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Gameday blog: Virginia at UM

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- The Miami Hurricanes (4-3, 2-2 ACC) play host to the Virginia Cavaliers (4-3, 1-2 ACC) in an 8 p.m. kickoff Thursday night, a game that will be televised nationwide on ESPN. UM is coming off back-to-back wins at North Carolina and at home against previously 20th-ranked Georgia Tech. Virginia knocked off the Yellow Jackets on 24-21 on Oct. 15, but lost last week at home to N.C. State 28-14. The Cavaliers knocked UM off last year 24-19 in Charlottesville. 

> ABOUT THE CAVALIERS: The Cavaliers own one of the best pass defenses in the country, ranking 12th nationally (176.00 yards per game). They also 19th in total defense (314.29) while allowing just 23 points per game. While Virginia doesn't necessarily create a ton of pressure on opposing quarterbacks (10 sacks in 7 games), they are very good in coverage and in creating picks (8 INTs). UM has thrown 7 INTs in its last three meetings against Virginia. Freshman cornerback Demetrius Nicholson and senior Chase Minnifield each have two so far this season. Minnifield has 12 in his career (3rd most actively in FBS). Offensively, Virginia is a run-first team, ranking 34th nationally with 183.43 yards per game on the ground. Junior tailback Perry Jones (5-8, 185) has 576 yards on 113 carries and two touchdowns, but freshman Kevin Parks (5-8, 195) is the guy they like to use near the end zone. He's has seven touchdowns and 386 yards rushing on 74 attempts. If Virginia does decide to pass, UM should be looking to cover Kevin Burd (34 catches, 447 yards, 0 TDs) and going for picks. Freshman quarterback Michael Rocco has thrown eight interceptions in seven starts and just four touchdown passes. His backup, David Watford (6-1, 190) has thrown four INTs himself. Kicker Justin Moore has been unreliable this season going 4-for-8 on field goal attempts with a long of 40 yards and two blocked kicks.

> WHAT TO WATCH FOR WHEN IT COMES TO THE CANES: UM is 15-2 all-time on Thursday night games, but hasn't won three games in a row since it beat Oklahoma, Florida A&M and UCF in Oct. 2009. Starting right tackle Jonathan Feliciano (left ankle) will miss his first start in six games and will be replaced by Malcolm Bunche, who will get his first start of the season and share time with Seantrel Henderson. Aside from that injury, the Canes are getting healthier and deeper. Defensive tackle Micanor Regis is back from his suspension and will backup Darius Smith. Defensive end Olivier Vernon (1 tackle vs. Georgia Tech) figures to see more playing time in his second game back from an NCAA-mandated suspension. Lamar Miller, once fourth in the nation rushing, has slipped to 14th nationally after rushing for just 2.8 yards a carry (122 yards, 43 attempts) over his last two games faces another decent run defense this week (49th, 138.29 yards per game). Jacory Harris has thrown just one interception over his last 18 quarters.

> MANNY'S PREDICTION: Canes 31, Virginia 17. I'm 5-2 picking the Canes this season (Georgia Tech, Kansas State were my losses). Last week, though, I was way off and pleasantly surprised to see the Canes come around and play as good on defense as they did. Virginia isn't a good team on paper. They pounded William & Mary 40-3, won at Indiana by 3, needed overtime to beat Idaho at home and were beaten by double-digit points in both of their ACC losses (North Carolina, N.C. State). Canes should roll here. But I'm apprehensive to pick a blowout based on the fact this is a short week and Virginia's defense isn't so bad. What will kill the Cavaliers in the end is quarterback play (12 INTs in 7 games). UM will score a defensive touchdown this week (my money is on a freshman) and make enough defensive stops in the second half to feel pretty good about themselves. But I could see this being close for a half.

FYI, No Cover It Live this week since I'll be on a late night deadline. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Follow me on Twitter at Manny_Navarro.


