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A year later, how do you feel about Randy Shannon now?

In case you missed it, Associated Press writer Tim Reynolds caught up with Randy Shannon this week for a real interesting interview on what he's been up to since he was fired as the Canes' head coach nearly a year ago.

Randy ShannonShannon told Reynolds that after spending time soaking up knowledge at Alabama, TCU, North Carolina, UNLV, Oregon, Iowa State and Minnesota, he's ready to coach again. Reynolds tried to get Shannon to talk about the Nevin Shapiro fiasco that happened under his watch, but unsurprisingly Shannon declined to do so in deference to the ongoing investigation at his alma mater.

Now, my question to you is how do you feel about Shannon now?

A year ago, a strong majority wanted him thrown off the team bus before he could steer the program any further in the wrong direction. Was he mistreated? Do you feel remorse at all for ripping him? I kind of do. I'll admit I was a little harder on him maybe than I should have been.

After all, he's supposed to be Cane family. Despite his struggles as a head coach (he went 28-22), Shannon helped lead UM to multiple national titles as both a player and defensive coordinator. Off the field, his players' grades and graduation rates improved and the number of arrests went down. 

Or, are you unwilling to forgive? My biggest concern now really is how much he knew about the Shapiro scandal. Even though several people -- including Shapiro -- have said Shannon didn't want him around the program, Shannon was here the entire time the former booster was allegedly wreaking havoc. Did he really do all he could to push him away? Or did he look the other way like his assistants did who were willing to accept Shapiro's gifts and money to help bring kids in? Questions I'm sure that will go unanswered.

So, what are your thoughts on Randy?


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Great defensive coordinator and pretty good at bring in a couple top prospects. It still disappointing to me that the Shapiro thing even happen, its going to set this program back a couple of years unfortunately. By the way I am sure everybody knew to some extent or another. I am sure this is going on at a ton of schools but there alumni don't have a vendetta against there schools so they aren't going to sell them out. I honestly know at least 2 universities where athletes get into bars/clubs for free and free drinks, that is pretty much what ex=cane players did. The question is how much longer until miami and us fans hear the verdict?

I do not missed the look of pure befuddlement on his face on the sideline during games . I'm sure some school will give him another shot, but I highly doubt that his game day management demeanor will change one iota when the bullets start to fly again. Personally I feel he should stick to being a top program D-Coordinator and sit in the Coaches box where that seems to be his comfort zone as a Coach.

I also have not cringed one time during ANY interview the past year that Golden has given.

I wish him the best either way. Must have been nice cashing those 50k + checks every two weeks this past year.

Shannon was a marginal defensive coordinator on his best day. He did not have a clue as a head coach, he was a lazy recruiter, and he is in deep need of years of psychiatric help.

I do not miss him at all, this man was horrible, absolutely horrible, he was so discreet about everything and the program was pretty much run behind open doors. Do you think randy shannon would go on air with joe rose in the mornings as many times as al golden does? would randy shannon have been at montys last night with joe zagacki?? no!!!!! golden at least lets the fans know what is going on in the program, the good and the bad, golden addresses the media quite well, I do not feel bad for shannon at all, I'm glad he's gone.

i was disappointed when they hired him,and ecstatic when they fired him....oh by the way, where's he coaching now??...CASE CLOSED..

It was a sad day when Randy was fired. If nothing else because he was a former classmate and acquaintance and for the past 20+ years has been associated with the University of Miami football program. Deserved or not, it was unpleasant business but in the end better for all parties involved.

I wish him the best in everything he does and hope that he can one day return (as is his right as a former player) to his alma mater without being reviled.

He should have wore a tie lol....he pissed off so many high school coach's that they were telling there kids to stay away from the U.. A good coach developes there players and you see them getting better and growing every year what we watched were 5 star kids turning into 2 star kids and not one player ever really got any better his teaching skills suck !!! thats watch a coach is ( a teacher ) Randy is a cane no question about it i respect him as a MAN as a player even as a DC but not everybody can be a head coach... By the way really like what coach Golden is doing we havent had a strong coach since butch left give this man a couple of years to bring in kids that fit what he wants to do you can see the dramatic change in alot kids already they are now being TAUGHT thanks Coach ....

