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UM notes: Feliciano hurt in celebration; Spence starts, finishes in middle; big day for freshmen

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- The Miami Hurricanes suffered a handful of bumps and bruises in Saturday's 24-7 victory over 20th-ranked Georgia Tech. Some were football related. One was celebration related.

Starting right tackle Jonathan Feliciano was involved in the latter.

After Lamar Miller scored on a 14-yard touchdown run with 25 seconds left in the first half to give UM a 20-7 lead, the redshirt freshman hurt himself during the celebration in the end zone. Feliciano limped as he was helped off the field by trainers. Feliciano was replaced by redshirt freshman Malcolm Bunche, who saw his first action since the Bethune-Cookman game on Oct. 1. Feliciano returned to the UM sideline in the second half on crutches and had a walking boot on his left foot.

"I can tell you the x-ray was negative," UM coach Al Golden said afterward. "What does that mean? I don't know."

Also hurt for the Canes: starting cornerback Brandon McGee. He collided with receiver Embry Peeples on a 16-yard reception with about 10 minutes left in the first half and didn't return. It appeared to be a right arm injury.

Defensive end Marcus Robinson, linebacker Denzel Perryman and defensive tackle Adewale Ojomo also left with injuries. Ojomo and Robinson returned. Perryman didn't, but said afterward he was "OK." The Hurricanes (4-3, 2-2 Atlantic Coast Conference) have a short week to get healthy. They host Virginia (4-3, 1-2 ACC) Thursday night.

"I'm concerned about all of them," Golden said referring to McGee and Feliciano. "There's a couple others banged up, limping around. We're not going to do too much [this week]. We got to get rested up."


Linebacker Sean Spence, UM's leading tackler, has played middle linebacker at times throughout his career. But Saturday was the first time he played there from start to finish -- something defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio asked him to do to help slow down Georgia Tech's vaunted triple option rushing attack. UM held the Yellow Jackets to a season-low 134 yards rushing.

"Playing in the middle was something I played in training camp, something we knew coming into this game I was going to do," said Spence, who finished with a team-high 10 tackles. "I just fit right in."

Perryman said Spence's job was to protect against the dive, while he and Jimmy Gaines, who normally starts in the middle, worried about the pitch.

"He did a great job. He's Mr. Know-It-All, Mr. Smart Guy," Perryman said. "Sean's job is just to protect the guys. Today he did a great job with it. Outside, me and Jimmy Gaines pretty much had that. Sean called things out, gave us the heads up."

Golden said it's likely Spence will go back to his weakside spot and this was a one-game experiment. He will continue to play spot duty in the middle.

> Golden said the key for UM's run defense success was the play of the defensive ends, who remained poised and disciplined. 

"We had 25 plays in that North Carolina game where everybody was doing what they had to do," Golden said. "I guarantee there was twice as many today."


All in all, it was a great day for UM freshmen on defense.

With Spence in the middle, Perryman made his first career start and finished second on the team with seven tackles, a sack, a forced fumble and a three tackles for loss. "Denzel gave us some evidence today he deserves to play more," Golden said.

Defensive end Anthony Chickillo, making his fourth career start, had two tackles, a sack and a fumble recovery. Olsen Pierre, who played sparingly in his first five games, made two tackles in the most action he had seen all year at defensive tackle. Cornerback Thomas Finnie also saw a lot of action at cornerback once McGee went down. Finnie had a tackle.

"Before the game, me and Chick talked like 'Let's go out there and play ball," Perryman said. "Coach D [defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio] said at the beginning of the week he needed the freshmen to play like juniors. We went out there and dominated."


Running back Mike James, who forced the fumble on the punt that JoJo Nicolas recovered for UM's second touchdown, didn't have a whole lot of experience on the Canes' punt coverage team. It was actually his first tackle on punt coverage in just his second game (Maryland was the other) on the unit.

"I just saw him bobbling the ball and hit him in the ribs," James said.

> Olivier Vernon, back from his six-game NCAA mandated suspension for accepting gifts from former booster Nevin Shapiro, said he got in for about 20 snaps Saturday. He finished with one tackle.

> Punter Dalton Botts, who nearly lost his job this week after his worst performance of the season at North Carolina, responded Saturday with his second-best game of the season. He had four punts for a 46.5 yard average including a long of 58.

"It was a great feeling to get back in the game," Vernon said. "I didn't have to go against Brandon Washington so it was nice."

> After saying earlier this week he wanted to see more from his left tackle, Golden praised the play of Washington after the game.

