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Walford eager to help Canes tight ends get in the end zone; Golden talks Forston injury

CORAL GABLES -- Do you remember the last time a Hurricanes tight end caught a pass and got into the end zone?

Clive Walford does. He did it.

Clive Walford Late in the second quarter of UM's 24-6 win at home over Ohio State three weeks ago, Walford caught a pass at about the Buckeyes' 5-yard line, faked two defenders out of their shoes and waltzed into the end zone. The 6-4, 245-pound redshirt freshman from Belle Glade was so pumped about scoring his first career touchdown, he leaped into the arms of guard Harland Gunn and pumped his fist.

But then, the excitement was tempered. UM was penalized for an illegal formation on the play because receiver Tommy Streeter was not lined up with the ball.

"When they called it back I was like 'Oh man'," Walford said. "But what could you do? That's football."

Walford let that play go. But the drop at the goalline late in the fourth quarter against Kansas State a week later -- that's eaten at him a little. UM (2-2) would have rallied to take the lead on the Wildcats had Walford held onto the slightly under thrown pass from Jacory Harris. Instead, the Canes tried unsuccessfully at running it in from 2-yards out on its next three plays and lost 28-24.

Last week against Bethune-Cookman, Walford hauled in an 11-yard pass from Harris, but promptly fumbled it away.

Frustration? Walford said he isn't letting it enter his system. Instead, he's facing his woes head on and taking it all as part of the growth process.

"I wouldn't say any of it is tough luck. I just have to execute," Walford said. "They're giving me the opportunity. I just got to step up and make plays.

"I was supposed to catch that ball [versus Kansas State]. It hit my hands, I dropped it. It was a tough catch. But when it comes down to it, I have to make that catch. I had a chance to help my team win that game and I didn't come through. The following week, I was going hard in practice, got extra work in on that same play to make sure I executed the next time my number was called.

"As for the fumble, when I caught it, as I was tucking it and started running with it, someone came and hit me and it just came out. I didn't even see where the defender was. It happens. The key is not letting it happen again."

The Hurricanes, averaging 29.25 points on offense per game (62nd out of 120 FBS schools), haven't necessarily needed a lot from their tight ends this season. But their production has been minimal. Through four games, Chase Ford (3 catches, 34 yards), Walford (3 catches, 19 yards) and Asante Cleveland (1 catch, 6 yards) have been virtually transparent. That's been pretty surprising considering UM coach Al Golden talked a lot in the preseason about how the tight ends were going to be more involved.

Golden said Tuesday, "it's not like we're dissatisfied with how they're playing... we just have to get more opportunities to get the tight ends involved."

Still, it's now been 15 games since a UM tight end scored a touchdown -- that's when Ford hauled in a 9-yard touchdown pass from Harris with 14:52 to play at Ohio State on Sept. 11, 2010.

While the Canes hves been efficient in their red zone opportunities (UM has scored touchdowns on 8 of 12 trips), both losses can be attributed some to failures in the red zone. Aside from the Kansas State loss, UM had a chance against Maryland to score a go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter. Instead, the Canes settled for a field goal and 24-23 lead with 4:01 to play. Maryland came back down the field and hit the go-ahead field goal before icing the game on an interception return for a touchdown.

Could this be the week UM's tight ends finally break out and get in the end zone? Well last week, Clemson tight end Dwayne Allen had four catches for 75 yards and a touchdown in the Tigers' 23-3 win in Blacksburg.

After three rough weeks, Walford would certainly love to follow Allen's lead.

"As long as we're winning, that's all that matters to me," Walford said. "But it would be pretty sweet to get to get in that end zone again. And this time hopefully it counts."


> Al Golden said Walford has "worked really well on his hands, but he's an infant in terms of football. He has a large upside, and he's just starting his football intelligence and learning the game and everything. He's a guy we should be getting the ball to better."

But, Golden added: "He's a guy that should be doing it in practice like [Tommy] Streeter and Travis [Benjamin] are doing. Streeter and Travis' practice habits are markedly better than they were even at the start of the year. We need that from Clive so quarterbacks can trust him and carry that over to the game."

> Jacory Harris said Walford's blocking has improved and what he likes most about him is that "he's not someone that complains or anything. He just goes out there, does his job."

"And because of that, I'm sure something special is going to happen for him before the end of the year," Harris said.

