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Golden gives team off today, but has more to say, including, 'Many of them think they're way better than they are'

The Hurricanes were given off today by coach Al Golden.

As I just tweeted, they need a break in one way or another. The defense is hurting, and they have three games in the next 17 days.

Golden still talked to the media, and told us the reason he was so emotional after the game was that his players were hurting so much. "I had just left a locker room and guys were shattered,'' he said.

After that game, how could you not be emotional?

News-wise, Golden said Jermaine Johnson, who played offensive tackle last year but apparently isn't  good enough to get on the travel squad this year, has been practicing "individual drills" as a defensive lineman. "So he would probably be the next man in if we lost somebody else.''

 But the coach said he'd "rather invest in [true freshman defensive tackle] Corey King [of Boca Raton] -- someone who plays that position [DT]. I gave the OK on Saturday for him to go in. It just never came to that point.

"He [King] missed training camp and trying to learn during the season is very difficult. But he's been in meetings the last three weeks. We always try to think a step ahead: 'What if we lose somebody?' So we have been prepping him in meetings the last couple of weeks and we traveled him last week in case that did happen. I'm excited about him but he missed a lot of work. He's just got to try to learn on the run now.''


 Golden said, actually, that he had "no update'' on the status of injured defensive tackle Adewale Ojomo (undisclosed injury), but said he was hopeful he could play this Saturday at North Carolina. He said Ojomo played "very well'' at defensive tackle, but he didn't play at all in the second half. He said he also hopes to get back Jalen Grimble (listed as an "or'' behind second-stringer Andrew Smith on the newest depth chart) for UNC.


Speaking of the newest depth chart, released this morning, Shayon Green has moved from right to left defensive end, and is listed as the starter, with an "OR" between him and Marcus Robinson.

The starting right defensive end is true freshman Anthony Chickillo, who had eight tackles at Virginia Tech and is as good as advertised. 

According to the new depth chart, DT Ojomo has moved from the left side to the right, and is listed as a starter, with "OR" between his name and Micanor Regis'. Darius Smith is listed as the starter at left DT.

Outside linebacker Jordan Futch has an "OR" between his name and Kelvin Cain's.

Here's a link to the new depth chart: http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/041811aab.html


 Golden said UM coaches have to make sure the players aren't looking for "external affirmation.

"I think that's one of the biggest things coaching at Miami,'' Golden said. "We have a lot of guys that look for external affirmation. They're looking for, 'Hey, am I on the highlight reel?' or 'Am I on the blogs?' or 'Hey, am I a preseason this or that?' And we've got to get away from that. We've got to get to being a team that executes every day and is process driven and let the outcome take care of itself."

It appears that some Hurricanes might not always "be on the same page on offense, defense and special teams,'' Golden said, "and part of that, to be quite honest, is humbling for the kids because many of them think they're way better than they are and they just have to understand that they have to execute their role, no matter what that role is.''

In closing, Golden said North Carolina (5-1, 1-1 ACC) is the best team they have seen this year. "No question about it,'' he said. "The quarterback is playing really well right now. They have the most talented offensive line. They're running the ball really well on offense. On defense, they're doing an excellent job, really physical up front. And I know in their minds they think they should be 6-0.

Anyone else notice that almost every quarterback (OSU qb the exception) that plays against UM seems to be a star that week?




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ATL, first of all did I call U anything? NO so mind your business my man. I was speaking to that idiot Cool Cat. Now I do agree that as a coach or coordinator you have to conform somewhat your system to the talent on hand. But all of you wanted to give Shannon another year after it was obvious that he did not have a clue. Now we have the best coach we have had since Butch along with the best coaching staff since Butch's and 5 games into the season ya'll want to throw daggers at them. Give them time to get their systems in place and players in before actin like these guys don't know what they are doing. Like the last 2 head coaches had a clue how to win, Really. I know it is frustrating but look at the whole picture rather than just parts of it. We have been in every game that we have lost. Was that the case with SHannon's teams? I think not. It took 2 dumb coaches and 10 years to get this way and it will take a more than 5 games to get us back. Besides if the man and staff can win at Temple they can build and National Title team here. Did Jimmy look great his first year? NO everybody thought he was going to bring us down and he is probably the best HC we ever had. How long did it take for everyone to believe in Butch? I know I didn't until he beat FSU. I want to see them attack but if it's not disiplined attacking U get the mess we had under Shannon with players out of position. I'd rather start a little slow, build a winner game by game and it last than do like we did under Shannon and Coker by starting fast and finishing on a losing streak at the end and being considered a flop.

championships - were you down on Randy Shannon from year 1? I lost faith sooner than most but I sure thought he was a good hire at the time and thought he was doing good things even when he was losing games and recruiting stars in his first year.

