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LB Ramon Buchanan out with "season-ending injury;'' WR Dorsett (leg/groin) still hurting -- and newest depth chart just released

We just spoke with Coach Al Golden, who was not in an especially pleasant mood.

Here's the newest scoopage, per UM:

"University of Miami Head Coach Al Golden has announced that senior linebacker Ramon Buchanan suffered  a season-ending injury in the first quarter of the game against Bethune-Cookman.

 Buchanan started the first four games for the Canes, tallying 18 tackles, including two for five yards lost. Buchanan blocked a field goal against Kansas State, marking the first blocked kick by UM since 2004."

Buchanan, a fourth-year senior, has not redshirted and should be able to use this season for a medical hardship waiver. If granted the medical hardship waiver, he would be able to compete next season.

Golden wouldn't say what body part Buchanan injured, but it's pretty clear from the game that it was his right knee. Golden said Buchanan will be undergoing surgery, but didn't say when.

The Canes were wearing shorts and jerseys, no pads, no helmets this morning.

Of the guys who seemed to be physically hurting during the Bethune-Cookman game, all were at practice except for Buchanan.  

Golden said Sunday of wide receiver Phillip Dorsett: "He hurt his leg [and/or groin] in some capacity. He couldn't go. Hopefully it's something that will loosen up on him during the week.''

We did see Dorsett today, but Golden just informed us that of the injured guys, Dorsett was hurting the most. "We'll see by the end of the week,'' the coach said. "He's a little bit more injured than those [other] guys."

The players who WERE at practice Monday, though I really don't know how extensively they practiced: running backs Lamar Miller and Mike James, cornerbacks Brandon McGee and Lee Chambers and Dorsett.

 Golden said Chambers and McGee "should be fine. One had a cramp (McGee) and one had a bruise (Chambers) that they just wanted to be careful with in terms of an X-ray.''

Here's the link to the newest depth chart for Virginia Tech game: http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/041811aab.html

Note that LB Jordan Futch OR Kelvin Cain are starting on the outside, opposite Sean Spence, who is backed up by Denzel Perryman, with Jimmy Gaines and Gionni Paul in the middle.

At left defensive tackle it says Marcus Forston OR Adewale Ojomo (the former DE).

Freshman Anthony Chickillo is starting again at right defensive end.

Also, at free safety it says Vaughn Telemaque OR Ray-Ray Armstrong (returning this week from suspension).

At left offensive tackle, it says Brandon Washington OR Malcolm Bunche.

At right tackle, it says Jon Feliciano OR Seantrel Henderson.

At running back, Eduardo Clements is listed after starter Lamar Miller, with an OR between Clements and Mike James.





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we can built near campus... we are one of the few universities without a stadium... heck even FIU has one.. it does not have to big big, but something we can call our house... a house to defend against any team that dares to come in.. right now there is no pride, no unity because we are in a rental...

Where near campus?

Rest assured that you're not the first one to think of it.

The big problem is location, although a new stadium would be a huge downgrade in my opinion, UM would do it if they had somewhere to put it.

We can knock down that beach place thing. No one goes there anyway. We can built it with a retractable roof to make sure everyone shows up regardless of the weather. I know driving there may be somewhat of an issue but as technology gets better perhaps we can tele-port there. Someone should talk to the Rock to make a donation because he is in the new GI Joe movie.I also think we can run the table and play Oklahoma for the NC, our number 6th UFelony fans!

Oh, I get it, you're not a real person.

Well played nerd, well played.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat

Jacory did take the job from Marve, but that was a long time ago. The only thing I'll give you is that he suffered through some very poor offensive coordinators. He's still a bust.

You want a stadium? Boycott the Marlins.

Its not the facilities.
Its that we have not had a decent QB since Brock Berlin
brock Berlin never lost to UF (twice) or FSU. He won a BCS bowl as a qb and a peach bowl. Despite being (somewhat) int prone as well, unlike jacorry, he won games he was supposed to and more.

Cool cat--- jacorry is a bust. Forston is a bust. Get used to it. But not as much a bust as brantley. And tebow in the nfl.

