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Seantrel Henderson willing to fight through a little back pain for the Canes

CORAL GABLES -- Seantrel Henderson isn't 100 percent healthy -- that much is clear. But the 6-8, 345-pound sophomore offensive tackle wasn't going to sit this season out. And now his plan is to give the Canes' offensive line whatever he can moving forward.

Seantrel Henderson Henderson saw his first action of the season Saturday versus Bethune-Cookman and saw 11 offensive snaps and a couple snaps on extra points. It wasn't anything special. But considering Henderson had back surgery August 8th to repair a herniated disc and was told by doctors initially he would miss the entire 2011 season, the fact Henderson has returned to a Canes uniform this quickly can be seen as a victory all around.

"I was kind of getting like depressed just sitting there watching my teammates play everyday and not being able to do anything," Henderson said Tuesday -- the first time the Freshman All-American has been allowed to speak with the media since injuring his back in the spring.

"They told me I was supposed to miss the season. I didn't think I was going to be back this year. I think it was just the rehab and treatment I was getting everyday [that helped me get back]. I was just working hard."

Although he likely won't start at right tackle Saturday against Virginia Tech, Henderson said Tuesday he's ready for more action. And that's good news for a UM offensive line that will have the challenge of slowing down a Hokies pass rush that has produced 15 sacks in 5 games. UM, meanwhile, has allowed four sacks in four games.

"I haven’t been to Blacksburg but I’ve heard it’s real loud so we have hand gestures and all sorts of things to help us communicate well with each other,” Henderson said.

As for how he injured his back in the spring, Henderson said he was doing squats in the UM weight room when he "just kind of felt my leg just go dead, numb.

"I didn't know what it was," Henderson said. "I thought I just pulled a hip muscle or something like that. I didn't get an MRI until the day before our spring game. Then I knew."

Although his pain has subsided some since the surgery, Henderson said he still feels it every now and then and did so Saturday against Bethune-Cookman. The coaching staff has limited his leg work in the weight room to help prevent a further flare up.

"I just got to make sure I get my rehab in every day as far as ice tubs and ice in my back and heat just to make sure I'm doing everything so I don't have too much strain in my back," Henderson said.

Throughout his rehab, Henderson said he's maintained his weight at 345 pounds -- 40 pounds lighter than where he came in at last year. He said while he couldn't work out as hard with his legs because of the injury he kept working out his upper body.

Is he back to where he wants to be with his legs? "I'm still working on getting it back," Henderson said. "But I'm pretty close."

Eventually, Henderson's future will be at left tackle for UM. But right now, he said he just wants to get back on the field and help.

"He looked pretty good out there to me today," defensive tackle Adewale Ojomo said of Henderson Tuesday. "Me and Seantrel, we went at it today. He's a very strong, physical guy. Either you're the hammer or you're the nail, and I wasn't going to be the nail today. He was putting guys on their butt -- just not me."


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state of the art stadium it is over 20 years old maybe you need to go to alabamas stadium or auburns or even fsu.they dont seem to have a problem filling the stadium and by the way with the fans so far from the field it is hardly a home field advantage the dolphins home record has been horrible since they moved even with marino.It will be the same with us .Maybe we should have spent the bcs bowl money we used to get every year to upgrade our facilities which are worse than some high shools.

tropical park sounds good.. why not? why build a baseball park? do marlins really deserve it or need it? why did we not buy that property when it was for sale and rebuild the OB to better standards? the answer is because the U do Not want to invest in the football program.. and thats why recruit quality is declining. The u is expanding the hospital and research crap...

granted the orange bowl was a dump but the horseshoe endzone was a serious homefield advantage because of the noise with the fans right on top of the field.Go back and look at our home records and the dolphins in the orange bowl then go look at the current stadiums home record.No more 58 straight home winning streaks course better talent would help also.

Simple equation:

New home stadium + Swagga + Pro Bowlers + 143 weeks in a row + 5 rings = 6th NC

Hurricane watcher,
U are prob the only few people on this blog that has any sense.. That crap we play In is old.. is a RENTAL there is nothing state of the art, other than big television/scoreboards... WOW I have one of those at home. moving to sun-life was the wort decision the U has made and the football program will pay for it. We can not move forward unless we build a stadium of our own... Find the money the land and lets build one.

