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Sunday transcript of UM coach Al Golden: "We're 3-3. I hope we're angry."

After reviewing film of his team's 30-24 win at North Carolina Saturday, UM coach Al Golden spoke with reporters for nearly 15 minutes Sunday. Here's the Q&A:

Q: You won your first ACC game, but Georgia Tech lost and now everybody in the Coastal Division has an ACC loss. You can get right back into the division race with a win this week. You talk about that with the coaches or players?
A: "For us right now, it's about taking care of what we have to take care of. I can't really worry about anybody else. For us, we're just trying to teach them consistency, trying to teach them a process that they can rely on no matter what. That's paramount for us right now."

Q: Are you concerned at all about facing Georgia Tech after a loss? They could be an angry team.
A: "An angry team? We're 3-3. I hope we're angry. I hope the kids are angry that we're 3-3. We have enough to worry about. We can't worry about what's going on with the other team before we play them. Again, it speaks to -- every time I have to answer these questions -- what kind of swirls around this program. Right now, we have to get our kids focused on the process and executing everyday and let the product take care of itself."

Q: After watching the film did you see anything as to why there was a lack of a consistent running game in second half?
A: "Like I said after the game, you have to give North Carolina a lot of credit. I think they're an excellent defensive team. Certainly their front seven was excellent and played that well. It was by design early in the game that we passed as much as we did. To their credit, when we tried to go back to the run we couldn't. By virtue of not being able to do that, we enlongated the game. To me, it was a couple plays where a guy was getting beat that type of thing. The individual matchups were difficult for some guys. A guy getting beat here, a guy getting beat then, we didn't run as hard as we needed to run. Overall, I give North Carolina a lot of credit."

Q: Any improvement on defense? There was obviously breakdowns at the end, but what were your thoughts on the overall performance? Progress?
A: "Yeah. Clearly. I think we got two takeaways -- one on a kick cover team and the other, which was really big. I think that was positive. I think we didn't really let up a lot of explosive plays until the end when we gave up the long pass that got them going there in the last minute in a half. So that was good. I think there's more guys that are executing and on the same page than weeks before, which was great. No question I saw a lot of progress. I thought we ran to the ball well and played physically against a very physical team."

Q: Did you come out good as far as injuries?
A:  "So far so good. Again, we won't know until we actually get the pads on and see where we're at on Tuesday. But so far so good."

Q: Did you faced any of the triple option when you were at Temple or what Georgia Tech runs?
A: "We faced a guy named Paul Johnson when we we're at Temple. He's the best at it. We faced Navy and or Army every year. One year we played both of them. Again, with a different style of defense than we have here now. We have to take our personnel here and construct a game plan that is going to fit to our personnel and our style. I think the thing that is great about Coach Johnson is he's always evolving with his offense. It's a great challenge for us. We don't have a lot of time to get ready for it. So our guys have to get on the horse tomorrow morning."

Q: North Carolina coach Everett Withers said he spent time in spring and fall camp preparing his team for option offenses like Georgia Tech. Did you do any of that?
A: "Option defense is always part of our installations in summer camp and in spring. But in terms of just playing against full blown Georgia Tech, or trying to defend Georgia Tech, being that we were just installing our defense and those type of things the first year it was a little difficult. But certainly, we covered it in both spring and in summer."

Q: Olivier Vernon will be back this week. What do you expect from him and what kind of role do you think he will play?
A: "I don't know. We're going to see. He's been out for two months. He hasn't been part of our defensive practices for eight weeks total. We've learned as kids come back it's been a difficult transition for them. We learned from the previous guys that have come back. This is not like coming in and working where you rush the passer 65-70 times in game. This is a difficult week for him to come back. It's going to be a great challenge for him to get ready and prepared. We need disciplined football from everybody. For a guy who hasn't played much, it's going to be a great challenge for him. We're going to try and get him going, get him acclimated and get him out there and see how well he responds Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday."

Q: Travis Benjamin has been getting a lot of touches -- wild cat, reverses, punt returns, kickoffs, receiving -- and responding well.
A: "I think he's responding. I think he's in good shape. I just wish we did a good job for him on kick returns and punt returns. We really aren't doing a good job as a staff or as a unit on kick returns and punt returns. That starts with me and ends with me. We're going to have to get it fixed. I think Jedd is doing a good job getting him the ball. Give a lot of credit to the young man. He's working incredibly hard right now at his conditioning. He's shown he can take a hit and carry the load as a ball carrier and as a receiver. We're proud of the way he's working."

