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A year later, how do you feel about Randy Shannon now?

In case you missed it, Associated Press writer Tim Reynolds caught up with Randy Shannon this week for a real interesting interview on what he's been up to since he was fired as the Canes' head coach nearly a year ago.

Randy ShannonShannon told Reynolds that after spending time soaking up knowledge at Alabama, TCU, North Carolina, UNLV, Oregon, Iowa State and Minnesota, he's ready to coach again. Reynolds tried to get Shannon to talk about the Nevin Shapiro fiasco that happened under his watch, but unsurprisingly Shannon declined to do so in deference to the ongoing investigation at his alma mater.

Now, my question to you is how do you feel about Shannon now?

A year ago, a strong majority wanted him thrown off the team bus before he could steer the program any further in the wrong direction. Was he mistreated? Do you feel remorse at all for ripping him? I kind of do. I'll admit I was a little harder on him maybe than I should have been.

After all, he's supposed to be Cane family. Despite his struggles as a head coach (he went 28-22), Shannon helped lead UM to multiple national titles as both a player and defensive coordinator. Off the field, his players' grades and graduation rates improved and the number of arrests went down. 

Or, are you unwilling to forgive? My biggest concern now really is how much he knew about the Shapiro scandal. Even though several people -- including Shapiro -- have said Shannon didn't want him around the program, Shannon was here the entire time the former booster was allegedly wreaking havoc. Did he really do all he could to push him away? Or did he look the other way like his assistants did who were willing to accept Shapiro's gifts and money to help bring kids in? Questions I'm sure that will go unanswered.

So, what are your thoughts on Randy?


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Shannon is a Cane and a good person. He got fired, let him be. He has not trashed the program and still loves it. Want to be mad? Look to the person who tore down the OB. Look to the person who hired Randy to save some money. Look to the person who wouldn't give Randy money to hire decent coordinators. Look to the person who took the Shapiro check. Track Miami's record since Shalalalalalala came on board and tell me who is at fault.

Malcolm Lewis, star WR from miramar and espn 150 player and 4 star on rivals rated 29th best called goldie this morning and committed. Its our 5th espn 150 player. At least goldie is loading up on depth on D and at skill positions if we lose some schollies for a yr or 2 we shuld be ok. Dewey espn 150 qb, morris has 2 yrs experience, RBs are coming back and duke johnson comin in, 2 wr espn 150 players, 4-5 DB's, and 4-5 STUD LB's. GOLDEN, I AM IMPRESSED-------

Shannon was a good man but not ready to be a head coach. The administration did him no favors, either.

But you can't simply judge the bottom line; that in itself is insanity. Look at the product, look at the progression under Golden. It's like night and day. I wish RS the best in all his endeavors but i'm glad he's not the Head Coach at UM anymore.

There were many good kids and outstanding players who wanted to come to the U from the State of Miami but Shannon didn't try to recruit them, now some play on teams such as Va. Tech, LSU among others, just saying...

Can 't have it both ways, he was good at recruiting and not so good as a coach,or he was average at recruiting and got the best from what (he recruited) he had it's one or the other. The players didn't play up to their potential? Who is responsible for that? Just asking.

And Shapiro, he made have told the guy to get lost but most of this allegedly happened while he was coordinator and Head Coach. If Paterno is responsible for Sandusky, is Shannon responsible for Shapiro and his staff's involvement? If Paterno knew, then Shannon knew, don't tell me a guy who bragged about his knowing what goes on with his players and his staff didn't know! Having spies in the community everywhere was the impression he gave, no?

Good man, decent DC. Horrible recruiter, horrible HC. I felt bad how everything ended for him but he HAD to go.

Posted by: Kenneth

This just about sums it up for me. What he did to our recruiting relationships down here was simply unacceptable/inexcusable and is the very reason why we presently have depth issues. I wanted him to be the man to bring us back to the top and I wish him luck in the future but I dont want him anywhere near Coral Gables.

