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LB Ramon Buchanan out with "season-ending injury;'' WR Dorsett (leg/groin) still hurting -- and newest depth chart just released

We just spoke with Coach Al Golden, who was not in an especially pleasant mood.

Here's the newest scoopage, per UM:

"University of Miami Head Coach Al Golden has announced that senior linebacker Ramon Buchanan suffered  a season-ending injury in the first quarter of the game against Bethune-Cookman.

 Buchanan started the first four games for the Canes, tallying 18 tackles, including two for five yards lost. Buchanan blocked a field goal against Kansas State, marking the first blocked kick by UM since 2004."

Buchanan, a fourth-year senior, has not redshirted and should be able to use this season for a medical hardship waiver. If granted the medical hardship waiver, he would be able to compete next season.

Golden wouldn't say what body part Buchanan injured, but it's pretty clear from the game that it was his right knee. Golden said Buchanan will be undergoing surgery, but didn't say when.

The Canes were wearing shorts and jerseys, no pads, no helmets this morning.

Of the guys who seemed to be physically hurting during the Bethune-Cookman game, all were at practice except for Buchanan.  

Golden said Sunday of wide receiver Phillip Dorsett: "He hurt his leg [and/or groin] in some capacity. He couldn't go. Hopefully it's something that will loosen up on him during the week.''

We did see Dorsett today, but Golden just informed us that of the injured guys, Dorsett was hurting the most. "We'll see by the end of the week,'' the coach said. "He's a little bit more injured than those [other] guys."

The players who WERE at practice Monday, though I really don't know how extensively they practiced: running backs Lamar Miller and Mike James, cornerbacks Brandon McGee and Lee Chambers and Dorsett.

 Golden said Chambers and McGee "should be fine. One had a cramp (McGee) and one had a bruise (Chambers) that they just wanted to be careful with in terms of an X-ray.''

Here's the link to the newest depth chart for Virginia Tech game: http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/041811aab.html

Note that LB Jordan Futch OR Kelvin Cain are starting on the outside, opposite Sean Spence, who is backed up by Denzel Perryman, with Jimmy Gaines and Gionni Paul in the middle.

At left defensive tackle it says Marcus Forston OR Adewale Ojomo (the former DE).

Freshman Anthony Chickillo is starting again at right defensive end.

Also, at free safety it says Vaughn Telemaque OR Ray-Ray Armstrong (returning this week from suspension).

At left offensive tackle, it says Brandon Washington OR Malcolm Bunche.

At right tackle, it says Jon Feliciano OR Seantrel Henderson.

At running back, Eduardo Clements is listed after starter Lamar Miller, with an OR between Clements and Mike James.





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Watch Perryman step up...he is going to be a good one.

coach golden is already frustrated by the lack of fan loyalty. he will be in happy valley
by the end of the year

I fianlly learned how bad Brandon McGee is. McGee is a total reactive player and too late. Guy has speed, but no brains. Poor Lee Chambers. The guy gets eaten on every play. He too, needs to sit. Perryman is now my favorite player. UM stated he had 7 tackles. As a season ticket holder, I can see the field of play. The dude was in on every tackle making plays all over the field. Golden's kids listen and have that drive. Why everybody raves about Forston I have no clue. The dude is clueless. Every long run by an opposing team is due to Forston. We stop the run on Tech and take care of the ball, we beat them. Otherwise, a long day on Saturday. Canes 24-21


I agree about Perryman. He is going to be great if coached properly. I think he will step up but this is a huge loss for an already weak defense. McGee and Chambers need time to develop in their positions. Look what Shields has turned into. These guys have the physical skills necessary and need to be coached up.

I hope Buchanan fully recovers for next season. Best of luck to him with the surgery.

Thats why I don't understand the fans. Let this coach get his own kids in here and then judge him. Everyone wants to throw this guy under the bus and he has not even had a season under his belt with "his guys". Obviously, "his guys" at Temple are turning some heads and thats at frickin Temple. Randy had his chance, did not work out and obviously recruited some ovverated entitled players. Let this guy do his job and in time we will see results. If he stays, that is.

We are the canes
We are ready for prime time
We are for real, Va Tech has been exposed
The game will be a sell out
Thousands of loyal, screaming fans will be there
Who says we don't play in front of loyal fans?

Coach Golden Is trying to turn around a team that was mentally weak. That's a hard process. This UM team is a lot tougher than the previous team.

That's why I hate UM fans. I go to the games and all I see people complaining about everything. If you want things peaches and cream go cheer for L.S.U or Alabama I here they are doing really good. If you are not going to stick Al and his staff, please do me a favor and kick rocks.

