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Friday night: Jacory's arm went numb but should be "OK", and Golden's overall assessment

Here's what I transcribed from Al Golden's teleconference this evening:


How is Jacory doing?

I think he’s doing OK. What happened on that play was he took a shot to the upper biceps. I don’t know if he hit a nerve or something but his arm went completely numb on him for the last two plays. But I think he’s OK.


So he can practice pretty much fully once that starts?  


You said you wanted more efficiency in the running game on first and second downs to avoid third-and-long. What are you seeing right now that’s causing the problem?

Some of the issues are we had a couple false starts in the game and you get behind the 8-ball there. There are a lot of things we have to improve. No. 1 is our blocking and No. 2 is Lamar has just got to hit singles. He’s got to hit it up in there. We’re dancing a little bit too much. Maybe we’re trying to do too much at running back but we’ve got to just press it a little bit more, trust the scheme and trust the blocking. Right now we’re trying to do too much with the running game

Is Lamar’s shoulder OK?

  I think he’s OK. I don’t know what he did on the third-and-[3] and fourth-and-[2] plays. He came out of the game and he got banged up in some capacity and came out of the game. But everything I’m seeing on the injury report is that he’ll be OK.

How did the defense do generally?

Ultimately when you give up those kind of ex plays that we gave up it’s hard to overcome. When you get something for nothing it makes it really, really hard. Clearly we didn’t get enough pressure on Rocco, the Va. Quarterback; We didn’t do a good enough job getting off the field on third down, they had the ball the entire third quarter;  we have to do a better job getting off the field there. The explosive plays were just too much to overcome, really was. That part of it was disappointed. I was disappointed in our tackling and I was disappointed in the ex plays we gave up. Another thing is we had a fake field goal that led to points and we have a roughing the punter that leads to point and then we have a late hit on the quarterback that leads to points. Those are hard to overcome, too.

 In the four games you lost you only forced two turnovers and five sacks. How big of a factor is that?

  I’ve been saying it all along. I don’t pull any punches on who we are right now, especially on defense. If we don’t take the ball away, play really good red-zone defense and get off the field on third down, it’s going to be hard for us to win.  We’re trying to build, we’re trying to grow, were trying to move forward, but if we don’t take the ball away it makes it really hard right now.

 Again, just disappointed in the overall play of the team, not just the defense, the overall play, and that falls on me.

 Lamar has a heavier workload than last year, with a third of the season to go. Is it getting to him?

 I think that’s fair but if you recall I said he really didn’t start understanding or appreciating or recognizing how important it is to be in incredible condition as an elite tailback until after spring ball. You’re not talking about somebody who has been working out on an elite level in the offseason for two or three years. You’re talking about really May, June, July and August. It served him really well. I’m glad he made that approach, but I’m certain now he understands what we’re talking about in terms of your body being your biggest investment especially at running back and the things he needs to do to prepare himself for that.

 I’m concerned about everybody’s health. It’s seven straight games and then a short week. I was concerned about it. I was concerned about transitioning from Georgia Tech to Virginia and concerned about our health and our fatigue.

 The final long touchdown play for Va, it seemed like Jimmy Gaines was one-on-one, was he supposed to get help on top?

  If we don’t get pressure on quarterback it’s hard for anybody to hold up there, let alone Jimmy. They really had a great call on there but we didn’t get any pressure, we didn’t get anybody in the quarterback’s face and the longer that play goes the harder it is for Jimmy or any safety to defend. That was a tough one.We had a blown assignment on the screen that went for one and a clearly we had a safety out of position on the pitch pass so three explosive plays and hard to overcome them. (8:40)


When you looked at the play, did it appear to you that Olivier got blocked into the quarterback?

  I don’t see the TV copy so obviously you start to hear somebody saying this or what perception and reality is. We watched the tape and on the sideline view (Olivier) he clearly got blocked and pushed from behind, No. 1. And No. 2 you can clearly see him trying to turn his upfield shoulder at the last second and there’s actually probably a half yard between his helmet and the young man’s knee. So I was convinced that it was not intentional and I wanted to make sure we did our due diligence here. I brought him in and reviewed it with him and I’m confident that there was no intent there but Olivier does play hard. He made a hard turn to the quarterback and he did tell me he was trying to avoid him up high because he could see the kid start his windup. But I do know there was a push in the back. I know there was an attempt by Olivier not to go for the kid’s knee with his head gear. That was clear. If that is portrayed differently or if there’s an angle that shows differently I’ll have to examine that.

