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Seantrel Henderson willing to fight through a little back pain for the Canes

CORAL GABLES -- Seantrel Henderson isn't 100 percent healthy -- that much is clear. But the 6-8, 345-pound sophomore offensive tackle wasn't going to sit this season out. And now his plan is to give the Canes' offensive line whatever he can moving forward.

Seantrel Henderson Henderson saw his first action of the season Saturday versus Bethune-Cookman and saw 11 offensive snaps and a couple snaps on extra points. It wasn't anything special. But considering Henderson had back surgery August 8th to repair a herniated disc and was told by doctors initially he would miss the entire 2011 season, the fact Henderson has returned to a Canes uniform this quickly can be seen as a victory all around.

"I was kind of getting like depressed just sitting there watching my teammates play everyday and not being able to do anything," Henderson said Tuesday -- the first time the Freshman All-American has been allowed to speak with the media since injuring his back in the spring.

"They told me I was supposed to miss the season. I didn't think I was going to be back this year. I think it was just the rehab and treatment I was getting everyday [that helped me get back]. I was just working hard."

Although he likely won't start at right tackle Saturday against Virginia Tech, Henderson said Tuesday he's ready for more action. And that's good news for a UM offensive line that will have the challenge of slowing down a Hokies pass rush that has produced 15 sacks in 5 games. UM, meanwhile, has allowed four sacks in four games.

"I haven’t been to Blacksburg but I’ve heard it’s real loud so we have hand gestures and all sorts of things to help us communicate well with each other,” Henderson said.

As for how he injured his back in the spring, Henderson said he was doing squats in the UM weight room when he "just kind of felt my leg just go dead, numb.

"I didn't know what it was," Henderson said. "I thought I just pulled a hip muscle or something like that. I didn't get an MRI until the day before our spring game. Then I knew."

Although his pain has subsided some since the surgery, Henderson said he still feels it every now and then and did so Saturday against Bethune-Cookman. The coaching staff has limited his leg work in the weight room to help prevent a further flare up.

"I just got to make sure I get my rehab in every day as far as ice tubs and ice in my back and heat just to make sure I'm doing everything so I don't have too much strain in my back," Henderson said.

Throughout his rehab, Henderson said he's maintained his weight at 345 pounds -- 40 pounds lighter than where he came in at last year. He said while he couldn't work out as hard with his legs because of the injury he kept working out his upper body.

Is he back to where he wants to be with his legs? "I'm still working on getting it back," Henderson said. "But I'm pretty close."

Eventually, Henderson's future will be at left tackle for UM. But right now, he said he just wants to get back on the field and help.

"He looked pretty good out there to me today," defensive tackle Adewale Ojomo said of Henderson Tuesday. "Me and Seantrel, we went at it today. He's a very strong, physical guy. Either you're the hammer or you're the nail, and I wasn't going to be the nail today. He was putting guys on their butt -- just not me."


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It's a breath of Gulfstream breeze that Biggin' Henderson is back in full pads.

Big Hendo bringin it! Glad to have him back.

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Were going undefeated the rest of the way. trust me, i know what im talking about!

Trust me here: VT thinks they own U. They don't respect U. I like Henderson's approach and wish all the players would do same. This is going to be like KSU, who had a very good defense. U will light it up on offense, like they did against KSU. Again, who will do what on the DL? LB? DB's?

LB'a re leaving open spots across the middle and teams run right at them. DB's are lax in zone and man coverage.

If U win this game, U will have J12 to thank, because he was able to do what DL, LB, DB could not.

With Seantrel and Jacory all will be fine
They will also play defense since the D sucks
U will run the table
U will laugh at Va Tech
U don't need no stadium
U don't need no D
U will outscore everyone
Dah U is back

and counting. loser.

I was talking to my buddy and Lockhart Stadium may be a good location for our stadium. I know it's in Broward but there is a Miami Subs right off the Commercial Boulevard exit

v tech 17 miami 31 GO MIAMI


Canes305u, maybe they can put the stadium on a landfill. Then it will smell just like Gainesville. The only difference is that the trash here will be outside the stadium.


Posted by: Brantley's left leg

You're a jackarse. Where else can we put the stadium? Quit your gator witch hunt and think about it. Canes playing smack dab in the middle of one of the most fertile recruiting grounds in the country. You're owned you mom's basement living fool. Probably never even been to an away game

I think we're gonna shock some people.


