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Golden gives team off today, but has more to say, including, 'Many of them think they're way better than they are'

The Hurricanes were given off today by coach Al Golden.

As I just tweeted, they need a break in one way or another. The defense is hurting, and they have three games in the next 17 days.

Golden still talked to the media, and told us the reason he was so emotional after the game was that his players were hurting so much. "I had just left a locker room and guys were shattered,'' he said.

After that game, how could you not be emotional?

News-wise, Golden said Jermaine Johnson, who played offensive tackle last year but apparently isn't  good enough to get on the travel squad this year, has been practicing "individual drills" as a defensive lineman. "So he would probably be the next man in if we lost somebody else.''

 But the coach said he'd "rather invest in [true freshman defensive tackle] Corey King [of Boca Raton] -- someone who plays that position [DT]. I gave the OK on Saturday for him to go in. It just never came to that point.

"He [King] missed training camp and trying to learn during the season is very difficult. But he's been in meetings the last three weeks. We always try to think a step ahead: 'What if we lose somebody?' So we have been prepping him in meetings the last couple of weeks and we traveled him last week in case that did happen. I'm excited about him but he missed a lot of work. He's just got to try to learn on the run now.''


 Golden said, actually, that he had "no update'' on the status of injured defensive tackle Adewale Ojomo (undisclosed injury), but said he was hopeful he could play this Saturday at North Carolina. He said Ojomo played "very well'' at defensive tackle, but he didn't play at all in the second half. He said he also hopes to get back Jalen Grimble (listed as an "or'' behind second-stringer Andrew Smith on the newest depth chart) for UNC.


Speaking of the newest depth chart, released this morning, Shayon Green has moved from right to left defensive end, and is listed as the starter, with an "OR" between him and Marcus Robinson.

The starting right defensive end is true freshman Anthony Chickillo, who had eight tackles at Virginia Tech and is as good as advertised. 

According to the new depth chart, DT Ojomo has moved from the left side to the right, and is listed as a starter, with "OR" between his name and Micanor Regis'. Darius Smith is listed as the starter at left DT.

Outside linebacker Jordan Futch has an "OR" between his name and Kelvin Cain's.

Here's a link to the new depth chart: http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/041811aab.html


 Golden said UM coaches have to make sure the players aren't looking for "external affirmation.

"I think that's one of the biggest things coaching at Miami,'' Golden said. "We have a lot of guys that look for external affirmation. They're looking for, 'Hey, am I on the highlight reel?' or 'Am I on the blogs?' or 'Hey, am I a preseason this or that?' And we've got to get away from that. We've got to get to being a team that executes every day and is process driven and let the outcome take care of itself."

It appears that some Hurricanes might not always "be on the same page on offense, defense and special teams,'' Golden said, "and part of that, to be quite honest, is humbling for the kids because many of them think they're way better than they are and they just have to understand that they have to execute their role, no matter what that role is.''

In closing, Golden said North Carolina (5-1, 1-1 ACC) is the best team they have seen this year. "No question about it,'' he said. "The quarterback is playing really well right now. They have the most talented offensive line. They're running the ball really well on offense. On defense, they're doing an excellent job, really physical up front. And I know in their minds they think they should be 6-0.

Anyone else notice that almost every quarterback (OSU qb the exception) that plays against UM seems to be a star that week?




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It's good to see golden saying there are prima donnas on the team and call that attitude out.

NC will bash us, and G Tech will run for 300 yards on this defense. The other games I'm confident well win.

Finally nice to hear the team being dissapointed with lossing a game. Last season, if you interviewed Jacory Harris after a loss, his response would indicate that they had made some mistakes, but it would be okay; because the team would correct those mistakes the next game. Which was usually the case, they would win after a loss, but the game after that would be followed with another loss, that the team would tolerate.

Hey Rawpimple and 10yearsofmediocrity - WTF are you guys doing with yourselves?

