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Perryman eager to fill in for Buchanan, help Canes plug leaky run defense

CORAL GABLES -- The Miami Hurricanes lost one of their veteran leaders at linebacker when Ramon Buchanan went down with a season-ending right knee injury last Saturday.

Denzel Perryman At the end of this season, UM will lose another when Sean Spence graduates and heads off to the NFL. The future? Denzel Perryman plans to be a big part of that.

The 6-foot, 217-pound freshman from Coral Gables High will not get his first college start Saturday at Virginia Tech. Jordan Futch told us Tuesday he'll replace Buchanan in the starting lineup at strongside linebacker. But Perryman, currently seventh on the team with 16 tackles, knows he'll be counted on to play in the rotation plenty in Blacksburg as UM tries to figure out ways to plug its leaky run defense.

"Coach has kind of been talking to me about it. Telling me to be ready [to play more]," Perryman said. "When I first came in, I didn't have any clue. Sean Spence, Ramon Buchanan, all the older guys, kind of helped me, sat down with me after practice, went over the playbook with me.

"Consistency wise, day by day I get better. I've still messed up on a couple things that I need to work on. But I'll be alright."

On Monday, Golden said Perryman's biggest issue has been a lack of consistency. "Obviously he was focused Saturday," Golden said of Perryman, who had a career-high seven tackles against Bethune-Cookman. "He prepared well, showed up on special teams and on first and second down. He had a couple of shots on the nickel. [But] consistency is the biggest thing there."

On the team's depth chart, Perryman is listed as the backup to Spence at weakside linebacker. But, he said, "depending on the calls I'll line up on the strong side." Sophomore Kelvin Cain, who had a 59-yard interception return for a touchdown versus Bethune-Cookman on a pass that was deflected right into his hands, is listed as the backup at strongside linebacker and will also play in the rotation.

No matter who is in there the Hurricanes (2-2) have to figure out a way to play better run defense. After giving up 219 yards to the Wildcats last Saturday, UM's run defense fell from 99th to 105th nationally (202.25 yards per game).

"I think it's pretty much just missed tackles," Perryman said of UM's troubles. "We get there, get in position and just have to wrap up. [Defensive coordinator Mark] D'Onofrio calls a great defense. Everybody has to do their job, fill gaps."

Virginia Tech, second in the country in run defense, own the ACC's second best run offense behind Georgia Tech at a 196-yard per game clip. Tailback David Wilson ranks seventh nationally with 127.80 yards per game.

"I watched film yesterday with Sean Spence. We're pretty much going to have wrap up and run our feet," Perryman said. "He's a tough runner. He keeps his feet moving. We have to put a hat on him every play."

While Perryman will split time at linebacker, he'll continue to be counted on heavily on special teams. After four games, he is tied with Andrew Swasey for the team lead in special teams tackles with four. Considering Perryman only punted and kicked off in high school (he started at linebacker since his freshman year), he's really turned out to be a pleasant surprise on a unit he never had much experience with.

"When they first put me on [special teams], I was kind of nervous about it," Perryman said. "It was college. Big leagues. Everything was fast. I wasn't used to it. Doing it in practice with scouts giving me a good look got me ready. I've kind of a got a habit of just running down there fast and making sure nobody hits me until I get to the ball."


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this guy is a beast and will have the same impact that Spence has eventually...he and chick will be the leaders of this defense in the future...

Our linebackers are too small... Thats whycour run D sucks

just wanna refloat this 5Rings... I know where you stand and respect that...

Perryman, time to go Gables boy.

Where near campus?

Posted by: Eudocimus | October 03, 2011 at 09:16 PM

Just cement in that algae filled mosquito pit Lake Osceola smack dab in the middle of Campus with a 45k tight, LOUD, enclosed, bandbox Stadium.

I'm dead serious. That Lake (man-made I believe) is pretty on a post card, but it's a huge waste of space and serves absolutely nothing as an ecological benefit what so ever.

People keep asking where on campus is there room ? Well that's it. Period... And before the naysayers say nit, dream for a minute, just what that facility would look like filled to the brim on a Saturday afternoon... It would be sweet, and it would be all ours.

