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Gameday blog: UM vs. Bethune-Cookman

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- The Hurricanes (1-2) take on Bethune-Cookman (2-1) in the first meeting ever between in the in-state programs. Kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. on ESPNU.

Will Rodney Scott run wild on the Canes? > ABOUT THE WILDCATS: B-CC's offensive coordinator Rob Spence was a member of Al Golden's staff at Temple as his wide receivers coach in 2010. The Wildcats, picked to finish second in the MEAC after a 10-2 season a year ago, rank fifth in the FCS in scoring at 38.67 points per game on offense and are led by former Mississippi running back Rodney Scott. The 5-9, 200-pound junior has run for 231 yards on 32 carries to lead a Wildcats rushing attack that averaged 217.3 yards a game. Receiver Eddie Poole (6-3, 195) is a legitimate pass catching threat and leads the Wildcats with 16 receptions for 165 yards and three TDs. Defensively, Bethune-Cookman has created 11 turnovers in their first three games and ranks third in pass efficiency defense in the FCS. 

> WHAT TO WATCH FOR THE CANES: How UM handles the Wildcats read option, wide receiver screens and quick strike offense. UM ranks 99th in the nation in run defense and figures to once again have trouble defending the run -- even if it is B-CC. Offensively, running backs Lamar Miller (shoulder) and Mike James (shoulder) are expected to play, but could be limited after wearing non-contact jerseys for UM's first two practices this week. Look for Eduardo Clements, Darion Hall and Maurice Hagens to get some more work. UM coach Al Golden said tackle Seantrel Henderson, returning from back surgery, should get about 20 snaps this week.

> MY PICK: UM 34, Bethune-Cookman 22. The Hurricanes have serious issues on defense -- particularly at defensive tackle, linebacker and cornerback. A day like today would be a great opportunity to work on those issues and iron them out. But these Canes really aren't even good enough to do that with ease. I expect the Wildcats to make this game more interesting than you thought they would. 


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Tommy Streeter is the exact reason of many that Shannon and co were idiots. He should never have sat the bench and we r very lucky he didn't leave.


Well that was fast.. one play one TD

Question- did this new coach bring in a new strength coach? You guys really need one. I see 99 with a gut and arms that sag and the center has what looks like 16 inch arms with no definition on a 300 pound body.

As a former player as well, I can tell that this guy knows what he is talkin about. D line is very bad. Not physical enough and plays too high. The other backers are indeed lost.

Geez what will the whiners do now with UM scoring like its a track meet?

Your skill position players like RB, WR, etc are up there with the best. The OL and DL and LBs as a whole need a lot of work or juts new guys that have it. The need a strength coach a real one. Guy I had was a 2,000 plus total power-lifter with a MS in exercise physiology, really knew the iron game and how to translate it to sports.

When you face VT, FSU, Clemson it will be really tough as those players in the OL and DL are strong and disciplined.

I wish you the best as I like the U.

What do you know...they are starting to play with 5:25 left in the half...14..7

Signing off...best wished to all the UM fans.


That sounds good in theory, but you have to account for the weak arm and poor decisions of Jacory. The Canes should blast this team by 50, but it will not happen. Wr are suppose to beat this team, we were suppose to be Maryland and K State.....so IF we win today, plz don't say that we are back!

Defense still can't wrap up and tackle. They take bad angles, over pursue, and go for big hits. When will they stop with the siren on third down?

What does jacory have to do with the defense looking like garbage for the three out of 4 games? The fans on this blog must have shades on or something. This same dfense was above average last year and we cant stop anyone now. not even bcc


Teams are stacking 8 in the box. I think Jacory has played well recently. He looks better than last year. Plus these receivers are too open for him to mess anything up.

Well it's half time and nothing to proud of with a score of 14...7.

Pretty fricken bad when Bethune-Cookman matches up to the U for a half of football in our house....Wow!!! that's how far we have fallen...

This team is just AWFUL. Even in the '60's and '70's we beat someone with a pulse every now and then. Just rock bottom for this program. Golden has as big of a job here as he had with Temple....if he even stays.


God the canes are pathetic but I do like the Afrojack songs at the game.

GET A NEW STRENGHT COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the same guy that was under Shannon and Coker. Hell, even FIU which has no man over 300 pounds in bodyweight has over 3 times the amount of men bench pressing 400 as the U does. And these are second rate players that they have to work with, who lose to division 2 schools. However, the strength coach is from the SEC and has a degree in exercise physiology and worked in some big name programs.

These guys are not missing assignments in the defensive line they are getting their booty kicked.