This blog has been up for almost half an hour now, why haven't you obsessively researched every player mentioned and posted something about how UM sucks and nobody cares about us anymore?

I'm starting to wonder just how dedicated you are to being complete losers with no life who obsess over a team that has nothing to do with them?

If you're not careful UM fans are going to completely forget that we're supposed to feel as miserable about our team as you do about yours...

Every QB that played against us has been the offensive player of the week, except the OSU tandem. That distinction used to go to the DBs but no more since Jacory is learning and getting tons of experience. We fix the QB problem and now we have no D. Whats next?

Manny, any word on, with the thin DT position, the team playing some 3-4? I don't really want to see the 3-4, but I could see why they would do it. Rotate Smith and Regis at NT, put Ojomo, and Chickillo at end. Rotate Vernon and Robinson at the down LB.

Olivier Vernon is big enough to help at DT. Anybody would be an improvement over Forston

I still think we should move some O linemen to the D side. Seantrel would look good as a DT, at least he would take up a lot of room. I agree that this team is different than last year when they would lose one, win one, lose one. We lost to K State, beat Bethune, lost to Va Tech, so we should beat UNC. Golden sure has this team on the right track, we only need 4 more wins to become bowl eligible. BCS here we come!

I love this coach, he is a true leader. That is why we have been watching what we have for the past three years. A bunch of overhyped excuse makers who were never taught how to be tough. Get by on talent, working hard is overrated is their motto. That is why I believe this will not change until Golden gets "his guys" in here. They will improve no doubt because the entitlement days are over, but this is a little glimpse of what coach is dealing with. Keep it up coach, we are lucky to have you.

There it is.

Good work nerd, clocked in at just under 45 minutes.

We are the canes
Coach says some of the players think they are better than they are
Some of the fans think the coaches are better than they are
But Al does look good in that tie
Cote says only 51% of the fans are satisfied with the team
But we all are satisfied with AL
He sure talks a good game
He is the best coach in the land
He will surely win an ACC championship
If he goes to another ACC school when he leaves us

Move Henderson to DT? Wow!! lol

Where has all the J12 bashing gone? Anyone?? It seems that many bloggers are D-coordinators now and looking for a new binkey. Anyone on the defensive side of the ball is now fair game. Even players who are out for the year. Someone told me that Hurricane fans would eat their own young; I believe that now.

Prior blog said it right (PT) in 1984 Miami couldnt stop a granny. They were up by 31 against maryland and lost!. Never mind the hail mary from Flutie, they scored almost 50 on UM that year. But pimple and 10 yrs are like scrddlittle kitties (another name for what they really are). because they know how Miami was preceeding the runs from 1986-1995 and 1999-2005. Yeah. They know. Thats why they are scared.

This team is being basically built from the bottom up. It must be taken apart and rebuilt. Golden is the right guy. For him to shed a tear on natl TV shows that he loved these kids. he aint going anywhere!

And wait and see but these kids will go to w-r for him. recruits will see that. We'll be back. Just will take time. I'd rather be like we are than an over hyoed overrrtaed pretender never contender like VT, Clemson, FSU, Ok State, and UF.

Championships is all that matters.

Prior blog said it right (PT) in 1984 Miami couldnt stop a granny. They were up by 31 against maryland and lost!. Never mind the hail mary from Flutie, they scored almost 50 on UM that year. But pimple and 10 yrs are like scrddlittle kitties (another name for what they really are). because they know how Miami was preceeding the runs from 1986-1995 and 1999-2005. Yeah. They know. Thats why they are scared.

This team is being basically built from the bottom up. It must be taken apart and rebuilt. Golden is the right guy. For him to shed a tear on natl TV shows that he loved these kids. he aint going anywhere!

And wait and see but these kids will go to w-r for him. recruits will see that. We'll be back. Just will take time. I'd rather be like we are than an over hyped overrrtaed pretender never contender like VT, Clemson, FSU, Ok State, and UF.

Championships is all that matters.