Q: Any reason for the lack of scoring in the second half?
"There's a couple plays here and there where we just didn't execute. Again, you have to be careful not taking away anything from what North Carolina did. North Carolina was exactly what we thought they were coming into the game. But we didn't execute the way we wanted to execute. We left a couple plays there, either yards or points on the board. Clearly the holding call coming out of our end was critical. It was a very costly error. And I there were just a couple blocks we missed where we could have had something big going on. Again, we have to get better. We're not a finished product yet. That's the good news right now. As a team, we're still growing, still evolving, still getting better. So, we just have to get back to work here on offense."

Q: Can you tell us what happened on the onside kick late in the game?
A: "There was no miscommunication. We just didn't execute. Period. That's something we work every week. That's something we've worked ever since I've been here. I'm really disappointed. The breakdown wasn't just one guy. It was two or three guys. It's disappointing we didn't perform better in that situation. I think some guys were kind of in shock. We just have to get them to have poise and execute in that part of the game."

Q: Was Lamar Miller dinged up at all in the game or was it a matter of their defense shutting him down?
A: "They played really good defense. We didn't block as well as we could have, or as well as we should moving forward. Also, it was a function of early on of taking what we could. I like to get Lamar 100 yards every game. But if we can get 27 points in the first half, I'd rather get 27 points. We were executing, taking what they were giving us and converting on. It's hard to go back and second guess, 'Say man we should have run the ball more.' I certainly did not think when we did want to go to the run in the situation we had to, we didn't execute the way we wanted to or are accustomed to. Give North Carolina credit. We have to get better still."

Q: Dalton Botts struggled with his punts.
A: "He shortened his swing, came across his body a little bit. H's just got to stay in his rhythm. He has to relax right now and just get back to being aggressive, being in a rhythm, being in his swing and not worry about it as much. That was uncharacteristic of him. Hopefully he'll go back to doing what we need him to do. In general, our special teams were anything but special."


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Always good reading your work and seeing your first hand info. Manny you are doing great thanks!

You and Barry are full of interesting tidbits and inside information. Again, Thanks

until the randy shannon recruited rejects are off this roster and golden brings in his type player,it's going to be a frustrating year or two...and by the way denzell peryman plays like old school cane's....he will be a beast...

We had a very good game. Like to see the D remain aggressive for the whole game. Tech struggled with Virginia. I think we take them this tear. Keep improving CANES we are on the right road to getting back to a NC. GOOO CANES

Agree with you on GT struggling against UVA defense. We have the stronger unit for sure but what I noticed in that game was the aggressiveness of the VA defense.

There was no waiting for the play to come to them. Each lineman and LB had an assignment and they all went to the gaps and stayed there to cut off any cutback runs. This will be key for us. And I know coach will use some of that tape for our guys.

And starting hot on offense will help too as GT's offense is not setup to come from behind. They had a better more veteran offensive line and running back last year and we still shut them down.

U still got problems on defense and they are reflective of poor coaching. There are no defensive schemes, no "shoot the gaps" schemes, no real blitzes and the DC just doesn't care to use the players he's got to their abilities.

In a word, the DC is "clueless" and out of his league. Ray Ray MUST learn to play the SS a lot better. The DB's might be the worse in, forget college, just plain football at any level and one of them is a transfer!

U need more stunts, more movement on D, more disguises. That is COACHING.

I don't know if U are paying attention, but J12 has emerged as a true leader and is breaking some records. Streeter is the real deal and can be lined up at TE. This team has J12 to thank, otherwise it would be way up the creek and without a paddle.

When will U see that the DC doesn't get it? Let Spence call plays and let Spence be player-coach. Somebody has to step in and develop Gaines, Perryman, Cain and Ray Ray who is the total package, but needs some body in his ear.

