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Friday night: Jacory's arm went numb but should be "OK", and Golden's overall assessment

Here's what I transcribed from Al Golden's teleconference this evening:


How is Jacory doing?

I think he’s doing OK. What happened on that play was he took a shot to the upper biceps. I don’t know if he hit a nerve or something but his arm went completely numb on him for the last two plays. But I think he’s OK.


So he can practice pretty much fully once that starts?  


You said you wanted more efficiency in the running game on first and second downs to avoid third-and-long. What are you seeing right now that’s causing the problem?

Some of the issues are we had a couple false starts in the game and you get behind the 8-ball there. There are a lot of things we have to improve. No. 1 is our blocking and No. 2 is Lamar has just got to hit singles. He’s got to hit it up in there. We’re dancing a little bit too much. Maybe we’re trying to do too much at running back but we’ve got to just press it a little bit more, trust the scheme and trust the blocking. Right now we’re trying to do too much with the running game

Is Lamar’s shoulder OK?

  I think he’s OK. I don’t know what he did on the third-and-[3] and fourth-and-[2] plays. He came out of the game and he got banged up in some capacity and came out of the game. But everything I’m seeing on the injury report is that he’ll be OK.

How did the defense do generally?

Ultimately when you give up those kind of ex plays that we gave up it’s hard to overcome. When you get something for nothing it makes it really, really hard. Clearly we didn’t get enough pressure on Rocco, the Va. Quarterback; We didn’t do a good enough job getting off the field on third down, they had the ball the entire third quarter;  we have to do a better job getting off the field there. The explosive plays were just too much to overcome, really was. That part of it was disappointed. I was disappointed in our tackling and I was disappointed in the ex plays we gave up. Another thing is we had a fake field goal that led to points and we have a roughing the punter that leads to point and then we have a late hit on the quarterback that leads to points. Those are hard to overcome, too.

 In the four games you lost you only forced two turnovers and five sacks. How big of a factor is that?

  I’ve been saying it all along. I don’t pull any punches on who we are right now, especially on defense. If we don’t take the ball away, play really good red-zone defense and get off the field on third down, it’s going to be hard for us to win.  We’re trying to build, we’re trying to grow, were trying to move forward, but if we don’t take the ball away it makes it really hard right now.

 Again, just disappointed in the overall play of the team, not just the defense, the overall play, and that falls on me.

 Lamar has a heavier workload than last year, with a third of the season to go. Is it getting to him?

 I think that’s fair but if you recall I said he really didn’t start understanding or appreciating or recognizing how important it is to be in incredible condition as an elite tailback until after spring ball. You’re not talking about somebody who has been working out on an elite level in the offseason for two or three years. You’re talking about really May, June, July and August. It served him really well. I’m glad he made that approach, but I’m certain now he understands what we’re talking about in terms of your body being your biggest investment especially at running back and the things he needs to do to prepare himself for that.

 I’m concerned about everybody’s health. It’s seven straight games and then a short week. I was concerned about it. I was concerned about transitioning from Georgia Tech to Virginia and concerned about our health and our fatigue.

 The final long touchdown play for Va, it seemed like Jimmy Gaines was one-on-one, was he supposed to get help on top?

  If we don’t get pressure on quarterback it’s hard for anybody to hold up there, let alone Jimmy. They really had a great call on there but we didn’t get any pressure, we didn’t get anybody in the quarterback’s face and the longer that play goes the harder it is for Jimmy or any safety to defend. That was a tough one.We had a blown assignment on the screen that went for one and a clearly we had a safety out of position on the pitch pass so three explosive plays and hard to overcome them. (8:40)


When you looked at the play, did it appear to you that Olivier got blocked into the quarterback?