Parking ? Who cares ! Take the Metro-Fail !

Too small for mike linebacker 6 ft 217. matthews kid was 230 when he was in college. Pat angerer was about the same. Aj hawk, 230. He can get bigger though.

Again, thin and small at mlb. Let some kid from fort myers go who was 6 ft 230 and also a beast. Thats a position that we need depth on due to the pounding.

The key is not the mlb position. The key is that weak a55 d-line that cant stop my grandma from walking through in her walker.

Look people if we dont get a stadium on or near campus.. the U will die. No one wants to come play for us anymore because we cant even have a permanent home... say what u wanna say, but kids today make decisions based on material things... and a stadium will help persuade the best to stay at the u.

No one with half a brain asks where on campus there's room for a stadium.


The city would never allow it.

So now that that's out, where near campus would you put it?

I propose we build the stadium on top of Donna Shalala's house. I hear she has an oversized lot, that would be perfect for a small facilty to accomodate the 600 to 700 poor souls who would actually show up to watch this sorry team play.

Here's the thing - the stadium has to be in south Miami, but if it's not within walking distance of UM then there's no point and they'd just be downgrading their stadium in exchange for a shorter drive.

I don't know that such a site doesn't exist, but I've never heard any possible suggestions.

We are the canes
Our LBs are too small
We still don't have a stadium
Build it on a lake
Build it on Donna's place
If you build it no one will come anyway


UH OH!!!! As if the Gators D-line needs players missing for the game.

and counting. loser.

The next great one...


[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

I'm OK with DP at LB. He is small, but makes up for it y being in right place and not getting easily moved out of that place. I like Cain, too. And Robinson, but LB is still the weak spot on D. I would even try Fortson at LB. He is not a college DT.

I think J12 is leading the offense. U still got to better utilize offensive weapons, like Hagens, and please, please, do something with the TE position.

JJ used the TE's effectively, so did Schlenberger. And, I hate to say, it, but so did Coker.

On a stadium: Not in "the Gables." U teams of yesterday did not care about a stupid stadium. They just won and kept going. Same with weight room. Even though the OB was way past its heyday, UM appreciated playing in it.

I'm against a stadium, simply because UM won and won BIG w/out one in the past. The attraction to UM for players is the dominance factor and they know if U are good at UM, U will be in the NFL. U has not been dominant for about 9 years. Thanks Coach Coker.

I think if U build a stadium, it'll have to be somewhere near the Broward line. Where? I don't know.

'Cool Cat, I understand what you are saying but I totally disagree. Reason? Times have changed. Money is exponentially greater now. Stadiums, etc., do matter.

The OB was a great place because of its atmosphere, history and tradition. It's gone now so forget about it.

You cannot have possibly looked at the Bama/Florida or Nebraska/Wisconsin games and not thought that a true home stadium matters.

It does. It is a mark against the U. Can they overcome that? Maybe. The U has positives other schools don't have but do not deny lack of a stadium is a negative mark.

Stadiums? You're all writing about stadiums? A stadium is the reason a recruit comes? That isn't an opinion I share. On campus stadium is nice but Miami has not had one before and were very successful. Let's not get disstracted with this concept and understand that every recruit is different; but they share one common factor - who will prepare me best for the next level? Who has won at least one national championship in every decade since the 1980's? Come on man! We're talking about a stadium?

U guys are right about back in the day but this is not back in the day. THe truth is winning more than anything brings in recruits. The stadium and facilities are a bonus to them. The fact is ESPN harps on facilities and on site stadiums so much now that recruits start believing that junk is important. What I don't get is what have the Marlins done in comparison to the U to warrant a new stadium. They are a pro team that may go within a few years or at any time. The Canes are Miami's team, not the Dolphins, Heat or Marlins. IF anyone deserves a stadium it is the U of Miami.