The least the DC could do is tech the D to intimidate folks. Geeeeeez!!!!

please stop bringing up randy shannon name on every post and stop blaming him everytime miami loses its starting to look sad on your part.Face it randy is gone and golden is in what happens now and later is on golden and staff not randy.

ray ray is the most overratted player on the team...he's picked up where he left off last year..constantly getting burned,looking confused with zero leadership....if we didn't have spence who knows what this teams record would be...and don't get me started on our db's....perhaps the worst in d-1 football...it's going to take several years to "rebuild" after what shannon brought here.....if golden sticks it out and brings his type player,i think it can happen..

I was at the game. I think they grew up a lot after the VT game. coach G has them playing with a lot of heart.He is the real deal.Just do not have the horse yet

Canes dude is delusional. Goldens Type player? Who is that?? Its laughable to compare the players Shannon has recruited/ coached and put in the NFL vs "Golden's type". The DC is suspect. Players aren't in position, they are out of place, dont adjust, out coached and out schemed. Has nothing to do with "Shannons players". Amazing how someone can hear a term and and not even understand it with all the confidence in the world!

The U is not that bad on defense sike!! Last 2 years we have put plenty of pressure on QB's and had tackles for lost. Not this year and we have the same d-line except foe Allen Baily. This defense coordinator is flat out retarted and is so clueless about defense. This shi# doesnt work on this level maybe it did at Temple but not here son.

It doent take a rocket specialist to figure this crap out. Blit, Zone Blitz, Shoot Gaps damn coach. Hire Randy Shannon for D-Coordinator. I have a sugguestion:

4-3 defense

safetys- JO Jo/ Telem
Corners- Finnie/Chambers
Outside Backers- Ray Ray/ Perryman
Inside- Spence/Jordan
Ends- Chic/Oliv
Tackles- Ojomo/Smith


safetys and corners same
Linebackers- Ray Ray/Spence/Perryman/Chic

Note for coaches also, we sure do have alot of O-linemen thats weighs over 300lbs, there mean and ready the play. D-line is hurting use them

All Bout TheU

LOL you guys are funny. Everyone don't quit your day job

I love the "you guys" comment, as far as ROB is concerned, everyone who is not on the staff should not voice their opinion. Cool cat, you nailed it on the nose, all the haters saying Jacory lost his chance are swollowing their words. The DC is horrible. Notice the 'U' visor and his blonde dyed tips, with the lack of command of defense, surely he lacks the command of his appearance too. All jokes aside, Mark (DC), is Golden boys buddy and has not earned respect from his players, clearly, from his lack of schemeing, he is way out of his league. Everyone "Don't quite your day job", because our coaches are obviously flawless and we have no knowledge of the game.. rob, buddy, add some input, otherwise keep your closeted opinions just where they ought to be.. in the closet.

PS. Why kick a field goal on 4th and 2 when three points would still put us in a position to be beat. It almost came back to bite us in the butt when they recovered the onside kick. It was the opposite when we did a fake, and lost by 3.. shame shame.. tighten up coaches..

For one i agree with cool ct and most of you all.

The dc is clueless. His D is the worse UM D in the last 30 yrs by far.

Br mcgee is the worst db UM has ever had. Every game he is burned for 1-2 Tds. Safety help is nonexistent

Golden said it last week... This d is as simple as they can make it. Translation: our defensive players are so dumb, we cannot make our d more complex, because they just dont get it!

Im curious to see how they do with the triple option. Miami will simply have to outscore them.

Lol! If they went for it on 4th & 2 instead of kickiing a field goal & didn't convert, the score would've been 27-24 & all UNC would've needed was a field goal to tie at the end for overtime. Duh... of course you kick the field goal & make it harder for them to come back.

As for all of the "defensive coordinators". Like Rob said, don't quit your day job. The d-line hasn't played with a full deck ALL YEAR. The secondary gets burned deep dam near everytime they're in man coverage. If D'Onofrio listened to the people on this blog, the defense would be even worse. The defense made the plays they needed to make to win the game. Get off the dope that has you dellusional, shut the f*ck up, enjoy the game & enjoy the Golden's development of the team. Because the defense doesn't suck as bad as the silly *ss posts on here that think they know more than a man that coaches defense for a living. Smh

& Brandon McGee doesn't suck as bad as #41 Mike Williams

Goldens type of player
1. Guys that play hard every snap and are not afraid to work to get better.
2. Guys who don't look at highlight reels
3. Guys that are not entitled
4. Guys who know they have to work and don't think they better than what they are.
5. Smart assignment driven players who don't try to be hero's and freelance during plays.