"I thought B-Wash's play on the 4th-and-1 on the pitch in the fourth quarter where he chased that guy out and made the block, that's what we're trying to get from him," Golden said. "He played better this week and it carried over into the game. I know I'm excited about him and excited about the way he played today."


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no comment as to why JH was so tentative and seeming so unsure of himself? this was not the confident qb we have seen the last 4 weeks.

I wish I could feel better about this win but somehow I don't and the offense looked shaky.

He plays better on the road because of the negative response he gets from the fans. It's pressure playing in front of fans who don't appreciate your play. He can't win for loosing at home!!! He is not perfect...the pass is the pass! Let it go and get behind this young man at home!!!

The offense looked shaky because they couldn't get into a rhythm and the game plan was to play keep away. There is plenty to be proud of with this win. The defense manned up and if anyone would have asked you whether you thought the defense could hold GT to 134 yards, you would have laughed them out of the room. If I had a wish for the offense, it would be to come out in a no huddle more and use that to get the offense into a rhythm.

Good win for the U.

Noone was booing. Thanks people. That kills moral. Just got home and it always seems shorter when we win. Good D. Did ya'll see Kehoe on the field pumping up our D. That guy is a winner. See ya'll thursday night. GO CANES!

They won....relax.

Amazing job on D! Triple what?

Oline still can't open holes for Miller, or anyone else for that matter. QB protection is good, hole opening not so much.

The one INT is faulted to the receiver. Although J12 missed some wide open opportunities.

Freshman are STEPPING UP! Chick and Perryman especially. Dorsett lookin good too. This train is gaining speed. We're starting to look like we shoulda looked vs. Maryland before all this Shapiro crap broke. Hope Regis learned his lesson and can keep his hands to himself. Time to pound it in the rest of the season. Canes are looking solid and will only get better from here. GO CANES!

Also , Golden is a breath of fresh air Meeting the players on the field with high fives and getting on the refs. We have been lacking this kind of coaching for years. I vote Al Golden MVP of this game. Goodnight

It's possible the GaTech can lose their next 2 games and Miami can win their next 2...the FSU game will be tough but they are not in the Coastal. GaTech's remaining schedule is tougher than ours.

Wow....a few plays from 7-0 or 6-1. Keep playing those freshmen!!!

I wonder why some fans are never happy with just a win. There is going to be days where the offense struggles or vice versa with the defense. Last week everyone hated the defense. This week the offense stinks. Come on. Be a true fan and quit looking at the negatives all the time.

I'm with the dude from Athens.
We got the W.
All three phases contributed, offense, defense, special teams.
Screw all you negative losers caught up in BS evaluations.

I've been with this team since my freshman year in '81.
In our best and worst years since then we've "won ugly" at least one or two games during the season.
So what?
You guys have been watching too much ESPN.

Man some of you need to put down the joysticks. This NCAA Football 11 on easy. They play for real. They got the win. If you don't like how it's done then don't watch and maybe you should stick to your x-box or ps3. Did you see how them freshmen represented? Did you see the passion Coach Golden brought? I'll bet if they was to be undefeated some of y'all would still find some to whine about. I can hear it now..."WHY DON'T THEY GET SHINY NEW UNI's LIKE OREGON?", WHY DOESN'T SEBASTIAN DO PUSH UPS AFTER TOUCHDOWNS?"...in your Shanaynay voice. Be happy, they're winning.

My bad...I meant to say "this ain't NCAA football 11..."

Yawwwwnnnnnnnn.....we beat the 22nd ranked team by 17 points....even with our offense kinda "sluggish" most of the game....triple option....been there done that....like I said....yawwwnnnnnnn....I honestlt did not like the play calling at the start of the game....I wish the OC would understand where our strenght is...RUNNING the ball...not flea flickers to start the game....anyways....yawwwwnnnnnnn....good night...oh...by the way....were like....2 or 3 plays from being 7-0 right now...yawwwnnnnnnnn....

For the record...I do not consider this one an ugly win by any stretch.
GT's defense is no slouch. I think J12 managed the game accordingly, and our boys got out ther and made some key plays, Street, Benjamin, Dorsett, brother Lamar and Mike James, not to mention Spence, Jojo and the entire defense overall.


We have by no means "arrived" yet but man is it refreshing to watch a Canes team play hard. Get called out during the week by your coach who is not afraid to do it, see the results on Sat. All those D haters better at least give the D their due as much as they have ripped them over the last weeks. Special teams and D won today not the O. Bring on the Cavs, GO CANES

I want a complete win more than anyone. But c'mon, with the shortcomings of this team I'll take any win over a ranked opponent. Especially a convincing one.