  I don’t see the TV copy so obviously you start to hear somebody saying this or what perception and reality is. We watched the tape and on the sideline view (Olivier) he clearly got blocked and pushed from behind, No. 1. And No. 2 you can clearly see him trying to turn his upfield shoulder at the last second and there’s actually probably a half yard between his helmet and the young man’s knee. So I was convinced that it was not intentional and I wanted to make sure we did our due diligence here. I brought him in and reviewed it with him and I’m confident that there was no intent there but Olivier does play hard. He made a hard turn to the quarterback and he did tell me he was trying to avoid him up high because he could see the kid start his windup. But I do know there was a push in the back. I know there was an attempt by Olivier not to go for the kid’s knee with his head gear. That was clear. If that is portrayed differently or if there’s an angle that shows differently I’ll have to examine that.

 We know you’re focused on process but do you worry how this team holds it together with long ACC odds and throughout the last third of the season?

  don’t because it’s Year One. We’re trying to fix long term problems in the short term and that’s the challenge of our staff and for me as the head coach and for this team. There’s still so much to play for and we are playing a lot of young guys mixed in with the veterans. We need the seniors to continue to lead and stay focused and improve, and obviously they are. Sean Spence is playing well, [Jordan] Futch is probably playing the best football of his career, I think Jacory obviously played well yesterday, Travis Benjamin, Harland Gunn, Tyler Horn. So, a lot of the seniors are stepping up for us and playing well. We just need some of the young guys to step up and understand, we have a long way to go. We’re not where we want to be yet. We fight back, we don’t quit, we’re competitive but we’re not consistent, and that’s what gnawing at me today. I want to build a team that is consistent every day, that practices consistently, that has the same approach and plays the same way. There were too many lulls in that game for us to be consistent.

 How much does two extra days of treatment when you’ve gone seven straight?

It’s huge. We’re not doing anything with them at all Friday, Saturday, Sunday. They’ll just take care of academics and get rested. I was nervous going into the game. I knew we were going to face a downhill running attack with two really good running backs, a big offensive line. I was concerned how we came out of the Georgia Tech game. I was hoping and praying we’d be able to hang in there and get some stops. But clearly we gave them explosive plays, we miss a field goal, we fumble on the 12 and we miss a fourth-and-1 on the 13 and that’s the difference in the game despite all the easy plays that we gave them. 

 Could you assess the plays of the safeties and the cornerbacks?


At safety we’re not where we need to be. Clearly JoJo [Nicolas] is playing the best for us there. He has been consistent both in his ability to operate the defense and the way he’s playing and leading. We’re not disciplined enough and we keep giving up explosive plays on the back end – the pitch pass for one. We had a blown assignment in the secondary on the screen. I believe it was the first quarter that scored  a touchdown. We’re not consistent enough there and obviously we need to improve. Our tackling is inconsistent as well. At times Vaughn [Telemaque] and Ray [Armstrong] really tackled well, but there’s still too many times where we don’t execute the way we need to.

At cornerback?

We’ve got to get [Brandon] McGee over the hump now. He’s doing so many things better. He’s becoming more reliable. He’s just got to become to the point where he’s dependable and frees it up and starts to make some big plays for us, some interceptions, or some big tackles, or some caused fumbles. Those types of things. He’s maturing, he’s improving but we really need him to finish strong here in this final stretch an clearly we need from Mike Williams, we need more from [Thomas] Finney and we need more from [Lee] Chambers at this point in time.

Duke is ranked 22nd nationally in passing offense. They have two big-play threats, in  Vernon and Varner, from Miami. How concerned are you with that?

 I’m concerned about everything. My focus here today and tomorrow will be making sure we’re taking care of the things that we need to take care of on our end.  I’ve watched all three phases of Duke here today. But our attention will go squarely on Duke on Sunday. I’m concerned about it all. I’m concerned about every team we play. I’m mostly concerned about making sure we have a team that adheres to the preparation, the process and understands what it means to be consistent and play consistently game in and game out. We have not done it yet. We just have not. That was the challenge for the team this week and we didn’t bring all three phases for four quarters and that’s why we end up on the 8-yard line and falling short just by a little bit again.

 Are their spirits down?