Washington Cane you hit the nail on the head brother. Perryman is going to be a good one, you can see just see it. It drives me crazy when these fans bash the coaches already after four games. This team is just not very talented. Yea they have a couple of nice skilled players on offense, but there is not much on the defensive side of the ball. When I watch Alabama or Lsu play defense, I can give you about six to seven guys on those two squads that are first to second round picks. Those are the type of guys we used to recruit here. I dont see a senior or jr right now on defense thats going anywhere near the first round or even the second round. Give this guy a couple of years to recruit then come and talk to me.

What will this board look like if UM wins its next three. They could win at VaTech, at UNC and against GaTech...not easy, but possible. We'd be looking at 5-2 with Virginia and Duke after that...7-2 going in to FSU? Maybe? Let the season play out, let it play out.

True,we have done terrible recruiting defensive linemen the past 4 or 5 years.That is our BIGGEST weakspot in preparing for excellent,future teams.We keep getting average or below average linemen....example....FORSTON....a terriffic BUST.The guy has stood for nothing and will leave Miami as nothing.He has been a horriffic producer of plays.He started out slow,fat and out of shape and with a bit more than his final last half of the season...he s about the same,UNPRODUCTIVE player.Wish we d of never got him for Miami.Biggest disappointment for a lineman EVER at the U.So heralded and yet so UNPRODUCTIVE.

i sure would like for BigAl to share what ever it is he's smoking....

That's gonna cost you, canedude1. And I didn't say it was likely, not when you give up 400 yards of offense to Bethune...but let em' play and see what happens.

the recruits do not want to come to the u because there is no facilities. they are all going to schools that have a stadium. look at FIU.. even they have a stadium? what the F? anyone going to blacksburg?

yep. All the recruits are going to places like FIU. That is why FIWHO lost to Duke and LaMo.

Canes305u, maybe you should take a grammar class. Maybe someplace that has facilities.

Tough injury for Ramon B. Best wishes for a strong recovery and see you next year.

Agree that Perryman will be a very good player. He made a number of hustle plays and looks like a quick player and sure tackler. He wears #52 as well!

Expectations for the Canes are high based on past history.It has been a down run for several years. It will take time to turn it around.

I believe in Coach Golden and his staff, and hope the Canes knock off Va. Tech, or at least play at a high level of intensity and execution.

Maybe some of that V Tech lunch pail mojo will rub off. Clemson held them to 3. Let's give 'em 6!

Go Canes!

wake up people, we are loosing recruits left and right to programs who have better facilities. Look at the gators, the swamp can not be compared to sunlife.. this is a rental, come on.. so u can be in denial all you want. the truth is the recruits will choose programs with better facilities. This program will decline unless we build our on place.

Good Luck to a Speedy recovery Ramon!!!!

#52 is playing very well!!!!!!!!!!!!

The swamp is a dump. Seriously. You ever been there?
Agree about forston. A bust of epic proportions
Cool cat. Shut the eff up for once.

Cookie- get well. I am sure youll get the waiver. Build that leg up, build that uppwr body, so yoy can get to 240 or so and be nfl ready after next yr!

65,000 fans to 45,000 to 25,000. constant
complaining by fans and impending years of probation. golden will be gone by the end
of the year.

Coach Golden's agent and or inner circle should've have bloody well informed the coach, that the college sports fan base of SoFla is the absolute most BANDWAGON, NEGATIVE BuBBA'S in all of major college sports!!!

In other words, absolutely SHAMELESS! These BuBBA's be. If U'all BANDWAGON, NEGATIVE good ol' boys know what I mean!!

Chit, even when Miami was the Golden King of college football, the DISSAPATED Orange Bowl never had 50% capacity MOBS for most games.

Of course, the bloody exception of the rule was games against legitimate Top 15 squads. Eh. However, that generally occured only 3 or 4 times a season and the rest of the time 40 and or 50% of the O.B. was filled. Laughable if U ask moi.

And as an opinion-ist mentioned above, Coach Golden will probably quickly depart Coral Gables depending on the SEVERITY of the upcoming sanctions against the Hurricane pigskin program.

And what major college football fan could blame one Albert Golden.

Again, your sincere, serious major college football fan ABSOLUTELY knows the SoFla fan base is a JOKE!

I don't believe we are losing recruits because of facilities. I think it is cause we are not winning. Simple. Players will forget about the facilities when they can come and win national titles.

Yeah, if you look at the big picture, the 'Canes appear to be on some shaky ground right now: no stadium (and no plans to build one, despite the school's endowment increasing by hundreds of millions of dollars), a coach who probably (and rightfully) feels somewhat betrayed, significant NCAA sanctions coming, a team of players who, game after game, don't seem very focused or motivated.

All I know is what I can read in newspapers or other publications. But the fact is that since Shalala came to the school, the football program has only grown worse, year after year.

Maybe Golden will change that, if he stays for a while: long enough to turn the team over.