We need a stadium... it help help in the long run... lets fly a plane over sun life and make a statement... ill donate money...

moving to sun-life was the wort decision the U has made and the football program will pay for it.

Posted by: canes305u
Since you seem to have all the answers... Exactly where else could we have gone?

canes305u - The u is expanding the hospital and research crap?

You know I understand that this is a football blog and that the only thing people who read this blog care about is UM's football team but I don't see the point of pretending to have an informed or useful opinion if you're not going to even try to consider the university as a whole because that's the level at which these kinds of decisions are made.

Kids that come to play football only care about the football program and whatever else comes with it... why do you think that most kids enter the draft early? u really think they wanna stick around for hospital expansions and bla bla bla stuff that goes on at the U. Most of these kids do not even study... Do u even know what kind of classes they take? they take cupcake classes just enough to get by and play.. unless the get hurt, most of them are gone after 3 year... I would 2.. make millions or stick around and risk getting hurt that will impede any career in the NFL.. the only ones that stick around are scrubs like jokeory because he knows he is not going anywhere.

Yes but this isn't a football franchise with the sole mission statement of recruiting football players. It's a private research university that fields a football team.

You are of course welcome to your opinions but I'm afraid they're too myopic and uninformed to be of use to anyone.

Posted by: Eudocimus

dont be talking about my opic, you hospital nerd.

Canes would have had a Top 5 class this year if not for the impending probation. How does your "kids don't want to play in a rental stadium" argument fit in with that? What about the 2008 class?

Wow. I thought the only idiots around were Gatard fans.

Canes305u, do everyone a favor and die. You are not smart. You do not have a command of the english language. You do not have a coherent thought nor the ability to communicate it effectively.

Please turn in all of your Hurricanes gear and never come back.

Thank you.


Every Hurricane fan living or dead.

I don't mean it disparagingly, you're uninformed by choice, you're just not interested in the university. That's fine.

But it's kind of like some one who doesn't understand the NFL complaining that the Dolphins don't trade for Aaron Rogers and hire Bill Belichick and stop scheduling the Jets. Those are valid opinions and other uninformed people may agree with you but it's a dead end argument because that's not how the NFL works.

So you've made your point known but if you're not interested in the reality of the stadium question then there's nothing more to be said and you can probably stop initiating this debate on each new blog.

I don't see why the dolphins don't at least try. It would put more butts in the seats. With Henne out and Soprano going to go, the owner with the orange carpet should try. We finally agree on something.

Okay Canesfans we're going do something right I hope. First off these recruits see us Miami Hurricane fans as threats. The don't like the criticism we speak about our players. For one let's be good and supportive to our team. @Mattjo88 I forgot about Marcus Robinson he is doing his thing. The rest of the D-line needs to take notes.

Eudo, What I don't get is why do you have such a problem with guys like 305u, and all the rest of us who care about our Canes getting their just rewards. If any team in South Florida deserves its own stadium it would be the Miami Hurricane Football team. Now I want great things for the university but what gets National attention for the University of Miami? It isn't a hospital or a stupid physics building or any other sport other than football. The University needs to take care of the one thing that gives it notoriety throughout the Nation for a change.

championships - I'm not against UM building a stadium at all, I wouldn't have engaged with canes305u if I wasn't interested in his idea.

But I don't agree that a 40,000 seat stadium in Tropical Park would be better for recruiting - students would still have to drive (and anyone who knows the area knows what a traffic disaster that location would be), and that stadium would be just as empty for the Dukes of the world as Joe Robbie is and the Orange Bowl was, even more empty in fact because we would lose the rich c*cksucker constituency for whom good food and an air conditioned club level matters.

Randy Shannon used to recruit by taking kids to Joe Robbie and showing their high school highlights on the second biggest HD TVs in the world (after Cowboys stadium's monstrosity).

There are some advantages to playing in Joe Robbie and for the games that matter I wouldn't want UM playing anywhere else.

