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Gameday blog: UM vs. Bethune-Cookman

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- The Hurricanes (1-2) take on Bethune-Cookman (2-1) in the first meeting ever between in the in-state programs. Kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. on ESPNU.

Will Rodney Scott run wild on the Canes? > ABOUT THE WILDCATS: B-CC's offensive coordinator Rob Spence was a member of Al Golden's staff at Temple as his wide receivers coach in 2010. The Wildcats, picked to finish second in the MEAC after a 10-2 season a year ago, rank fifth in the FCS in scoring at 38.67 points per game on offense and are led by former Mississippi running back Rodney Scott. The 5-9, 200-pound junior has run for 231 yards on 32 carries to lead a Wildcats rushing attack that averaged 217.3 yards a game. Receiver Eddie Poole (6-3, 195) is a legitimate pass catching threat and leads the Wildcats with 16 receptions for 165 yards and three TDs. Defensively, Bethune-Cookman has created 11 turnovers in their first three games and ranks third in pass efficiency defense in the FCS. 

> WHAT TO WATCH FOR THE CANES: How UM handles the Wildcats read option, wide receiver screens and quick strike offense. UM ranks 99th in the nation in run defense and figures to once again have trouble defending the run -- even if it is B-CC. Offensively, running backs Lamar Miller (shoulder) and Mike James (shoulder) are expected to play, but could be limited after wearing non-contact jerseys for UM's first two practices this week. Look for Eduardo Clements, Darion Hall and Maurice Hagens to get some more work. UM coach Al Golden said tackle Seantrel Henderson, returning from back surgery, should get about 20 snaps this week.

> MY PICK: UM 34, Bethune-Cookman 22. The Hurricanes have serious issues on defense -- particularly at defensive tackle, linebacker and cornerback. A day like today would be a great opportunity to work on those issues and iron them out. But these Canes really aren't even good enough to do that with ease. I expect the Wildcats to make this game more interesting than you thought they would. 


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Common Manny....really?

Wow this is awful to watch.

Wow manny that's an awful prediction for someone who's supposedly in the know. Even with this first drive, we should and will kill rhem

This is hilarious.

I officially want my money back. This app never works on gameday

How far we have fallen. Time for noodle arm to throw an interception

What kind of excuses are fans gonna come up with today

Noodle arm is a total joke. Three and out

Ohh the falling has just started. This is pathetic. Al golden should have made a bigger difference. These players are stars. But have gotten worse since freshman year. ALL OF THEM. u never see that.

Does anybody remember all of these players as freshmen? Even jacory. They had so
Much potential. But look what's happened.

Golden wants his money back too.

That right there is the proof of how awful we are on d

What an embarrassment. 1-25 and he makes it. We can't stop water.

First and goal. Wow. This is making me sick.

Golden and staff cant even make adjustments against 1 aa football. Golden is ajoke


this team is an embarrassment

We should demand that the U is removed from the side of the helmets. "Come on man" we can't play with Bethune Cookman? Golden and his staff should be replaced after this year!

It's what we get for getting golden. Look at what temple did to Maryland. Without the star coaches

Just pathetic...if you think this is embarassing just wait until GT plays this team.
They'll have a bigger day than Brady did with the pitiful Fins.

Time I guess for golden to take some heat. That's what you get for keeping noodle arm and the nw wooshes around.
After this all our commitments should run.

At least you guys can take comfort that virtually nobody around the country is paying any attention to this game or cares about the University of Miami anymore.

The truth of the matter is that pretty much NOTHING is "all about the U."

Welcome to irrelevance.

I have never been so sick watching a first half of football, these guys are weak, stupid and shameful, this is no way hurricanes football. This is some sort of pathetic sandlot loser ball. What happend to teh talent and heart of miami football, for the first time in my life ( long life) I must admit my beloved canes are not even in the top 5 in their own state....... Golden get to recruiting because these guys have "0" heart or talent and Telmack ??? you call that a tackle???? just SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This defense is awful. What a disgrace. No adjustments from last game. Very weak in the middle. This is Bethune-Cookman!