Golden himself has said these things and he will bring these kind of players here. Chick and Perryman are classic examples of that. The amazing thing is is that Golden has gotten these guys to buy in to what he is selling and it shows. They are playing better and harder and competing. That speaks to what he is as a coach. The "entitlement era" of players who come to the U and think they can put on the uni and make other teams shake is OVER. No substitute for hard work and earning your job each week. GO CANES

Nice post Washington Cane. Not all of us misunderstand who Golden's type of player is and will be. So many of our fellow fans don't have a clue about what patchwork is being done with the defense. You can't run blitz packages when your db's can't mentally grasp the scheme and you can't run man to man when your db's get burnt in practice all day..etc. So funny how some of you "fans" are calling out the coaches.LMAO

All the defensive coordinators ATTENTION! The status quo is OK! Accept mediocrity, and do not express your opinions. With the score 27-17 deep in the Heels territory, grow some balls and go for it. If not, thats a whole latta' field to cover in just 2:40. And the offense still has to score twice. Your logic is suspect because you assume Miami would not make it, and the Heels would still drive, and thus making it 24-27. But, if UM scores, its 34-17 thus making it immpossible for any kind of onside kick and ending the "comeback". Yea, lets just accept the fact that the coaches almost put us in the position to lose..again, like that fake FG.. Grow a pair, and try to think outside the box..baaahhhh you darn sheep.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat

Yes, the D is bad, but it's because of the players, not the coaching.

Ray Ray s*cks....sorry to break it to you. We've seen the real deal here and Ray Ray isn't it.

Tommy Streeter at TE? Let the kid play WR! It's not bad enough Randy Shannon ruined most of his college career? Now you want him to play TE?

PS Chickillo and Perryman were recruited by Shannon... so they are Golden boys now? "Fans" aren't calling out coaches, its singular, just the defensive coordinator. And its called accountability. Or a results driven workplace, whatever you want to call it. His schedule at Temple was cake, wake up and be critical, or are season ticket holding fans not allowed to be? Damn tools..

Sean Spence as player coach? What's the first lesson..everyone be as naturally gifted as me.

I think we won the UNC game, no? Some of these comments are gloom and doom.

Sure, the Canes must improve. And like Virginia, they must play aggressively against the option. Penetration is the key, but playing hard is the foundation.

Hope the O scores early and often, the D plays hard and the special teams play, well, special!

A team has ONE defensive coordinator, and that coach has several coaches under him. Our DC is Coach D'Onofrio.
Although you make some good points, I think his talent pool is limited. This will tend to dictate his options. For sure, though, sitting back ain't the way to go. Being more aggressive is a better strategy, as in the Spence sack at the end of the game. It will take a while for these kids to jell together and to believe. For example, let's see the safeties start playing at a high level every play.

Agree with dbc and I actually agree withBubba 1010. "Message to the d..." Here is my message to you: s-tttf u if you don't like someone else's opinion. I actually agree with the several here who is calling out D'onofrio and his unimaginative, predictable defenses. Man has been outcoached and out schemed from day one. 6 games into the season and he continues to flounder. I mean even in th 1st half of theBethune game he couldnt keep up with all of the schemes they were throwing at him.

Miami Hurricane players and future commits: You want to see a highlight reel?

Look at the highlight reel of Devin Hester from last night's Bears game. Or Frank Gore's game. That's where it's at. Not when you haven't done squat. UM players shouldn't be watching highlight reels until they bring us a ship. Otherwise the only film they should be watching are films of opposing Ds and Os.

Shut up and play.

The streak of a former cane scoring a TD in the NFL is alive at 145 weeks!

I see improvement each and every game. Really, when you think about it, we are 2 plays and a fumble away from being undefeated, and ranked in the top 12. I believe if the team continues to improve, they have a very good chance at going 9-3 and a decent bowl game....let's keep the faith..Go Canes!!!