Guys. Randy is a good man, just a bad hire. With the recruiting he ""supposedly"" did, Goldie should be loaded 3 deep now at every position. Heck just the 08 class along had 4-5 LBS. Arthur Brown who was the highest rated never saw the field and now starts at K ST. HE was a rocket in that miami game blowin up plays. Buchanan is coming back next yr, and perryman is a nice replacement for spence. Plus, goldie has 4-5 great LBS coming in. I compare goldies 1st yr to Jimmys 1st yr, in 1984, with the NC team and Bernie at qb, we went 8-5 with all close losses. our 5 losses coulda been wins , so with our depth issues, we still culd b 10-0 now. WIth that said, jimmy put his culture in, added a ton of depth, and we rolled. Well, Golden has a huge class of kids comin in and great young depth at Fr and Soph. So, if we get scholly reductions for 2 yrs, we still wont b hurt by it over the next 2 yrs with the talent on the team.

Hey you all- Cool cat (the genius) just said- "I rather lose with a home boy than win with someone else"

That, in essence, explains how motonic, st-oopid, id-iotic, and utterly clueless this guy is (or cool cat are you a woman?) because only a woman who talks sports can say something that ridiulous. So, yourather lose with Shannon than win with Dennis Erickson? That's 2 championships by the way

I don't even know why I respond to this guy- Herald can you please ban cool cat? He is sucking the life out of me, and my brains are being suctioned out of my eyes by reading his posts!

Coker, whether he had someone elses players or not, won a national ch, played for another and finished 5th in another yr. By his 3rd yr when his team finished 5th in the country, almost all of Butch players were either gone or seniors. In his 4th yr, UM beat UF in the Peach Bowl and finished 13th in the country. In his 5th year, they still finished 9-3, despite losing to LSU. It was Randy Shannons pathetic lack of imagination and game time adjustments that allowed LSu to run ragged all over us. In Cokers 6th yar, he still managed to win a bowl. With all the talk about how bad Coker's recruiting was, I tell you, he still recruited THE #1 high school player of the year in Kyle Wright. Kirby Freeman, Charlie Jones, Willie Williams and Ryan Moore were all highly recruited as was javarris James and Sam Shields.

Randy Shannon went 5-7, 7-6, 9-4, 7-6 and his teams went 0-3 in bowls. How can anyone even defend him, other than say he is a good man?

I critize Shannon becuse he literally destroyed this program. Coker injured it but it was fixable, then Shannon with his alienation of hs coaches, bad PR and media skills, military discipline, favoritism finished what Coker started/ Period.

I know you support Shannon bc he is black cool cat, because that is your MO.

He is a Cane first and foremost. He was a great defensive coordinator but not a great head football coach. But from what I have gathered he did his best to keep that scumbag Shapiro away from his players. But how much could he really do when it was apparent that he was the only one trying to keep this guy away. Everyone else from the president on down looked the other way as Mr. Scumbag Shapiro handed out checks like it was christmas morning. There is nothing to forgive him about. He did nothing wrong. He just failed to meet the expectations we had of him as a head coach.

Not sure I get the question "Are you willing to forgive him?" Forgive him for what? There is nothing to forgive. He did his best but it did not translate into winning. It happens. That doesn't disrespect all his other contributions to the U. He was simply not able to get the big wins and coax the talent out of his recruits. That's life. Not everyone is a great head coach. Al Golden will be. I have nothing to forgive and only can thank Randy for all the GOOD things he did even though his tenure was short-lived.

He is a great Cane but was lacking as a Coach. While he had great defenses at UM, he also had some of the best defensive players to ever play in college football and the NFL for that matter (e.g., Ed Reed). My beef with Shannon was that he never seemed to get the most from his players despite the fact they had enormous talent (e.g., Sam Shields is a started CB for the champion Packers!). As was pointed out earlier in this string, his game day demeanor flat out was terrible, he showed no emotion. Further, it seemed like this group of players gave up on him.

As for Al Golden, I love his message. I don't think we should automatically annoint him the next JJ, but he seems to always say the right things. Let's hope that translates to wins. He shouldn't be judged on this season due to the scandal. But it should be noted that he is getting the most of what he has, Lamar Miller looks awesome, Tommy Streeter came out of nowhere, JoJo Nicholas has emerged as our top DB despite Ray Ray and Vaughn...