We are the canes
We are better than VT, Clemson, FSU, Ok State and UF, combined.
Championships is all that matters and we have been mattering for a decade now
Did I mention how much we love Golden?
Everyone is scared of us
They all know we should be 5 - 0
Golden fixed Jacory, he has not thrown a pick in 2 games now, that has to be a record
Jacory, the record setting QB for Heisman
Golden will fix the lack of fan support too
I predict we will play in front of another sell out crowd this week, 2 in a row, who says we don't draw
We are the canes, we are back

We are the Gators
The Mad Hatter took a Mad Crapper on us
Showed up by a freshman Australian punter
Brickette throws more picks than Jacory
Rainey says team is softer than Weis' back fat
Zook Era II is upon us
Let's go to Cane blog and look stooopid
But Weis looks good in his Michelin Man suit

Golden will bring the Canes back. It may be a year or two, but he has what it takes. I just can't believe how bad our secondary is. McGee, Chambers, Williams, Ray Ray (tired of comparing his to Sean Taylor--Taylor has got to be rolling in his grave with the comparisons). And Telemaque?? Aweful. These guys are never in position. Always reacting instead of being proactive. Our run defense actually was not that bad against a good VT run offense, but if you want to beat Miami, throw the dang ball. You can't blame Golden for going for the fake in first quarter. Heck, if the defense had done their job, we would not be scrambling in the fourth quarter for points. Bush, Howard, you want early playing time on a college team? The U is the place to be. Uncle Al will bring us back. Hang in there Canes.


I've been a Cane fan since the early 80s and I love Al Golden. While I hate "silver linings" our 3 losses have all been on the final drive of each game. That means we are fighting with spirit that was missing last year. And let's not forget that 2 of those losses were on the road (1 in an always hostile Blacksburg and 1 with half our defense suspended), and the other loss was to a team surprising everyone and now ranked #17. The bottom line? We haven't been blown out in any game yet and if you think "big deal" take a look at last year's losses and remember again the POUNDING we took from Va Tech, FSU, and Notre Dame. W's are the goal but given all our circumstances, I am VERY impressed with our team and their performance so far. We are two plays away from being 4-1 and ranked in the top 15-20. Would have been nice to get there but we haven't caught any breaks along the way so it will likely take another year or two. I think Al Golden deserves an award of some sort for enduring the crapstorm that he has and still managing to give this team the heart and spirit they desperately needed. I actually don't care if we go 2-10 this year if every game is fought til the very last play. We WILL turn this ship around and Al Golden's story WILL be one that someday everyone will see is what saved the U from truly sinking.

I just want to thank the players and coaches for the time and energy they have put into this season. From off season conditioning to now. What a difference in this team. I am sure you would prefer a W these last 2 weeks. Keep pushing yourselves,and playing with the heart and emotion you have shown. The W's will come. With the grit you have shown this season I am proud to say: IT IS GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE!!

well i see at least 3 more losses...

You might be right Mike. I don''t have a crystal ball to see the future. I will say that I don't see this team rolling over like the end of last year. I will believe they can win every game till they lose. Just me. IT IS GREAT TO BE A MIAMI HURRICANE

The TE still has to be used more as a weapon and decoy. Why in the heck is Spencer Whipple on this team?

Please, no more talk about the NW8. J12, Streeter, Spence, Fortson, and, yes, Aldarius, are legit. Excluding Spence, the defense has tons of problems and I fault the DC for not making "adjustments."

The stupid QB sneak should not have happened. U need some player development with Ray Ray, who should have stopped that play. U have people beat offensively, only to end up losing on defense. That's the DC's fault.

I had not noticed that, it is true that every QB who faces us becomes player of the week.

Hey Washington Cane: You love this coach? A true leader? Question" What is "Goldy doing that RS didn't? You're looking at a 4-8 team easily, and U are in love?

without a defensive line presence, and defensive backs going for the highlight reel, instead of basic tackling, making sure there is no major damage, we're looking a sub-par season of my beloved canes, wait for next season, 2011 is in the books.