> Golden has said multiple times this week he hasn't been happy with the Hurricanes' struggles on third and fourth down and short yardage situations.

"Unacceptable," Golden said of the struggles. "Any criticism there is more than fair. We have to do a better job there. We have to decide what we want our identity to be there. We've tried a multitude of things there. We just have to settle in. but clearly when it's one yard and the game is on the line we have to be able to get that via the run. That's going to be critical for us."

UM has been in 13 situations this season where they've needed one yard to either convert a third or fourth down or score -- the most infamous being in the loss at Kansas State. After beginning the season converting 5 of its first 7 attempts in those situations, UM has converted just once over it's last six tries, starting with the loss to the Wildcats.

"It's on all of us," Golden said Sunday. "... We have to look at the schemes from Jedd [Fisch] and the offensive staff, look at our execution, look at whose hands [we're putting the ball in] for those situations."

> Golden went on the Dan LeBatard Show on 790TheTicket Thursday and discussed the season-ending injury to defensive tackle Marcus Forston.

"Brutal," Golden said. "I feel bad for the young man. That's a position we've just been crushed at. Luther Robinson has been out so far for every game. Curtis Porter has been out for every game. Now Marcus is out. It's been brutal in there at defensive tackle. Again, I feel bad for the young man. It will be a three month recovery. He'll come back and be fine. Right now we need the next young man to step up and play better for us."


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My favorite article of the weekend! Gators vs Alabama rushing attack with the AWESOME offensive line and DEVISTATING running backs! Rainey- 4 yds rushing on 11 carries. Demps- 4 yds on 3 attempts. WOW! And they play at LSU 14 point DOGS with a freshman QB who they say will have to run against LSU to make things happen. HA! What happens when they break Driskel in half? Trey Burton? You will know what it means to play a conference game with your backup freshman QB! My prediction? LSU 52 Trailerville 3 (maybe) How many picks will your vaunted recruit throw tomorrow? Go back to your loser blog and stay there. Can't seem to find a Gator to even talk about this game. Get lost troll! Yup! LSU is EAGER! But so is Vandy!

North Texas has more yards rushing against Bama than the Gatr trash.

And in regard to conference championships, I wouldn't brag too hard. The vaunted FL entered the SEC in 1932 and did not win the conference until 1991 (if you want to count the one that was taken away by the NCAA for Pellgate) That would be 59 YEARS! Wow! Hence the perennial Fl motto- Wait till next year! Your team jumped all over your conference! Every player on the team when you entered the conference was dead before you cheated your way to the first one. Bet you can't wait for the Furman game!

Some of these Gators need to shut up because they're gonna get their butts handed to them this weekend again, right along with us. We will lose by fewer points than they will.

Pathetic? Yes, but no team in Florida is winning a national championship this season.

Losing to #2 team in the country or losing to Maryland and Kansas State with the loss to powerhouse K-state AT HOME. Canes fans, the few that are left, are delusional.

dah U burning and sinking into oblivion.

We are the canes
Why talk about the Gators?
If Jacory throws to the TE there are 2 possibilities
The TE drops the pass or Jacory throws a pick
That is why we must only run
Run Lamar Run
The Packers are fools
Playing Sam Shields as a corner
At Dah U he was a great backup WR
We were so deep he couldn't crack the lineup while we were losing all those games
Where's that DVD again?

Miami Hurricanes faced the #1 team 6 times in the 80s, and won every time they faced #1.

as my fellow Cane pointed out earlier about the team we played in 1987.
6 bowl teams we faced and went undefeated.
and that was before there was 35 bowls, probably only 12-15 at that time


The proof is now.

You joined a conference, albeit a crappy one, and U cant even show up to the conference title game. It's pathetic and proof that going undefeated in a conference with a title game is not as easy as U think, even in your garbage conference.

Until you win the conference, U have nothing to brag about. Your team is crap and has been irrelevant for many years. Go back to the eighties with your parachute pants, Run DMC tape, and rampant cheating since you want to live there so much.

Rawdouche, why don't we just stay in the most recent decade when the Canes pounded Gatr trash 3 out of 4 times. Is that recent enough for you, meth maggot?

Gatr football is a joke. At least that is what Emmitt told me.

Got 2-3? Dah U will.

Thank God you schedule Bethune Cookman.