Other than the defense's unexpected dominance, there were some really nice things to see:
- No penalties
- Won the turnover battle again (the INT wasn't even close to being J12's fault)
- The kickoff coverage unit kept GT pinned deep for the whole game
- A couple difference-making plays from the special teams

Things I don't like:
- We struggle to run the ball and the O-line is supposed to be the strength of the team
- J12's deep passes have way too much air under them
- The defense too often can't get off the field on 3rd down

Cane mutiny. Good observation. The d really stepped up and had a very good game. Great progress especially with all the underclassmen stepping up. Short week, hope they do the same vs virginia.
The o played adequately to complement the d. For a senior Harris regressed again in this game. Yes the o line should dominate but they are mostly underclassmen. You expect the senior qb to be the inspirational leader and Harris lacks that completely. Someone complimented golden for exciting the players. Sad when he has to do it and a senior is incapable of doing that and even playing consistently.

Relax, everyone has a bad day. Jacory will be fine. He's shown enough improvement. He was actually impressive in knowing when to throw the ball away and when to run. He came through on the big 3rd downs that were necessary. I'm like most of you all, waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the picks to come back. However, Jacory still showed a lot of good today. He does have to put some work in on the deep throws.

Great win for the Canes. Defense playing smart, staying in their gaps, understanding their role. We would be undefeated if they could just play smarter, maybe this is a sign of times to come. Jacory looked a little confused in the pocket but Al Groh is a great D coordinator so let's not worry too much. The pick was not his fault. Our special teams are incredible. Biggest improvement from last year. Randy Shannon was a terrible coach. We've said that 1000 times. Let's move on and remember, Randy is still a Cane. The NW Seven, yes would be much better under this coaching staff. We've beaten that to death, move on. Virginia-we owe them a beat down Canes!! Let's support the team in a positive way.

We do owe Virginia a beat down. Maybe even make their coach pass out again...just not from happiness.

I don't want Jacory excited, I like him the way he's been this season - calm. He's doing great.

Wasn't that a great loss at VTech? Come on man - didn't like the win? Can't compare this team from five weeks ago to today. Keep on coaching them up - get ready for Thursday - Let's Go Canes!

Canes are much improved. Jacory (INT wasnt his fault), but he chucked a couple that could have been. Then again, the hit WRs in stride accross the middle. I wish Harris was a little quicker handing off the ball and also finding open receivers in the move. Going deep just because it not the only option. Good win.

Guys give this team credit... we are not there yet, but we won a game that was projected to the a lost.. give Al credit...he called out the team and they answered... this is something has has been missing for a while... no sugar coating just called like it is. Recruits are also paying attention to what Golden can do with the team... and with more W like last night.. they might choose us over the other florida teams.

Gotta love that kid Perryman. All he does is make plays, he's like a young Sean Spence out there

Glad to see Sabastian doing solja boy (Solja Bird) again!!!! They need to do that every game

I live in ATL, big CANE fan ( born and raised in S FL )...heck I am 1/2 mile from their stadium...nonetheless everyone here ( radio, tv, feet on the street ) thought GA Tech was going to crush us. I am proud of these young men...we cannot go back to previous weeks and would've, should've - but we can go forward, WIN OUT, and go for it! The O looked shaky, and gets conservative at times...but that's why they are building a team again. The D, STeams helped us win this game. God Bless America, and God Bless all my Cane brothers and sisters and family!!!

Great win!! Keep up the faith...season not over yet. Just win baby win!! J12, hold your chin up, don't listen to negative fools, real fans got your back.

Awesome Win! The U is back baby !!!

Good win by the 'Canes. The offense should have scored more points though due to us have great field position throughout the 1st half. The offense though is playing mistake free football (the int. was due to Calhoun appearing to have hands of stone like former WWF wrestler Dino Bravo).. The defense played exceptional, except for the 20 play scoring drive Like I ststed after last weeks game Coach D'Onofrio is a good DC and we need to give him timev to implement his system. Does that mean that the D will not have another stinker this year? No, but you can see the improvement.