If U are smart, and I think u are, U will go and get Bridgewater from louisville, which is what RS had in the bag, before he was shown the door. Can U imagine what this team looks like with Bridgewater on it?

Again, if I'm 'Goldy I stay recruiting in the Muck, Carol City, Lauderdale and South Dade. That's what JJ did.

can you imagine how NC would be with their suspended players and Butch at the helm..scary..I would put JH in the shotgun more...and on defense, mix a blitz pkg..we can;t get it done with four..

Folks,Golden is doing a great job recruiting and running the program. But we have to be honest and call him out on HIS defensive coordinator!

We cannot allow teams to dink and dunk their way down the field each series. We have to pressure the QB at the point of attack.

In Golden's initial press conference he talked about the great tradition of Miami and the defense. He said we are the best brand in CFB. We built that brand by punishing teams.

And don't give me that crap about not having the talent. Look at the hits we put on guys during special teams plays. And look at the hits we delivered on those few plays where we did attack instead of sit back.

We have the speed at corner to stay with any receiver in the country. We have the speed at D-line to pursue any sweep plays. We are lacking some size and depth on the D-line, but so is Boise State, VT, GT and damn near every other program in the country except LSU and Bama.

So those other programs are making up for that lack of size and depth with blitzing schemes. We gashed VT's d-line on the run, but they did not just sit back on pass plays. They came at Jacory damn near every play. Sometimes we picked up the blitz, sometimes J12 got rid of the ball in time and sometimes he was sacked or he ran.

Bottom line is their DC did something to disrupt our QB. Why aren't we doing the same? Make all the excuses you want, but that's on coaching. And it's on Golden to get it right.

BTW...RS never started 2-3. And the D was never consistently gashed 5 games in a row!

I want to believe in Coach Al, but I need him to bring some fire to HIS DC. Go CANES!

Cool Cat - Golden is taking responsibility for the losses and showing that he cares instead of treating the media and fans hostilely and blaming his players (google any Randy Shannon press conference after a loss and you'll see what I'm talking about).

Bridgewater can't even win the job in Louisville, what makes you think he'd be so much better here? The kid left town because he didn't like that people were belittling him on internet message boards, can you imagine what a disaster he would be if he PLAYED here?

I support Coach Golden in his approach to building a strong team mentality. You can have a real swag when you are part of something bigger than yourself, namely, a TEAM.

Look at Alabama. They are part of a team, generally no blowhard types, and they strike fear into the hearts of their opponents. They play hard as a team.

I was proud of the Canes in the second half. They played their hearts out. We have been close in our 3 losses. The W's will come.

Guys who think NFL rather than being full-on Hurricanes need to wake up. Hype becomes hollow if you don't perform.

It is time for every player to suck it up and put it to NC! No question our O can do the job. We need exceptional output from whatever guys are on the D.

Coach Golden is changing a culture and building something that will be very impressive. Hopefully, we will see more good stuff this season! Canes support you, Coach!

ATLKane09, the defense's problem is the CBs. D'Onofrio isn't an idiot, he saw that 4 players weren't bringing any pressure on the quarterback.

But UM is thinner than I've ever seen it at CB. It's not even from injury, they just don't have the CBs to cover players on an island.D 'Onofrio thought he was sacrificing the dinks and the dunks to not give up the big play by bringing pressure.

He was wrong and the team lost, but he's not clueless and I'm looking forward to seeing whether or not he trusts his NFL caliber safeties to make up for the CBs in the future.

It sucks to be the team that makes the other QB look so good, but VT is going to lose again because their offense is no good and they will find out that, the same way we found out that our defense wasn't as good as what the OSU game showed.

I feel we are going thru the 97 season, where we didn't have a good team to be consistent, the only difference is that these young players are learning this year how to fight until the end, the 98 and 99 teams were the ones that had to learn that. Next year we will be able to close those games, but we will still have some holes and learning to go thru


I tell you what - this team could still have a phenomenal season by winning the division, going to the ACC championship, beating Clemson, and going to the Orange Bowl.