Lsu 42
uf 6


Ok, here is the "now"

Florida plays UAB, 0-5 FAU, Tennessee, UK (has a losing record, and later they play Mighty Ole Miss, Mighty MSU, and Mighty Furman.



Yes, I said, Furman.

What is Furman? a technical school like Hodges University?

Why not play University of Phoenix?

What about BCC?


HA ha ha ha ha. LSu is going to pound on the va--gina that is UF

Does this blog work. Sending message sometimes gets you in


Tailgating at what they call the cage. Directly beside the stadium, the side where the pressboxes are. Look for the group of sore thumbs in the big parking lot.


Miami is 16-6 against SEC teams since 1984.

In 1984 they beat Auburn and UF both away or at a neutral site. They also played Michigan, Purdue amd Notre dame

In 1987 they played 3 SEC teams on their way to an undefeated season

In 1988 they played at LSU, Arkansas, as well as FSU, Wisconsin, Michigan, Mizzou, BYU and Nebraska. they lost one game- at Notre Dame by a stolen TD

even during the mid-late nineties when their schedule was weakest in the Big East, they went and played the likes of Penn State and UCLA

The term ANYONE ANYTIME ANYWHERE was coined in cfb because of the canes willingness to play,... you guessed it.

Your argument is garbage

and while we may be going through a tough time, it's not new ground we haven't walked on before guys. I truly think it started with Cokers lack of discipline, allowing players to chat on cell phones during practice, not making them run the sand pits when they mess up and that mentality wasn't broken with Shannon. It just hasn't been the same prep work as it used to be and how it is now. But..... in regards to Florida, why waste your time guys? Until they schedule us and play us head to head who gives a &*^@#$? I mean really? Even when we were in the Big East at least FSU manned up and played us every year so UF is bottom rung if you ask me. Put up or shutup guys; as has been proven over the year, UM will play ANYBODY, ANYWHERE!

Um will play anyone...including temple, famu, Bethune cookman, fiu, and a weak big east and acc schedule.

Not to mention the always tough Midwest white boys kansas state....thats one tough team......how about the turtles...tough game......I guess every game is tough when u have fallen as far as dah u has.

You were mediocre but now have officially dropped from the mediocre ranks.

Enjoy irrelevancy!

Enjoy obsessing over UM, researching our team, and posting anonymously on the internet 10 times a day you piece of sh*t.


Tough Miami boy.....always remember no matter how tough u think u are...there is always someone tougher...including me

I guess the library is open a little later in dade county tonight...go back and crawl in your hole and come back out when dah u is relevant again. Won't be anytime soon.

Maybe Obama will devote more money to the libraries in south florida and u can stay there 24 hours a day

i can't imagine the level of delusion it would take for some pathetic jackoff who trolls UM's blog ALL day long to say that UM isn't relevant.

we're sure as hell the only thing you've got going on in your life.

Rawdouche, you are probably a bible-thumping child molestor. A maggotthat still believes in the sky-fairy.

Get back to your Gamefly games you creationist freak.

VT is overrated..Strreter gets 2 TD's....


You didnt read nevins post.

Miami played tougher schedules thn anyone foe many yrs

You keep making fun of 5-0 kansas state. Yet what is tennessees or kentuckyys records? Bwaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaa

You are an effen hermaephrodiite loser. Why dont you change your name to chaz?

Eeffen Furman

Are you serious?

UM Fans,

Thank you for the multiple counters to Rawpimple. Don't know what motivates all that hate? But it IS impressive hate. Whew...

Meanwhile, hope the Canes show passion, can stop the run and can move the ball tomorrow.
If they contain an up and down Hokie QB, could be a close game. No turnovers wouldn't hurt either.

Go Canes!

I also think VT is overrated, but our D is just pathetic. Hopefully we can outscore them tomorrow.

On my way to blacksburg... see you there, or see you square...
Miami 24, Vt 21... yes

This is great, thank you for the laugh -

i can't imagine the level of delusion it would take for some pathetic jackoff who trolls UM's blog ALL day long to say that UM isn't relevant.

we're sure as hell the only thing you've got going on in your life.

Just copy and paste this reply to that fool every time he posts.

Say what you want about how tough you are pimple.. or how conference championships are the be all end all. Facts are the Canes have owned the gaytors for a long time. And, by the way, you may be the only person on the planet who thinks conference championships are more important than a National Championship. Show up for one? OK, we've got what 45 more years to show up for one and we'll still beat how fast the gaytors got a conference championship.
I might actually kinda feel bad for you dude.. so sad and jealous. Your team just got smoked, probably gonna get smoked again this weekend and you're over here talking smak? sooo sad.. sooo jealous.