I love beating Georgia Tech. Their fans think that they have a superior team to UM (they did beat us 4 years in a row). I remember all 4 of those loses well. two of them that stick out were in '05 and '08. Anyone remember back in '05 when we were #3 and lost ot GT 14-10 (late in the 4th quater Kyle Wright threw an int. in the corner of the endzone trying to hit Greg Olson). In '08 we played a Thursday night game up in Atlanta. We had won several in a row and had beaten VT the week earlier on Thursday also 16-14. We were 7-3 and had good expectations to finish the season. It was a cold night and we got blasted 41-23. The score was closer than the actual game because we gave up close to 500 yards rushing. We have won the last 3 against them though (33-17, 35-10 and 24-7) and in each game have shut down their triple option.

Again, a very satisfying win and great defense by our guys. BTW, not trying to call anyone out, but has anyone heard or seen our friend 'Cool Cat'? I guess 'U' only post when 'U' can berate and belittle the teams defensive coordinator. When they play well 'U' are nowhere to be found. Very interesting. Do any of 'U' know where hev is?

Sorry, I meant "Do any of 'U' know where HE is"?

Mark fro ATL,
Am I right in my thoughts that all the GT fans and the media in Atlanta think that the Miami game every year is a victory for GT? I have always wondered about this. They have no respect for our program up there. I travel a lot for my job and spend sometime in Atlanta and have noticed that the AJC and television up their pencil the UM game in as a victory every year. It is amazing that they do this and GT is a run of the mill team and program. In comparison when I travel to the D.C. area I notice that VT fans and the media (a team that has ruled the ACC for the past several years and a team that has beaten UM 7 out the past 9 games) always look at the UM game as being a hard game and say that VT has to play well to beat us and that the game can go either way. It is amazing how a team that currently dominates us and the rest of the ACC has more respect for us than a run of the mill team with a gimmick offense.

Miami fans complain way too much. Take the the win and shut up already. Go Canes

Chad80, couldn't agree more about Sebastian doing the souljaboy. I kid you not, I was with this girl at the game, and not 1 minute before the song comes on I turn to her and say, while looking at sebastian come out to the end zone, "he used to dance to soulja boy, i miss that". I think I was the most excited person in the stadium. Its the little things that matter....lol.

virginia will be no pushover. these same canes better come ready thur. or it will be miami getting beat down at home again. virginia is big and strong with a really good running attack. not a fake you out and run, but smash you in the mouth runs. it will take a much better game thur than sat. be ready, or 4-4 will be the result.

Agre with some disagree with others

Defense was stout. played aggressive. Offense was tentative. Correction. J12 was tentative. But he did make a couple of good passes and completions. The int was 100% on the receiver #46? Who was he? It totally bounced off his hands.

Miller had 93 yds.

Mike James still cant run. He is 1 yd and a clud of dust. reminds me of javarris james

Agree that you all discount that Gtechs defense is actually pretty good. They shut down Hurns and Benjamin on the outside.

Attendance? I say 38,000 tops. pathetic. Love the DJ. even ATL fans were dancing in the seats. That's how we do it in the 305

Feliciano: Weak. Son, The Herald just wrote up an article about you and you goand hurt your self like martin Gramatica? Shame on youbig boy.

But a W is a W. Oklahoma got handled by Texas tech and Wiskie was lucky to actually lose by a hail mary because MSu dominated them

Tim Tebow is so horrible Itis actually an insult to the QB position.

D.J. Williams beat the Dolphins on Gator Day and threw up the U.

F*ck the Dolphins, I hope they lose out and Andrew Luck stays in college another year.

thats right Eudo

Gatr fans dont let your panties get too moist with glee over cry baby Tebow (who cried again) because DJ Wiliiams, from... U guessed it, Da U, sacked Moore, and caused aand recovered a fumble that gave Timmy messiah the chance to win. Notwithstanding Tebows remarkable comeback, the Doplhins looked pathetic on D at the end. And watching Ross mingle on the sidelines with tebow's mentor, urban the cryer, was a sign of the pathetic state of this organization. Joe Robbie is rolling in his grave. Its an embarassment- but 2 streaks continue- the 58 home game winning record (Oklahoma was already at 39), and the TD streak at 146

GT thinks they are good. They don't realize we'be been down for years. Any opponent that has lost to a Shannon team should be praying for serious sanctions.

Some of the comments are killing me.

First, it was a good win against a team that came into the game 5-1, runs the ball well and has a strong D.

Next, The Canes should immediately find another stadium to play games after the BS pulled by the Dolphins today. I'm happy as hell they got beat and it was fitting that a former Hurricane did it to the fish!