Let's hope he turns this around...

afroamerican- the racist is you. UM won 5 national ch with white coaches. Why turn this into a black white thing? Bottom line is he sked as a hc. I dont care if he was a cane player. He sked and he lost 3 bowls in a row, and couldnt coach his way out of a wet paper towel

If Donna Shalala is the reason the U has nosed dived is she the reason Wisconsin grew and thrives to this day? Why would she work to build Whisky and come to the U and work to tear it down? No logic here, just doesn't make sense! Shapiro fooled her, just like he did many other well educated and wealthy members of the community. Get real with the accepting the check situation, she wasn't even expecting it according to eye witnesses. She was getting ready to introduce Frank Haith and mini me jumped in to get the spot light and offered the check. When the U found out about the situation the money was returned, what else do you want?

It advances your pathetic attempts to discredit her! and that is why you say it. I'd rather get rid of you on this blog than get rid of Donna who has improved this school in many ways, including the upgrade at AD, Football, Basketball,Lady's soccer and yes in academics as well, you have NO arguments that make sense, period!

Shannon was Great for the players in the classroom,very good defensive coordinator, but really a below average recruiter and communicator. Golden has really increased the communication with the high schools, better conditioned players don't give up attitude. Has a better coaching staff also. Hope the 3 asst. from Shannon's staff get whats coming to them with Shapiro. Miami will be back. but will take time, Golden is the man.

After Shapiro you needed to have someone in the head position with some integrity, and Shannon appeared to be the guy. I personally think he was given short shrift. These things take time to work.
I'm going to Tampa this December with some Outback Bowl tickets from http://amazonticketsonline.com/Outback-Bowl. I'm hoping that Georgia will send Michigan packing.

I got tired very quickly of defending Shalala on here.

There's really no point, most UM fans don't care about the university and don't understand that Shalala has very little to do with the football program and is outstanding at every other aspect of her job, which are all more important and more far reaching than her role as a liaison between the board and the athletic director.

And the one thing that really bothers me is that unlike her predecessor, Shalala really does care about the football team and winning. I've sat in the presidents box with her and she can't bear to watch when UM is in a tight spot, she gets up and has to leave the box until she hears the crowd reaction.

Most importantly, she's not in charge of the football program, the athletic director is. This idea that she's running things from the top is just so misguided and wrong.

If UM football came crashing down from it's 2001 heights to last year's nadir because the academic requirements for athletes were raised a tiny bit then UM football is not the mythical program that we thought it was. Stanford's academic requirements for athletes are the highest in the country.

The bottom line is you're all pissed that UM's football team isn't very good anymore and YOU DON'T KNOW WHY. You need a scapegoat and she's the easiest target.

Enjoy bashing her if it makes you feel better but understand that there's a reason she's still president and will remain president for as long as she wants to be.

Eudodummy go suck on Shalabers old wrinkled tit us arse kisser. You know she's in charge of everything.

Shannon should have started his head coaching career at a lower tier school. He wasn't up to the challenge at UM. That said, he did many good things for the UM Program and he's a good man from all I can tell. I wish him nothing but success and hope he did all he could do distance himself and the players from Shapiro during his stay at UM.

If she was in charge of everything, if part of her job was to run the football team, she would have been fired by now.

Randy's problems were clearly NOT x's and o's. He's very accomplished as a DC and position coach. His issues were with management and leading men. Also didn't help he had people behind the scenes that were SUPPOSED to be on his side working against him. It seems he realizes his short comings too and in making the visits and trips he's made he's trying to address those and strengthen his weaknesses. This job is NOT for a first time coach and especially one with Randy's type of personality. I'm just glad he's picking himself up and moving forward. It didn't work here but at the end of the day he's still a Cane and I'll always pull for him to be successful. Canes 4 Life!

I'm sure Coach Shannon is a good man. He made a personal difference in the lives of many of the young men on our team. Being a recognized Assistant Coach obviously doesn't gaurantee success at the next level, but maybe he deserved the chance at UM because he is and always will be a Hurricane. I won't re-hash all the obvious shortcomings he displayed as a Head Coach, but hey he isn't the only guy this has ever happenned to...take a look at what's transpiring in Gainesville right now.

Randy will always be a Cane 4 life. He won multiple championships both as a player and a coach. As defensive coordinator, he coached some of the most impressive talents the Canes have ever had (Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, Vince Wilfork, etc.) and watched them shine during their time in Coral Gables. I wish he had more success as the head coach but the circumstances just wouldn't let him have it. I really feel like the many failures of his recruiting classes (especially the '08 class) did him in. The program seemed to be stuck in the mud while he was the head coach. The talent was there, but it never blossomed the way it use to back in the early 00's. I wish Randy Shannon all the best and in my mind, he is forever a Cane, and more importantly, someone to be admired for overcoming all the obstacles he's had to overcome in his life to reach the highest levels of his profession.