 I hope they’re down right now. I do. I hope they feel badly. That’s the kind of culture we want. We want it to hurt. We don’t want it to be easy to lose. WE don’t want that .500 mentality where it’s OK to lose. We did too many things in that game.. we don’t miss a field goal or we don’t fumble on the 12-yard line clearly the game is different. We’re kicking a field goal to win. The same thing with the fake field goal and roughing the punter. We go from having a chance for an ex play blocked punt to roughing the punter and giving them a first down and points. We’re just trying to develop consistency and that starts with my approach to staff and we want that from the team as well.


The offensive line play?

I would say that [Harland] Gunn, [Tyler] Horn and [Brandon] Linder played really well. Seantrel [Henderson], that was probably the most he’s played – I think it was 43 reps. That was the first time he got back to kind of a normal game for him. Not full game, but probably three quarters. But we gave up three sacks and we just didn’t block as well as we need to block. It’s not just the O-line, it’s the tight ends and running backs hitting their aim points and getting positive yards.

 When you look at last night’s loss, do you look at it as a setback for the program or is it part of the growth process and the big picture?

 It’s part of the growth process. I’m not even going to deny that. I’m disappointed but I’m not discouraged. We’re just not consistent right now. We understand the impact that penalties and mental errors and special teams have on the game last week and we protect the ball and keep our penalties down and do a really good job on special teams.  And then we turn around this week. I’m trying to develop a consistent team here. I don’t know if they don’t know how to handle success right now. In a short week we were just trying to keep them fresh and develop some momentum and just keep them focused on the process but I just didn’t do a good enough job. I just did not do a good enough job. We just had too many mental breakdowns in that game to win.



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Goodness. Yeah - lets fire coaches after one season and write comments with a hundred exclamation points...

Maybe Coach Golden can recruit some of his players before you make a call on Coach D'Onofrio. The obvious problem with our defense is a lack of talent and depth, not coaching.

I like Coach Golden's forthrightness. He is trying to produce a consistent team that plays hard and smart. This has been the Canes downfall for years, win a few then lose to an underdog team. I believe Coach will eventually field that kind of team.

Duke is a good passing team and this will test our defense. They will be confident enough to make it a game.

Our strength is not the running game. It is explosive plays mixed with a ball control passing attack. and, get Clemens into the mix!

Miami must come out and dominate and score. A team that doesn't believe in their worth may play better when behind. Then they come to life. A team that believes is on it from the first play.

The Canes need to show up, and so do the fans! Good things are down the road for UM!

dbc, agree with nearly all. Funny though, how before the season started, just about everyone here...myself included, thought the running attack WOULD be our strength, even with the loss of Storm. We knew our inexperience on defense would benefit from a ball control offense.
There's the rub. When you score quickly, the defense, now banged up and missing key players is being over worked. Thus, no matter how many big plays we have, the other side just grinds us down.
Not being able to get short yardage has cost us 2 wins, K-State and now VA.
Al is correct in that Lamar has begun to dance. I fear his shoulder is worse than Al is letting on.

D'Onofrio laughs at Monday morning QB fans here.

Needed...two back offense with Miller and James. One back on running plays is asking for a no gain stop...no wondering who is getting the ball?

Duke is 22nd in passing? Really? Miami will lose if they don't get the QB on the ground. I'm not even going to say pressure the QB because the DBs are not good enough to cover anyone regardless. Miami needs to get to the QB and get him down on the ground. If Miami can't get the QB down, chalk up another defeat. (I hope I'm wrong)

Both the D-line and O-line have no nastiness about them. There is no attitude from those units. Miami is losing the battle in the trenches. On the bright side, Jacory is playing better. Streeter is the real deal (if he catches with his hands and not the shoulder pads).

On paper, UM should beat Duke with ease. They should be able to out score Duke in a shoot out (sad). I believe in Coach Golden's process but the players have to buy in to it.