 We know you’re focused on process but do you worry how this team holds it together with long ACC odds and throughout the last third of the season?

  don’t because it’s Year One. We’re trying to fix long term problems in the short term and that’s the challenge of our staff and for me as the head coach and for this team. There’s still so much to play for and we are playing a lot of young guys mixed in with the veterans. We need the seniors to continue to lead and stay focused and improve, and obviously they are. Sean Spence is playing well, [Jordan] Futch is probably playing the best football of his career, I think Jacory obviously played well yesterday, Travis Benjamin, Harland Gunn, Tyler Horn. So, a lot of the seniors are stepping up for us and playing well. We just need some of the young guys to step up and understand, we have a long way to go. We’re not where we want to be yet. We fight back, we don’t quit, we’re competitive but we’re not consistent, and that’s what gnawing at me today. I want to build a team that is consistent every day, that practices consistently, that has the same approach and plays the same way. There were too many lulls in that game for us to be consistent.

 How much does two extra days of treatment when you’ve gone seven straight?

It’s huge. We’re not doing anything with them at all Friday, Saturday, Sunday. They’ll just take care of academics and get rested. I was nervous going into the game. I knew we were going to face a downhill running attack with two really good running backs, a big offensive line. I was concerned how we came out of the Georgia Tech game. I was hoping and praying we’d be able to hang in there and get some stops. But clearly we gave them explosive plays, we miss a field goal, we fumble on the 12 and we miss a fourth-and-1 on the 13 and that’s the difference in the game despite all the easy plays that we gave them. 

 Could you assess the plays of the safeties and the cornerbacks?


At safety we’re not where we need to be. Clearly JoJo [Nicolas] is playing the best for us there. He has been consistent both in his ability to operate the defense and the way he’s playing and leading. We’re not disciplined enough and we keep giving up explosive plays on the back end – the pitch pass for one. We had a blown assignment in the secondary on the screen. I believe it was the first quarter that scored  a touchdown. We’re not consistent enough there and obviously we need to improve. Our tackling is inconsistent as well. At times Vaughn [Telemaque] and Ray [Armstrong] really tackled well, but there’s still too many times where we don’t execute the way we need to.

At cornerback?

We’ve got to get [Brandon] McGee over the hump now. He’s doing so many things better. He’s becoming more reliable. He’s just got to become to the point where he’s dependable and frees it up and starts to make some big plays for us, some interceptions, or some big tackles, or some caused fumbles. Those types of things. He’s maturing, he’s improving but we really need him to finish strong here in this final stretch an clearly we need from Mike Williams, we need more from [Thomas] Finney and we need more from [Lee] Chambers at this point in time.

Duke is ranked 22nd nationally in passing offense. They have two big-play threats, in  Vernon and Varner, from Miami. How concerned are you with that?

 I’m concerned about everything. My focus here today and tomorrow will be making sure we’re taking care of the things that we need to take care of on our end.  I’ve watched all three phases of Duke here today. But our attention will go squarely on Duke on Sunday. I’m concerned about it all. I’m concerned about every team we play. I’m mostly concerned about making sure we have a team that adheres to the preparation, the process and understands what it means to be consistent and play consistently game in and game out. We have not done it yet. We just have not. That was the challenge for the team this week and we didn’t bring all three phases for four quarters and that’s why we end up on the 8-yard line and falling short just by a little bit again.

 Are their spirits down?

 I hope they’re down right now. I do. I hope they feel badly. That’s the kind of culture we want. We want it to hurt. We don’t want it to be easy to lose. WE don’t want that .500 mentality where it’s OK to lose. We did too many things in that game.. we don’t miss a field goal or we don’t fumble on the 12-yard line clearly the game is different. We’re kicking a field goal to win. The same thing with the fake field goal and roughing the punter. We go from having a chance for an ex play blocked punt to roughing the punter and giving them a first down and points. We’re just trying to develop consistency and that starts with my approach to staff and we want that from the team as well.


The offensive line play?

I would say that [Harland] Gunn, [Tyler] Horn and [Brandon] Linder played really well. Seantrel [Henderson], that was probably the most he’s played – I think it was 43 reps. That was the first time he got back to kind of a normal game for him. Not full game, but probably three quarters. But we gave up three sacks and we just didn’t block as well as we need to block. It’s not just the O-line, it’s the tight ends and running backs hitting their aim points and getting positive yards.

 When you look at last night’s loss, do you look at it as a setback for the program or is it part of the growth process and the big picture?

 It’s part of the growth process. I’m not even going to deny that. I’m disappointed but I’m not discouraged. We’re just not consistent right now. We understand the impact that penalties and mental errors and special teams have on the game last week and we protect the ball and keep our penalties down and do a really good job on special teams.  And then we turn around this week. I’m trying to develop a consistent team here. I don’t know if they don’t know how to handle success right now. In a short week we were just trying to keep them fresh and develop some momentum and just keep them focused on the process but I just didn’t do a good enough job. I just did not do a good enough job. We just had too many mental breakdowns in that game to win.



