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LB Ramon Buchanan out with "season-ending injury;'' WR Dorsett (leg/groin) still hurting -- and newest depth chart just released

We just spoke with Coach Al Golden, who was not in an especially pleasant mood.

Here's the newest scoopage, per UM:

"University of Miami Head Coach Al Golden has announced that senior linebacker Ramon Buchanan suffered  a season-ending injury in the first quarter of the game against Bethune-Cookman.

 Buchanan started the first four games for the Canes, tallying 18 tackles, including two for five yards lost. Buchanan blocked a field goal against Kansas State, marking the first blocked kick by UM since 2004."

Buchanan, a fourth-year senior, has not redshirted and should be able to use this season for a medical hardship waiver. If granted the medical hardship waiver, he would be able to compete next season.

Golden wouldn't say what body part Buchanan injured, but it's pretty clear from the game that it was his right knee. Golden said Buchanan will be undergoing surgery, but didn't say when.

The Canes were wearing shorts and jerseys, no pads, no helmets this morning.

Of the guys who seemed to be physically hurting during the Bethune-Cookman game, all were at practice except for Buchanan.  

Golden said Sunday of wide receiver Phillip Dorsett: "He hurt his leg [and/or groin] in some capacity. He couldn't go. Hopefully it's something that will loosen up on him during the week.''

We did see Dorsett today, but Golden just informed us that of the injured guys, Dorsett was hurting the most. "We'll see by the end of the week,'' the coach said. "He's a little bit more injured than those [other] guys."

The players who WERE at practice Monday, though I really don't know how extensively they practiced: running backs Lamar Miller and Mike James, cornerbacks Brandon McGee and Lee Chambers and Dorsett.

 Golden said Chambers and McGee "should be fine. One had a cramp (McGee) and one had a bruise (Chambers) that they just wanted to be careful with in terms of an X-ray.''

Here's the link to the newest depth chart for Virginia Tech game: http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/041811aab.html

Note that LB Jordan Futch OR Kelvin Cain are starting on the outside, opposite Sean Spence, who is backed up by Denzel Perryman, with Jimmy Gaines and Gionni Paul in the middle.

At left defensive tackle it says Marcus Forston OR Adewale Ojomo (the former DE).

Freshman Anthony Chickillo is starting again at right defensive end.

Also, at free safety it says Vaughn Telemaque OR Ray-Ray Armstrong (returning this week from suspension).

At left offensive tackle, it says Brandon Washington OR Malcolm Bunche.

At right tackle, it says Jon Feliciano OR Seantrel Henderson.

At running back, Eduardo Clements is listed after starter Lamar Miller, with an OR between Clements and Mike James.





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@ Eudocimus. I certainly dont think your comment was racist but culturally ignorant, yes. Absent you styding his test scores and IQ, you dissected his interview, couldnt relate to anyone you knew that was intelligent that sounded like him, and deemed him dumb. There are many guys that speak with this drawl simply b/c thats how everyone around them spoke growing up and this does NOT tranlate to intelligence. Universities have PR personnel to help prep these guys for interviews to speak in a more "tradational" tone b/c they know ppl like you will hear their genuine drawl and judge them as unintelligent as well as the University. Get some diversity in your life and you wont think this way.

R.I.P. I don't need the link. I've looked at it 1,000 times. And as far as a 45k seat stadium, that's the size of UCFs stadium. Seriously, that's your benchmark??? And if you still think it's OK for UM to have a 45k seat stadium just go to Google Earth, compare Bright House Networks Stadium to lake Osceola and tell me that fits there! You are in denial my friend...

Just in case you really are dead serious about the Lake Osceola plan, that space would barely fit the 8,000 seat Bank United Center...

Posted by: canes_5rings | October 04, 2011 at 10:53 AM

Will all respect, Two Bank United Centers would fit. (it's a pretty big lake). Look it up. A tight 45k facility will fit. And if it's close, you make it fit. Check the google earth view. The track will fit without a problem. You dig down, make it a pit and make the street level entrance about half way up inside the stadium. I assure you, an architect could come with with more than 3 ways to make a "small" 45k facility fit there. We're not talking 75-80k here.

Hey, a guy can dream, but like any crazy idea, why not dream big ? It's the ONLY on campus option. And it's just a hole with water in it.