Fromday one- he looked lost on the sidelines. had no clue how to manage time outs, was irritatingly stubborn in that Marve and Jacorry fiasco when he was alternating QBs for absolutely no reason (except that maybe he promised Jacorry's dad that he would do so), his management style was horrific, he played favorites among players, hardly ever putting the best players on the field- he literally ran off 3 QBs when we were in such need of at least some depth, so he played Jacorry when he had a hurt shoulder and hurt hand, he had no personality, he could never click with the media, he ignored south florida recruiting at the expense of a few Miami NW recruits that thurned out to be busts,

and the 2 worst games he had as DC were:
1) Ohio State- Craig Krensel has 3rd and 13 in overtime. He rushes 2 and lets Krenzel sit there in the pocket, instead of blitzing

2) LSU- I was at the game. Defense was lost when Les started adjusting after 1 quarter and their qb started running the ball. Shannon was clueless

How do I feel about Shannon ?..

Very good person, worst coach in the history of
Miami Football.

Sorry. Krenzel actually had 4th and 13.

I appreciate everything RS did as a player and a coach at the U. I just don't think that being the Head Coach (of any institution) is what he is suited for...at least at this point.
Probably ought to stick to being a good coordinator, without general contact with the public or press. Needs to work on his sideline demeanor. Kids love to see their coach "into it" and excited. In any event, he's a member of the UM "family" and deserves to be treated that way.

and he is in deep need of years of psychiatric help.

Posted by: ONLYCANES


Project much, Onlycanes??

Shapiro and Randy hated each others' guts, to Shannon's eternal credit. To question Shannon's involvement in the Shapiro scandal, as Manny tries to do, is kind of dumb, to be honest.

Shannon seems like he is a college version of Dom Capers, namely he is an outstanding coordinator and a fair to middling head coach. But he will get another shot at head coaching, so maybe he will prove me wrong.

Shannon was at the root of the Shaprio fiasco and all the NCAA violations. Shannon should have raised holy hell about Shaprio. He claimed to be the top cop, the leader of his team, keeping them out of trouble. That is the biggest lie in the U's sports history and that lie was supported and repeated many times by both the media and the school administration. That lack of leadership will cost the U for years. His legacy won't be poor game day results or the poor development of talent he recruited. The Shaprio shell game that resulted in NCAA probation will be his UM legacy. That is why nobody will touch him with a 10 foot pole right now. Golden must feel like a elephant keeper in a parade with a dust broom trying to clean up Shannon's Shaprio mess and lack of leadship on the field. Go Canes Go Golden!!!

He was a great mentor, good leader, awesome d coordinator..... Anyone says otherwise has no clue. He put the kids first.... May boo much so. As a head coach he was over his head. I will watch him on the sidelines again and probably root for him when he isn't playing the U

I feel he lacked the maturity to succeed at that level and that he had "favorites" and doghouses and just dumb stuff that ultimately leads to an undisciplined team with little morale. I feel he made it too much about Randy at the expense of what the job required. The local HS situation sort of says it all. Instead of develop, he discouraged the local recruit base. What the hell was he thinking? Once he gets a new job, will we see him knocking on those same doors?

great mentor.. to whom? jacorry?
good leader? really? Did he lead his team to victories against Cal? Wisconsin?
Put the kids first really?
You are the clueless one canegrad. Maybe you have been in Zimbabwe doing charity work and havent watched a UM game since 2005.

Actually he was clueless.

He was and is an accomplished Miami Hurricane and as such deserves our love respect. He might not go down as one of the best Miami head coaches ever but he was great at recruiting and had a great moral compass. Hopefully he will find a way to contribute to the U again. Maybe as a recruiter for Al. Thank you Randy for all of your hard work.

Randy's life has been a CANE. He should be treated the same as any other Alum.

Being the Head Coach of the U was a big step up for any coach without prior HC experience. I have to feel he was overwhelmed by all the relationships he had to handle with the media and boosters.

I cannot put him down as a coordinator. His record as the DC at the U was exemplary. His defenses were in the top ten nearly each year. Hopefully he learned a lesson about what a HC has to do off the field and gets another chance someplace.


may have been the worst head coach ever. he might get hired as a coordinator somewhere but that is it.

The Shapiro story is not completely accurate. So this so called "story" is backed up up rumors, lies and innuendo. It's not as bad as the media has accepted to be.