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3irrelevant. And that's just this year. Plenty more to chose from over the years.

some solace in that the lunatic MissChump and reptiles lose again for 4 in a row !

again we play JH hurt instead of using our 2nd string QB..Different coach same results

NH. Can you explain it???

I don't know why anybody would give Coach Golden any slack. People act like he's the savior to the U. People kill me with this line "oh give him time, I assure you this staff will turn it around," that's a bunch of bull crap and you know it. Look at Golden's history, each team he has coached at had a losing record while he was there (DC for Virginia and HC for Temple). Why do you think it's going to get better? This "process" he keeps talking about is garbage, all he cares about is the future not the present. If Randy Shannon would've had a better coaching staff, like the present OC- Jedd Fisch, the U would be in the top 10. Instead we're dealing with the "process" of Mr. Tie. People say Randy Shannon's recruits are terrible. Please, if they were so terrible how come all the games the team has lost were close. It comes down to coaching. But hey, let's see if he (Golden) can recruit better than he can coach, since some of you fans feel these current players can't hack it. Each game that the team has lost this year was by a team with lesser talent and great coaching staffs who make adjustments throughout the game. Ray Ray obviously is out of position on a lot of plays, so why is he still playing safety, that's a coaching staff issue. Why is Mike James getting more carries than Clements, when Mike James doesn't see the whole and hasn't produced since that crucial fumble against Maryland, that's a coaching staff issue. Why is Jordan Futch starting, but a True Freshman by the name of Denzel Perryman has more tackles coming off the bench, that's a coaching staff issue. Why doesn't the OC call plays from the booth to see what the other team is doing on defense, as far as their being 8 in the box and we're still running the ball, or the safeties dropping back and we're still passing the ball. The middle of the field was open on offense the whole game and I can remember only 3 plays were called against UVA and all three were successful, that's a coaching staff issue. All the great coaches that know how to win, always play to the strength of their players, and this staff isn't getting it done on defense nor the two minute drill on offense. I'll always be a fan and support the U, but I will not sit back and hold my tongue when people rant and rave about a Coach and his staff, when he has not shown any sign of his "process" evolving the slightest bit.

Oh look its Randy Sannon back in here again I mean sorry Anthony, the guy who was ghost for the last two weeks but now that the canes lost he crawls back out from under that rock. Dissapear for good already clown, Shannon is not coming back, do you know why idiot boy, bc he screwed it up for four years, bc he had no clue of how to run a team hence all of the coordinators he went through and thats why hes sitting at home right now. By the way the great Nick Saban went 6-6 in his first year at Bama before he turned things around, so get out of here already little boy go fly a kite.


I get your point and agree with certain aspects. Yes, it's a "lunatic rant." But, I would rather be optimistic, having seen positives so far this year. Miami does have fairweather fans. Then again, Miami has fair weather. We need our own stadium to become an attractive home for all Canes fans. In the interim, it is only winning and/or a big time opponent that will bring out the fans to see the Canes. Many on this blog are true Canes. We need to broaden that base. So, what the heck, show up for Duke and give our kids some support. What's to lose, especially since they almost beat Va Tech today?

Your a funny guy "Dennis Erickson". I haven't disappeared I did comment on the UNC game, probably not on the same blog as you though. I gave credit to the DC for finally calling the blitz which I had mentioned was missing, although he could do a better job of disguising them. But before I go further allow me to apologize for keeping you waiting so long, since you obviously missed me. I actually saw you and similar people making comments after the Georgia Tech game, which had me laughing so hard I couldn't even comment. How do you applaud the DC for doing a great job against a one dimensional offense. All they do is run the ball. Same thing Kansas State did, oh yeah, we lost that game as the QB ran all over...Never in the history of Miami football have we allowed a freaking QB to run all over us. I'm not on here trying to petition for Shannon to come back. You're right, Shannon's down fall was not having a sufficient staff, which I mentioned. But one thing you can't say Shannon didn't do was clean up this program that Shapiro tried to ruin. How can you sit up here and compare Al Golden to Nick Saban? LOL, Nick Saban had a winning record before joining Alabama when he was at LSU. What record did Al Golden have, a losing one. Al Golden had a worse record at Temple, than Randy Shannon had at Miami. Golden has better talent at UM than he did at Temple and still can't produce. Nick Saban coaches in the SEC West, hands down the toughest side of the toughest conference in college football. Your comparisons are as cheap as Al Golden's Tie, nobody's buying it except for local klutz' like yourself. Next time you come at me bring some valid points to the table or don't come at all, thanks.

Michigan DT Mike Martin 6-2, 294, Jr., Redford, Mich.

