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Gameday blog: UM vs. Bethune-Cookman

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- The Hurricanes (1-2) take on Bethune-Cookman (2-1) in the first meeting ever between in the in-state programs. Kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. on ESPNU.

Will Rodney Scott run wild on the Canes? > ABOUT THE WILDCATS: B-CC's offensive coordinator Rob Spence was a member of Al Golden's staff at Temple as his wide receivers coach in 2010. The Wildcats, picked to finish second in the MEAC after a 10-2 season a year ago, rank fifth in the FCS in scoring at 38.67 points per game on offense and are led by former Mississippi running back Rodney Scott. The 5-9, 200-pound junior has run for 231 yards on 32 carries to lead a Wildcats rushing attack that averaged 217.3 yards a game. Receiver Eddie Poole (6-3, 195) is a legitimate pass catching threat and leads the Wildcats with 16 receptions for 165 yards and three TDs. Defensively, Bethune-Cookman has created 11 turnovers in their first three games and ranks third in pass efficiency defense in the FCS. 

> WHAT TO WATCH FOR THE CANES: How UM handles the Wildcats read option, wide receiver screens and quick strike offense. UM ranks 99th in the nation in run defense and figures to once again have trouble defending the run -- even if it is B-CC. Offensively, running backs Lamar Miller (shoulder) and Mike James (shoulder) are expected to play, but could be limited after wearing non-contact jerseys for UM's first two practices this week. Look for Eduardo Clements, Darion Hall and Maurice Hagens to get some more work. UM coach Al Golden said tackle Seantrel Henderson, returning from back surgery, should get about 20 snaps this week.

> MY PICK: UM 34, Bethune-Cookman 22. The Hurricanes have serious issues on defense -- particularly at defensive tackle, linebacker and cornerback. A day like today would be a great opportunity to work on those issues and iron them out. But these Canes really aren't even good enough to do that with ease. I expect the Wildcats to make this game more interesting than you thought they would. 


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Hahaha - canes fans are the worst!

45-14, 45-14, 45-14, 45-14, 45-14.


Watch what happens.

Va Tech is beatable.

Miami can beat them.

Watch the f*cking games.

k state just beat baylor.another reason why fans watch,players play,coaches coach. HURRICANES HAS THE #1 WORST FAN BASE! same fans who said that k stae suck now beat a ranked team.

A good win today. A rough, uninspired start, however. This team is lackiung in overall confidence, but several good things helped today.

No INts for JAcory and a couple of great passes to Streete (Throw long to this guy, please!).Miller is an around the end back in general. I like Stephen Morris crispness on the one series in which we scored (not the fumble). And Eduardo Clements runs hard. Give him some carries. Mike James? Not happening, unfortunately. O line must get off the ball more strongly.

The D needs work against the run and the underneath passing game. Don't know where the LBs go on the underneath game. Very strange, but a factor year after year.

All in all, the Canes got better against a decent club with 13 former FCS players. They need to come out at full intensity and believing next week and subsequent weeks. These other teams will be ready to destroy UM.

So, let's match them for fierceness and intensity, right out of the gate! We are improving.

Some of you need to grasp the obvious. You cannot seem to understand a comparison. You start with a good offense can pick up a bad defense. A good example is the patsies. End of comparison guys.
If you can't grasp that hen look at GT. How about kState?? Way over your heads still??
You put jokecorey on any level team and they have a bad D, you get losses you should not have.
Time to watch a better qb on espn. Marve for all his own problems including his father is arguably a better qb than jokecorey at this time.

First... FIU is gonna loose to a basketball team... cant hang with the ACC, so NO FIWHO? will never be at the level as the canes... Vt is gonna loose tonight and they will be exposed...so next week... yes VT is beatable..support the canes and see U in blacksburg....

Dbc. The only reason no ints is because the bc defensive backs can't catch, like fin db's. One sure one dropped and two other possibles not brought in.

Harris isn't good.

Golden prefers him to Morris.

I disagree but obviously defer.