The only logical stadium situation would be for UM to build at Tropical Park. If I were the President of UM....I would approach Dade County about going into a "partnership" whereas Tropical Park becomes an "extension" of the college. They can easily build a 45,000 seat stadium there....parking would be only challange though. UM would have a home stadium in a great location....the field could be used for local high school games....great tool for keeping recruits home. I also think Tamiami would be a good place to have a stadium.

Here is something that should be considered..does the stadium talk outweigh the legacy of placement by the "U" of so many players doing great on Sunday's....High school kids dream of the Big time, and Miami opens the door..that is FAR more important than whether the stadium is in the Gables or not...The logistics of a stadium therefore do NOT outweigh playing in the NFL. Playing for the "U" does.
Go 'Canes

Who is the strength coach at um? Tired of seeing us get pushed around on both sides of the ball. Pleanty of speed and heart. Need a little more muscle though. go canes! please beat vt.

Does the new marlins stadium have room for football, that would be nice atlast moving to the old site of OB

The u has not been dominant for 9 yrs, thanks coach coker. That.. Is according to the sage of this blog, cool cat

Lets analyze his post,

2002- coker is coach. UM plays for the NC again. Shannon, the dc, decides not to send pressure onto krenzel, so he sits in the pocket 4th and 13, and makes the play. Still miami ends #2 12-1

2003. Coker is coach. Miami plays FSU in the OB. Finishes #5.

2004. Coker is coach. Miami plays #17 Florida in the peach bowl, so it didnt benefit miami to beeetch slap the turds. miami finishes 13 or so. ( t minus 7 according to cool cat) 9-3

2005. Coker is coach. Miami destroys vt in blacksburg, but finishes 9-3 and loses bad to lsu. Shannons defense stunk badly. If anyone shoiuld have been fired, it was shannon.

So cool cat, yooure racist rants make no sense. Gt it through your thick, affirmative action head. Jacorry s,,,ks, and shannon was worse than coker

A stadium is important to the U. A place that is truly "Our house" makes a difference, given a good team. It is a center of excitement, and gathers its own tradition with time.
Surely, there must be a way to make it happen.
Why would Coal Gables be so opposed? I am not familiar enough with whatever the issues might be. Oftentimes, it is belief that limits action and eventual success. Change the belief, change the momentum, produce the desired outcome. Most of us have done it in our lives, no? Why not UM?

You never know. Marlins attendance might still suck and the team could get sold and HEY...U.M. gets an updated Orange Bowl with a retractable roof...I CAN DREAM, RIGHT?

Stadium/Schmadium. Never mattered before. Doesn't matter now. The U has a whopping total of 15,000 students, including grad and undergrad. About 5000 of them are grad students and don't give a crap about football and/or don't have a full Saturday to spend on football games. Half of the undergrad students are culturally disinterested in American football, and they won't show up either. That leaves 5000 students, many of which don't even live on campus, to go to the games. Forgive me, but most of the UM fans never went to the U but fell in love with it anyway somewhere along the way. We don't need an on campus stadium. What we need is a dominant presence in Florida and to win big games and to outrank UF and FSU. WINNING will bring both fans and recruits to any stadium in Dade county. "If you win it, they will come."

-Alot of negative energy across the board that comes with frustration. So here is my take on things....I just read the 2011 Canes roster, and we have the size to put huge guys at DT.
We are out weighed fifty pounds per man at the D tackle location every game. 285-300 does not cut it today vs. OLs with 330 to 375 lb guys..forget horrible skill sets from Forston and the injuries...he will not stay low, and should have taken the year off to rehab his leg....yet we are twelve deep on the OL with a number of 6'5 330+ underclassmen who aren't braking the O lineup and will likely not play now or next year, yet we don't ask them to switch to D line to help out. I will bet anything that these huge boys played DT in HS too..yet we ask running backs and Qbacks to take one for the team and play in the secondary. Just get them in there to tie up the middle three OL for a couple of downs to offset the weakness there. Would these beasts rather play now or sit? Come on coaching staff..and where is the responsible culprit? Hello Jethro?? All the bad press and bitching here about D'nofrio and I haven't seen one blog or article going after the DL coach. The DL is always two feet outside the neutral zone, and does not fire out at the snap to get leverage under the opposing OL, and Forston is constantly taking himself out of the play and never keeps his eyes on the ball. He looks pathetic at times, and never runs hard to pursue, his head on a swivel. Ray Lewis is has become the best middle line backer in the pros with two behemoth 350-400 pound D tackles in front of him stuffing the run...the Goose Seragusa never sacked a Q back but he and guys like 'Tractor" Traylor (385) tied up the center and three guards and freed the LBs and DEs to make the sacks and stop the run. I know this, take a look at the commits for next year and not one 300 lb 6'5 DL. You do not grow this kind of size, it is there before they get out of HS...just look at the size of the guys at LSU, Alabama, etc... One thing good about this week...the injury may put Spence back at ML, where the D played the best game all year vs. OSU. And for all the armchair blogsters with single digit football IQs, try reading a little bit of Blood, Sweat and Chalk and maybe you will start really talking about the game, the Canes and strategy from an educated perspective...