Message for Lamar Miller: As a Killian Alum, I'm disappointed in your lack of burst through the hole. All the great Canes teams were able to control the ground game. There was always a back who could muster up 3 to 5 yards a carry. You aren't doing that. You have help from from Smash but what we've witnessed the past few weeks is you guys getting smashed. Wake up. If you're hurt, say so. Next man up. I trust in your ability but clearly you're not the same RB from earlier in the year. Move over if you can't carry the load. This is big boy football and not High School. Let's go. Finish strong. Rally your teammates. Kick the O-line in the rear end. There is no leader on offense. Just because Jacory is the QB doesn't make him a leader. Step up. Own this moment.

Go Canes.

Good points. We thought the run game would be a strength because of the O line primarily. They have not performed that well. Johnson left and Mike James has not done much unfortunately. We have blown 2 games with inability to run the ball in the red zone on short yardage. Pathetic.

Yes, the big play will put the D back on the field more. Not good. I think these kinds of shootout games are inevitable if we play a passing or well-balanced team. Georgia Tech is the exception, as was an inept Ohio State.

But we have an explosive passing offense and that should be emphasized, not the run game. If we win, it will be Jacory, Tommy and Travis. These guys are exceptional at this point.

FrankG2 you are right on about Miller. He does not hit the holes hard like a first tier running back does. Maybe he is injured, but I think the issue is that he is a sprinter and not a banger. James is more of a banger but gets little running roon because of the weak, spiritless O line. They start to play in the second half because they do not believe in themselves. Clements runs hard and should get a chance to play more. Wish he could have taken that last play of the UVa game into the end zone.

If we start out slow and without passion, Duke will make it another close game...

very honest assessment.

On Coach D'Onofrio, we are all frustrated with the defense. There are young guys and overrated guys on that unit. Perryman and Chickillo will be stars. Smith and Gaines will be really good player for us. Young guys like Finnie will be standouts. There are others. When the overhyped NFL prospects move on, or step it up (I hope soon), that will help.

That said, D'Onofrio was a fierce linebacker for Penn State. The guy bleeds passionate defense. He has a true linebacker attitude.

Give him time. He will produce an intense and dominating defense. With the speed available, they will bring back memories of the "good old days" of dominating Miami D. Patience...

What's more important the coaches or the player, the players naturally. You could make Monte Kifin the DC and we'd still get the same results. Players have to execute.

Coach D just needs more players thats all, they will be fine once that happens. Some of these guys on defense have been consistent with poor tackling, blown assignments, poor angles, and just plain dumb football over the last several years. Not easy to break those habits, and like Golden said earlier this year some of these guys think they are better than what they are, Just overhyped. But firing the coach after 8 games is just ridiculous and dumb, almost as dumb as RAY RAY reading a play. P.S. Perryman needs to start and not come off the field.

Fire D'Onofrio he has very bad defensive scheme.. the canes actually look worst than last year under him...The players are not been taught proper defense schemes, thats why now it is reflecting on the field. MIller if u r injured say so and stay out... u r a good back, but playing hurt will only hurt the team. do not be selfish...Fellows the season is over.. we are going to take a beating from FSU... and end up in the toilet bowl again.. FIRE D'Onofrio NOW........

Fire D'Onofrio now, duh duh duh, ur an idiot.

I agree with all.
Mike james is garbage at rb. He cant get 2 yds if you pay him. Please. Smash? More like trash. The plan was for him to take on some of the load and carries, but since he cant even run his way through charmin toilet paper, lamar has to carry it 27 times. So where then is eduardo clements? Why cant these stubborn coaches (i used to call whipple and shannon stubborn) not realize what they have in clements?

Put in clements, finnie, and crawford! Now!

It's a hell of a difference a press conference between Golden and Sparano. Golden comes out straightforward and sincere, criticizes those who deserve criticizing. Sparano is secretive, praising all his poor playing players and misleading with dumb phrases. That's the difference with fans showing the Golden Tie and clamoring the Suck for Luck.