But we sure as hell need some help now. We need to beat G Tech and we need Va Tech to lose another ACC game (they play garbage besides UNC and G Tech).

Cool Cat, Goldy as U call him is building a winning program for the future which is what he is doing that Shannon did NOT do. Some times nimrod improvement is not shown by wins and losses but how the team is playing. 4 and 8 is what we would have been this year had he not been fired. Thank God we have AL Golden.

Eudo, thank U for setting that idiot straight.

ill tell you this, heck ill tell everyone this,,,that #41, i believe he is the best DB we have, a flat out,,,the one who transferred from wake forest, he has not made that many penalties, and just observe him the next game, he got the swag, the confidence to play,,heck he is just happy to be in a U uniform, plain and simple, we need more like him,,again, the next game, just watch this guy,,he has not had mnay passes thrown his way..unless i am missing something,

@ Corpus - thanks for the reminder. In fact I was at both those games (Maryland & BC). Need to win a road game; this time last year already won at Pittsburgh and Clemson and at one point were 5 - 2; but finished going 2 - 4 the rest of the way. I see this team closing strong this season.

Pluck the Gators, everyone does now that they play somebody, screw the Noles, three straight hey Bud Elliot, War Chant is now Whine baby whine!
FIU, Forever Inferior to the U.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS to Bud Elliott, War Chant is now War Can't, my mistake.

Cool Cat...We lose by 30 if Shannon was coaching this team. The guy can't coach.

Aldarius? The kid with light bill....common man.

I don't mean to pick on Cool Cat, I was convinced for the longest time that he was a troll with the ridiculous comments he's made but he's been so consistent that I have to believe he's a real person.

He was blinded by his love for Randy Shannon and my concern is that UM's fanbase may be blinded by Al Golden. I've loved every second of Golden since he's gotten here. Everything he's said, every move he's made has tickled my fancy. But the results are the same. And if UM doesn't win more games I'm afraid that this is the best team talent-wise that Golden is going to see in the next two years.

Shannon did not leave the cupboard bare. At all. He did some dumb things with talent once he got it but no one can deny he was a masterful recruiter.

I hope for the best with Golden and I'm willing to give him 4 years to get it turned around but man did I get burned last time with that same kind of thinking.

Forget this season. Forget how the team does. The biggest change Golden has tried to bring to this school has been his relationship with high school coaches and the affordable high school camps he's been running.

I still believe that's the best way to get the best players but then again I thought that Shannon's "connection" with the local players was great too.

All the talent in the world can't win a football game if they don't buy into the system. Al Golden will be judged on what happens during the season, and only 5 games into the 48 I'm giving him Al Golden has failed.

Let's see what happens at UNC and take it from there.

Eudocimus... I totally disagree with you on the point about CBs not being able to cover. I'm not overly impressed with our CBs but I don't see where they're getting beat for deep plays every week. McGhee got beat after cramping badly in the MD game. The other long pass we've been beat on occured when the safety was out of position. Outside of that, where are we getting torched by WRs to the point we have to layoff 5-7yds every play?

I never said the DC was clueless. I just don't believe in what he's doing and the scheme he's running. And if the key is to not get beat with the big play, then what is the D supposed to do to keep the other team from scoring? We're supposed to turn it up in the redzone, but we have not brought pressure there either! So why keep the D on the field for 8-10 play drives which tire them out even more?

Champs all that matter...watch the name calling my man. No idiots over here. Just longtime Canes fan that's tired of seeing our team work too hard to come up empty because some DC is trying to "prove" that his system can work. Create schemes based on the talent you have rather than trying to force a "system" where it doesn't fit.

Again, we have the speed at corner, we have speed at the D-end slot. We are weak in the middle. So play the damn cover two, let the corners force the WRs to the boundary and the safeties cover the middle. Send one or two LBs up the middle to stop the run in the backfield or sack or disrupt the QB on pass plays.