•Bench-presses 505 pounds, squats 700 pounds
•Power cleans 430 pounds, hang cleans 475 pounds
•Runs the 40-yard dash in 4.9 seconds

Our DT Regis cannot even bench press 400 after coming here three eyars ago doing 385 from high school.

The strength coach at the U Swasey is a left over from Cooker and Shannon and needs to go. The rest of the team overall is pathetcially weak and gets pushed all over.

Perriman is a go getter LB and a good player, Chikillo DE is a hustler and plays hard. Many of the UM palyers are just plain week. They get bullied by other teams.

When in the Hell are we going to get a real strength coach?

Donofrio is not the problem, anymore he adapted. He is blitzing he wasplaying soft zone in the first four games that is why we lost. Golden is covering himself by saying this was a rebuilding yr. This is the best team we had in years. If he would have been agressive in the beginning we would be undefeated. The offense can run against eight manfronts, its not lamar or the ol, its the passing game.all jedd had to do was go jumbo within five of goal and run wide, isolating lamar agaist dlinemen

Gainesadmitted it was tecnique, he was suposed to lay the man not the ball. Not donofrios fault. Spence missed to text tackles on bubble screen, not coaches fault. Spence was just coasting. Nobody is fcused cause they want to play for title.look for more unmotivated play the rest of the, year, why risk injury. Golden has to play future layers. Jedd has got to fix offense.i think the key is passes to rbs deep or on slants

Jacorry should watch andrew luck of stanford and matt barkley of usc. THAT is how you play QB. Not chucking it downfield and hoping your split end wins the 50-50 balls. Its pin point short and medium passes, 5-15 yds, to rbs, tight ends and occasionally keeping it and running it. It was textbook.

Small consolation.... The trds and their lunatic coach lost again and are 4-4 despite having the #1 recruiting classes the last 3 yrs, and all of the hype about their 3 superstar QBs,lol! and miami beat gattech who beat clemson, and miami beat osu who beat wisconsin and nebraska. Some dude here said osu was missing 4 starters on offense. Yeah, but they had the same qb and we were missing 8 starters on defense, plus benjamin!

Miami better not take Duke lightly. They are going to throw the ball 50 times on us guaranteed. That vernon kid who should have played at miami is a stud wr.


With all due respect to you and your position, and with all the reports of payed off players, how did Shannon clean up the program? His lack of success was due to "his staff." Huh? The guy, great Cane that he is, was way over his head. I hated to see him not succeed.

Yah, Saban is a top tier guy. I think Golden will be as well, given some time. Agree that the DC has some responsibility for offenses like K-State rolling over us. In fact, in that game, it was the lack of defensive penetration that allowed the QB the time to make a zone read before deciding to keep the ball. Where were the LBs?

Our D was nowhere to be found because it often gets beat at the line of scrimmage. Maybe strength is an issue. Maybe youth. Maybe heart.

Overall, we have a very promising coach in Al Golden, tie and all. Watch as it develops at the U, and give the guy and his staff some time.

Brother Shannon is gone, let it go already, Golden took a program that was dead and had gone 0- I dont know what and they won 9 games overthere at that craphole of a program. Oh, And I didnt know you were a DC now, please enough of the lunatic rant, we r tired of you and your Shannon talk, I would of loved to see what Shannon would of done taking over at Temple when they were dead and buried. Hes gone, enough already, go away, you were probably the same guy that wanted Shannon fired last year, Golden and staff are here to stay for a while so deal with it, be real fan, not such a dummy.


Most of that Shapiro crap had been happening for years as the reports indicated. Shannon nipped it in the bud and told Shapiro to stay away from his players and warned his players about Shapiro. He can't sit there and baby sit them every step of the way. And when you have members on your staff still connecting the players with Shapiro, that's a problem. The other sore part of his staff was the OC, Patrick Nix wasn't bad, but Whipple was terrible. I'd often see Shannon and Whipple arguing on the sidelines while watching from the stands. The problem with Miami the last two years was INTs, some penalty issues but we know Miami is and will always be one of the most penalized teams, but mainly INTs was the issue. In short, the offense is turning things around but now the defense is lacking, which it had never lacked in the past. As to your question where were the LBs against K State? They looked lost in the weak zone read defense. You said it best, there was lack of penetration. From what I saw from the stands, we were running a four man rush against an option style offense, and the DC never adjusted until late in third quarter, to me that's crazy. One of our best LB (Denzel Perryman) is still coming off the bench while "arm-tackle" Futch continues to start, doesn't make sense to me. I'd agree that we definitely are weak at the safety position, but we have good LBs and DL, so there should be no excuse as to why the DC isn't putting pressure on the QB. If you saw the Duke vs. Va Tech game, even Duke was stopping Va Techs weak QB, something we couldn't do because we weren't playing aggressive. Seems like every time we play someone, the opposing teams QB looks like an All American. I hope his "process" develops much sooner than later, but from his past records as a DC at Virginia and HC at Temple, it's hard for me to believe. For Cane-nation I hope he does and if so, I'll give him credit, until then this is my stance on the situation.