I like Al Golden but recruiting in south Florida is brutal and if he doesn't win some games (F-L-O-R-I-D-A S-T-A-T-E), he's going to have a hard time replacing the talent that Shannon recruited.

It starts again at UNC.

Eudo, no actually I was in favor of the Shannon hire at the time. I looked at it like this, he coached under Butch and played under Jimmy, plus he had the benefit of seeing Coker screw things up so he would know better than anybody what to do not to mention he was a Cane. The first time I questioned Randy was at Oklahoma when he started Freeman (who sucked) and then brought in Kyle Wright who got us to within 8 pts of the Sooners. Then he took Wright out and put Freeman back in and we know how that ended. But I said its his first year so he's entitled to a goof here and there. Then I saw how he did Robert Marve in favor of Jacory (who was his boy) and how obvious it was that I said hmm he's a favorites guy. I mean don't get me wrong Marve did little to help his cause getting suspended and all but it was funny how when Marve was in very little was done in the way of play calling to give Marve a chance in comparison with Harris. Then he basically ran off Cook and Smith along with Marve so that Harris could start without any competition. Then Tommie Streeter was held back and others and really it was just his lack of coaching that ultimately turned me off seeing us floundering and guys not getting any better nor the team. U can tell alot by how a team plays (energy, smarter plays, closer scores and just team progression) than just by the number of wins and losses.

I too like you like Golden and what he is bringing to the Canes. There are things I see in the team that many ordinary fans do not see that tells me we are progressing where as before under SHannon and Coker we were either floundering not getting better or getting worse. Do U remember the first chink in the armor of the Canes under Coker? If you remember it was the National Title team that barely escaped BC. That told me something was wrong and then it just kept building until we were a mediocre team.
I'm not too worried now about FSU or Florida because they are both struggling and really they are more of a let down than our season has been. The important thing is we finish strong. Recruits do not remember so much if you start 5 and 0 as they remember you finsih 0 and 5. The talent will get better under Golden than Shannon because maybe the big 5 star players won't be there to start with but they will come with wins. That much you can count on.

Yep I do love what Golden is doing. He is making this team tougher and it shows. RS teams rolled over when chanllenged, this team has not. I like RS but the product on the field was not great. Golden will recruit kids that are blue collar and fit into the system and philosophy he is building, no matter how many stars are by their names. Our here in Washinton I get all the BSU games. Not one of those guys are 5 stars and 3/4 of their team is no star guys and would kick our ass right now period. They believe in a system, play hard, smart, and with a chip on their shoulder. Golden is instilling that foundation with Chick Perryamn etc. You can see it on the field. No excuses, just get it done, no passing the buck. Yes I respect what Golden has done and will continue to support this team. GO CANES

Good looking on the O. The D neeeds much improvements which is agreed.Golden's buddy or not,Golden will do whats right for the team if it means bringing in another DC.At the same time... people was crying because he stuck it out with Jacory,now all I hear is how great of 2 games J12 has had and if Golden had come sooner he would be an all american.Its easy to sit back and point fingers from the couch or stands.Trust your head coach and support The U. Go CANES!!!!!

Lamar Miller is the 10th leading rusher in the NCAA and 2nd in yds per attempt. The guy is a stud. Lets pray he stays next yr. I say dumb if he leaves to the NFL where he will flounder for a yr or 2. Currently the NFL is jampacked with good rbs andnext yr will be no different, since Trent Rich and others will likely be leaving. I say one more yr Lamar, and next yr you can be a bona fide Heisman candidate, NCAA sanctions or not!

Currently he is on pace to rush over 1600 yds. More if UM makes it to a bowl! Those are McGahee type numbers!

Against UNC Donofrio MUST make adjustments. i agree with the posts. he has skd and has had 5 weeks to adjust. Been beaten by the same things over and over. What is he blind?

239. Harris has not played great games. Remember he has stated that publically and he has shown that all his career. Nothing new lately, if vt did not have stone finger dbs there were at least 2 interceptions. besides Harris should be levels higher as a senior, not the same oh same oh we see.

We are the canes
We love Al Golden and his tie
It's not his fault his D coordinator sucks
Is not like he hired him
It's Randy Shannon's fault
And George Bush's fault too
And Nevin Shapiro's fault
Shannon, Bush, and Shapiro ruined the canes
But Al Golden will fix them
He already fixed Jacory
Will the NC QB be the next player of the week?
Not if Al Golden can fix it

Hmmmmm. What is the Gatr trash excuse?

Lost in the after-glow of the Timmy years?
Cowards on the field?
Arrogant disgusting traier-trash fanbase?
As over-rated as Mayor McCheese Charlie Weiss?
Floundering educational standards?
More money put into building churches than building classrooms?