Am I the only person that saw Jacory dance around in the pocket as soon as he got the ball?? This kid has to sit, Play for the future, enough of this garbage Harris, Play Morris. Harris throws the ball up for grabs with the exception of the slant pass to Benjamin, other than that who knows. Look at the film, The U will never have a winning team with Harris, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, SIT HIS ASS DOWN, I dont care how big a booster his father is.

Does anyone remember that 2 weeks ago d coach said only 5% of the defense plays were in. Is it his fault that it would seem his players either don't care and want big hit clippings, are to dumb to learn his defense, or whatever.
Anyone saying fire diofrino is not smart enough to see the facts and understand football.

HenryH so well said.

Here is a graceful way for Coach Golden to switch to his FUTURE starting QB. This season is affectively over. Let's get Morris ready for next year.

This shows thst most sports fans really dont know anything but wins and losses. Randy couldnt recruit or coach. Golden needs his own guys

The only concern that i have the defensive staff is the DL coach, most of these same guys were killing QBs last year with Petry as a DL coach (who by the way we'll be facing next week) now this year they can't create any pressure and they can't get off blocks.

That's my only concern with the staff this year. I guess next year we could have a better assestment. But i would take a look at it at the end of the year if i'm coach Golden.

U know, it's strange. Why won't "Goldy recognize the DC for what he is? The defense is horrendous and nobody is calling out the DC. What does Shalala think of this? Why not play Vernon and Cain at LB? Put the second string DB"s in. Ray Ray might just not really know the position. He is a weak spot and is constantly out of position and just doesn't play the SS position well.

Telemaque is the kind of player where he's going to be as good as the other people in the defensive backfield. Where is Finnie? Duke has a good passing game and will attack the DB"s. J12 is having as good a year as a QB can have. The plays U are losing on are direct hits at the MLB and SS. Ray Ray has to learn that his job is oversight and secondary help, if he doesn't tackle, then he has to slow the ball carrier. TE: Ford is not a blocker and is not a receiving ing TE. What happened to that other TE? They are players in the wings waiting, but they have scrubs in front of them and are faced with inferior coaching as in the DC.

The solution is easy: Get rid of the DC and play Cain, Finney, Hagens, that other TE, Clements. These people can play. What the heck has happened to Mike James? Try Ray Ray at TE.

Gregg: RS could not recruit: Where have U been? RS consistently had one of the best/top recruiting classes each year he was here. Go ask every single sporting agency.

HENRYH: Now wait a minute: What U said is false about J12. He is not the problem. Don't U know that U wouldn't have a chance of winning for it not for j12. The guy had had a string of OC's, came from a spread offense. And do U really want me to get into Nix and Whipple? Whip had the right ideas, but was missing something. I'll give the new OC this: He has established a good rapport with J12 and has zeroed in on what he was doing wrong. But, come on, man. This is simply not the fault of J12 in any way.

I agree that at this point maybe they need to take a look at some of the younger guys especially on defense. But we r not at practice so theres no way we can assess what is going on there and maybe they r just not ready. I know Perryman is ready and should probably start and not come off the field. But jeez people fire the coach already, give me a break, you have to give them a few years to bring in their type of player before running these coaches out of town already for the love of God learn a little bit about college football before making ridiculous comments about coach D not knowing how to scheme and this and that, just dumb, u look really dumb. Has it been frustrating, hell yes it has, but you can put alot of the blame on Butch leaving, and a poor job of bringing in the right type of player and Head Coaching by Coker and Shannon. So these are the results, and now its Goldens job to fix it. With the NCAA looming and the culture that has infested this program over the last six seven years whoever thinks that its an easy fix is just an idiot.


Take your dumb/racist comments and put them were the sun don't shine!!! I bet you never played the game, let alone knows what it takes to be a QB. It's easy to sit in the stands and be critical of those who play the game!! Football is a TEAM game!!!

A lot of defense bashing and definitely due...but, they made two critical stops at the end of the game to give the offensive a chance to tie things up. Special teams played well until the end when they let the last VA punt hit the ground and waste critical seconds...probably cost them at least one more play.