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Remember when waiving the 4 fingers in the beginning of the fourth qtr actually meant something?

It was a tough loss. But it's more than that.
Tough losses are losing to better teams.
Bad losses are losing when your double digit favorites.
The canes have not won three games in a row in years
This is what golden needs to reverse.
Goodbye again to acc championship.
Sorry. Not good enough

Defense is terrible. I've seen better tackling in pee wee football.


I blame this loss on Chase Ford!

Jacory had a great game we need to play smart on defense its just some players doing to much but are d coordinator needs to adjust to the offense.

the "whole team is trash" from coaches to weak lines to poor tacklers, DB are shameful and the backs blow arse , only the recievers are any good. Virgina hanging out like the gators last week on our field, Hell everyone owns the home feild now , everyone but the canes, they go hide in the lockeroom!

No watching anymore of this crap this year. This D is the like a SlowDeath D.. They yield 10 yards per play 8 mins per drive and sure 7.
they suk
This team as a whole is a disgrace... don't have anything...
Play Morris the restof the way its a lost season with no bowlgame at sight!!! we will loose at least two more for sure!!!

Why don't they just shut down Dolphins/Robbie/Whatever stadium down for good. Nobody in this city bothers going to the games anymore.

Chase Ford sucks!

That corner number 41 sucks...He gets burnt everytime...he is a total scrub...Golden is a good coach..he just has to get rid off all of those Shannon scrubs...because those dudes are soft man...SUPER SOFT...Jacory WOW...leaves before the game is over...WOW..TYPICAL....Lamar needed more touches...GREAT JOB DEFENSE!!!!!

the fans are trash as expected

Worst performance of the year by UM

UM gave it their all, that's all I can ask.
To those of you saying that UM sucks, follow SW 8th Street to 107th Avenue and go watch some high powered Sun Belt Conference football.
In the ACC, any team can beat any other team on any given night...the ACC isn't a high school conference....so, if you think that UM stinks (playing with a defense made up mostly of freshmen and sophomores), GET OUTTA TOWN, WE DON'T NEED YOU following UM.
Go follow FIU...I watched their game the other night...Northwestern High vs Miami Central draws more people, and the football is BETTER!


Hey anyone need a BJ

FIRE D'ONOFRIO or whatever the Hell his name is!!!
How many games this season do we have to watch a no name opposing q.b. have a coming out party against us?

yea another no heart, no guts performace loss.... and Golden is changeing what??? same team just different yr...

When will they honor the 20 year anniversary of FSU's 1993 championship? I say during half time of the next FSU-UM game at JRS/Pro Player Stadium/Pro Player Park/No Life Stadium.

What do you UM fans think of that? Enjoy your new reality, 4 - 5 losses a year, apathy, no home field.

1. Golden, D'Onofris and their staff were SIMPLY bloody OUTCOACHED!

2. Virginia wanted it more than the Cane players and it was evident from the get-go in the 1st QRT.

3. The Miami players absolutely didn't take Va. SERIOUSLY. And that's on the ENTIRE Hurricane squad, i.e, coaches and players.

4. I thought the Miami D had turn the corner, but once again D'Onofrio and the D-unit players made Va.'s QB look outstanding.

5. The Miami Hurricane fan base is absolutely PATHETIC. What was there in attendance tonite...maybe 23,000.

6. The Canes couldn't even get a win on a night when past championships were honored. A double SHAME, SHAME!

7. The Miami Hurricane program, in the best of OPTIMAL conditions, won't be legitimate Top 15 material for another FOUR or FIVE years, especially with the looming sanctions developing out in the Atlantic.

8. Miami will defeat lowly Duke and Boston College at home. However, with the Helter Skelter nature of the ENTIRE team, a split with the other two remaining road games is the best Cane fan can fathom. Eh.

9. It's apparent that Miller is not at 110%. I'm guessing 85%. Because Lamar is just not running with the same tenacity he showed earlier.