Hey Anthony, Al Golden has forgotten more about football than you'll ever know, that's why he's the head coach of a major college football program and you're on the internet pointing out things that any a**hole can see with the benefit of hindsight.

Clements looks better than James? Our safeties are out of position? Denzel Perryman looks good? The defense isn't blitzing?


Get Anthony a tie and throw him in, I'm sure he'd do fine.

Blah blah blah blah blah, thats what you sound like go away hater,trying to sound all intellectual but you sound like a putz, Patrick Nix wasnt bad, Lol.

Have to agree that it's easy to be an expert on everything from your couch.

D'Onforio is not unaware that his team isn't blitzing and isn't pressuring quarterbacks. He's said repeatedly that he hasn't had time to install his entire playbook and that he didn't blitz against Va Tech because he thought his safeties would give up big plays (which is hard to argue after the UVA game).

We just don't have the talent that we thought we'd have by now, and it's really showing on our defense. No lineman that demands a double-team. Not one. LBs are very average, and so is the secondary. No standouts. Our only bright spots besides Spence are the young freshmen and sophs, which should tell us all something -- severe lack of player development. Which is why I cut D'Onofrio some slack for now.

Our O-line needs to man-up. Period. With that size, it almost should not matter who is in at RB. We should be able to run the ball at will. It's a travesty that we can't get crucial short yards. Kehoe is disappointing me.

And anybody saying that Jacory is the problem this year is stupid and is a typical fanboy who does not know football. I have never been a big fan of his, but he is playing well. His #11 QB rating at 161.8 says it all. Stop blaming the QB for all of the team's problems.

I wish all these people writing negative posts would become gator fans. If you can't understand why Miami is having a hard time right now then maybe go watch hockey, or womans tennis. Anthony your post is so long winded and lacking in knowledge that I won't even comment on any of your points, you just wouldn't understand. Give AG some time, let him get in a few recruiting classes. Hopefully the NCAA doesn't come down to hard so he has a chance to turn the program around.

Maybr he didnt have time to install blitzes, but I would think its easier tham installing a zone defense. But im ok with donofrio he is wiling to adapt unlike shannon.the reason shannon never left his conservative ways is blitzing gives control of destiny to the qb. Golden is betting most qbs will crack.hell get to usezone in disguise. U can just feel thatour defense isgoing to be sound

Oh yea and little Anthony, Shannon nipped the Shapiro thing in the bud huh, yea thats why he pretty much cost us that loss at MD with half of his top recruiting class suspended for accepting impermissable benefits, off you go boy.

Dennis troll. Without Shannon it would have been much worse

itcdolphin who are you anthonys girlfriend, why dont you guys go play barbies with shannon already, jeez the guys gone and not coming back, stop bringing him up like if he was some kind of messiah, he did a lousy job, period, thats it.

Shannon was a bad head coach but it sounds like he's the only one in the entire program who told the players to stay away from Shapiro.

Itcdolphin - what is it with you and that other guy calling everyone "trolls"? What does that even mean? Is it some nerd internet slang or because of the Charlie Sheen thing?

LTCDOLPHIN: There are only a handful of superstar QBs each year at the collegiate level who can carry a team. They are very rare and don't come around often.

So if you are waiting for us to get an Andrew Luck under center, then you might as well give up and stop watching. Anybody who knows football, knows you don't need a hero QB to win championships. Alabama won with McElroy... LSU with Matt Flynn...

Jacory is doing more than enough this year for us to win. He is not our problem. Learn the game first before you post.

Dennis the truth is the truth. Live with it.

Njcane. When has Harris been a leader a real leader, and play a complete game. If he had developed to half of Dorsey we would be better off. Not thinking Harris was a luck, never has been never will.
Perhaps it's you that is not a good judge of football players.

That is a good and thoughtful analysis and I appreciate it. You are obviously a fan.

We all want to win now and have the miracle turnaround year that some teams experience with a new coach. Right?

I think Golden will bring us back into the game, first a Coastal championsip, and then the ACC and finally national prominence. At least I sure hope so!

To others, I think Jacory is playing well enough to win. He has some great targets. That said, I wish he was more comfortable getting set in the pocket. When he does, he steps into his throws well. But if the O line isn't protecting, he gets jumpy. I like it when he sees space and runs. We got the bigs up front. Now they have to play big and fierce.

LTCDOLPHIN: What the hell is a "real leader"? "A complete game"?? Seriously, dude. What does that mean?