I agree with putting eduardo clements ahead of james!

Miller over 1000. That should be miami's goal so that we can get him to the heisman in 2012

Stanford is good every 20 years or so. Can we live with that?


well, 75 and sunny for Saturday.


Brock Berlin never lost those games because of the sick talent around him. Hester scored most of the points in the Peach Bowl.

It's the academic standards.


How many of our favorite Canes wouldn't have been able to meet today's academic standards?

This very interesting story would settle this whole thing.

I got to agree with Junk, the standards should be where they were before and Stanford is really some of U morons example. They were nothing before Luck was their QB and now U think they are going to sustain what Harbaugh built over the years? Guess again. Get rid of that little troll now while she is being served up. The Football program is the only reason this blog exists. And really Junk U are actually having a conversation with that idiot Cat who doesn't know jack $ h it about the Canes. Oh and Brock Berlin played with the last fumes of talent that Butch left and both FLorida and FSU sucked at that time.

You guys are ridiculous.

Again, not to disparage the man, but if you can't get higher scores than Lamar Miller you don't deserve to be educated at the University of Miami.


We can win any game if we stop giving up 200 yards rushing every game.

You ppl are insane and irrational. I read some of the comments of the same ppl saying just months ago "Welcome to The Golden Era" and how now that we have a "real coach" that knows how to "coach em up" b/c Golden is so smart and Randy didnt have a clue. Now the consensus is Randy recruited wrong and these kids are just not talented and cant be "coached up". Has anyone checked the history of players Randy has recruited vs Golden? (If not. please see NFL and Pro Bowl for Randy's recruits for the past 20 yrs) Face it this TEAM is not good,a nd thats from the top of managment Shalala (that hoodwinked Golden) to Golden, on down to D'onofrio's defense that cant adjust and/or figure out the freeze option. and PS, Kill the stadium and facilities argument. UM will never be able to compete with public state schools and the $$ they have. They have far less $$ than FIU.

Gotta agree with you on that Tally, but we have to get better players in here too. I'm going to give D'nofrio time to get his players in here before I judge but as of now our run defense is the worst that I can recall. I know this number 52 is a player.
Eudo what's with U busting on Miller?

Yep I said that and Golden is that smart and Randy did not have clue on how to coach or alot of the players he brought in most notibly his QB situation. If Randy had a clue Tommy Streeter would have started his redshirt freshman year. Now I agree that D'nofrio's defense has been disapointing to this point but will reserve judgment on him and Golden at year 3 if no sanctions come and year 4-5 if sanctions hit which would be fair instead of 4 games into the first season. Try being realistic sometime.

Yea, I love Lamar Miller, I wish he wasn't such a shining example of how UM is still letting functional retards attend to the school to play football.

And again, he's going to be a huge success and make all the money in the world when he gets to the NFL. I wish nothing but the best for Lamar Miller and I'm glad he's at UM.

But leave the "academics" argument alone, you all sound like Lamar.

CaneBoss: Eudocimus, are you insinuating that Miller is not intelligent?

Eudocimus: Why yes, didnt you hear how he sounded. Sure doesnt sound like what me and ppl I know consider articulate or smart. So in my world, he's definitely dumb, or at the least far away from my level.

CaneBoss: Interesting, so you've studied the different dialects of English and as a result, you've come up with a formula of how one can identify intelligence levels by dialect.

Eudocimus: No smartass, the kid just isnt articulate. Everyone knows what articulate and inarticulate is,and he's not articulate. Everyone knows there is only one way to speak English properly. He doesn't use the words I use, doesn't explain himself the way I would, and doesn't talk with a tone or drawl im accustomed to. Everyone knows that means your'e not that smart, and Im sure of that. So the point I was trying to make was, if Miller can get into UM being dumb and inarticulate, the standards cant be that high.

CaneBoss: Guess I cant respond to that....