Isn't it interesting that as supporters of the"U" we prognosticate, coach, and judge how
weak our win is and not the FACT of the W to move on to the next game..We throw around blame and beat to death the idea of moving players around because the Coaches just don't get it..
Well it is time for sanity to reign:
WE WON so shut t f up.
Let us prepare for GT, and UVA showed us the blueprint...
Congratulate our guys, and the Coaches, and quit moaning and groaning...it get's old.
Listen to gwp 1616 that's what I am talking about.SUPPORT.
Go 'Canes.

look, I am a huge Canes fan but did you people not watch these games. This has to be one of the worst defence's I have ever seen at the U. These players are really bad, they just dont make plays and are getting handled physically by teams we should dominate. I long for the Canes of old. Shawn Spence is the only real talent on that side of the ball. Not sure how much coaching will change the fact that these guys arent willing to stick their grill up in someone pads and attack. JC12 is not the problem right now.
Lets just hope we can find some talent in the next few years and return to kickin a s s.

all this fire coach D nonsense need to realize somethings. one this is not the same D line as last year, as someone else stated. check the injury report, plus vernon is now back from suspension. also we lost DVD and Harris at corner. believe it or not corner play does help the pass rush, as we have seen because our rookie corners get beat so much qb,s can dump off passes all day.also the addition of 2 new linebackers starting also hurts. thus resulting in wide open tight ends and missed assignments vs the run. all of witch have been mentioned by coaches. if you can not see the week to week improvement than there is no amount of rationale that can help you.

First of all got to give J. Harris mad props for going three games without a pick. I ripped him when he looked lost. But under Golden he has developed and is improving every week. In the N. Carolina game I think he only had one poor decision that was almost picked off. T. Benjamin has also shown improvement from game to game. Both players look more developed than they did last year. Saw the G-Tech vs Virginia game and from what I gathered G-Tech can be run on. Virginia running back looked very similar to L. Miller. But the question is can the "U"s defense play like Virginias did? And can J. Harris continue his non turn over streak going.

We won a road conference game that in itself is a big deal, just ask Ga Tech. I think the D played alot better than the first 5 games but the Offense went to conservative in the second half. Our true weakness on offense is TE, they cant block. Other then that get ready for GT and then a short week for a good Virginia team. Main thing is you must win at home period.

For all Yall who think Coach D is a good defensive coordinator go kick rocks. This man is lost. Who in the world plays the same defense for 6 straight games and don't adjust at all. You all are retarts too like our defensive coordinator.

I don't care if we have 2 new corners, 2 New linebackers it doesn't matter. As a coordinator u have to figure out what is the problem and continue to adjust until you find something. For example Jeff Fisch finds out and so can this dumb ass defensive coordinator. Make the adjustments coach zone is it or rushing 4 linemen. Try something else you will be surprised of the out come.

All bout TheU

D sucks fire Deodonfrioooooooo

well than if u hate d coordinators that cant adjust u must of hated shannon. that idiots inability to adjust cost us the 02 fiesta bowl. hell the 02 game vs vtech it took a 6 td performance from mcgahee for us to win. think back to cokers tenure when shannon was the dc. think how many pts the opposition scored due to shannons inability to adjust from his 2 deep man scheme.so you didnt like the lb blitz call that sealed the win. how about the corner blitz that resulted in a sack. that last touchdown was due to the safety biting on playaction on a 3rd and 11. the safety should of stayed home, i believe it was ray ray who bit. "freelancing" the coach can call all the plays they want in the end it comes down to execution. its the same as saying "hey we wanted miller to run for a 100 yds. didnt happen, why, poor execution. plus the opposition does have a say in the matter.

Yes Perryman and Chick are "Goldens Boys" Not who you recruit, its what you make out of them when they get here. I have no problem with who Randy recruited, I like Randy, he just did not develop players when they got here. I believe that if these current players would have been under Golden for the past four years, we would not be 3-3 right now, only my opinion. I am not Randy bashing either, he is a good man and did what he thought was right and for that I find no fault. I just think Golden is different and we will see different results on the field. EARN YOUR KEEP and you will improve..period. Chick and Perryman play play like "Goldens boys" and will continue to do so all the way to the NFL. GO CANES

Lots of critical comments on this board. Lets be happy the canes won on the road against a quality opponent. I for one enjoy watching the canes this year which I could not say the past few years. I really like the new OC and his play calling. JH is a completely different QB this year. Lots of issues with the D-Fense. The secondary is poor and D-Line is undersized. Spense is a beast! Lets pray he stays healthy. As for the DC, its his first year so the jury is still out. They do play hard and seem to be getting better. They did stop UNC from scoring at the end. My one issue with yesterday's game was the D never adjusted for the screen pass to the RB, Bernard. He was a tough back but was open a lot. GT should be a entertaining game. Hoping for a Canes Victory!