But Shalala is 70 this year. I think it's time for her to retire: maybe go back to Wisconsin and write some unconstitutional "hate-speech" codes, or hang out with her friend, Angelo Mozilo, or get a job as a custodians' union organizer.

Any good she might do at the University of Miami, she's already done.

No one would or will blame Golden if he leaves, no one! But I think a lot of folks tend to over look the character of this man and seem to overlook the values he has and lives by. Running certainly isn't one of his traits. Was he probably lied to no but things were left out or not fully explained, yes. But Golden strikes me as a man of principle. Will he or won't he go...don't put all your money on Golden leaving you just may lose a lot of dough if you do! Just saying, there is more to this man, this coach than meets the eye! JMO

Excellent impression LakeWorthCane - Jim Carrey from Ace Ventura, right?

You guys are pathetic. 1st off Golden addressed the "fans" from South Florida when he took the job. He knew good and well what he was getting in to when he took the job. Who, in the last 15 years of watching college football hasn't heard about the planes flown over the OB for Butch Davis "Thanks Buthc, National Champs to national Chumps" or the "Fire Randy Shannon"? Really? You think this is anything new? YOu think he didn't know? If that's the case then you're as stupid as you sound! Secondly, why would he go to Penn State? His alumni? Because they're happy with mediocrity? Because everyone thinks it's "the right thing to do"? Get a grip people! He has said it himself, they will get this ship right because there is something special about South Florida. Keep day dreaming you morons!

You all (bunion and the other chicken littles) are fos.

First of all, miami has played for 9-10 nat championships with its so-called bad facilities. I agree winning brings in recruits. Not plasma tvs or comfy couches in the locker rooms. Miami has never had a stadium, and probably never will.

Second, if you all think our fans are so bad and bandwagonish you are more clueless than i thought... Have any of you geniuses ever gone onto seminole blog sites, ohio state sites or michigan or texas sites? You should see the calls for the firing of coaches etc etc on these. How do you think dave shula was run out of alabama? How do you think lloyd carr was run out? Mack brown is on a very hot seat! Get over it. Programs that are struggling get tons of criticism from their fanbase. No different here. And expectations? What would you prefer, that we have none?

All of you negative ninnies s..tf..u. I love my canes. I reserve the right to boo or criticize.

We are the canes
We have no facilies and recruiting will suffer
We do play in front of tons of fans
Just tune in this Sat and you will see
In Golden Boy we trust
He said Jacory was our best hope at winning
He will teach our D how to tackle
He said Jacory is still learning, you have to give him time
After all he is only a senior with 3 years of playing experience, what more do you want
BigAl says we will rule the ACC
Here comes one more ACC championship for us to add to all the ones we already have
We are the canes, we are baaaack

WOW! A plethera of wisdom here! We simply have a bad Team with a coach that is trying to turn around everything. I mean everything. No new stadium, training facilities, or whatever create PRIDE. Our past NCs were secured with mean ass, smart players that refused to be beaten. They brought it every play and kept their assignements. They fought for each other and were always rockin on the sidelines. This group is again.... NUMB. We have under-performing players who do not keep to their assignements, we do not think on the field and therefore create penalties that compound our problems and yes we will lose more this year. Those are just facts. I for one will always be a CANE, no matter what. I remember the lean years when we had no one coming here, remember? Hell we played Rohan Marley at linebacker, 5'6" 181 lbs! And he hit like a fn... frieght train. We lost many games but we played with PRIDE. We palyed with guys much less hyped than this group. That is what Golden will have the young guys doing by the end of the year; hitting, following HIS assignments, and believing. I doubt that many Seniors or Juniors will be playing by year's end. Just watch. Golden will build for tomorrow, because TODAY really sucks! We will probably get wiped by Va. Tech, and certainly Ga. Tech with their running game, but I believe in Golden and how he will bring HIS guys in, get them in shape, play HIS kind of ball and bring us back. Yes it will take 4 years if he does stay. If he does not, who would YOU name that would come to this snake pit right now? Nevertheless, I WILL ALWAYS BE A CANE! Pride is sometimes about admitting that we just do not have the right guys in the right fit RIGHT NOW. And to top it off.... sanctions at the end of the year. Whew... might make a weaker man root for the faders or holes.... naw... never!


And you never left. And will never leave. You have no life outside of this.

@ Cane4life - count me in. These colors do not run for adversity.

Did Kendall Thompkins fall off the face of the earth?

Marcus Robinson should start opposite Chikillo. Dude has been ballin lately. Having his best season. Keeps his mouth shut and just plays hard football. Anybody noticed special teams play is a complete 360 from the Shannon years? Not perfect, but 10X better. I thought Travis did a good job last week.