Shannon's biggest problem was not being able to develop players. The players never got better under his watch. Also, for a tough minded coach his teams weren't tough; they wilted at the first sign of trouble.

I personally will never talk bad about a person who has met so much to UM. RS was a player and was a coach and was from this area.

I'd rather lose with a "homeboy" than win with somebody else. RS will be back, when and where I don't know.

That's why I am in Cristobal's corner, because only an insider understands the U football.

There just some coaches that are good at being coordinators and not coaches. Randy was one of them. People think Bud Foster deserves a shot from Va Tech. But that guy would implode also. Randy isn't a bad guy. We dont really know if golden is a great leader yet. I personally think our coach who gets us back to a championship level hasn't surfaced yet.

David: As far as the worst head coach ever, I don't think so. Funny how U did not mention the "inheritor" himself, the awful one and creator of the present state of the decline of UM football, Coker.

I feel sad that he had to go through the firing process, but it was for the best of the school's football program. Rewarding mediocrity, leaving talent like Streeter for the bowl games only, and hiring people like Whipple to work under him had to stop.

And like someone else said, he is getting 50K a month to tour other schools, he is better off as well.

His road trips are further evidence that Randy was not qualified for the HC job at Miami. He was given the job for all the wrong reasons. He sucked the life out of a very fragile program that may never fully rebound. The level of his incompetence is infinitely more evident one year later. If FAU even considers hiring this disaster, they will stagnate any possible growth for their program.

Alot of you in here forgot how much Randy Shannon has meant to this program and let me just say he was not the worst coach in the program. Larry Coker won with Butch Davis' players but what did he do after that? Alot of you think he is a DC at best but I think he will be a candidate for the FAU job. Instead of Shannon Bashing again we need to start Golden praying and hope the man does not go away from the program. I watched the ESPN program last night on UM and yes he is the man for this job. One thing I hope he considers is the fact that Miami is closer to a resolution from this Shapiro crap than Penn St is from ther scandal but with that said The Administration at UM needs to commit to keeping Golden at the school.

Actually, beat writer, who cares about what you think? Your statement that "Shannon was here the entire time the former booster was allegedly wreaking havoc. Did he really do all he could to push him away?" is typical of you still think of RS. RS did more than his job at managing our program and bringing in kids that were academically ready for the "U"; for RS, football was (is) important. He wanted to win, but graduating players and contributing to our overall academic climate, meant more. I'll take RS today as our coach, but like with Golden, give him a higher budget to bring in better assistants to teach and develop players. You will be better off asking about how we feel about the President, AD, and other high ranking officials failing in their responsibilities to rid the program of Shapiro rather than coming down on RS as the one who failed the "U."

Shannon is a generally good guy who is part of the University of Miami family.

However, with that said; he was not prepared to be the head football coach of a major college football program.

Shannon lacked the leadership abilities that the job required. He had many insecurities which showed up in his refusal to allow his assistant coaches to be interviewed, and why there was such poor communication with the media. He ran the program with a lack of confidence in himself and his ability to communicate his message.

As any CEO or high level manager, he needs to work and address his shortcomings. To be groomed & developed into such a high profile position one has to identify their shortcomings and be prepared to correct them.

In addition to improving his management of the X's & O"s of the game, Shannon needed to develop his people management skills. He needed to work with professionals in the areas of Leadership, Communication, & Personal Development. Unfortunately, Shannon was lacking in many of these areas.

Shannon's best fit would be as an assistant coach or the head coach of a small football program with a lot less fanfare than that of a major national program like Miami.

Everyone knows that Shannon was a bad head coach and was probably given a year too long out of deference for his relationship to UM's football program.

Now that he's gone I wish him nothing but the best. I think he'd be a great choice for FAU (I mean what the hell?) and would be glad to see him come back to UM in an administrative capacity or maybe a mentoring role.

Good man, decent DC. Horrible recruiter, horrible HC. I felt bad how everything ended for him but he HAD to go.