The Marlins have asked FIU and UM if they want to schedule games in their new stadium in the future, I think that would be a perfect venue for some of the lesser ACC games and the one cupcake a year that we schedule.

Although I'd be curious to see how they plan on fitting a football field in there, I'm imagining something like the game that was played at Wrigley field a few years back where it looked kind of like a halfcourt basketball game.

And BTW - that "notoriety" isn't worth d*ck to the university.

We have more qualified students applying than we can accept.

We get so much money from our hospitals and a few select alumni that all the hat sales and $1,000 donations legitimately don't matter any more.

I know that's not the reality that football fans want to hear but it's true. UM built their name nationally with their football team, but they have that name now, and over the past two decades they've build a school that unfortunately doesn't depend anymore on the football team for legitimacy.

The team deserves the best for it's role in the school's ascension but it's in no position to make demands anymore.

I want the best for the team and I don't believe an FIU-sized stadium in Tropical Park is in the team's best interest.

Eudo, I was just curious as to your reasons and those reasons have some logic to them. I wonder is there something that they could do to sunlife stadium to give it more of a college atmosphere bringing the seats in closer to the field. There is something however to the notion don't forget what made U what you are or who brought U to the dance and that my man is the football program and it deserves the respect of its own stadium to compete with the best. Shalala claims that she wants to win in everything but the fact remains that UM's best chance to finish first is in football. If the football program bleeds out then UM loses its identity that brings millions of dollars into its other areas. Think about this what was the UM before the football teams of the 80's made it the U? Nothing more than a high level community college in comparison to the Florida's Alabama's and Nebraska's and really do U want to see us go back to that identity? I know I don't.

BTW, the boosters demanded a change at Head Coach last year and won so what makes U think that the football program wouldn't get a stadium if the boosters pressured the University's nerds in positions.
And that notoriety that U say doesn't mean dick to the University brings money into them so while they may could care less about the football program they do care about the money that notoriety brings.

championships - I happened to be in the president's box for a thursday night game in one of the last seasons in the OB, and I told that fat piece of sh*t paul dee then that they needed to make sure they took the tin signs from the Orange Bowl to Joe Robbie. That banging noise was one of the most identifiable sounds of gamenight, I think they would have really improved the atmosphere at Joe Robbie.

But like I say, Shalala for better (for anyone interested in the university) or worse (for anyone only interested in the football team) has fundamentally changed the way the University of Miami operates.

That notoriety brings in nothing. Apparel? Merchandising? $1,000 annual donations from football fans? It's not important anymore.

UM makes more money from it's hospitals than tuition. Way more. The football program doesn't turn a profit, it costs the university money. Over the past 7-8 years UM has been the money from the MomentUM campaign to hire the best and brightest faculty - and that is the only currency that matters to a research university.

The new faculty are bringing in multimillion dollar NSF and NIH grants. They're attracting talented post-docs and competent graduate students.

At this point we could disband the football team entirely and we would never fall back to the level of the Alabamas and Nebraskas of the world.

As far as "don't forget what made you", that's certainly something I wish UM would consider more, having a winning football team is great for the students and great for the city.

But it's important for UM fans to realize that UM doesn't need the football team anymore, and all this hate for the players and the team is counterproductive towards the goal of winning #6.

Intersting points but any university could disband their football programs for that matter and yes the University would go on. The point is just as you said in the next to last post a winning team is great for the students and the city. But I beg to differ in that the University does not need the football team to succeed. The truth is the U is the most recognizable symbol in college football and the merchandise sold is not just in South FLorida its all over the country. Miami would be ignorant to ignore the needs of the football team when it is what made them relevant. If this is SHalala's quest then that little troll needs to go. Sooner or later the heat will be too much because the people that fund things will not allow this.
Yeah Paul Dee was a piece of crap just like Shalala is.

great points about the grants and all the new doctors.However I was there when we were suntan U and when the powers that be in college football were scheduling us as their second bowl game to end the season.The campus was a dump and no one was talking research grants,then came the first championship and the community responded like never before or since.Then the money started pouring in and the campus took shape over the next 25 years.Improving the school was important at the time and was needed.