Coach Shannon is not the coach at UM anymore and after each loss or victory he does not need to be bashed by the fans. No matter where he goes ALL 'Canes fans should respect him for what he has done for program over the past 23-24 yrs. Do not just over his failed tenure here as head coach. That being stated, Coach Golden AND HIS STAFF,IMHO have proven better at developing talent than Coach Shannon and his staff. I may be the only lunatic out there, but I believe the Coach D'Onofrio is going to be very successful as the DC here also. Guys, remember that we are missing 3 DT's that played last year. The only one who is playing from last year is Regis. We are missing Cookie Buchanon at LB and Brandon McGhee unfortunately AT THIS TIME is not a good cornerback. At the other CB position we have a converted safety, a converted running back and a guy who already graduated who played at Wake Forest last year. I am not making excuses for him, but the DC does not have the horses at this time to play with. His defenses at Temple played exceptionally well. Not just against teams in their conference, but also against AQ schools. I know it stinks to watch them give up play after play, after play, but I did see lots of improvement in this last game. Give the man a chance to implement his system with this team. Coach Fisch has turned the offense around because of a couple of reasons 1) He has a solid and EXPERIENCED offensive line. 2) The offense has not been hit with many injuries 3) The offense is loaded with talent (notice no converted defensive player playing on offense). 4) The most important, Coach Fisch has great play calling skills and Jacory has learned to take care of the football and make good decisions.

Fans are too fire happy. "Fire this guy", "Fire that guy", "Fire everybody"!!! You can not get rid of a coach (especially one, granted while not at this school, who has a good track record) after 2 or 3 bad games. Give Coach D'Onofrio some time. I believe as the season wears on we will see a marked improvement in the defense.

@canesinfantry yea I like those calls but u must have to agree if the adjustment was made earlier we wouldn't been in the position like we were in. U can't continue to play a soft zone for 4 qtrs straight.

Any offensive coordinator knows what we are doin from week to week. It's sad that opposing teams only work in practice against our offense. Our offense changes week to week theirs no reason why the defense can't. If the players don't get it go wit the other man in line. For example Brandon McGee Ray Ray burnt every game that can't happen.

All bout The U

Let's go Canes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cane4life. yeah, but at some point or another a DC has to implement an adjustment scheme to attempt (at the very least)to counteract a particular Offensive scheme. Seriously. Teams see a weakness in our D and they exploit it over and over and over and over with the same play. it started with Maryland. All the QB did was throw lateral screens because our d was playing so soft. With KState it was our weak middle. I actually called the final VTech TD. I saw the QBs tendencies and I knew he was absolutely going to fake the read option and take it up the middle as he had done several times before and as teh KSU did as well. But D'Onofrio did not even attempt to make changes. bethune Cookman- same thing. he didnt prepare the D for the spread option which guess what- is very similar to Georgia techs. So they burned them a lot in the first half. So he is absolutely held accountable.

Jacorry seems to be getting it. he is protecting the ball better and doing his check downs very smartly. Certainly TB and Streeter are helping him more.

Tight ends seem to be a catatstrophe. What in the world did they see in Chase Ford? Guy cant block, and he cant catch a cold. Walford dropped a pass that hit him in the hands.

Some of you guys on here can't spell "dick" if it slaps you on the face.

Canes4life you called it buddy very very good post..in fact anyone on this blog cannot dispute anything you wrote because it was factual and called it perfectly. Posters seem to forget injuries, suspensions, etc and are jumping up and down as if this team has been the original from the Maryland game...Thanks for a healthy dose of reality..and Now let us go on and beat GT with sound sensible schemes, and keep us 'Canes fans high fiving and jumping for our Rejuvenated 'Canes...there is excitement in the air..
We need to hang in there.
Go 'Canes.