Clemson looking like they may do us a solid. Both teams are top 15, so Va Tech would likely be top 10 if they won the game. But I think we're better off with Va Tech getting an ACC loss, no?

marve sucks he is interception prone dummy

You guys are pathetic, Yes we should have played better in the first half ,but we won big in the end with second half adjustments. Next week we will see a lot of Miller and Streeter and i bet the team starts to come around then. Morris IS the man for this job and should start the rest of the season.

sidcane - we all think Morris should start but Golden thinks differently.

I've always assumed that by starting Harris he's trying to show the seniors that he wants to win now and new recruits that he won't abandon them, but whatever his reasons are, you have to admit they are more thought out than ours, no?

marve is not even starting for purdue what are you talking about for his career total at miami and purdue he has 13 touhdowns with 17 interceptions come on man try better next time

Canes finished strong! 45 to 14! Enough said!

That was horrible. Virginia Tech is going to smoke this team. I don't blame Golden, this team has no heart.

Miami fan. And jokecorey has less interceptions?? Right?? Noodle could not be third string in the big 10.

Stupid academic restrictions...bunch of student athletes on our roster.

Itcdolphin - he has less interceptions per attempt than Stephen Morris, seems that would be more relevant?

Whatever the reason Golden prefers him. UM can win out with either quarterback and isn't significantly helped by playing either one.

canesjunkie that comment was horrible what fan who loves the miami hurricanes would want his team to lose are you in the lcker room or at practice everyday to see if they have heart come on if they didnt have heart they would not have come out in the second half and play much more foucus they fought and won.SO STOP CRYING U R STARTING TO LOOK PATHETIC.

canesjunkie - since we don't have a chance of showing up for Va Tech you might as well stop following UM now. No point, right? Maybe check out Alabama, they haven't lost much lately.

ltcdolphin i didn't say jacory didnt throw interceptions u said marve is better and i simply showed you his stats over your entitled opinion something u didn't show to make your statement accurate

Where did I say I wanted us to lose? I said this team has no heart. I don't think I even need to defend that comment. Just watch any game in the past 4 years.

Well a team with no heart has no chance of beating Va Tech next week does it?

Right, but that doesn't mean I wish defeat on our team.

And I'm not crying, I'm providing solutions. Take away the self imposed handcuffs and recruit kids who can play. What's pathetic is this team of student athletes.

This "pathetic team of student athletes" would beat a team of 22 of you 100 times out of 100.

I mean as little offense as possible in this inherently offensive statement but you sound like an entitled little brat. These players don't owe you a g*ddamn thing.

They played much better in the second half. One positive with the coaching is that in each game (except maybe OSU) the team has played better in the second half. Third down defense needs to improve big time next week. They fared better when they mixed up blitzes. I would also like to see mire rotations defensively during the game. The players look tired at times. It was good that some of the reserves got playing time. That's why you should schedule these games at the beginning of the season. Young players need in game reps before they can play in big games.

Hopefully Ray Ray will provide a spark next week. VA Tech is beatable but Miami must player much better than they played today to have any chance of winning. They need to come out with a solid gameplan and get out to an early lead.

Miami had 8 players drafted in the NFL last year. It would be nice to have Grooms and some others but I don't think the academic standards are the problem. Stanford seems to be doing pretty well.

Not with Jacory and that defense.

Miami also had the #1 recruiting class in 2008. I don't put much stock in the rankings but at the time most analysts believed they got good players despite the academic standards.

Itc dolphin,

True enough, some Int chances were dropped. But, also true: Jacory had no interceptions.

The guy doesn't have the presence that a QB who leads a team should have. Morris looks better to me, just the way he carries himself. I would tend to start Morris. Better arm, better runner, more upside potential, etc.

And, I do wish Jacory a great season!

Go Canes!

I was very critical of the Canes, in my earlier posts. I am glad they won, I am just not excited about the sense of urgency to play at a higher level. Bethune Cookman should have never scored on the Canes. Can someone tell me how many tackles Forsten made? We should play the young kid Chicorrallo (apologize in advance for jacking up his name). But he can flat out play!

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