My point is, it's doable, could be done reasonably cheaply, finished inside of 2 years and worth thinking about.

Remember the Earth.. she's a round !

You are in denial my friend...

Posted by: canes_5rings | October 04, 2011 at 11:14 AM

yeah probably, but to the insane, the sane are insane...

it'll fit.

Besides living in Eaton overlooking the lake for two of the four years I was at UM, I'm looking at Google Maps of UM side-by-side with 45k seat stadiums and the field would barely fit, including sidelines, across the skinniest part between Eaton and the Weeks Center/Clarke Hall.

Even if you could somehow find a way to squeeze an odd-shaped building in there, it would almost touch nearby buildings and make the residential side of the campus feel incredibly cramped. Even if it's a man-made lake, shouldn't there be some nature around?

With the size of enrollment at UM an on-campus stadium would also be a giant pain for most UM fans to get to as well. How many students actually go to the games? Maybe 3-5k on a good day. Plus there's literally NO parking.

It's not the "only on campus option." It's just another one that doesn't work. There are NO on campus options. My point is that it's time for people to move on. Upgrade Hecht. Make it world-class. Look at Oklahoma's facilities on that ESPN show... the stadium is big and boring. But their day-to-day facilities were mind-blowing.

Well knock down Eaton then...

ahhhhhhhhh you're probably right, oh well.

Ureka ! Tropical Park !!! ?

Marine Stadium available ? hmmmmm, a pontoon field ?

10-4 on the mind blowing facilities. Would be nice.

I've heard Tropical Park batted around for like 20 years... I wonder why nothing ever happens with that. I guess there's been no urgency to build since the OB was there for so long then when that was over, the move to Sun Life happened quickly.

I do think the next big donation needs to go to starting over with Hecht. That's where the players spend most of their time and it would benefit all sports. Those are the facilities they need to be impressed by when they're recruited.


Yes i have been saying this for years, UM needs better facilities or we are going to continue to get the left overs from other schools..any 18 year old would tell you that they would prefer a home stadium versus a rental. Canes nation wake up and lets push for a stadium OR The U as we all know it will die...FIRE SHALLALALALLALALALLALALALAL is is the reason why our program is not moving forward.. And Yes we have the money

Canes305u, I have to say it once again... where does this home stadium go? And what's wrong with a stadium good enough for the Super Bowl over and over? The problem with the facilities is not the stadium. It's the day to day stuff like locker rooms, weight rooms, equipment rooms, athletic offices, etc. Those are the difference makers.

Tally, it takes time to coach players up and change the culture in their mind from a mediocre team to a winning team. Had Golden had many of these players before their senior years then there is no telling how good they could be but he hasn't. Butch Davis had to do many of the things Golden is doing now only it is at a quicker rate. The teams offense has an identity and special teams are great for the first time in a decade. The defense is giving up alot of yards on the ground but not a lot of points by being out of position and taking better angles on ball carriers after the catch. This team although not where we want it to be is light years better than last years in doing the little things. Jacory looks better although Morris actually is the better QB but give Jacory credit he is playing smarter now. After 3 years of 7 and 6 then U have a legitimate reason to be critical but until that enjoy watching our team grow and get back to where they should be, at the top. If then U can't stand the fact that Golden is better than Shannon or Coker then by all means go pull for FIU, or Florida A&M or somebody else.

Who are u to tell someone who to go root for? You are the same person that called someones mom a stupid b#### on the internet. You also said that schiano was a better coach and dc than shannon. looking at his record i cant tell. you also stated that marve was better than jacory and shannon ran all qb's off. You need to go root for another team with all your bs garbage analytical skills. Same penalties and a lack of adjustments on both sides of the ball is what i see.

Yep that would be correct and I am right. Don't hate because I look at things logically and U choose to look at things illogically. There are no ways the penalties and turnovers this year compared to last year.

If your eyes are that bad maybe an analytical trip to the eye doctor would help U out.

Wow don't hate on you.lol What is there to hate? I don't hate cowards that say things about people on the internet that they cant say in their face. I just don't respect them. Buster.lol

Whoooo U hurt me there tally, I would do the same to someones face as I do via the internet. What might U be refering to might I ask? And who is Buster?

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