We have a defense that is bad. We let a subpar QB from UVa look great and got gashed repeatedly. We have an offense that for some reason now can't run the ball. And don't tell me that UVa and GT have great defenses, either. Jacory was 21 of 30 for 311 yards and 3 TDs. That is more than enough production needed from your QB to win.

It is clear that you are fixated on Jacory and I understand that. Is he a great QB? No. Can he improve? Yes. But we've got much bigger problem areas on our team that you fail to acknowledge. It's a team game, LTCDOLPHIN.

Yeah, yeah U'all Cane rUffians. Let's give The Golden One a couple of more seasons. That's IF Albert doesn't bolt for RURAL Penn. St., which happens to be a DISTINCT possiblility depending on the SEVERITY of the penalties imposed on beloved Miami, F-L-A. Eh.

However, the GIVE D'onofrio THE BENEFIT of the DOUBT notion has absolutely no foundation to sit on! Because IF MIGHTY Dukie Vitale's AVERGAGE offense garners approximatly 400 TOTAL YARDS against the Hurricanes, than what Miami fandom.

And I don't give a stinkin' chit IF the Hurricanes win. Because I say bloody CHIT CAN the Miami D-coordinator at the conclusion of the season.

Yeah, yeah D'Onofrio is playing with a SHORT Green-n-Orange deck of cards. So What!!

By the way, lowly Maryland was MOLESTED by the worst squad in the A.C.C. yesterday. Argualbly speaking. That be Boston College.

Again, Miami's D-unit plays near an average game on defense against The Turtle, even being short-handed, the Hurricanes defeat Maryland. But that's neither here or there, bozo's. Eh.

Dennis Erickson,

Dude grow up and get a clue. I'm a fan that points out the obvious, right? Everyone else on this blog see's what I see whether there at the games like me or on the couch, right? So why after halftime does the DC not make any adjustments to what the other team is doing to us? Wait I know, he doesn't have the right players to fit his scheme. He needs to recruit better players for his scheme. This is a rebuilding year. That's a bunch of crap. This roster has the same talent pool as the Hurricanes did when they went to the National Championship back to back. If you remember all those players back then coming out of high school, they were mostly 3s and 4s. The difference, better coaching. So I understand it's going to take Al Golden and his staff time to find players for their "scheme" or "style of coaching" but still doesn't excuse the fact of their lack of personnel use. To go back to your remark about Shannon and Napiro. How did half of the top recruiting class miss the first game, when it was a combination of only 15 players total from both the 2008 and 2009 class. We actually were winning that game against Maryland, until Mike James fumbled before half. Then after half time Maryland kept killing us with that weak bubble screen and D'Onofrio still calling the zone read. And it's funny how people quote D'Onofrio and still back him. He said he didn't have enough time to install his entire playbook, so what was he doing during spring and summer when he got there, it's not like this is the NFL and there was no preseason. I guess we all read things differently. To all the nay-sayers of my posts, thanks for reading and look forward to sharing more of my thoughts during this hard to digest "process" of Al Golden, signing off (for now) Canes fan for life!

Njcane if you have to ask those questions then it's going to be hard to explain to you. Dorsey was a good leader with less skills than Harris. He was in players faces, mixed with the o team unlike Harris, and generally lead the team. All qualities Harris has not demonstrated since being at Miami. He did lead the way to shapiros pool table though. So there is a start to leadership 101.

And njcane playing a full game means exactly that. Harris has yet to play all four quarters of a game. He either takes the first or second half off and does not play inspired football all four quarters of the same game. Name a game otherwise, many on this blog have agreed.

Thats funny ictoiodiot is still on harris. He is the same person that wanted to compare tom brady with harris. Anthony the fans on here dont want to here the truth. I have been telling them about golden and his staff before he got here. He is not a bad coach but he just hasnt adapted to the way we play defense. This staff has gotten the most out of harris but also failed at some key moments in the game to dial up the right plays to win ball games. The d is horrible and thats on the dc. Im not saying fire them because they are in a rough position but if we keep losing games we are gonna keep losing recruits and the real coaches will have to show up or get run out of town. Stop trying to play that pst d and do what we do best and blitz. we are losing any way so is gonna be a slow drip or shoot out. I havnt read anything from championships.

Well another outer space planet heard from again. What you don't get is the players don't dictate to coaches, players play the way coaches tell them or leave. Harris is nothing but an underachiever as has been most of that MNW class. Truth hurts.

And the rambling continues, grow up huh, listen mojon im old enough to be your daddy little boy. no son not everyone on this blog sees anything like you playstation all star. Its obvious that theyre struggling on defense and they have a long way to go, anyone can see that clown. But enough about shannon already and give this staff their time to build it and change the culture here. And please dont tell me that they have the same talent on this team that they had back in 2001, now you really sound like an idiot.

