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Regis suspended for Georgia Tech after punching UNC receiver in groin

CORAL GABLES -- Micanor Regis won't be suiting up for the Canes against Georgia Tech Saturday. He's punched his way out of the starting lineup and onto the suspended list.

The 6-3, 300-pound senior defensive tackle was suspended by UM coach Al Golden Thursday for what was described as a violation of team rules. The rule Regis broke? He was caught on film punching North Carolina receiver Dwight Jones in the groin early in the third quarter.

"Micanor's actions in the North Carolina game will not be tolerated," Golden said in a statement released by the school. "We expect our players to represent our program with class on and off the field, and when they do not, there are consequences. Quite honestly I'm embarrassed and I just apologized to Coach Withers and shared that sentiment. We do not teach, nor will we ever condone this type of behavior in our football program."

Regis has started all six games this season and leads all defensive linemen with 25 tackles. He also has three tackles for a loss, one sack, and two pass breakups.

With Regis out, the Hurricanes will likely start senior Adewale Ojomo (6-4, 265) and junior Darius Smith (6-3, 335) at tackle. Freshmen Olsen Pierre (6-4, 265) and Jalen Grimble (6-2, 280) would provide depth.

"I'm truly sorry for my foolish actions Saturday during the North Carolina game," Regis said in a statement released by the school. "It was hurtful, wrong, and embarrassing to both football programs, to both schools, and to the millions of college football fans that were watching. Specifically, I want to apologize to Dwight Jones, coach Withers, and the entire UNC football program. I am hoping and praying that you all forgive me for my actions."

Georgia Tech averages 347 rushing yards per game.



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"....and to the millions of college football fans that were watching"

Anyway, tough loss especially this week...hope our offense out-scores them....

WOw he got'em good too. Come on man you can't be playing like that. It was way too obvious.

Did he at least get a bounty for it?

I thought that was part of football.

@canesalltheway, maybe not million(s), but million is a possibility, you'll be surprised by how much fan support miami has outside the state and country.

The Miami motto that won us 5 NCs. If the ref don't call it, it is legal. Miami did not win with choir boys. Golden is too clean to be a CANE!!!!

canesrule, i'm sure you're the next target, so you'll find out soon! lol

@Enter the world of da []_[]

I doubt a million people watched that game.

If he were at Florida he would only be suspended for the first play of the game.

Is Regis "nuts"? Haha. Oh well. Next game.





I'm sorry it was really funny to me. Thug U all day baby!!!! hahahahahahaha

At'a boy Regis!! I bet dwight jones is still wearing an ice pack.

from the movie, The Longest Yard....

"he was like, OH MY BALLS!!!"

If the ref doesn't see it, it never happened. Until someone invented youtube, dammit!

Nice lil'upper cut to the nuts there Regis!!! I hope this goes on the highlight reel.

A senior lineman who knows what GT is all about is suspended. That's just great! That said, AG made the right call. If Regis acts like a tool again then he should be kicked off the team.

It doesnt matter if you suspend everyone on the DL. We are getting steamrolled!...

Spence will break Ray Lewis/Dan Morgan tackle record for a single game on Saturday. Unfortunately none will be behind the LOS.

Go Canes!

It's against the riles, but this is exactly the kind of stuff that made the U a feared team. Now if someone can break out the cami's. U got to put fear in people, especially on D.

I think Regis is a good fit for the DL, but it's the last thing needed right now. Just one more excuse the underperforming and clueless DC.

I read the article on Tommy, very good by the way, but Susan I'll like to know if there are any news on Johnson and his suspension, can he come back next year?

Well, we certainly don't need anymore D linemen out. Gotta keep your head but anyone who has played football can understand this sort of thing.

There goes this game. Not to be downer Don but we aint shutting down G-Tech without Regis in the middle.

Damn it, o well.

Let's go CANES!!

Lamar Miller and Mike James are gonna have a field day if UVA RB was able to run over them. Then add in Eduardo Clements and I see us having 3 rushing TDs. Add another from Stretch'em Out Streeter possibly another from Hurns and lets see if Benjamin takes one to the house and this will be over.

Triple Option vs. The U = GAME OVER. We've seen that offense enough and dealt with it very well last year. What was the score, 35-10?? Sounds familiar.

GT's record is a garbage lie just like UNC's garbage record. Who have they played and then when they got their heads all bloated they dealt with a rushing game plan of UVA. Lets take a look at GT's record shall we. I did the same thing for UNC on another blog and turned out that I was completely right.