Heck FIU has defensive backs lifting as much as the 300 pound center at UM and as much as the DTs. What the heck is wrong with this picture????

I fear what is going to happen at VT, FSU, Clemson when those skilled players who have real strength coaches hit the field.

Part 1

Part 2

Talkycane. Pathetic uninspired play from one noodle arm and other nw primadonnas drags everyone down. An inspired o picks up a bad defense, how do you say patsies. But then again jokecorey is a great qb probably the best ever at the U right??

this is pathetic

VA TECH is going to crush us

Its funny because at this rate we may be due to win a a championship in four years. In 79 FAMU beat UM and miami realized all the talent it had in its back yard and put up a fence around south florida as far as recruting. 1983 UM wins its first NC. Now bcc which is in the same conference may come in and could possibly beat UM.

this defense is total losers--- d line are weak Pu--ys and the LBs and DBs cant cover crap wow im ashamed to be a canes fan HOW FAR WE HAVE FALLEN.......

as long as the we don't put in JOEL FIGUEROA. My goodness that guy is awful.

dude, we've been fallen, we fell a long ass time ago!

in order:

FIU (and gaining ground)

Shameful.. These players should pay their tuition back to the school... What a joke this city has become. Every one of our teams' can be made fun of. From the Heat to the Canes, and the Marlins and Panthers in between. Wow man, just move every sport out of here. Apparently, the fans, or lack thereof down here, make a HUGE difference. I'm shuttin it down. 35 years old and tired of rooting for losers. Sports should be an escape, not a source of stress.

Raul we lost 31-3 last time up there and jokecorey was supposedly really good. Little did we know then how awful he really is.

And Al Golden is showing us NOTHING. He has superior talent to BCC and he is struggling? What the F is going on down here? Wasn't this senior class rated the best by ESPN four years ago? WOW! How is that even possible?

How pathetic is it that Shannon and whipple wouldn't even gve streeter a chance

Stop the Jacory bashing. He has played well overall. The defense is the weakness of this team. The o-line hasn't played well either.

We are in real trouble next week

There is nowhere to run anymore if your a Miami football fan. At least during the last twenty, frustrating years of Dolphins' football, I always had the Canes to level me out. Now, I can't figure out which team frustrates me more. I love football too much I think, and these past 7-8 years have really sucked.

Sunnydee. The o lone are not seniors. Jokecorey should be much better and score more to pickup the d. Yes the d is awful.

Keep saying, the pats have worst d in the NFL, but their qb makes up for it.

The D shouldn't need to be picked up against Bethune-Cookman.

Bethune looks tired. They came out too hard, too fast?

Good to see Clements in there. They need to rotate three backs. Miller is taking too many hits and James has been very inconsistent.

typical miami fans bench everyone fire everybody u guys have to be the worst fans just because bcu plays in a sorry division doesn't mean they suck as a team jacory has looked better at qb then last year al golden is in his first year now u want him fired u guys as fans suck u are a bunch of hurricanes frauds what type of fans who don't show up at games but likes to blast the team if the fans controlled the team we will never win because you guys are so far stuck in the past it won't ever be a futUre for the miami hurricanes what a disgrace what fan would want jacory to transfer with only 2 qbs in morrris and whipple and ryan williams out for the year because of the transfer rules and highsmith now on defense,u have to be kidding canes fan are u that darn stupid thats why fans watch,players play,and coaches coach. MIAMI #1 WORST FAN BASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The patriots have statistically the worst defense through three games this year. Bellicheck is known for good defenses try again to convince us you know what your talking about. so brady through four ints and lost by three points he sure picked the d up.

Perryman is showing promise. Coaches should be able to develop him into a great MLB.

Thanks for making my point. Patsies are 2-1 and will more than likely go to playoffs. Without Brady and someone like jokecorey they would be 0-3. That was way to easy


You make a great point. If Miami had Tom Brady they would probably be much better. Do you work for ESPN? Very impressive analysis.

What point is that? That dfense wins championship. We gave up 257 yards rushing last week. Whomever you put at qb wouldn't have mad a difference. How are you comparing jacory with brady? Are you really that ignorant?

Another interesting question that you pose: what if the Patriots had Jacory as their QB? I think I agree with your astute point that the Patriots would nit be as good.

Miami has 5 NC's and not one qb you can put in the same sentence in brady!!!!! both of you are idiots.

With brady excuse me. The system made brady you didnt even know his name coming out of college.

what idiot would compare jacory and brady no comparison ignorant assumption

k state might be for real

This team will be DESTROYED next week. NO DAMNED DEFENSE AT ALL!


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