I'm not sure why its so hard to call the coaches out by some of you guys. Just because you criticize does not mean you want them fired. I'm just saying for a guy that came to the interview with a 300pg notebook on how to run the program, I'd expect him to make these changes by now.

BTW...I always supported Golden making J12 the QB while some of you because of your hate for Jacory criticized Al for that decision. The real criticism has been play calling in critical game situations. That's what I see as needing improvement!

I would think they will move big ben jones to defensive tackle he play dt and high school before moving to tackle.

None of the CBs have had a chance to be beaten deep, UM has 7 players back every play.

McGee's a solid enough player and I've liked the senior Williams (wherever he came from?) but former RB Lee Chambers and freshman Thomas Finnie as the next men up?

They didn't even use Jojo Nicolas in the nickel, they kept him on the bench to backup the starting safeties.

I'm not saying they're terrible but I can't remember a time UM has been this thin at that CB.

There's a reason that D'Onforio didn't bring the linebackers and safeties and it's not because he didn't think they'd be able to hit the quarterback.

So please tell us the reason he didn't send the LBs or Safeties? If he saw that no pressure was being applied by the front 4, then what the hell is plan B? Just get beat down the field with a bunch of 5-7yd passes?

C'mon man. I'm sure he's got more upstairs than that. So why no adjustments? Why no rush or blitz? Please tell me how you're going to defend that lack of coaching adjustment in now the 5th game of the season.

We got UNC next week and GT after that. Neither of those teams have a Travis Benjamin or Tommy Streeter that can burn our corners on every play. So what will D'O do to stop the run? Be aggressive or go coach defense at Wake or Duke where they have to protect corners due to lack op talent. We have the damn talent, just put them in the right system!

I tell yall what, this Miami Hurricanes team sucks. Only the special teams and offense looks different from pre years and the Defense enough said.

Jedd is a good offense coordinator and qb coach. Look what Jacory Harris has done no ints in 2 straight games (11 qtrs)never done before. Also, his completions rate is pretty high too. Lamar Miller 5 straight games ova 100 yards (no UM RB has done this).

Swassey is a good conditioning coach. Even though he has been here for a while. Over last 3 years we neva competed for 4 quarters.

Al Golden is a good head coach. He looks good in his tie (lol). He takes risks and maybe it cost us 2 loses but Randy would have neva did dis. AG dont look confuse on the sideline and he know every position head to toe. Special team is a plus, we havent give up many net yards this year and boy do we bring the pain on kickoffs. AG isnt a fool he is bout to get this defense ready, its bout to be some changes made (D-cordinator play calling). We also are in better shape than we been in in years.

Last-- Mark D' is a bad defensive coordinator. Who in the hell dont make proper adjustments for 5 freaking weeks in a row. Every team, fan, media, recruits, parents, ect see this. Are you a idiot or what? Db's 7-8 yrds cushion, Lb's 5-6 yrds off ball, DL 2 yrds off the ball comon mane thats one reason why we cant get off the fn field. 2nd reason we have to put pressure on QB's, we dont have the personell to rush only 3 or 4 guys, we have to blitz, zone blitz,and always bring more guys than they block. Just go play video games and get an idea (lol). If not The Golden Boy might just have to let his poor lil friend go.

Note for all RECRUITS if your a 5 star D-Linemen, Linebacker, or Defensive back you have a 98% chance to start for us next year. But Chicks, Perrman, and Finnie postion is locked their some beast.

7-6 record this year bc of the dang defense

Go Canes- All Bout TheU

Like I said, the results show that not bringing pressure was the wrong decision.

But the only reason to drop 7 back is if you don't trust your CBs. That's what happened.

I don't agree with it, but I saw it happen.

YOu know who thinks he's better than he is?.......D'Onofrio. This guy needs to step up or leave. Too bad his is Golden's buddy, but something has to give. I have not seen one good thing out of him so far.

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