Don't forget about the missed field goal and JH12 fumble in the red zone. The team plays hard and last year they would have tanked a lot of this years game.

This is Golden's first year....he has admitted it will take him 3 years for his program to kick in.

Theres coolcat again, fire this guy put this guy here, wheres this guy, play this guy, move this guy overhere, duuuuuuuuugh, duuuuuuugh, ok coach coolcat, sure, u know what ur doing. RS may have had top recruiting classes on paper but that dont mean squat on the field. Those guys havent produced period aside from spence. I agree that Jacory is having a good year and streeter is breaking out under the new staff, but the majority of his recruits have not produced anything. Fire the DC already,.please, they can bring in Rob Ryan and most of these guys on defense would still be lost and out of position and missing tackles and taking horrible angles and blowing coverages and so and so on, they need better players period, that all.

So all the experts come out of the woodwork again and think coach D doesn't know what he is doing.

Only showing how ignorant they are as to what is the problem and as to the "process" Golden and staff are involved with.

IT'S NOT THE COACHING, IT'S THE PERSONNEL! This team will not be good until 95% of Randy's guys are gone. These guys had terrible coaching and you don't undo all that in 8 months or 8 games!

It's seems that every since Washington was moved to ot the line hasn't been doing well. Miller may be hurt but sometimes that oline just doesn't get any push. Washington was a mauler and putting him at ot may have been good for jacory but it hasn't helped the running game. I think the passing has been effective but when u come out passing you don't give the oline a chance to lean on the the dlinemen. Obviously loosing storm hasn't helped either. As for the d it just looks terrible. It looks even worse because your trying to implement players that have been gone for a couple games against players that have been playing their schemes all season. In most cases when new coaches come in they scrap the old system that players are running for the new system they are bringing in. The previous defense was good at creating pressure by the blitz. At one point in time we were top three in tackles for loss and were ranked pretty hight in total defense. I am surprised we won as many games as we did with a negative eight turnover ratio with all those interceptions we threw. Coach NO D could have made the transition a little slower until he can get his type of players he wants in here. When we were winning championships we always had a defense that dictated what you did on offense. We need to get back to that. Hopefully we can fix a lot of things be for we play the criminoles.

I tried to temper my enthusiasm Thursday afternoon because, like I said, we've been here before. I couldn't temper anything, and now I'm mentally slammed.

What burns me the most is, in ALL 4 LOSSES, I KNEW we were going to win! You guys tell me that after the Streeter TD (20-14) you didn't think we were going to win. Or when it was 3rd and 2 form the 15 in the 4th.

I justified the MD (suspensions), KSU (#8), and VT (#12 @ VT) losses. I cant justify this one.

Play hard. That's all I ask.
Still here. Always have been, always will be.


Our D is very good if our opponent is one-dimensional. Other than that, as coach said, we gotta score 30.

We just got out coached this game and it showed. UVA give their coaches credit, they just knew what we were going to do and it worked. Our defense is so predictable its pathetic. On offense, yes we had a few long passes down field, but what about the short pass game? Changes that need to be made is simple: Start Perryman, spend the next week coaching how to disguise your blitzes, Henderson proved that he should start by shutting down # 47 in the second half after Bunche got hammered by him in the first. Start Henderson at left tackle and move Washington back to guard. Go back to the game plan you had against NC. J12 needs to stop and think that Streeter is going to catch all those L.A.W (lobb and wish) passes. Get the ball quick and let your play makers make plays for you. How do you think Gino, Bernie, Vinnie, and Dorsey succeeded!

