FAU if they would even want them there.

We can't stop anybody. Bathune drove the ball on us. This is why although I love the canes- we will lose to FSU, Clemson and Ga tech in the near future. After watching North Carolina against a crappy Louisville team, we MIGHT be able to pull off a win vs them.

Tim, I agree- although I'm a huge canes fan- that long pass that was reviewed was not a catch. I think they were focusing on his right foot- that they forgot to look at the ball and obviously he didn't have the ball secured.

With this being said- that is the play that changed the momentum of the entire game. Sometimes that is all a team needs. Offense did a good job of bringing us back- Defense Can't stop the pass.

Defense is Embarrassing!!!

Look at the bright side. Check the final score of the VaTech/Clemson last week. The only difference between UM and Clemson is the defense, otherwise, we are just as good. Now, I have this bridge....

I agree- Jacory played well tonight- but choked in the 2 min offense with 3 time outs left. We only needed 30 yards for a FG attempt but he continued to throw the long ball on every down- missing an open reciver on one of them.

Dear Sucks to be U fans
1) Ray Lewis is not coming back
2) The OB is not coming back
3) You can not schedule South Carolina State like you used to when you were an independent, you actually have to play quality opponents
4) Your fickle fan base is deminishing
5) VT owns you
6) No one is scared to play you anymore, as a matter of fact, many teams want to play you during homecoming.
7) U suck

Posted by: NYCFIUFan | October 08, 2011 at 09:06 PM

FIU huh... yeah you guys really showed akron how the big boys do it.

FIUck U!! FIU fans . This is no place for WANABBEESS U wish U where a Miami Hurricane

Anyone blaming Jacory Harris is obviously blinded by their own obsessive scapegoating. The guys has had a handful of terrible games for a 1 1/2 year span of his career, that is for sure. But late Freshman year, early Sophmore year, and so far this year he has been excellent. The guy doesn't hold the UM records for TDs for nothing.

Remember Kirby Freeman, Kyle Right, Ryan Clement, Frank Costa. These guys sucked. So chill out on the Haterade.

Anyone talking trash for FIU is just funny. Even with Miami down and FIU getting better, if the 2 teams played 30 times, UM would win 29 times, so relax. Focus on your battle royal with FAU.

Oh, and Ron Paul is a clown. Both Dems and Republicans laugh at his bizarre rhetoric. This a sport blog. Keep it that way.

A tough loss today.

Regarding the defensive coordinator, why did you rush only 4 guys on over 95% of the plays? If your strategy was to have 7 in pass protection, where did they all go? What is the point of having the same ineffective defense play after play, no rush and wide open recivers? You have a reputation for being aggressive: where is it in your defense?

What bhappened to the secondary? Why are they playing off receivers that are not knowm for speed?

This wazs a poorly called defensive strategy today. Blitz the guy and at least put some pressure on him. Are we this bad on D?

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