Great reading the comments on here. Totally free of Gator trolls. Yeah, some Canes fans disagree, but they are all trying to find a way to see this team end up BETTER. So, even when you disagree with some guy about the 34 or 43, or if it is the coach or the players at fault for the defense, know that it used to be a lot worse on here before they cleared out the trolls.

@ canedude1,,shut the h...up, am tired of reading this critical comments about these kids, kids who could be playing anywhere in the country right now, these type of comments keep other recruits away from the team,,the staudium is not full, espn commentators always say how bad the facilities are, and truthfully, they are not that bad, the school is facing sanctions, which i believe will not be as devasting as everyone believe, but shut that crap up,,there is no rejects on this team, the players who have been making all the plays are your so-called "shannon reject" player,,you probably a guy who never played team ball, probably too f..ing slow...

in all reality, if we didnt have that guy who transferred from wake forest as one of our DBs,,we would probably be 2-4, he is our best DB right now,,watch that guy play, watch his movement between plays, he play with swagger and confidence, and i think he only been beat long one time this season, i could be wrong, but from what i can see,, he is playing decent, and he is playing himself into the draft as a late round player....

sorry people,i am fire up right now, i am reading some of the above postings, and yes, people are entitled to thier opionion, even a shadow one, but do anybody read or listen to Mel Kiper or any other draft expert, the North Carolina defense have about 3 projected 1st round players, and a total of 5 that could go in the 1st 3rounds, that is alot of talent the canes were going up agaist,,dont forget Butch Davis was on a roll up there recruiting solid players up and down the Eastern shore , UNC is going to regret firing him, no disrpect to the coach they have now, but very few teams rebound in recruiting once the face of your program leave and you replace him with a lesser known,and now they are facing sanctions as well. When played against V. Tech, heck they had several NFL propects as well, at RB, QB, and DB, so dont just assume the players we have are cupcakes going up against better players, the players we have are very good,

I saw appoximately 3/4's of the Bumbling Bee and Cav game. And Ga. Tech is most definitely beatable albeit the Hurricane offense will have to play beyond the CALL of DUTY, again.

By the way, the Sin City toUters have my backside regarding Miami coming away with a victory over the Rambling Wreck. Because yoUr Canes are a narrow - 3 point home chalk. Eh.

My sagefUl advice is to lay the points and watch The Golden One's squad reighn victorious this Saturday afternoon.

By the way, I wouldn't SWEAT Lamar and the offensive lines lack of produciton Saturday pass. Simply because Carolina bloody well GAME PLANNED to take away Miami's potent running attack.

Too bad Carolina forgot all about Fischer, Jacory and the Hurricanes corps of wideouts! Hee hee Ha ha.

Mane that is bullshi# the defensive coordinator is fully accounted for our play on defense.

For example:
Mark Whipple for account for Jacory Harris int's last 2 years and look at the difference this year. Jedd is responsible now and we see that he makes adjustments. With dat said D' dumbo is totally lost. This Football level is beyond his thinking, all he has to do is make adjustments.

All other phases of our team has made improvements except defense. And this jackas$ talked how good defense was in the spring and remember Lamar ran for 160+ yards on like 10 carries. Jury been out for a while.

Chris Spielman said earlier this yr. Don't want to miss a tackle? Don't wait for the player to move on you, make your decision and "drive through" the player. Against Tech can't hesitate at all, make your decision, assignment football and drive through him.

The U is not that bad on defense sike!! Last 2 years we have put plenty of pressure on QB's and had tackles for lost. Not this year and we have the same d-line except foe Allen Baily. This defense coordinator is flat out retarted and is so clueless about defense. This shi# doesnt work on this level maybe it did at Temple but not here son.

It doent take a rocket specialist to figure this crap out. Blit, Zone Blitz, Shoot Gaps damn coach. Hire Randy Shannon for D-Coordinator. I have a sugguestion:

4-3 defense

safetys- JO Jo/ Telem Corners- Finnie/Chambers Outside Backers- Ray Ray/ Perryman Inside- Spence/Jordan Ends- Chic/Oliv Tackles- Ojomo/Smith


safetys and corners same Linebackers- Ray Ray/Spence/Perryman/Chic Ends-Robinson/Ojomo Nose-Smith

Note for coaches also, we sure do have alot of O-linemen thats weighs over 300lbs, there mean and ready the play. D-line is hurting use them

All Bout TheU

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