Hey Tally, I've just got around to reading a bunch of people who don't know squat about football. I don't know why anybody has anything bad to say about Jacory and the way he has played. Yeah he fumbled the ball when he went to throw the ball but things like that can happen in the game. The kid deserves big time respect for how he has worked and progressed from what he was so kudo's to him and Fishe.
Now Miller needs to quit running like a girl who's scared to be hit and Mike James needs to use his eyes to see open space to run at instead of running up a line mans back all the time. Heck Run Clements some, he runs with authority kinda like Berry did. And the line all look like King Kong or Tarzan but play like Jane. As big as they are they should be just mauling people and they let people whoop their arse everygame.
Let me ask some of U this did coaches run into the kicker, NO. Did D'nofrio hit the QB late on 3rd down, NO. Did D'nofrio run up in run support on 3rd and 11 on that halfback pass while watching a receiver blow by him, NO that was Ray Ray and other players not coaches. That blame falls on the players. And please with the "there just kids" crap. These are young grown men and they are the fault for this loss not the coaches.
Now in regards to the coaches, yeah the defense has no been what we are used to, but I remember when Dennis Erickson was here and the D was dominate then Butch come in and the D sucked for the first 3 years until his players got in here and grew up. Remember the game against Penn State, in 99 and Ed Reed gave up the bomb to them that caused us to lose the game. The point is I have seen this process play itself out and the D will get better in time. The good thing is we have some young play makers in Chick and Perryman, and Telemaque and Ray Ray will be back next year too. It takes time for a new staff to get everyone on the same page and get their players in the program. I mean what did some of you think? Did U really think we were ready to contend for a National Title? I know I didn't. These players for 3 years had been programed to play D a certain way and now they are learning to play a new system. I'll tell you this I am pleased that we have not lost any games by blow out. Do any of you not remember 47-0 at FSU or that time Syracuse and Donavan McNabb put up 60 some on us at the Carrier Dome under Butch. Golden was one of the candidates that I felt would be a great grab as a head coach and it is paying off. Now many of U who don't know what to look for as far as progress of a team or what a real head coach is are probably seeing just what a woman see's in a game and that is DID they win. Theres alot more in showing progress than W's. So some of U get off the race card that alot of U are harping on and holding on so dear to yourselves, and just watch and enjoy the rebuilding process we are undergoing as this team grows and climbs back to the top.

well said championships. But like your calling card says, championships is all that matters

147 consecutive weeks with a former cane scoring a TD in the NFL

Tebow really really really stinks. No really. But the media and everyone drools over how to apologize or rationalize thefact that he is even in the NFL

Redo talkycane. What I said was it would have been nice if Harris had shown leadership and decision making ability at his stage of development in school as Brady. If he had Harris might have been or will be drafted in the nfl as a qb.

Championships. So how has Harris improved in performance other than TD to interception rate??? Is his leadership better?? Has his footwork gotten better?? Have we more wins?? Has he thrown into double coverage any less?? Answers are obvious.

Morning Canes Fans how was your wet weekends?

Good news is....after this season a ton of seniors will be gone for good which represent a large percentage of randy's recruiting.

J.Harris - thanks but not enough
S.Whipple - what have you done for us.
L.Byrd - good reddens
C.Ford - thank god
J.Figueroa - 6yrs and still not starting
H.Gunn - supposedly the strongest on the Oline. Right....
J.Futch - never panned out unfortunately
L.Chambers - Can't convert a RB to CB.
J.Nicolas - he's been producing lately but to late.

There are a ton of young players behind these guys on the depth chart that are getting playing time now, maybe not enough but still getting some and with that playing time they will be more attuned to this new system we picked up this year for the upcoming season. I said it before, we need to give Golden and Co. the same amount of time that we gave candy randy. It's only fair. I do personally believe that in Golden's 3rd season we will see something really special. I'm optimistic for next season but I'm really looking forward to his 3rd year.


Itcdolphin, I would say his leadership has been better as opposed to last years. Last year on those final two plays he would have sucked it up and stayed in the game instead of realizing he would only be hurting his team. There are many different ways to lead and no one has been through more mental anguish gong into this year than Jacory. His footwork has gotten better but the thing I see most with Jacory is instead of just lobbing the ball he is stepping into his throws and firing them in there. When you play QB its all about decision making and production, and he has made huge strides in that department. He has nothing to do with the defense giving up dumb plays like Ray Ray did, and guys getting called for dumb penalties like roughing the passer and punter which both led to TD drives. Dude no one has been harder on Jacory than me but he has done a 180 from what he was and deserves credit for the way he has played. Is he perfect NO but he's a heck of alot better than what he was last year.