DISCLAIMER: If evidence comes about in the future that indicates Randy Shannon looked the other way or in any way failed to do as much as he could do to prevent Nevin Shapiro from potentially setting the program back 10+ years, I will retract all the nice things I just said about Randy and replace them with many expletives. Go Canes!

Anyone notice that Wisconsin got better after shalalalala left?????? anyone, anyone, Bueller, Bueller??????

And about Randy..

Look he started his career as a Cane and tried to finish it off as a Cane. He should have attempted a head coach job at a smaller tier school like someone else here said earlier. Then build from that and come here with a nice resume. Golden did that. He went to a small tier garbage school and turned them into something. I don't hate randy but he played favorites, blew off relationships with highschool coaches in the state of miami, and didn't develop his players once they got here ie: Tommy Streeter, Allen Hurns, Kendall Thompkins, Jordan Futch, etc etc... These facts can not be denied. Even players in interviews politely voiced their opinions that things are better with this coaching staff in comparison to randy's regime. Facts are facts, randy will always be a Cane in my eyes but he bit off more than he could chew taking the head coaching job at The U.

Good luck randy I wish you and your family well, take care.


Peace, don't forget to tip your waitress.

By that logic Alabama's president was a terrible president from 2003 to 2007 and now he's the best president in the country?

There is nothing in Robert Witt's biography about football.

Running a football team is not the job of a university president.

That linebacker, Brown, just decomitted - looks like he's going to Illinois.

Hope the move works out for him, I think UM fans won't be too torn up over this one just from the random name association to those flaky Kansas St. boys.

I can tell u i don't like Shannon as a man or as a head coach. I don't judge, and there is no doubt he was a good player and even better coach, but 'the man comes from a troubled family and preached responsibility all the while impregnating anyone that would take his seed, which i can understand to a point, but i judge him as a pure football coach and i can honestly say that he hurt the 08 class more than they hurt him. Look how good they were as a freshman. And look at them now. No progression. He didn't gve streeter a chance. He hired nix, just because he had a good game against his defense 'the year before at gt.
On the sideline and everywhere else the man has no passion. I could go on, and I'm not even mentioning Shapiro.
Can we face it? It's hard to be a canes fan right now. It really is. And alot of the reason for that is Randy Shannon and Larry Coker.

Well u look at the talent on this team and the shapiro scandel and i wouldnt want him as coach again. Look shannon will always be a cane to me because of all he has done for this program but as a coach he was horrid. His recruting was ranked higher then it should of been.

U look at the lack of depth on this team at some major postions after 4 yrs of recruiting and u wonder what him and his staff was thinking.

Everyone act like these kids should be "Student Athletes" but in reality fans don't give a hoot about graduation rates or grades. Winning is everything and that's just how college football is for elite programs. If graduation rates declined and grades went down but UM won 2 national titles during Shannon's tenure he would still be here and everyone would love him.

Good points, CFFL.. lmao.. that guy should kill himself--acting as if RS tried to destroy the team..

Coach Randy Shannon was not ready for prime time. But he did manage to clean up the program in more ways than one. His 977 lifetime APR was the highest in the FBS. One arrest under his watch. And I think future NCAA sanctions will be less severe because of him.

All due respect to Coach Shannon he was clearly in over his head at the top of the coaching ladder. I can't think of a nice way to communicate that to someone who is not aware of it. Can you? Hopefully he got the message and when he does get back in the game it's at the D cord spot where he is better suited.
My sense is RS never swept the Shapiro thing under the rug on purpose. His lack of coaching ability at the organizational level may have made it impossible to deal with in the exact right way but I think his motives were always true.
I wish him the best and thank him for all he did.

I was about to mention something about Shannon turning down a HC interview at Minnesota a while back, then I remembered he's only been gone for a season, that interview he turned down was last summer.

Amazing how quickly Golden turned the page and how much he's done here in only a year.