Oh yeah, how's that mediocrity going for the gaytors? Should we all start posting with the handle 2 years of mediocrity and counting? Your team probably wont even win the east. So everything you're over here saying to the Canes could be said about your team. You should grasp that as quickly as possible. sad and jealous with nothing better to do

Losing to the number 2 team and possible national champion or to the turtle who got beat by temple and then to eventually follow up with a loss to some mediocre school Kansas state. Hmmmm.

Not to mention one school headed in the right direction, dominating recruiting while recruits are running from dah u and watching the burning ship from afar. I wish u wouldn't get sanctions because dah u was sinking and burning fast without them and I don't want to hear another excUse thrown in.

You guys are the kings of excUses and living in the distant past.

Every year same thing with you clowns. Preseason hype and this is our year and then following it with terrible losses and excUses like we are tooooo young, or it was Cokers fault, or we can't play in the rain, or its the defensive coordinators fault, and on and on and on. Always next year talk once the season starts. Jacory is too young. Marcus forston had a cold. Just the same story every year. Its old. Very old.

Show up to the acc title game. Show up. Then u fools can talk. A bunch of cocky arrognant clowns living in a sorry sports town, and one of the most corrupt cities in the country. Can't wait to see that next canes home game. Lamar miller probably played in front of more fans at his high school games then he will see at dolphins stadium the rest of his career.

This is a must win ACC coastal game. Does anybody know what the weather will be like? We must get the tight ends involved. There is some serious talent there. Go CANES!!


Ur serioUs ?

btw, the weather will and always be the same for both teams, so U can remove that from Ur bag of excUses ...

Sunny for Va. Tech.

CloUdy for Duh U.

rawpimple must still live at home with his parents. has nothing better to do than read an article about the canes and trash them. get a job loser. its all about da u!

Oh, it's the "we lost to a better team than you lost to" excuse? Your team lost... period. About to lose two in a row. Don't care who you lost to.. you lost. Or are you the excuse guy now? Hypocrite much?
Dominating recruiting but still gonna lose 5 games this year? No SEC championship game? No SEC east? what's the excuse? What past are you living in? Lots of talk but still not going to win your division of the SEC?
You are a lot of blah blah blah with out the intelligence to realize every thing you say about the canes can be said about the gaytors right now. You are living off tim tebow. He's gone now and about to be cut in the NFL.
I think the Canes will show up to the ACC championship game before the gaytors get back to the SEC championship game. So until you're doing something other than being a mediocre team you shouldn't talk.

Got delusional.....the few canes fans left do.

Got 2 and 3?

Canes will in a few hours.

You soon will be wishing for the great 7 and 6 records from Randy Shannon.

Recruits om northwestern are now moving on to sec schools and out of Miami....Miami is now getting 2nd tier guys. Give it a year or two and u guys will be at the bottom of the NCAA....you wont be competing with fau and uf you will be competing with fau and fiu and maybe even Bethune cookman

yap, yap, yap.

Rawpimple - everything you say about UM is true. UM fans are devastated by your razor sharp insight into our program. Most of us are going to stop following UM. We acknowledge that our program will never have the history of UF, will never produce the NFL talent of UF, and doesn't have the inevitable championships upcoming that UF does. And as an alumni I can tell you that we're also all devastated that we spent 4 years in Miami instead of Gainesville. We all feel just awful about our program after reading your explanations for why we should.

So congratulations good sir. All this obsessing over UM and reading about our players and bowl history and stadium has paid off for you in a big way. And although this victory on the internet boards of the Miami Herald is undoubtedly a small one compared to the victories a man such as yourself achieves in real life on a daily basis, I hope you'll accept it with the grace and dignity of a conquering general.

And f*ck off.

This is going to be tough to accept but since i had to break a lot news to you, i might as well break this one for you too.

Going to Miami dade community college does not make u a um alum.

2 and 3 in a few hours.


Wow, suddenly a lot just made sense - you're not a UF fan at all, you're an FIU fan masquerading as one.

Only FIU fans think that it's difficult to get into UM, for obvious reasons. And only an FIU fan would spend as much time following UM as you do.


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