How can we be in every game with the chance to win at the end and all the players that RS recruited are crap? That makes no sense. I think the players have done well to be able to still compete at a high level and still have a chance to win at the end. When new coaches come in and bring in a new scheme teams usually are blown out. Defense wasn't the problem with randy it was whipple and the offense. There were also some unrealistic expectations regarding that team the oline was extremely young and inexperienced. As everyone can see the oline hasn't matured as fast as everyone thought even with keyhoe. The losses we have can be attributed to the coaches as much as the players.

for all the people saying fire the dc, thats just absolutely amazing they are working with the players they have, people kill me when they act like they can go out there and coach the defense, wake up people and imo u are not a true CANES fan, u support them no matter what the situation is, give them some time and stop with all the fire the coaches mess, its a process and they are not going to turn this team into a national contender in yr 1, u got to be patient and i assure u that the golden staff will turn it around but once again give it some time...GO CANES (TRUE FAN IN NC)

Cane Nation lets just be honest Coach Golden is not who we thought he was..... Yes the DC need to fired. I suggest promoting Coach Barrow, how worse can it get already. Our defense last season wasn't this bad.

DC needs to be fired.....

Listen fellow fans, Im disgusted with the way we are so far in the season. But, I agree with Shawne1, we cant say fire the DC in one year. Remember he came with Golden from Temple. Its not like he was hired from somewhere else and decided to come here. Yes, changes should be made, especially in personel. He needs to disguise the defense a little better and start Perryman at linebacker. If you haven't noticed the kid is third on the team in tackles and leads the team in caused fumbles. So please lets support what we have and give this staff a chance to turn things around. Remember the 01 team. Coker, inherited a championship team that year. Golden has a lot of work cut out for him.

The Canes need to show up, and so do the fans! Good things are down the road for UM!

Posted by: dbc | October 29, 2011 at 12:44 AM

Your bloody well JOKING. Yes dbc.

Because if the BANDWAGON, FAIRWEATHER, extreme negative Miami fan base DIDN'T SHOW up for the Thursday night game. A game which happened to honor a couple of past national championship Cane teams.
Then, what makes U's think the BANDWAGON Miami rUffians of SoFla will show up for a LOWLY duke team. Eh.

dUde and U'all Cane rUffians. The Miami, F-L-A Hurricane football program has the absolute most FAIRWEATHER, BANDWAGON and extreme negative fandom in ALL of major college football. Always has and most likely always will. Even when conference championships are a possibility down the turnpike. dUh.

My bad for this lunatical rave. But U'all Cane rUffians are SIMPLY ASLEEP!! ZOMBIES anyone. Albeit functional WALKING DEAD! Hee hee ha ha.

Cane va. When is the truth racsist?? Harris is not a good qb. Name when he has played a full game!!!!

You guys who are all over D'Onforio and Jacory Harris are off base.

D'Onforio isn't the one freelancing at safety and giving up big plays. When the players play within his defense the defense is good.

And Harris has been terrific this year, a complete 180 from his previous three seasons.

If you're not encouraged by the change this coaching staff has brought about in Harris in one year then you ain't paying attention.

So critcizing harris and wanting morris to start racist? How? Last time i checked, morris is black. Why do some of you pull the race card so quickly? That is pathetic

Harris does dance around too much, and holds on to the ball too long. He hardly ever throws to check downs or to the rbs. Its either streeter or hurns or nobody. His completions to streeter while good , were mostly chuck ups, and streeter gets all of the credit, bc most were 50-50 balls. Dont believe me, watch stanfords andrew luck, or tajj boyd. Seriously. They use their receives like rbs.why why why cant fisch see that? Other teams kill us with bubble screens and with tight ends. Miami instead chucks it for grabs.

But the real problem is that team lacks intensity, pride, love for the alma mater, and yes, they lack swag. I just watched duke fight virgi ia tech and their defense plays with so much heart. That duke team could definitely have won. I saw some hard hits, ints and passion.

Watch duke. Seriously. Hy rae going to go after mcgee and our dbacks. Their receivers esp that miami kid connor vernon are studs. Vernon should have worn green and orange. Again, randy shannon was too enamored with those northwestern busts to look outside the box... Like recruit a white wide receiver!