If only we could get John Lombardi in here to run the program we'd be champions by now!

shannon rode other coaches recruits to a good d-cord record. he did little to help in the progress of anything while here. he will not do well anywhere as coach or cord. i am glad he's gone. it was 3 years to late. should have been fired after the virg game at the OB. if that wasn't proof, his record is. glad to have golden. he is WORKING to build the program, not just existing in the job, and in lees than mediocrity.

I could care less about Miamis APR. I used to care, when they were winning at least 8 games a year (which is still unacceptable), but that went gone by the wayside the way of the 7-6 Shannon seasons. All I give a dang for are ships. i could care less about the ACC, but obviously Miami would have to win the ACC to win a ship.

In Shannon's second year when we went 9-3 with a chance to beat Wisconsin and finish 9-4, I really thought we had something there. But the way they played in the champs bowl, in the cold, all soft and uninspired, afraid and weeny like was 100% Shannon, lack of leadership, lack of coaching, and his game time management of the game was nauseating. THAT was the beginning of his end. The stadium was rocking, then he folded like a 2 dollar bill.

The following year was a continuation of that loss to Wisconsin. he actually rallied the team to beat Oklahoma, but again, he folded like a 2 dollar bill the rest of the season.

Shannon was stubborn and unwilling to communicate his ideas with anyone- Manny actually opened up about how frustrated the media was with him. Like it or not, UM coaches have to open up to the media in so fl. He was anything but. With his lower extremity nick and upper extremity nicks it was maddening.

correction Miami beats Wisconsin and finishes 10-3. That was when I had my hopes up for that team and for Shannon at the time. He proved all of us wrong

The man was an absolute idiot who had no leadership skills and showed absolutely no emotion. Look at the difference with Golden in the sidelines, he mixes with his players, high fives them, etc. Sadly, our program started gone downhill under Coker and Shannon continued the downward spiral. Good riddance, I hope he lands a job somewhere!!!

Many good comments. To those, especially eucodimus and another, Wisconsin sports especially football were in the tank during shalalalslas tenure. The only good thing she did was be president when Barry Alvarez was hired, and she concurred with that under duress. She left shortly after that to be with biliary in DC.
She led at Wisconsin the way she is doing at the U, tear down sports and lead from behind. Same oh same oh.

Wow Arty ... Looks like Cane Fan finally gets what we've been telling them for the last 5 years .

Sorry to tell U so, but we did Cane ClUcks...

*** Now hear this Cane Fans ... Golden is GONE, so will be Ur 2012 Recruiting Class and crippling sanctions await ... ***

ie- the dUmpster fire in the City Beautiful will continUe thrU 2016 ...

Well I can't really say I feel any different or would change any remarks I made about Shannon. He was probably the worse head coach we have had since before Schnellenberger came here. He as an average recruiter and a little better than average DC who much like Coker rode the coattails of Butch Davis's players and Schiano's defensive knowledge that was instilled in those talented players. He much like Coker was exposed once the Talent was depleted. He had his favorites that were going to play no matter what and would hold other players back to insure that happened. This is the reason he is an occasional ESPN analyst and coaching now.

On the other hand if it is true that Randy did not know about what Shapiro was doing and kept his players away the best he could from them, well then he should be commended for it. Randy has his own way of doing things and that is just his style not being very vocal or whatever. He was a overachieving athlete and National Title winner as a player and coach. So he should be respected for his accomplishments as well as his failures. Do I respect the man? Yes in some ways and in some ways not. Do I want him to be my schools headcoach NO. Do I feel that he recieved mixed messages from Shalala and did what he was told to do. YES. Do I think he was held back by Shalala YES. Unless he is a complete retard no one could have played under Jimmy Johnson and coached with Jimmy, Butch, and Greg Schiano and be that horrible as a head coach with being held back. I do feel Randy was not allowed to be himself and it cost him his job. No matter what or how I feel about him as a head coach, he is still a Cane for Life and part of the U family.

Randy's biggest problem was the lack there of at coordinator on both sides of the ball. pat nix was a disaster but better than whipple who sabotaged the U. I believe the administration never wanted him to be the coach. Randy's coaching tenure was by default. I wont go into detail but whipple wanted his son to play. At least randy could have left with some dignity by firing whipple before he got fired. I would have called a timeout and fired him right after he called the garbage on the first play of the ostate game last year. A good head coach is just a manager and he did not do a good job of that. Thats funny that someone said he wasn't a good man because of his personal life. I didn't realize there was a JUDGE on this blog.