GT's record so far...

Western Carolina 63-21
Middle Tennessee 49-21
Kansas 66-24
UNC 35-28
NC state 45-25
Maryland 21-16
UVA 21-24

Just like UNC this record is made up of lies. BS #'s that amount to nothing at the end of the day due to the simple fact that they all come from garbage teams. Miami has played against REAL teams. Personally I have never heard of Western Carolina(sorry). We could have beaten Maryland but we went into that game with a load of suspensions and players having to learn new positions. 75% of the "starting" defense was missing in that game, plus we were missing our fastest receiver who no one on Maryland's defense would have been able to keep up with. Other games we simply shot ourselves in the foot with dumb penalties and turnovers. At this point penalties are down significantly, Harris has been playing like a mature professional QB leading his team. The way he has handled all the pressure from everyone around him and to overcome that and lead his team to a WIN is what a leader does. Overcome adversity and lead all to victory. Way to go J12!!!

Georgia doesn't have it. I said it already and I'll happily say it again, if GT had trouble holding down UVA's rush attack, they will get destroyed by smash and dash.

Good luck GT, you're gonna need it.



GO U !





just got off of youtube to see some of GT's games from this season.

What a bunch of garbage!!!!!

They have played against some of the slowest teams I have ever seen. D1 players against what looks like, to me, D3 players. What a joke!!!

Smash and Dash are gonna have fun come saturday!!!

Canetill.... Slow down there, bubba

While i am confident about the Us chances, i wouldnt completely discard GT. The triple option can be deadly... If they are on the same page

Miamis weaknes- run D

Enough said

We'll have to outscore them. Period.

Cool cat...

From one corner of your mouth you say that micanors punch was the thug miami way and we should embrace it.

Then you go blaming the dc for regis punching the guys n...uts. How did donofrio cause that? Are you saying he cluelessly coached him to do that?

The clueless one is you, uncool cat. Do yourself a favor... Stop posting on this blog

3 irrelevant...

completely understand your statement but look at what we did to them last year. Then go to youtube and see the games they played this year..They are all jokes.

Plus we got Vernon back who I'm confident that he'll play better than ray ray did his first game back. Vernon has been practicing on both sides and all he wants to do is slam somebody. Love that mentality.

We do need to be careful but we can outrun them all day. If UVA's RB can do it imagine what smash and dash will do and they hit TD Tommy for the fade route and definitely hit Walford up the middle for the first downs and possibly break it for a TD..


That suspension is gonna really affect us. 3 of our top 4 lineman have weights of 280, 265 and 265. GT is not a great team but they are good at running it up the middle. Our best hope of winning is getting a 3 TD lead ASAP and then Hoping they try to thrown it in the second half. If the game is close at halftime then they will run it to death when our light and inexperienced DTs are tired and they will be hard to stop.

UM 42. GT. 35

"Regis has started all six games this year..."
He has??? Man the guy has been a complete non-factor all year

Johnson intends to turn pro, and his suspension hasn't been lifed. It was in The Herald on Sunday.

That was nothing compared to what Golson from MSU did to Denard Robinson last weekend. This isn't TIDDLY-WINKS!!!

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

In order to win this game we will have to score 50 points. I don't understand why suspend him for an entire game when players in the SEC only get suspended one half. In the Georgia and Vanderbilt game played on there was two fouls when a center went for the knees of a Georgia player after the whistle had blown and the other guy responded by jumping on the center and throwing a punch. Then on a separate play Georgia safety took a cheep shop at a receiver but all they got was a half game suspension.

I guess one conference wants to win when the other conference is more concerned about sportsmanship. One conference has won 5 national championships straight and our conference... Well, let's just say that I am a huge Clemson fan. Georgia Tech can be stopped but Clemson offense has to have an off day to lose.

@markdrebin... Golden too clean to be a CANE?

Two comments:

Coach Golden is definitely a man of principle and a character builder. Ultimately good stuff.

Did Micanor knock the guy out of the game? Let's get practical as well.





lets get loud.. by UR tickets..... lets go

FILL THE DAME STADIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's all up to the offense. You can't stop Tech unless you take the fullback away from them. Their offense just got better without Regis. I have no idea how Golden can shuffle things around enough to hide the glaring weakness and lack of weight, strength, etc. of whatever is left of the D-Line.






Howard Snellenberger was a master at winning games with smaller and faster DLineman...we will be OK. Speed kills the Triple Option...Go Canes

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