Most NFL teams have 2-3 former Canes making impact plays. But the fish have only one--Vernon Carey. They have a college team that has put more star players in the NFL over the past 20yrs than any other school. Yet the fish do not select former Canes??? To hell with the dolphins.

Finally, I wish Itcdolphin and other J12 haters would just lay off the young man. He's doing what we need and NOT costing us any games! And enough with the Randy Shannon bashing already--canesjunkie. RS beat the GT triple option twice including a road win.

And to doubtingthomas telling us to be worried about a "strong" UVA team; you mean the same one that lost to an NC State team that was 1-5???

The Canes will win and win big on ESPN Thursday night. Just need the coaches to establish the run first then we can air it out. Let the O-line build their confidence by taking the first series and pounding the ball through the tackles. GO CANES!

JMan, time to re-focus...you now know the drill...lead us to 9-3...then a bowl win for
10-3 then sign with the Fins...go Canes

Good post atlkane. ictodolphan is the same idiot that tried to compare jacory with tom brady. he is a total idiot. Good win canes. The d looked much improved. We do nned to be prepared for uva as well as a every game here on out.

Good win for the Canes. The Canes fans though should petition ESPN to just show the game on the field and not pan to the stands, they are 50% full, at best. Also, when is Sun Life/JRS/Pro Player/No Life Stadium going to honor the 1993 FSU Champions, it is almost their 20 year anniversary? Maybe during the half time of the next FSU-UM game?

NYCFIUFan, UM had a sparse showing against Georgia Tech. FIU will never, ever, have the number of fans in their stadium that UM had at that game. FIU has never had half the attendance of that game - 44,000 fans in a 70,000 capacity stadium.

I'm a Miami fan and also try to follow FIU despite a**holes like you. I happened to notice that you burned Mario Cristobal and ripped the team on FIU's blog after their last loss.

It warms my heart to know that FIU's fanbase is also made up of terrible bandwagoning Miami fans. Everything about you is just terrible. Enjoy the rest of FIU's worthless season.

Eudocimus and your UM buddies need to get together, and raise 250 million and get your own stadium on campus. That is what I am saying, UM does not have the fan base to be in a 70,000 capacity stadium. It is so obvious. As far as FIU is concerned, I saw the game and my team is not playing up to our potential, that is on the coach, he even admitted that.

Miami fans will never come out for Duke. Ever. They're not going to come to Coral Gables to fill out a 50,000 seat stadium for a game that doesn't matter.

They will however keep showing up for the big ones. Ohio State was the latest proof of that.

You should worry about your team not being able to get 25,000 fans to ANY game before you start worrying about UM only getting 44,000 fans to a crappy ACC matchup.

Cool Cat is lost in action.....We all know the tactic after a good Miami win... some morons and posers ALWAYS throw in the fact about attendance, and stadiums...enough already..talk about the game, players,Coaches, whatever, but why go there when it is given and known fact that our fans don't attend every game. Why should they be considered less of a fan because they select certain games to attend?.Is the game any less of a game because the stands are half full?. Is the Win any less because it is not a Premium team?..No. Miami is Miami... "It is what it is!!!"..We love to win, and we support our 'Canes..
Go 'Canes
The'Canes are winners and they have a Coach with a plan..
Respect it, and feel good about the team and the turnaround...
Go 'Canes

Very nice win Canes, I'll take it. I hate GT, their overrated ranking, their padded record against nobody (still don't know who the hell Western Carolina is and won't bother to look it up either)and especially that pathetic triple option.

We beat them with a defense that was crippled by injuries coming into the game plus a suspension and still won. Lamar Miller almost had another 100yd game, IMO Walford's catch was a TD (saw the replay at home, wasn't the same shown in the stadium). Now we'll have Micanor Regis fighting to get his spot back and Vernon will have a game under his belt after completing his 6 game suspension. Hope Feliciano gets his rest and is ready for the Duke game. He walked off on his own power once he got to the sideline so I see that as a decent sign. Man next year's DLine and OLine will be absolutely sick with so many big guys coming back. Lots of young guys behind those seniors. Plus at LB will have Buchanan back (move him to MLB) and Perryman and Cain on the outside LB spots.

Bring on the little cavaliers. Lets see what they got.

GO CANES!!!!!!!

It doesnt really matter we cant win the coastal unless vt loses to unc and gorgia tech and we have to win out!!! our chances at clemson in acc title game are not looking good right now. the best i see us doing is possibly going to chick fil a bowl, but probably going to hyundai sun or maybe a rematch with Notre Dame in champs sports bowl that would be nice.

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