@ Championships IATM- If you were one of the ones that spoke if Golden righting the ship "in time" that comment was not directed towards you. It was directed at the ppl who spoke of all the talent we have and how Randy didnt know what to do with it, and that Golden will coach those same kids up. Those "fans" have since changed to Miami doesnt have any talent and we need new players. And if the team is not good, guess what its bad! A team is great together and a team is horrible together. At this current moment Miami is bad,and that includes Golden. Hopefully the team will improve.

Golden not in especially pleasant mood?
Possibly he has come to the point of not believing his own B.S. Remember, he submitted 400 pages of it with his resume.
CANE STREAK CONTINUES.. 142 games. Real Cane fans will know what I am talking about.

Eucalyptus. You were all over someone earlier this year for a racist comment and what do you think your comment about miller looks like.
You claim U's standards are up for admittance yet pan that with miller.
Me thinks your postings are in the same category as what you say about millers comments.

Retraction...142 weeks.

Cane boss thank u. Randy was supposed to compete for a national championship with this team last year. Know golden can't coach up the same kids with a better oline coach than Randy had on his staff. I read people on here still making excuses for golden. Still the same penalties and defense is terrible. Randy has a lot more impact players in the league than golden and all his staff. Then fans have the audacity to use Sam shields as the punch line that Randy couldn't coach. So if that's the case does Randy get credit for the tight end for the saints he was a bball player. We have lost two very close games as the result of coaching. We won one game were osu had just as many players gone or suspended as we did. Lastly we were dominated for the first half by bcc. We are missing storm Johnson right now for what ever reason he is gone.I know the fans want to put their hopes on the fact that we lost to a team that beat a ranked team in Baylor and temple destroyed Baylor. No one brought up the fact that Toledo thumped temple. So could we just be realistic about what's happening on the field and take away the personal feelings of some coaches. I thought kehoe was going to come in and save the day but the oline is stinking up the field. We can win this game at vtech we need to win this game.

Excuse me temple destroyed Maryland.

We are the canes
We have no facilities
We have no stadium
Is J12picks a bust or not?
Give him a break, he did not throw a pick against the mighty CookieMen
Coach says he is still learning, he is only a senior after all, and has only played for 3 years
Will the fans boo him again?
Tons of fans will come see us play this Sat
Hope it doesn't rain, or that it's not too cold

1. Sorry guys and good morning. I've been dealing with a loss in my family so these last days have been difficult for me.

2. From what I saw on saturday, I was disgusted. I haven't read everyone's posts yet but I can only imagine that you all saw the same thing that I saw. A D1AA school running up and down the field. There was no reason that they should have gotten 14pts let alone any points.

3. Our coaches are not making adjustments fast enough. We cannot continue to wait till the second half of the game to make adjustments. That will never fly against a good D1 school like VT and others. Personally I'm very concerned, more so than I thought that I would be.

4. On top of that we have Buchanan out for the season. Dammit!!! We definitely didn't need that at all.

5. I was happy to see Morris get in there but for what, the last 5 mins? That kid needs more time than that. Harris should have come out much earlier had the coaches made adjustments earlier and put more points on the board instead of entering the 2nd half with the score board the way it was.

6. That being said, I'm losing faith in Fisch and D'Onofrio. Golden still gets a pass with me until the end of next season and what I see coming into his 3rd season. By then if he doesn't have his game and team together, well we'll see..

Have a great day everyone and Go Canes!!!!

WTH!!!!!! Jimmy Gaines need to not start. He's garbage. They need to put in Gionni Paul over Jimmy Gaines. Kelvin Cain should start at middle. Then Jordan Futch on the outside along with Sean Spence. Mark.D needs to step up his Defense. Va-Tech is going to run hard against us.

Gaines needs the biggest redshirt we have. PERIOD.

Some of you posters, and YOU know which ones you are, because you're Gator fans and very immature with your fake handles, because you're too childish to come on these blogs with your REAL name. EVERY year it's the same thing, you must really worry about Miami. Just to remind you dumb a-s-s-e-s, we won FIVE titles with as you say, NO facilities, NO fans, NO home stadium. We'll probably NEVER have a home stadium, the real estate is WAY to expensive and we dont' need one anyway. Grow up and learn something before you spew your BS.

well said ColaCane.