IMHO, Kirby HOECUNT was been waved cash loads by Shapiro but if he got rid of Randy Shannon b/c Randy didn't allow him (Shapiro) close to the players and at the sidelines. So Kirby was looking at the first excuse to FIRE RS, but Shalala wouldn't do it as long as RS was winning a decent amount (8 or more) per season. Kirby kept the pressure, and got his wish, but since there is a God of justice, Shapiro got busted with his scheme and the biatch named Hoecunt ran like a W-HORE to TT. We get AG (for more money) and the result is about the same or worse than if RS was here, and now all the idi0ts that were saying that we weren't undefeated and all b/c of RS, blah blah..AG is WORSE than RS, and any fool that sees how JH has cut down his INT and MIAMI is still 5-5. I can only imagine JH with the peformance he has this year, but having those numbers in 2009-2010 and MILLER!!!I mean MIAMI has wasted the best year of a QB and RB at UM ina long time..5-5!!!For 2.2 MILLION!!!Get real...Anyway, thank RS..I don't know how you could ever put up with the trash named Kirby Hoecunt, b/c HE IS TRASH!!!!

I still feel that Shannon was fired a year and a game too early. the question is _ would this season forge better results with Shannon or GOlden at the helm. I answer Shannon. not to slight Golden who is wonderful with the press.


So to recap: Wisconsin football had been terrible for three decades. Back to back defeated seasons in '68 and '69, a bunch of 6 win seasons in the '70s, a bunch of 1-3 win seasons in the '80s.

All of that's Shalala's fault. Must be because she tears down programs with the way she leads and that's where that program was when she was hired.

So in 1988 she is hired and the team has two more bad seasons, which are her fault due to her tearing down programs with the way she leads. Two years later she hires Barry Alvarez, who has a bad season which is also Shalala's fault.

But then they get better and win a Big 10 championship while she's there - and that's despite Shalala's tearing down the program with the way she leads.

She leaves to go to Washington and the team keeps winning in the '90s and 2000s and all that is because she's now gone and they no longer have to deal with her tearing down the program with the way she leads.

Or maybe, just maybe, hiring the right person to run the football team is what rescued Wisconsin football and Shalala had NOTHING to do with any of it beyond finding the right person to run the program.

championships - I see comments like that all the time, what sort of influence do you imagine Shalala had on Randy Shannon?

What might she have told him to do? For example?

I honestly can't fathom the level of involvement that the general UM fanbase thinks Shalala has on the football program.

Now that is smothing we can agree on Tally, I wish Randy had stood up and fired Whipple at that Ohio State game.

Well Eudo, I am quite sure she told Randy that she wanted him to make sure that the players were kept in check on the field and better not have any of that stuff on the field like having fun or anything that we used to do that would cause the media to call our play rebel ball. I am also sure she told him not to concentrate on winning as much as being a hall monitar because she wants to be known as the one to be referred to as the real one that made Miami the Harvard of the South and cleaning the program up. Thats why the old bag raised the standards so high. Doesn't she have a car to walk out in front of down there. God forbid those players have fun like they did under Jimmy.

Zero remorse for absolutely wanting a horrible coach to be fired. We love UofM Football, not coaches.

Best of luck to him in his future endeavors. He is now a former player and alumnus and should be respected as such. As HC he was treated just like any failing HC gets treated at a major program. Poorly, and deserved.

The production from our team has not improved under Golden. Our team record is worst. We continue to get out coached by other coaches in the ACC. We are still signin middle of the road players. So, Randy may not have been ready for the job at the time. Golden has better communication skills and looks more involved on the sidelines, but his coaching skills still leave a lot to be desired. What I hate most is my fellow Cane fan who were so quick to disrespect and tear a fellow Canes apart. In some ways we deserve what we are getting. I do not see it changing anytime soon either. Maybe if we held on to Randy for another year the coaching light would have gone off. At any event, we would have had a better record than we do now.

Strong Lb as a Cane, top notch D coordinator and inadequate head coach. Glad to see him go. And, I wish him the greatest success and hope he gets a shot and is a winner.

again..... its obvious how everyone feels, we don't like randy shannon

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