C-A-N-E-S CANES ! ! !

This kid is taking a big chance coming back so early. That said....this is some warrior s**t.

Good luck!

Keep fighting, Seantrel. Get out there and dominate the Hokies. You are a winner, and so
are the Canbes! Play like a warrior!

Seantrel showing big heart, love to see that.

Good to have him back. That's huge.

canes305u - you sound like a troll but only one out of every five posts is insulting or "funny".

Are you really spending that much effort "infiltrating" this blog to get people to talk to you?

We will win this game. VT is over rated. We played down to our competition last week. We still have problems on D but we will come out on top. We could have easily been 4 - 0 at least 3-1. We just need the D to step up. 27 -21 all Miami

Go Canes

We stop the run in this game and Jacory doesn't throw ints and we win this game easy. Va Tech will be ready though.

Can you imagine what Bryant McKinnie would have done in this situation?

Seantrel Henderson = McKinnie + Heart.

Can we put Henderson at DT? I hope we can plug
the middle some how. Miami has a very good chance to comeout of Blacksburg with a Win. I haven't seen VT play, but I keep hearing their offense is not that good. I guess will see this Saturday. Please, please, please, guys don't make stupid mistakes in this game.

They have a new quarterback who looked lost against Clemson. Hit him early and he's done. I'd risk letting up the big play by bringing Ray Ray and Telemarketer in the first half.

Past two years against Va Tech reminds me of the Spiller days with Clemson. They beat us by one big play by their superstar HB.

Well we have the superstar HB now, Lamar Miller is the best running back UM has seen since Portis.

Plus no matter what the result of the game, Va Tech fans eat their mascot and do the Hokie Pokie at the end of the third quarter, and at the end of the day that's what it's all about.

I hope they don't push Seantrel back into action too quickly. My wife had herniated disc surgery a number of years ago by one of the top neurosurgens in Miami. She still has some pain from it to this day. He will recover too, but will probably have pain from it the rest of his life. Will he be able to play football? Yes, but how much it affects his play, only time will tell.

There's a reason the japanese live longer than the rest of us, a man Seantrel's size is not long for this world, might as well make the most of it.

There's a reason the japanese live longer than the rest of us, a man Seantrel's size is not long for this world, might as well make the most of it.

My best advice to Seantrel would be to not return to the playing field until his back is fully rehabbed. A back injury presents a much more serious career risk than a knee injury. Take a redshirt this season, get the back 100 percent and come out strong next season.

alot of kool-aide drinking going on here...

Amazing what this O-line cane be, and the fact that we've been playing without Seantrel and Bunche.
Golden is inspiring, and perhaps further evidence in the fact that big 77 is already back.
Let's take down VT, baby!

Love the Canes.

But if we come out anything close to the way we came out against BC, it's going to be a long day.

Don't forget that Va Tech, especially the defense, is very well coached. Bud Foster may be the best DC in the NCAA.

I fear Jacory going against the Va Tech defense.

Seantrel will play both ways
He will dominate as a DL
Good thing he is not Japanese
Don't build the stadium on a landfill
Build it on Donna's lot
No one will come anyway
The delUsion is back
U should be 4 - 0, Va Tech, no problem
We are the canes, we run the table
Seantrel will fix the poor tackling at DL
Play Jacory in the secondary
He knows a lot about INTs
Jacory the INT magnet

we dont need to kill the guys future. this season is an adjustment anyway, maybe redshirt and get healthy. as long as we dont make this drag into next season, go for it, but take care of the future. go canes, and good luck to yoyu. we need some help on the oline. but experience this season will help next.

Welcome back Seantrel and good job of working out and getting in shape...I know that standing on the lines and wanting to play was huge, but you also saw a lot that can improve your game concept.
The team is ready, coaches are pumped, the weather is perfect, and the noise is real..
Let's take them in their house.. this is the year to make it happen.