I gave randy shannon the benefit of the doubt for 3yrs. For 3 yrs I kept saying give it time, let him recruit, let him mold the team in his vision. But after 3yrs I didn't see a product really worth putting on the field. Looked a lot like a highschool team out there with no discipline and no conditioning what so ever. It was obvious that NONE of these players that he brought in were developed mentally and especially physically. All those years the kids were allowed to believe that they were "entitled". Plain and simple. Randy was a terrible Head Coach, a decent(I say that loosely) defensive coordinator from upstairs looking down onto the field, and a "decent" player who happened to play on championship teams. I admit that I liked his motivational speeches that he would have prior to a game with the team in the locker room to get them pumped up. Some videos of those pump up speeches are on youtube to see for yourselves. He simply didn't get the job done on all facets of the program. He lowered the arrests counts, higher grades and graduation rate but none of it translated to the field. As a head coach you are responsible for all of those categories, simple as that.

One thing I have noticed is that Miami has not done well when they have hired from within. Howard Schnellenberger was out sourced, Jimmy Johnson was out sourced, Dennis Erickson was out sourced, Butch Davis same. Then Coker was hired from within and didn't do anything and to cover his rear end, he fired literally the whole coaching staff blaming them. Lets remember that the coaching staff that was fired by coker was the same staff that went 1-2 in the NC game back to back. After coker, we hired randy from within. Now I honestly thought that a former player and someone who was with the team longer than coker and who also coached in the NFL would be a huge upgrade from stuttering coker. I gave the benefit of the doubt time and time again but randy just didn't back it up. Now Golden with his pedigree, someone who has established himself as one who can turn a program from nothing to something (Temple) and who is disciplined through and through is out sourced and comes here ready to work. Honestly that opening meeting when he spoke of the greatest brand in college football that when you think of it you think of championships really got to me. I truly felt like we have a legitimate leader in Golden. I wish him the best and I will continue to give him the amount of time I gave randy to bring the program around. Randy had to deal with no depth anywhere on the team. Basically the cupboard was empty when he took over. Now Golden has some guys to already work with along with some amazing incoming recruits. Honestly the future looks scary for the rest of college football IMO with Golden at the helm.

In Golden I Trust. Keep The Faith, Never Jump Ship, Never Surrender!!!



I think its unanimous how everyone feels about shannon, if he does coach again I hope its somewhere far far away from miami, maybe in the canadian football league

The majority of these internet comments come from white people who have predisposed hidden racism embedded in their hearts. It does not surprise me to hear all this negative bashing on R/S. Remember he was handed a loosing program from Larry Coker, a program that was coming of of probation to start with. Now Reynolds who is white is once again throwing rocks and hiding his hands. His hands being racist whites in south miami, and one or two oreos.

The fact of the matter is that SOMEBODY had to be the in-between guy to start building this program up. Heck Golden may also suffer the same fate. Shannon wasn't able to build up the wins fast enough. However I liked Shannon. His players didn't get in trouble.

He couldn't stand Shapiro and Shapiro couldn't stand him because he told everyone to stay away from him, even his coaches or he'd fire them. He cleaned up the program, addressing everything from class attendance to gun ownership. The team's grades and graduation rates soared.
That's good enough for me and I wish him well.

Randy is a Cane, an Manny you need to focus on other things you ripped the guy an he was a Cane, nobody is perfect, for any first time Coach you will make some mistakes, he did an now he's trying to continue to learn about different aspects of the Coaching game, Why don't you manny right something about players who don't get the press.

For me...as stated numerous times in past 1 or 2 years...Shannon was a good DC.As a coach he was average and I feel he did try to keep Shapiro away.Other coaches involvement ....I m not sure about the details or who actually knew what.Obviously...his style was low-key and quiet.Golden is outgoing so naturally his style is open and he s communicative with everybody.

Forget Randy he is gone. If you want to see true comedy - I am killing the 'turds on the gator blog today.

I was both ashamed and disappointed to be a fan of UM when Shannon was fired the way he was. Your team is playing an in state team and a "fan" flys a plane with a banner saying "Fire Randy Shannon" over the stadium where all the players can see it. You think that might have been a distraction? With exception to his last year he won more games than the year before, which is usually a sign of progress in every other city.
The heartbreaker is this: Shannon was doomed to fail. Golden is doomed to fail. The moment Coker won the NC, he was doomed to fail. The guy who comes after Golden...yes, doomed to fail. The alumni loved Shannon. The players loved Shannon but when you're a coach in a city where fans live in the past, you're screwed.
Dolphin fans still live in 1972 and Cane fans still live in 1991. Worst fan base in the country.
Also, the high school coaches in question who did not like Shannon were upset because he didnt want any of their thugs and problem children who couldnt get into the school on an academic level. Who strayed away from problem children so he didnt have to worry about 30+ arrests in 4 years as apposed to the 1 in 4 years he had.
I hope he gets another job in a city that embraces their team and I hope he's successful (but not against the Canes)

Randy was and always will be a Hurricane. We have many Hurricanes that are no longer associated with the program, but they are still CANES. He may or may not coach another championship team to any degree, but he got us clear and caught up on the educational front. Not winning games cost him, so we have to move forward as Coach Golden says. I do wish Randy the absolute best as should we all!