U's stole my thUnder 3 IRRELEVANT OVERATED yrs... because lowly Duke absolutely WOULD HAVE DEFEATED the Hurricanes on Thursday night. No if's, but' or may be's.

Beamer Ball 14

Dukie Vitale 10

Duke doesn't have all the talent in the world akin to Virginia and Maryland. But they bloody play with PRIDE, TENACITY and what not.

And Miami lost that NASTINESS at the tail end of the Coker regime and the last two seasons of Shannon tyme. Eh.

Also, CRITICAL major blunders by both Coker and Shannon in the recruiting game has SEVERLY hurt the Hurricanes. U'all can blame the Miami powers that be for poor recruiting by RS and LC. because the A.D.'s and the Prez absolutely no longer WANTED NASTY TYPICAL Hurricane ballers'. Eh.

Moral of the dUmb rave. dUh. Thursday night was just another example of a major college football squad which comes out flat, confused and lacking in football IQ on the defensive side of the LOS.

Because as I mentioned previously, when a HOME double-digit chalk lets an average opponent hang around and hang around. A Miami type of squad is bloody well playing with fire and that inferno will evolve into a SHAMEFUL lost!

Eucalyptus. Harris nice numbers mean nothin when we have not seen wins. If he ever played a complete game and actually became a team leader we could do something better than now.

ITCDOLPHIN is your TYPICAL dUm Cane fan. Nothing more and nothing less.

Miami's losses fall on d'oNofrio, and his staff and the Cane d-unit. Bloody CAPICE.

Yeah, yeah the bloody exception to the rule was the Ohio St and Fumbling Bee games. However, Ohio St. offense is ANEMIC and the Buckeyes were missing FOUR OFFENSIVE starters for that game.

So CEASE with the HATE on Jacory Harris and it would behove U'all FAIRWEATHER, BANDWAGON, EXTREME critics of the Hurricanes, to show up for a game or two at S.L. Instead of CONTINUING to bash and hate on Jacory Harris.

Brother if you think Jacory Harris is the reason UM has been losing this year you're not watching the same games as the rest of us.

Eucolyptus, now I have not said that, that's you being you.

Macjones, wake up. We have a weak defense but there are at least two wins out there where the o, with the non leader Harris, could have pulled out with complete game inspired football.
How do you blame a coach when he can only get 5% of his defense installed?? Get rid of press clipping players as golden said and build from there.

Everything that caused us to lose this game is fixable. We are improving but guys are not staying focused. I think if the passing game is working better than the run game then it is up to the coaches to find a way to win the game and pass more.

We have a two headed monster in Jacory Harris and Lamar Miller. There are many ways to get Lamar touches without handing the ball off to him. Personally, if the tight ends clear the line backers by running 15 yards towards the sideline then that will leave the middle of the field for the running back to expose any leftover linebacker or safety.

SCREEN PLAYS to Lamar no the WR. This is starting to look a lot like Patrick Nix offense with the bubble screen passes to the WR. We need to have an intermediate passing game to really throw off any defense and that starts with the tight ends. Big people to catch the ball over the middle. Soften the middle up and this offense goes from good to explosive.

Jacorry had a chance to step up against ksu and he didnt. A true qb leader wouldve taken matters into his own hands. He thew a horrible pass to walford and instead of diving for a td his knee hit first. Same with vtech and

In the va game insaw jacory sitting on the bench quietly, through the 3rd and 4th qs instaed of trying to rally his o line, get in their faces. In esence, he was " tebowing" i know. I was right behind the bench

A true leader doesnt do that

You all want to see a defense? Check out georgias defense. Passion, speed. Size, energy. Compare it to ours. Only reason uf is in is because of their punt returns

Canes need to make a change......
Play finnie, dallas crawford, and sit mike james. Eduardo clements is the man. Use james as a rotating fb with hagens. Play cornelius. Sit the kid who made the roughing the punter mistake.

Play dorsett more

More short passes

Sit chase ford

Asante cleveland?

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