Listen If u r a real die hard UM fan/alumni You would want a stadium for our canes.. there is no room on campus, but UM can expand and build near campus.. What is the benefits you say? Think about the economic impact. Right now the U has to pay a rental fee, pay for transportation to the stadium, for students and players, then all the concession stand money(money the UM wont get)..all the parking fees(UM wont get) basically the owner of the stadium is racking up millions of dollars that UM can pocket. yes the money upfront hurts, but long term, UM will make money. WE NEED A STADIUM... WE ARE GONNA SMACK VT IN THE FACE

Touchdown Alabama

First four games; team has had tackling & assignment issues and they are good with second half adjustments. They really haven't put together a complete game and you can see that they get close at times. 2 - 2 after the first four games; waiting to see how they answer the bell for the next four.

UTrailer player arrested for a felony.

The running joke still lives in Trailerville.

Vt will fall On saturday... Who is going to the game? anyone want to tailgate. This game is important for us, so we need to cheer our boys.

@All Hurricane Fans, me persoanlly i'm glad that Seantrel is coming back. But I think he's coming back a lil too soon. I mean we're talking about a back injury. His opponents, is going to attack that back and they already know that he's not 100% so Bud Foster is going to try and make him pay. But Seantrel I luv ur enthusiasm & heart. Too bad the defense can't feel or see it the same way as you. But I can't criticize the entire defense because Sean Spence,Denzel Perryman,Anthony Chickillo,Jojo Nicohlas,Micanor Regis, those are the only names that I hear on defense. Come on Fella's we need this victory because this will be huge for us. And VT is on our side. Conference wise.

850cane4life, not sure I have heard anything from Micanor Regis, but a guy you forgot is Marcus Robinson. He has played his but off and may have a chance to make it at next level.

Put jojo nicohlas back at corner and let ray ray start.

Ray Ray gonna go undefeated wit Jo Jo

lets put the swagger on the hookies, thats the only way we will win...

we are a long way from being back with alabama coming in our backyard and stealing amari cooper.florida is going to get tracy howard and maybe we get deon bush.without the on campus stadium we will never join the SEC and their teams will continue to raid our backyard.Jacory looks better but looks like same old team under shannon.penalties,false starts,cant get plays in,burning timeouts,illegal substitutions,and of course turnovers.Watched temple against maryland they looked well coached and I beleive golden will get our team to play like that in two years.

it is true we have the best collection of high school talent in the country but until we step up and start supporting the team on home games they will go to schools who fill their stadiums every game or at least more than 10000 on a home game.It makes me laugh hearing from all the diehard fans about how much they love the U.Do any of our fans have jobs or are they all on welfare.Go out and sell more sacks on the corner or rob someone with some money this time so you can afford to go to the next home game.

allways with the swagger comments.If you think coming out with swagger wins games maybe you will remember that we had the best talent in college football with great coaching back when we were winning championships.swagger sounds like whistling in the dark without the substance to go with it.Seems like alabama has been winning plenty of rings without swagger.That only works when teams are scared of us and that hasnt been the case in 10 years.

I agree, all of u talking crap, never show up to the games.. I have my ticket for Vt and Nc.. people wake up we need a stadium of bout 40,000.. kids are materialistic today...if they dont have a good visual of the U, in terms of football, they will end up in a SEC school who do... why cant u guys figure that out... u can say we have won 5 NT without a stadium, but times have changed.. Look at these super conferences, they are changing with the way things work in college football today. This is 2011 and kids wanna play in a home stadium not a RENTAL halfway empty...

Teams are not scared anymore, because the past and current coaches hold the kids back from the swagger... Ray Ray has swagger and u can see it in the way he plays... hopefully he will show us some more sat. the last 10 years is declining in swagger because we get left over recruits... Little P.. boys who have no swagger... we are loosing them to other schools who invest in their athletics program( a stadium)


You're like a broken record with only one song on it, it can't go in coral gables therefore it has to be off campus. So where could it go where in the recruits' minds it's proximity to campus makes up for such a downgrade from a state of the art NFL stadium?

Again with the stadium talk. Must every topic turn into this?

I will take discipline over swagger right now.Thats why we are getting killed against the run.Too many players out of position and it always seems to be the ones who have been here the longest.So shannons players arent buying in to the system.Running teams used to get killed by us.We used to have a top five running defense and number one a lot of times ,now passing teams are looking to run on us and getting 100 yards before halftime[maryland,ohio state]I dont see this changing on sat.

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