Itcdolphins - how on earth are you so adamant about something as intangible as Jacory Harris' "leadership"?

Just because he's not screaming at people or cheerleading doesn't mean the players don't consider him a leader.

I don't know how anyone can say that Harris and the offense in general isn't better this year, unless of course you're not watching the game and just looking at the results in the paper the next day.

"Trash & Glass"

Running back core at The U

Personally I can't wait for Stephen Morris and Ryan Williams to battle it out during the spring. I also wouldn't mind seeing more of Morris this season to see what we might have for the upcoming season. Time to focus on the future. I like that Jacory has made a turn around for himself and that has helped the team a lot but it's just too late. He had 4 yrs. Unless he starts throwing bombs for the rest of the season I just don't see anything happening for him. That pass to Streeter down the middle was short and Streeter had to slow down for it which gave the DB just enough time to catch up and clip his heels so Street would go down. Man that was a TD if Harris had thrown it just a second earlier. Plus that underthrown ball in the endzone to Street would have been a TD, again, if it wasn't underthrown. Harris just hangs on to the ball too long. Simple as that. He's cut down on INT's, thank god, and has thrown it away which is better than an INT, no doubt but he still can't place the ball correctly deep down the field. He's puttin more zip on the ball within 25yds but that's it. Morris can sling it down field with half the arch that Harris puts on it. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. As for now, I see us winning the rest of our schedule but against fswho I'm not sure, that's about it. Honestly if we lose to duke then we're in more trouble than I could have ever had imagined. I seriously and I mean seriously doubt that though. We'll just have to see.


And the fans not showing up to honor our 2001 team, F all of you!!! It was a thursday night game at home field and barely, I mean barely anyone went. F all of you for not showing up.

Eucalyptus. The fact you even respond as you did shows you have no understanding of the qb position, nor did you read the comments before responding. If you think Harris provides leadership then you are mistaken. If you think the items you mentioned are all that a leader does means you are stuck in the academic world and don't know leadership. Bet you think shalalalala is a good leader as she has led from behind on the NCAA mess. Recorded messages, now that's leading.
Think there is still an ROTC detachment at the U, go get a leadership 101 book and read it.
Canetillidie, good comments. Most of the guys you mentioned should not let the door hit them on the backside on their way out.

I really can't blame Jacory this year because he is giving us an all out effort and it's absolutely an improvement from the prior seasons. I even retracted my previous statements of calling him a ethiopian noodle arm etc due to him actually playing smart football and managing the game much better than prior seasons. But what he has done as of late is just that, too late. Now is time for Morris to get in and do what he can before he has to battle it out with Ryan Williams during spring ball. The majority and I'll call it 85% of the reason the offense has sputtered during this season is because of the Oline. To much moving around and trying to figure out who goes where. Plus, and this I have been saying for awhile now, is that we need a new strength and conditioning coach. Swasey is from the "randy period" of canes football. We need to do away with everything that randy has his hand into. Swasey just hasn't cut it. A new strength coach and we'll see some nastiness come out of our younger players. We have some big heavy boys upfront on the Oline and they can't hold their blocks against smaller Dlinemen. That's a sorry statement to make but true. Horn, Fig and Gunn will be gone which leaves Henderson, Washington, Bunche, Feliciano, Linder, McDermott, Wheeler, Barton, Johnson, Jones, Lewis, and some others to fight for spots. This is how I see it for next year depending on any given situations...

Washington(6'4" 320lb)- RG
Henderson(6'8" 345lb)- LT
Feliciano(6'5" 320lb)- RT
Bunche(6'7" 320lb)- LG
Linder(6'6" 310lb)- C

Maybe Jared Wheeler(So)(6'5" 315lb) might get in there as well as Jermaine Barton(RS Fr)(6'7" 305lb) and Ben Jones(Jr)(6'5" 310lb). We'll just have to see what Kehoe does with this group. These are some big boys that we have to get the most out of them. But we're still gonna need a better strength and conditioning coach.

HENRYH - i'm a little late to the party reading this ridiculous commentary, but:

21-30, 311 yds, 0 INT, 3 TDs

What's not to like about that line?

11th in the nation this season with a 161.8 passer rating. 2nd all-time in yards at UM being Ken Dorsey. Please just shut up all you Harris haters. There's plenty of blame to go around for EVERY loss this season. But Harris is playing some damn good ball this year.

Canetillidie. Do you think that Harris has attained all that he could at the U. We both know the answer is no. He will probably go undrafted as a qb in the next nfl draft.
5 rings those are great numbers and what did they add up too another "W". I'm shine if Harris had played all four quarters
Dorsey was twice if not better qb because he was a leader, team player, and listened. What a shame Harris's years were wasted like they were and he has only one person to blame

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