Holy crap usf has an annoying fight song.

They've been blasting it on a loop on the practice fields, you can hear it all the way to the lake and even the library if there arent any mowers going.

If anyone's a fan of curb and has seen the one where the looney tunes theme makes the babysitter psychotic, that must be how the players feel right now.

Id rather have some redneck Seminole chopping me in the neck all day than have to listen to that.

Manny I have always admired your reporting and the articles that are so well written...This one not so much..heres why..

We ALL know that Randy was a good DC, and had NO personality as a Coach in handling the press, on the sidelines, and his communication skills were not the best...GIVEN..
If you now have guilt trips on how things transpired in your actions with Randy so be it, but that is YOUR opinion.
No matter what evolved, I have always said and continue to say that "Randy is a 'Cane, and will always be a 'Cane"..
How how about a series of articles on some old 'Canes on :Where are they now? format: that would be interesting and keep your journalistic juices flowing...and we could experience some of the flavor of the old Canes and how they did their thing.
Let's support Coach G and his team, respect the guys who were there before, and push the present and future 'Canes to be the best MEN and athletes that they can be....Play Hard, Play tough, Play with Hurricane Intensity and Style...Honor the BRAND..
Go 'Canes.

If this scumbag shows up at the 25-year reunion of the 1987 National Championship team at halftime of whichever game we'll lose next year, I hope he gets roundly booed. He sabotaged this program from within. He's no longer a 'Cane. Terry Porter is more of a real 'Cane. Goodbye, Corch Shammin'. Your 305 privileges have been revoked.

Randy Shannon is more of a Hurricane than you or any of the other entitled little brat fans that have nothing to do with the university or the football program.

Go f*ck yourself IbisNation.


Eucodimus you are right on. Ibisnation does not deserve the handle ibis.
Shannon was a great role model, mentor, and good coach. His childhood related to some of these players and they were not willing to listen. He was the only adult stopping Shapiro, unlike shalalalala taking a 50k check and not vetting it.
Go Randy you will be a coach somewhere soon.

Sometimes best intentions don't work out, R.S. is still one of the great CANES' that made the U's legacy; So-called CANES' fans should remember that; Afro-American, while I do agree that racism does motivate some so-called CANES' fans, program expectations was R.S. major downfall; His teams didn't live up to their talent level most of the time...

R.S. failed to develop talent(Tommy Streeter),relationships(local H.S. coaches) and team chemistry(showing favoritism). Hopefully, he's picked-up processes from hanging out at other programs that will make him a better H.C. the next time around... I wish him well in the future...

IbisNation is NOT an IBIS.

If anyone thinks Randy Shannon was the worst coach ever at Miami let me introduce you to Coach Carl Selmer. Miami football didn't begin when Howard got here lol. Do a little research before you say something stupid on this blog, please!

That being said How Do I feel about RS now? He is a Cane and always will be but we now have a coach who knows what he is doing, I don't think Randy had a clue. Community relationships? the U has improved that situation 1000% with Golden. Shannon was not as good a recruiter or else not as good a coach as we all thought when he was hired. It's one or the other.

Coaching staff is 1000% better now, team is still struggling with the 2008 class just now learning how to approach and play the college game of football.

Staff and University athletic department relationships, improved 1000% under Golden. Randy unbeknownst to many had terrible working relationships and that is one primary reason he is not working today. Hopefully visiting the different programs he has while sitting on the beach sipping margaritas will help him as a coordinator, he should never be a HC again!

That how I feel!

That's my bad

A lot of these comments are posted by guys who never post in the regular sports section. Shannon was good for UM. Many people forget when and how he was brought in. When you simply compare the success of the program right now to when Randy was here----there's really no change when you review the bottom line---wins and losses!

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