10. Opposing D-coordinator's have keyed on Miami's run game and it showed tonight.

11. The Hurricanes most likely will finish 7-5 or 6-6. Thus, Miami should pass on the bowl game and perhaps the MERCY of the N.C.A.A. fractions group will give the Canes a " light punishment. "

12. Finally, MY BAD for touting Miami tonight. Because I thUnk the squad would handily defeat the Cavaliers.

How many times do we throw in short yardage? Every time, because we have no confidence in the o-line. The defense crowding the line, my butt. In short yardage they should know we are going to run it and we should still convert especially with the talent we have on the o-line. Can't always blame the defense when the offense is going 3 and out with no yards running. How many negetive yard running plays did we have? To many to count?

UMike shut up monkey

He is a monkey and so r u

Chase ford lost this game for us!


They stunk up the "rented" field tonight, and besides recievers no one gave all they got!!!! because if they did, they should turn in the uniforms right now for they were shamefully outclassed in the trenches..........

When will they honor the 20 year anniversary of FSU's 1993 championship? I say during half time of the next FSU-UM game at JRS/Pro Player Stadium/Pro Player Park/No Life Stadium.

What do you UM fans think of that? Enjoy your new reality, 4 - 5 losses a year, apathy, no home field.

VA plays as a team. Canes are star struck with individual egos to fulfill. As soon as Golden gets team players we'll be fine.

By the way, thanks for all the comments. No initials here. I literally "laughed my ass off" after reading the comments about the attendance. BTW, Miami could care less if anyone shows up. They make millions losing on TV. Won't be long they'll fill the seats with dummies, woops wrong team, that's a Dolphin thing. Hey what the hell, GO CANES.

Ford wasn't the reason Miami lost tonight. Because the lost was on the ENTIRE squad, i.e. Golden, D'Onofrio and staff, as well as the players.

Offensive line has bloody REGRESSED. From my vantage point Miami needs to employ the pass to open up the running game.

Lamar is absolutely NOT 110%! The kid is not running with the authoriety-sp. he showed earlier in the season. Opposing D-coaches have keyed on Miami's running game.

Why can't get we convert short yardage 3rd and 4th downs with the run? We get stuffed late in the game and lose. Is that the 2nd or 3rd time that has happened.

Time to leave this blog with too many losers in it.

kehoe hasnt done much at all yet he keeps getting a pass.

macjones. I've been wondering about Miller for the last few weeks. Something is clearly wrong. He is not running with the viciousness and burst he ran with at the beginning of the year.


Shouldn't talk about FIU attendance on a Tuesday night, when UM's attendance on a Thursday Night was pathetic.

Jess is an ABSOLute MORON. Simply because even a HALF-FILLED SunLife stadium of 37,000 would make some noise.

This JESS don't watch too much college football.Eh. For HOME TEAMS have an advantage when a robust fan base comes out in thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands.

As I said ad infinum. The SoFla college sports fan base is PATHETIC!!!!

Why was there no urgency on next to last drive!!!!!!!! Pathetic performance!!!!!


PHILGUY, exactly about Miller. I believe his shoulder is not totally healed.

Then again, opposing teams are bringing the freakin' damyum hood' into the box. That makes it difficult on Miami's O-line.

Just prior to the snap, on numerous occasions the Va. secondary was crouching up to the line. Must've had NINE ballers in the box. That's impossible to block ALL.

Is anyone scared to play UM anymore? Also, since being in the ACC, they have not won anything. Goes to show you how easy UM had it in the 80s and 90s playing as an independent and in a basketball focused Big East. Can you imagine if UM was in the SEC, they would have a bunch of sub-par .500 years.

2 steps foward 5 steps back!!! Should go to spread offense.