The world may never know.

Donofrio must be held accountable. I know Golden wont throw him under the bus. But I hope he is being "talked to". 5 games and in every single game except maybe the OSU game our defense was a) weak in the middle, b) cannot nor will adjust before its too late c) no pressure on the QBs, and d) dbs playing too soft.

He adjusted in the 1/2 against Maryland, but it was basiocally too late. For 30 minutes they were running around like the key stone cops while Maryland kept throwing bubble sctreens or laterals since the wrs had 15 yds of cushion. But by the 2nd half it was nearly too late such that we had to attempt to make a last second comeback. Against KSu their QB kept running up the middle with read options. VT did nearly the same thing, plus the wrs had 10-12 yd cushions! So why not throw to them? It was too easy! Their OC was probably laughing at us and licking his chops! It was like playing 7-on-7!

Miami is 2-3, had they played FAU, UAB and say, Duke, and Maryland, and VT to start out with, they'd be 3-2 kinda like the gatrs. Gators were overhyped to begin with then they beat FAU and they jumped 5 spots in the rankings- why? because ESPN is an SEC bee--otch. How else do you all think Oklahoma, after beating 3 teams, lost its ranking and dropped to #3?

Coach G is a guy that tells it like it is...Notice that the posts here are 80-90% in favor of Coach and the team, and 90% in agreement that the D lost us games...True..
But this is where it gets crazy...with no players to plug in, injuries, and suspensions which one of you coaches out there would bring in a new scheme when we don't have the horses to run what we got...let's be realistic and know that Coach D's hands are tied based on our guys and the reasons above..he can only do so much..so wish the guys a good practice this week, get grounded in the team concept, and get out and play North Carolina as a hard working team...We still have wins in us...but wouldn't it be GREAT for these athletes and Coaches to get the support they need right now.
When this team starts kicking some butt then all these prognosticators will be shouting of their devotion and love for the 'Canes..show it in your support NOW...Show the love to the guys and the team when they need it, and stop the criticism of the obvious.
Beat the Heels...

Yes, show your support, lets go canes, we are the best 2 - 3 team out there, we are the best shoulda been 5 - 0 team out there, lets get behind our team and wonderful coach and go beat those heels, it's all about the U, the U is back.

clearly UM is the best 2-3 team out there. People don't realize how solid KSU is. Maryland was a wash. Seriously I dont know what happen, because the team that lost to VT would have beaten all the other 4 hands down. KSU is 5-0 and will compete for the big 12 ch. Vtech is good but not great.

I think, now with everything that has happened, we are 2 years away.

We just don't have the horses on defense right now.

DTs, LBs, CBs, and Safeties are below average as a group. There are some individual talents, like Spence, and some promising youngsters, like Chickillo, but the rest of them are just guys. There's just too much youth on the defensive side of the ball.

A change in scheme will not change things much although I would like to see more blitzing.

@DKM yeah G-Tech will have 400 plus yrds on us. Mark-D couldn't stop a roach in the kitchen if he tried. His D-fense is horrible. It's not the players it's the coaching. Now former St.Thomas Aquinas "Giovonni Bernard" is going to have a field day on our ass. I could see him rushing for 150yrds with ease. If they put Pressure on Renner they will have a chance on beating them. He be messing up when he's rattled.

@ITCDolphin bro I know u didn't just say Jacory ain't hitting on nothing. Not in those exact words but that's ur input. Jacory is doing great this man has transformed alot. I wasn't a huge fan of him in the past two yrs but now I'm back on his wagon. This guy is scrambling putting the ball on the money for only his receivers can get the ball. I mean the only negative thing I can say right now is that Mark.D is pathetic as a coach. He needs to leave Miami. Because he's not helping at all he refuses to allow his freshmen to play.

Brandon Mcgee is burnt every game. And everytime he does it always costs us 7 pts. He's horrible I say put in "Thomas Finnie & Dallas Crawford". Those guys always give 100% all I have to say is in order for us to get to the ACC Cahmpionship We would have to beat NC,Virgina,G-tech and we'll have to pray that G-tech can beat V-Tech when they play them. We haven't had a shutdown corner since Antrelle Rolle.

On defense.........unless your last name is Spence or Chickillo........you are performing BELOW Hurricane standards fellas.So zip it and stop thinking you re all that.With a record of 2-3 .....your contributions have delivered that stat.What does THAT say about your play???????????JUST SAYING.

Hey did THEY FIRED Coach Stoop at arizona keep this in mind STOOP will be our new coach on defensive al golden will fired his friend if the defensive dont improve this year....... these is not a friendly business this is about winning champonship not thats my friend.

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