I like how Coach G is getting the playmakers on the field. Great move to put Ojomo @ tackles and give more carries to Eduardo. I like that Jojo will be starting and that Ray Ray and Telemaque will battle for the other spot. Chambers will be ok @ corner. He has the most upside of all the corners. I really like the way Jacory and the offense is playing but we got to get the tight ends going. Between Walford, Ford and Cleveland there is some serious talent there. Go CANES!!

The fans boo'd because of consecutive 3rd and 1 passes. And on 4th and 1? A damn run which was stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. Season ticket holding fans deserve better than average and undecisive play-calling. The mutual symbiotic relationaship the fans have with the team give us the right to boo. Look at the Cowboys game when they were up by 17 and the coach is still calling passing plays. And last year when Sparano got pissed off becasue a member of the media questioned the reasoning of running the ball SIX times in a game. Simple gestures like booing gets the pont accross in a way like nothing else. Power to the people, See you all on Wall Street.

I have a sneaky suspicion we may win one of the games we're supposed to lose (FSU/VT). However, I have no delusions that this team is winning the ACC.

Special teams are much, much better. Defense against the run is pathetic. Pass? Not sure. Love intensity of Perryman and Chickillo.

O-Line play continually improves. Like that Hurns & Streeter are taking things by the throat. Jacory Harris is at 69% with a 6-3 ratio (compared to 54.8% with a 14-15 ratio).

DL is a problem. Fortson might be out of position, too small to play DT. he's built like Sapp, but Sapp was one of the quickest big men I have ever seen. The second coming of Nix must blend the TE in. J12, streeter, Spence are not busts.

I think Cain is a better DE. Still, DT is the KEY. TE, too.

I sincerely believe we are short changing ourselves when it comes to the interior of our o-line. The Likes of Gunn, Horn, and Linder will not get it done in the middle this week. What happen to the best five o-line get the nod? Here's what I would like to see this week or sometime this year. LT - Washington, LG - Henderson, C - Horn, RG - Bunch RT - Felliciano. This line-up on the offensive line will provide us our best and strongest bang for our buck the rest of the year!

Cool Cat...

J12 isn't a bust? That's the craziest thing you've ever written on this blog. J12 is bust.5. He's the world champion of busts. The guy is an interception machine!!!!

Streeter and Spence are good players, give you that. Why didn't your boy Randy Shannon Streeter?

Get well Ramon...come back strong!

Posted by: Cane4life

You're right, we don't have the right kind of kid on this team. I personally think the academic restrictions have a lot to do with the type of players we currently have.

We're not going to win with these types of guys. Not unless you clone Chick 50 x.

Did Kendall Thompkins fall off the face of the earth?

No. He's preparing for the next sideline snowball fight.

Canesjunkie: Go back to when J12 'took" the job from Marve and sent him packing. Come on, man, between U and I: Did J12 play like a "bust" then? No. He was a leader, but he fell a little after that. happens to everybody.

Instead of saying interception King, why not say he puts it up too much and at the wrong times. Why not say that a WR has to convert to DB to keep balls away from DB"s. RS used to say he took matters in his own hands. Come on, look at the big picture: there is a reason why J12is playing right now.

UM fans SMH

No facilities, No studs... which translates in more people laughing at us all the time... People we need a stadium to build pride and conquer. Can anyone please notice the fact that we are not recruiting good players because we have no facilities...NO one wants to come to the U.. a rental stadium...

Cool Cat - sure, Al Golden thinks Jacory Harris is the best quarterback on the team, and he knows more than any of us about it.

But as far as being a bust? Absolutely. Do you not remember the expectations around him? Pink suit and pimp cup at the Heisman ceremony? We all actually thought he had a shot at being a winning quarterback, most of us actually thought he might have a chance at the NFL!!

With those kinds of expectations it would have been pretty hard for Harris not to be a bust, but a bust he is.

Stop calling a stadium "facilities".

UM is building a new athletic complex.

Where did you want the new stadium to go BTW? It can't be on campus, and anywhere else off campus is a downgrade in my estimation, since no school can afford to build a state of the art NFL stadium.

It's not the facilities fault.
It's not academic standards fault (see Stanford the past couple of years if you don't believe me)
It's not the current coaches fault.
We just don't have the players to compete on the level we expect. Everyone overrated this team and we all thought they were better than what they are. We have a lot of holes and coach golden will remedy all that ails this team. This year is the beginning of the comeback. Everyone can cry and whine about the coaches and play calling, etc. Let coach G do his thing I have no doubt what so ever that we will be back in 3 years. Of all the coaches that didn't want the coaching job at least give coach G the respect he deserves for pursuing the Miami coaching job. He could have went to tennessee or ucla and other schools but wanted the Miami job. How many coaches can you say that about. Coach golden is the real deal and when he brings in his own players everyone will see. Until just root for the team. We can all be frustrated but to throw the coaches under the bus or to boo the players is uncalled for.

Go Canes

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