C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!

iDIOTS. we currently have #6 recruiting team on espn, #7 on Rivals, and lost on road in 1st game at maryland with 8 suspensions(almost won)and lost to a 5-0 or 4-0 ranked k state bcause we didnt punch it in 2 yds. IF we were getting smacked. fine, but we were a play or 2 away from being 4-0 right now, with all the suspensions. Back your team. talent is on roster.

by the way, we were winning when rohan was playing. the lean years was the Ryan Clement and Scott Covington years, Butches 1st few years, marley played for erickson. Honestly, fine, we have lost 2, but U all do realize if jacory gets that TD, we are on a 3 game win streak and ranked probably. Had we had no suspensions or YES JACORY playin vs maryland, we win that game. we almost won that night. 4-0 is that close. I dont get it. We go up to Va tech and smack them this year. They are overrated, and its a young team. new qb. and we do have 1st and 2nd rounders in spence, ray ray, and a few others.

Cane 68: correction 143 weeks with a former cane scoring consec TDs.
143. You stand corrected.

Lay off lamar miller people. All you need to do is look at LSU. They probably have the lowest cumulative iq and gpa in cfb. Does anyone care?

By the way, yeah, brock berlin had lots of talent... Not! Tyrone moss bust. Charlie jones, bust. Lance leggett, ryan moore. Hey he threw a beautiful corner out to ryan moore in the peach bowl.

Stanford has done this in the last few yrs through excellent coaching and.......(drum roll),,,,,,,,,,,,

A real eff,en prostyle QB that doesnt throw a billion picks

We r going to blacksburg and we are gonna get some turkey.....the heck with what people say.. we are coming out of there 3-2.. not by much but we will punch them in the mouth.

It's not at all a racial thing.

Sean Spence speaks with an accent. Jacory Harris speaks with an accent.

Lamar Miller is slow. Love the guy, but it's a fact. And yes, if UM still lets in great players like him then their academic restrictions can't be too bad. That's all I'm saying.


As usual, some good points. I am
concerned about our defense in particular, and thought D'Onofrio would turn out a more intense group. I guess it is a process.

Best wishes on your personal situation.
A personal loss can put it all in perspective, no? Hey, it's only football!

Miami Facilities may not be rank with the SEC, Big 10 or Big 12 of the worlds, but they are nowhere near the bottom either,,mid-pack is where i will rank thier facilites, unfortunately, this is where the team is ranked as well, but i am sorry, facilities dont make a team better, look at florida and thier facilities, look at all those 4 and 5 star recruits, and yet, of the past 2.5 years, they have not had a down-field passing threat, nor a solid running attack, go look at Ohio State this year, they have a top 10 budget, a top ten campus, a top ten athletic facility, yet they are 2-2, with more loses on the way, weights are weights people, the difference are the players, and the discipline they have, and the trust they have in thier fellow teammates.what miami does need is some on campus dormitory specifically for the football players, and 45,000 capacity stadium, built specifically with the U fan base in mind, and type of team the U will field each year, believed it or not people, J12 will get drafted, heck, he is better passer than Tebow and slighlty better than C. Newton, but due to his tendencies for throwing interceptions, i predict him as mid to late draft pick, spean spence, early 2, forston 1st round, travis b. 1st to 2nd, RArmstrong 1st, Oliver Vernon 2nd, OL Washington 1st, so once again, the U will be put talent in the NFL...

Cane 4 life and Big Al. I agree with both of you guys comments. Brandon Mcghee and Lee Chambers does give up some big plays. I suggest that we start the freshmen "Dallas Crawford & Thomas Finnie". I mean Brandon Mcghee and Lee Chambers are playing like freshmen so why not? They need to let Ray Ray and Vaughn start at safety and bring Jojo Nicohlas back to corner back. Atleast we will have one side on lock but the other slot will be questionable. But "Denzel Perryman" is a beast. He will be a huge factor for us. I think he will be better than Sean Spence.