Man, a I'm a cowboy fan & hurricane fan, I putting myself on suicide watch!!!!!!!

you know what the sad part is , that so many of us fans take losing worse that the team , they say oh well next game , and there in lies the problem..... that losing is accepted, that is why they are a lousy team, because there isnt players on the team that will them to win. We no longer have the stars of the past to lead them and teach them that losing IS NOT OK it is something the other guy/team does NOT UM !!!!!! WHERE THE F___ DID THOSE GUYS GO?

Once again, Golden, D'Onofrio and staff and the players were OUTPLAYED and OUTCOACHED! That's all.

Va. was coming off a shamefull double-digit HOME LOSS to an AVERAGE Wolfpack team and Miami was coming off a SUPPOSEDLY MOMENTUM building win.

I believe the Hurricane players UNDERESTIMATED the Cav's. Eh.

Miami hasn't been good enought to OVERLOOK opposing teams for SIX seasons.

From moi's outsider vantage point, it will take Miami FOUR or FIVE seasons to be at Top 15 status again. And that's in the best of conditions.

Very disappointing. Four losses with chances to win in the final minutes. That's the sign of a team that simply cannot handle pressure. I hope that Golden recruits kids that can.

BLAME absolute POOR evaluation of H.S. recruits on Coker and Shannon. That's WHY the Canes have very few DIFFERENCE makers whom can WILL their squad to victory.

As Barry Switzer said, it's all about the bloody THOROUGHBREDS!!! And Miami ain't been Top 10 material since the 2005 and 2004 seasons. Eh.

Hey Mac...I've only been a fan of the UM for forty or so years. I don't need someone like you telling me about crowd noise. I remember the Orange Bowl sell outs. I attended a lot of those games screaming and yelling like everyone else. You seem to have forgotten no matter how many people are there they will not yell and scream while watching a game like tonight. I am glad so few were there. Imagine 70,000 fans booing.

I remember an Administration at the UM who hungered for a National Championship. The "U" responded by giving us 5 National Championships. With the escalating high dollar profits Colleges receive via Athletic Departments TV revenue some of that hunger seems to missing now a days.

I bleed green and orange. I will never give up on the UM. Once IN always IN.

Please notice I did not challenge your "description of me" as I am sure I am a moron at times. Since we have officially engaged I'll be certain to tune in more often to see what I can learn from you each week. Thanks for the advice.

Brandon Washington got manhandle 2day!!!!! All this about the 5 best lineman play is crap!! No continuity on the o-line!!!!!!!!!

First of all a well played game on Virginias part coming in to tonight knowing they would be underdogs on a special night when the 2001 national championship team was honored. They came in and executed their game plan. However, for the canes its still the same old sh**. They have no one else to blame but themselves. Too many miscues, stupid penalties, missed field goal, stopped on short yardage and turnovers cost them the game. That is not a recipe for success. This team will never be consistent with the players still here from Shannons tenure. Golden will need more time to get his type of players in to win.

Again offense starts slow, man i'm shell shocked!! Should be used to it by now this season!!

our entire season is on the o-line and coach kehoe...we can't convert on 3rd or 4th and short..the o-line was supposed to be a strength for us and it has been our biggest weakness when we need them..k state loss is on them..tonight is on them...maryland is on them with the illegal procedure call that negated lamars run to the 3..however, golden has us right there in every game and we will be fine in the years to come..if you expected more than 7-5 or 8-4 this year then you were living in the past...also, our corners are soft and over matched..ray ray and telemaque are both overrated as well....

A BELOW-AVERAGE vA. qb throws for 226 yards. GO BLOODY figUre!

Miami just didn't come out swinging from the get go. The longer U's keep a DOUBLE-DIGIT road dog' in the game, BAD THINGS will happen... home lost anyone.

It figures JESSICA would be giddy that Miami has an EMPTY SunLife.

Again, ALL of major college football absolUtely knows that Miami has FAIRWEATHER, NEGATIVE, BANDWAGON rUffians.

SoFla is JOKE when it comes to supporting college sports teams!!!! An absolute EMBARRASSMENT.

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