And some of you were in a hurry to run Randy out of town!!! Well you now have your golden boy in a tie. There were so many other coaches available but we select this clown....Right now a good H.S team in Fla would give the U a challenge. Please take us ouuta our misery and take Jacory out the game

Same play again on 3rd and 1! Run Haggens up the middle!

Win or lose this team wont be 500 this year , I am totaly sisk by what I am seeing here. Man the freshman in this country need to watch this game because there must be 1000 freshman that could play better than these clowns. and our O line?? are you kidding me getting pushed backwards on 4th and 1??? NO HEART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait for Jusscary Harris to show up at the Heisman Trophy prestentation in his pink suit!

Canes grtting owned

Golden needs to recruit what? this is shameful and cowards like ictodolphin still talking about jacory and the defense is getting embarrassed like this again. Where is championships with all that bs and dbc. This program is going in the right direction.lol The refs are trying to bail the u out.

Are you kidding me? These guys are have already quit on the season!! Miami needs playmakers and they don't have them on offense or defense!!!! Pathetic....

That's OK....I'd rather lose than have Shannon. For what? For him to bring in these so called "#1 recruiting Classes"...give me a break!!! We've been fed this line of crap now for 4 years. These are all Shannons picks. Nothing good is going to come our way until Golden gets his own kids in here. This group is an overrated joke.

If they fired randy they need to fire golden after this game.

You ought to read my posts talkycane. Never ever supported noodle arm this year. We are awful and this 1st quarter was a complete embarresement

Hey sonnyboy whete is all the golden motivation and how the team has turned around. So much for that talk.

Golden benched Morris after one game in which he threw 2 interceptions. The firt interception was in deed Morris fault. But the second was a hail mary..."come on man" Really? Morris was /is a better leader, bigger arm, better decision maker, brighter future, and more heart than Harris. Well have become the laughing stock of the ACC, hell this rate they may pay us to leave the conference.









I hate every part of this team. So bad. Coaching is worst. Quit asking for Shannon. So glad to be rid of hin

I guess the infield is making it rough for the oline to get a push and the dirt under their fingernails is making us jump off sides.

So sad. And Morris's first interception was not his fault. Late in game 4th down, must throw. Did the receiver run the right route, NO!!
This is pathetic.

the best part of this game is the taco bell commercial

This team isn't even on probation yet. I've been a Canes fan my entire life. This is the worst I've ever seen them play. This is worse than the Syracuse blowout.

This is the worst Canes team ever. I'm not even watching these nauseating flea-bitten hounds that play for us now. Just checked in to see if it was as bad as I expected...and it is. We deserve the death penalty to clear out this program and just start over in a lower division. At this point I doubt Golden cares. He was lied to and will be gone the minute this season is over anyway.

Where are you guys watching this game?

Hey itcdolphin...........What else can Golden say....he has to say the positive things we all want to hear....it's not coaching, it's this group of mental midgets he's trying to get to play football. These guys have never gotten it since Shannon brought them to the U. Their quitters with no heart and zero gutts and everyone of them will be exposed big time when ACC play begins. They are even worse than last year.

Va. Tech will crush us by 50 points! Golden rolled into town with this 5 star coaching intelligence. Perhaps like Jacory, he too is overrated. Let's fire him and the entire coaching staff because they are just collecting a pay check.

Played DT at Illinois back in the 90s. I was not quite 6 feet and weighted near 290 as a senior. I was able to bench press 465 and squat with 655. Tried out for pros but height was a factor and was cut just before the regular season began. One problem I see is that the Miami DT are not physical and then they play high. 54 and 99 are being shoved around like blocking sleds. Either you have to be exceptionally strong- which the apparently are not or you must play with leverage which they do not. 99 is stiff and finds it hard to bend at the knees.

The LBs 58 and 45 are lost out there. 31 is good as is 71 a DL men.

In the center 63 has no lower body strength and I would have straightened him up quite easily when I played. The RT is also not very explosive and is stalemated at the line of scrimmage at the point of attack on straight ahead or zone drive blocking.

QB has a windup like a windmill. No wonder he cannot pump fake to keep his passes from getting knocked down.

Hurray...Tommy Streeter just got us into the game....Finally something positive

They should throw bombs all game against this team. They should gave done it all last game too. DBs can't keep up with UM's receivers. You have to adjust the gameplan depending on the team you play.

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