HOW MANY TIMES do we have to have the stadium discussion?!?!!? Sun Life is a world-class NFL facility. And there is NO ROOM on the Coral Gables campus for a stadium. There is barely room for a small basketball arena and baseball stadium. There is so much more to "facilities" than a stadium. Weight rooms, practice fields, locker rooms, equipment room, study halls, athletic offices, the HOF, and so on. Those are the things UM can continue to upgrade. Knock down the Hecht Athletic center and start fresh with a state of the art building worthy of The U! Oh wait, that requires major booster funding...

Where near campus?

Posted by: Eudocimus | October 03, 2011 at 09:16 PM

Just cement in that algae filled mosquito pit Lake Osceola smack dab in the middle of Campus with a 45k tight, LOUD, enclosed, bandbox Stadium.

I'm dead serious. That Lake (man-made I believe) is pretty on a post card, but it's a huge waste of space and serves absolutely nothing as an ecological benefit what so ever.

People keep asking where on campus is there room ? Well that's it. Period... And before the naysayers say nit, dream for a minute, just what that facility would look like filled to the brim on a Saturday afternoon... It would be sweet, and it would be all ours.

Parking ? Who cares ! Take the Metro-Fail !

...and I'm not done with the stadium thing. Seriously, go to Google Maps and look at the same scale of Sun Life Stadium and the University of Miami. Sun Life and it's parking lots cover nearly the same area as the entire UM campus! So GET OVER IT! The OB wasn't on campus either and it was one of the great venues of all time.

LOL at "Take the Metro-Fail"

I almost thought you were serious until I got to that part!

Just in case you really are dead serious about the Lake Osceola plan, that space would barely fit the 8,000 seat Bank United Center...

WTF!! I can't beleve eat I'm hearin. Y'all hatin on Lamar miller miamis entire offensive player. Eudo and caneboss r u lames really worried bout sum1 elses iq? Really? So u gone bash him then jump on his dik wen he get to da league and becomes a star. I wish all miamis players were slo and played like Lamar and not smart and played lik Byrd. In college football all these guys goal is to get to da league and worry bout wat u think bout dry academics. If da standards were this high at Miami back in da days then Miami wouldn't hav any championships at all. jus please get off Lamar dik bcuz he dnt owe u sh**

WTF!! I can't beleve wat I'm hearin. Y'all hatin on Lamar miller miamis entire offensive player. Eudo and caneboss r u lames really worried bout sum1 elses iq? Really? So u gone bash him then jump on his dik wen he get to da league and becomes a star rite? I wish all miamis players were slo and played like Lamar rather then not smart and played lik Byrd. In college football all these guys goal is to get to da league so Dey ain't worryin bout wat u think bout dey academics. If da standards were this high at Miami back in da days then Miami wouldn't hav any championships at all. jus please get off Lamar dik bcuz he dnt owe u sh**. As a matter fact how bout u attend miami b4 u talk. Owe yea and get money lol


It would fit with plenty of room ... Hell, fill in just the middle, leave a mote around it and move Cobb fountain 50 yards to the west.

Seriously. Lamar Miller bashing...? First of all, do you actually know his test scores? All I know is that he's academically eligible according to UM and the NCAA. As for the youtube link, I'd like to see how great you sound with a mic jammed in your face Eudocimus! You're making fun of the way he talks while you actually typed the words "functioning retards" in your post? You sound like a real genius yourself! And anyone saying anything negative about his play this season really doesn't deserve a response. I've got nothing to say about that.

I referenced stanford to show that its possible to win with high educational standards. Lets not forget that most of these players on all college teams will not make the NFL. Lets not look at the players as merely football players. They are students as well, and lets hope that Miami invests in their education and future unlike most other schools. If everyone believes in the U family thing, then don't mock Miller. And don't look at the players as just a bunch of guys playing for the team you root for. We should all hope for their well being beyond football, that is what family does after all is it not?

Coach Golden is playing everyone he believes will give him the best chance to win. 1st year coaches always struggle, give it time. The same mistakes are happening under Golden cause the same mistakes have been happening for years now. If you think he is going to change it in a mere 4 games you are very wrong. Lets just get through this season hopefully playing in the ACCCG and give golden what he deserves which is at least 3 years.

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