Now we need to put that money back into the athletic program that put this university on the map.All the other big time programs can do both why cant we.We are rapidly falling behind fsu and have been lapped by florida and now south florida is ready to be the third power in the state.They all seem able to fund their football team and are killing us in instate recruiting now.Used to be we controlled the state of miami,now we have to fight for the local talent and you can forget getting anyone north of orlando.

all we have to do is upgrade the facilities to at least divII standards and worry about the stadium later.The program deserves more respect from the powers that be.Academics are important and we are ranked 32 in the country now so we have made great strides there but most of the new buildings were either bought with football money or influenced by it with alumni feeling pride in the program and pulling out their checkbooks overcome by said emotion.Go look at our weightroom sometime or our practice facilities and see if you are still proud.It is disgraceful for a socalled championship caliber football team.they deserve more for miami's favorite team.

Hurricane Watcher, I agree with everything you said. I have no problem doing things for the campus or departments that need things but our athletic program and especially our football program has done more to bring pride to this city than anyother sporting team whether it be pro or collegiate. And for someone to treat it as if it is an afterthought or irrelavant is ridiculous. The U is the sporting team of the city of Miami and it is imperative that someone is put in charge of giving the funds that this program not only needs but deserves more than any other program. Personally I have no problem with Shalala but I despise what she has turned our beloved football program into. For the first time in 10 years we have an actual competant, proven head coach and it is imperative that either she starts putting the money back into the program or she must go. Personally I want her gone because she has proven to not care about the football program in the way it should be. 5 titles since 83 in one sport and nothing but disrespect in return.

hurricane watcher - it's not surprising that state schools can spend more on athletics than UM, they're all at least three times the size of UM and get money from the state.

Anyway you'll be happy to hear that UM is building a brand new athletic center on campus, complete with new locker rooms, a new weight room, meeting rooms, and other resources for the athletes.

So you can check "facilities" off the list.

I am now on Eudodickerus side. We should wait a few years until the hospital can pay for our stadium. Then when we do it will be 45k strong chanting Chris Rix Sucks DiXX. IT will be awesome and I hopefully have a girlfriend by then.

The school doesn't care about football...I accept that. How should fans feel? Recruits? Is anyone surprised the stadium is empty?

yes I am aware that we are not a state college there are plenty of private colleges that seem to find a way to fund their athletic programs.Maybe you have heard of notre dame,duke,and usc.they seem to do fine without that state money.Glad to know we are getting new facilities havent heard anything about it and wont believe it till I see it.Took them long enough we could have used just one bcs bowl check ,when we were going to bcs bowls,to pay for these facilities 10 years ago.

What I want to know is what happened to all that money that was such a large endowment left to the U a few months back. If Shalala and her stooges take the money that the football program made to put up all those buildings and depts. then some of that should be able to go towards our own stadium. And the argument about not being a state school is just an excuse for SHalaber. USC, Notre Dame, Duke and other private schools look after their programs so why isn't our football program getting the respect it deserves. One word SHalala.

The reason to come to the stadium is Golden and these players. For the first time in a decade we have a Head Coach who is intelligent, motivated, young and a winner who is fighting his tail off for our Canes. Who cares what the nerds and stooges of Shalala and the troll care about. We the fans care about the Canes Football program and Golden and the Canes need our support.

Yeah an alumnus and his son (I believe that they currently live in Chicago) have donated $13 million I believe to rebuild the athletic center. The guy (as we can see by the donation) loves UM and he liked Randy. I believe it will be ready in 3 years after groundbreaking. This will absolutely help shut up individuals who talk about UM's facilities. It is interesting that USC also has facility "issues" when you compare them to other national powers or even to UCLA, Cal, Arizona, Oregon and Washington in the PAC 12, but they still get great players (even on probation). The reason for this is winning and tradition. Miami has the tradition, we just have to get back to the winning.

yeah I agree but the thing is the media makes ours seem so much worse than any other school. The media doesn't portray USC in as negative a light as it does Miami. Must be the Keith Jackson rule.

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