"It ain't the size of the dog in the fight that matters. It's the size of the fight in the dog"--Jimmy Johnson

Perryman is already among the best 10 players on the team.
He will step up nationally on Saturday.
Nice to see an article about him, while he's still somewhat under the radar.
Go, Canes!

This stadium crap is almost as bad as everyone, including the ESPN gurus talking about how bad the UM training and weight room facilities are...I don't understand, how did we win 5 National Titles with those kind of facilities? The facilities have been greatly upgraded since the JJ and Butch years. This is just BS that is spread around to keep top recruits from attending the U.

Go Canes!

Exactly, if anyone go online to see the U Athletic Facility, they may wonder, what in the heck are the ESPN commentators talking about, they are not that bad, now of course, its always bigger and better, heck here in the Dallas area in the suburbs, the city of Allen is building a $60million dollar stadium just for high school, it will hold 18,000 people, and come equip with the latest of entertainment gadgets, compare this with the university of minnesota new stadium, the most recent stadium built on a college campus, sorry not counting that crap FIU built,had to say it,,that is $288 million stadium and it only hold 51,000 fans,,so the U gotta be somewhere in the middle..you would assume...

Would love to see Golden use more of the young guys. They are the future let them get experience. People come to see "exciting" and winning teams. Do that and thew will come. Miami ain't no old university in a small town with 1 million alumni. Win and they will come

I would advise the school to extend the contracts of all the current football coaches, heck give them another 50-80k on top of thier current salaries, sound low, but they will greatly appreciate it, and these coaches will earn every red cent when they are recruiting, representing the U in the community, and fighting off negative criticism,,people become aggravated when they are underpaid, and addtional workload come thier way,incease the pay of the coaches, start winning, the fans will return, the current staduim will have to work,,unless the university and the alumni can come up with at least 150million

Agree that a winning team will draw fans to wherever the team plays. No question.

A winning team AND a setting like the Orange Bowl became hallowed turf. It had its own mystique to repel invaders. It was a record setting place for the Canes to defend. It boosted our performance and intimidated opponents.

A good team AND an on campus stadium are an unbeatable combo.

Sun Life can never offer this. It is a pro stadium in a sanitized football league.

UM needs an on campus stadium AND a great team. This will attract students on the basis of convenience. This will attract the community on the basis of a winner and a campus experience. It will attract recruits who wish to play in a place that develops its own tradition, and is at the core of the university. The energy will draw fans, just like the old OB did.

As a former grad student, I never missed a home game. It was too exciting and the books took a back seat for that day or evening!

Wish someone would step up and make this a reality, wherever it might be placed. There is no substitue for an on campus stadium, and it is time for the UM to make it real.

I agree dbc. It is time and necessary for the powers that be to start looking into making this a reality and begin pouring some money's into the football program. It is ridiculous the way that this athletic program who is the sporting team of this city has been neglected and shown such disrespect by this administration after it has given this city 5 national titles. It has truley been a shameful act by Shalala and her cronies. It is time that we as fans demand that our beloved Canes begin getting the respect and attention that they deserve.

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