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Gameday blog: Georgia Tech at Canes

CORAL GABLES -- The Miami Hurricanes (3-3, 1-2 ACC) will attempt to win their third game in a row against Georgia Tech (6-1, 3-1 ACC) when the teams meet at 3:30 p.m. at Sun Life Stadium. The game will be televised on ESPN. The 20th-ranked Yellow Jackets dropped their first game of the season last week at Virginia. UM is coming off a 30-24 win at North Carolina.

> ABOUT GEORGIA TECH: The Yellow Jackets' triple option offense is ranked in the top 10 nationally in five different statistical categories -- rushing (2nd), third-down percentage (2nd), fewest sacks allowed (2nd), total offense (9th) and scoring (10th). Over his last two games, junior quarterback Tevin Washington has put up Josh Nesbitt-like rushing numbers: 235 yards rushing and four touchdowns. No single player averages 70 yards rushing, but three Orwin Smith (69.7), David Sims (66.7) and Washington (60.6) -- average better than 60 yards. Receiver Stephen Hill is the team's big play threat in the passing game. He has three 100-yard receiving games this season. Georgia Tech has four pass plays of 70-plus yards and 48 plays of at least 20 yards this season. Defensively, while the Yellow Jackets have been giving up yards on the ground (177.14 yards per game, 81st nationally), they've held opponents to just 21 plays of 20-plus yards. 

> WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN IT COMES TO THE CANES: Maybe it's a good week to show more 3-4 defense. After all, the defensive tackle position took a hit this week with the one-game suspension of senior Micanor Regis. Junior Darius Smith (10 tackles, 1 sack) will start alongside former defensive end Adewale Ojomo in the middle. Their backups -- all freshmen: Corey King (who hasn't played a down), Olsen Pierre (2 tackles) and Jalen Grimble (0 tackles). UM's run defense ranks 94th nationally (187 yards per game). Offensively, Lamar Miller will try to bounce back from a 16-carry, 29-yard performance at North Carolina against a Yellow Jackets defense that gives up yards on the ground. Quarterback Jacory Harris hasn't thrown an interception in 14 quarters. But he needs to be careful today. Georgia Tech has eight interceptions (as many as they had last season). The Yellow Jackets don't give up many points either in the second half. They shutout Virginia last week in the second half and have give up just 14 points in the third quarter. Last week, the Canes produced two first downs and three points against North Carolina in the second half.

> MANNY'S PICK: Georgia Tech 34, Miami 31. I want to believe the Canes can overcome the suspensions and injuries on defense, that young guys will step up and deliver. But it's hard to picture it happening against a team that has run the ball as well as anybody in the country since Paul Johnson arrived. Assignment football? That just hasn't been the Canes thing on defense. Lamar Miller will have success running the football this week and Jacory Harris should continue to do a good job protecting the football. But one mistake could end up killing the Canes today. And chances are somebody on offense is going to slip eventually. In the end, that will be the difference.


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I hate to say it Manny, but I couldn't agree with you more about today's outcome. Both teams, however, may score more points than you've predicted. I agree with your reasoning that the offense has to be almost perfect for the Canes to win. I don't think we'll see "almost perfect" today from the offense. I hope we are both wrong.

Well it looks like the old Harris is on the field today. Threw into double coverage et al. Certainly hope I am wrong.

We went for the bombs... Too windy. Let's drive the ball now!

Harris push passing. What's that penalty.

We can't lose robinson

go canes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's go D

We're going to blow these fools out, told you. Option offense..this isn't 1978.

Canes back in action! Bring on Florida State!

Let's finish our drives off in this 2nd half!!

This blog is so
Dead because it's never been up at gameday, plus the herald is
Charging or something that they shouldn't even if it did work properly.
Having said that, jacory is having another good day, so don't make it sound like I'm complaining, but why is he underthrowing all these receivers he has been throwing to for at least three years?

Damn Manny no faith and look how good this team played today... well the D!!!!

Way to go coach D!

Damn...that wasn't Jacory's fault.

Say what you want, but J12 looks smooth. Not overly impressive, but like a leader that's comfortable and in control.

POGs in this order:
1a. Sean Spence
1b. Jojo
2. Denzel Perryman
3. Chick
4. Jacory

Big ups to a great defensive gameplan against this D. There was some hard hitting too. Spence, Perryman, and Ray Ray all had an "OHHHHHHHHHH" hit! Great win!

It's obvious that UM struggled mightily against the 3-4 defense. Al Groh had Fisch and UM confused for most of the game. It's great to play defense, though. There is no substitute for good defense. UM needs to figure out what type of cleats to wear. Guys slipping all over the field hurt the offense today.

I had said we needed to score 40 points to win. Way to make me look like a idiot D. Great game by the D. IT IS GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE!!!!

Where has that defense been all year?

A shout to D'Onofrio's staff and the Miami Hurricane D-unit!

In other words, the entire defensive unit deserves a A+ performance grade. Eh.

And I hope U'all DOUBTING CANE ruffians layed the point spread. Because I absolutely toUted the Canes over the Fumbling Bees...

Miami Hurricanes 38

Fumbling Bees 31

By the way, I, also, said Miami would AT LEAST get 2 turnovers today. Get outta' here.

And lo and behold the special team unit and the D-unit had their fair share of take aways.

Finally, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on the DOUBTING opinion writer of this piece!!

Because this makes 3 games in a row now that he/she has predicted Miami would lose. Eh. And he/she's bloody lucky that the Hurricanes couldn't get the stop against Va. Tech.

Bottom line is this, U'all Hurricane fans. Miami is now in an excellant position to win the rest of their regular season games.

So, keep on doubting The Golden Ones squad. For as long as U'all sports writers and or Cane rUffians doubt, Miami keeps on winning. Duh.

If ONLY: the Jacory run at the goal line vs K-St, the 4th down VT run at end of game......even the Maryland game was in reach

7 - 0

Solid game and great win for the Canes. Happy about the way this D played. Nice coaching and preparation by the DC. He's off the hot seat with me for now :)

The quick touchdown at the end of the 1st half and the swarming defense was reminiscent of the old Canes. I'm buying an orange tie and a white shirt.

Where are all the Donofrio haters now, idiots, GO CANES!!!

Good Pick Manny!!!

just thinking how close the Hurricanes could be to 5 and 0 if they had been more focused & had all their players all season. If I ran the athletic dept, I'd lock up the Coach for a very long time. Ron

Great Pick Manny. We still love ya.

Right or Wrong, Win or Loss, stick with the Canes!

Maaaaaaaaaaannnnny!!!!! Come out and pllaaaaaaaayyyyyyaaa!!!! The Canes are building every week!

Good defensive game today. Another good Jacory game. First time I actually agree a pick wasn't his fault.

We need to get out of the stadium deal...this thing tomorrow is a slap in the face.

Am I right in thinking that Va Tech needs to lose two more ACC games?

Ga Tech isn't going to beat Clemson, so they're not going to be involved in the Coastal tiebreaker.

Anyone know what happens in a three way tiebreaker if all the teams are 1-1 head to head?

I don't want to rain on anybody's parade here, but let's win the rest of our reamaining games before we start trying to figure our all the tie-breaker rules. Murphy's law would tell you "If anything can go wrong, it will". So the team that wins the tie-breaker will not be the one you want to win it. I would prefer to win the division on the field in head to head competition. That way it is not left in the hands of conference officials. By losing to UMD and VATech put you in Murphy's hands. LOL

manny, manny, manny.....

c'mon man keep the faith.

we got this!

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