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A year later, how do you feel about Randy Shannon now?

In case you missed it, Associated Press writer Tim Reynolds caught up with Randy Shannon this week for a real interesting interview on what he's been up to since he was fired as the Canes' head coach nearly a year ago.

Randy ShannonShannon told Reynolds that after spending time soaking up knowledge at Alabama, TCU, North Carolina, UNLV, Oregon, Iowa State and Minnesota, he's ready to coach again. Reynolds tried to get Shannon to talk about the Nevin Shapiro fiasco that happened under his watch, but unsurprisingly Shannon declined to do so in deference to the ongoing investigation at his alma mater.

Now, my question to you is how do you feel about Shannon now?

A year ago, a strong majority wanted him thrown off the team bus before he could steer the program any further in the wrong direction. Was he mistreated? Do you feel remorse at all for ripping him? I kind of do. I'll admit I was a little harder on him maybe than I should have been.

After all, he's supposed to be Cane family. Despite his struggles as a head coach (he went 28-22), Shannon helped lead UM to multiple national titles as both a player and defensive coordinator. Off the field, his players' grades and graduation rates improved and the number of arrests went down. 

Or, are you unwilling to forgive? My biggest concern now really is how much he knew about the Shapiro scandal. Even though several people -- including Shapiro -- have said Shannon didn't want him around the program, Shannon was here the entire time the former booster was allegedly wreaking havoc. Did he really do all he could to push him away? Or did he look the other way like his assistants did who were willing to accept Shapiro's gifts and money to help bring kids in? Questions I'm sure that will go unanswered.

So, what are your thoughts on Randy?


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Oh, IbisNation you scumbag. I wish I could meet you at a reunion when you are not hiding behind your laptop. You are the type of yellow belly pretender of Cane fan that we are referring to on this site. And quite frankly could do without. You have no reverence for the U and show yourself to be a fair weather fan. A true Cane would love other Canes regardless. How can you have so much hate for a person who is also part of something that you claim to love. Reason, you don't really love the U and what it is about, you love the moment. Back in the 80s you would have gotten you butt whopped in the 2nd half at the OB during a blow out. Get lost!

I think Randy will do a fine job as HC at some DII school. Better to be a big fish in a little pond.

Well once again euco you are called out by others for not telling the truth. Wisconsins football record before Alvarez was what?? In the tank. Shalalalala is forced to hire him and almost at the same time leaves to be with Hillary in dc. Alvarez builds a team without her and her meddling in sports.
She comes to the U and takes immediate steps to hurt the program. And the record shows that.
And the hobbits has not brought academic success to the U. It was already in place and the last chart published shows progress under the hobbits slowed. And you know the euco because it was discussed on this blog before, yet you bring out the same untruth again.

RS as head coach didn't work out. Such is life. He's still a 'Cane and I wish him nothing but the best.

Randy's 1st year was 5-7, losing 6 out of last 7. I don't see any comparison. RS did not grow the program. He did some great things for the kids. He gave Sam Shields a chance as a DB when he was being crushed. At another school, Shields may never have played...RS seemed like a good guy, but with no Head Coaching experience, I think he was overwhelmed. Definitely struggled on PR front, including recruiting.

Our fans are hypocrites(Susan & Manny too).. They got on RS for the way his released his injury report & actually cracked jokes about it, but nothing is said since Al is doing the same exact thing.. If anything, you would know its smart to do it that way because you don't want the opponent to attack that injured area. Clowns! Also, I could care less if our turnovers & penalties are down because our record is garbage.

StormDebris you are full of it...The production of the Team has improved.. what games have you been watching a la, Streeter, J12, Miller, Spence. We have NOT been outcoached...losing 3-4 games in the last minute is not being outcoached..4 star players fitting our style of football is not middle of the road that is called being selective..your 5 star would not be my 5 star for MY team..Good sidelines interaction which was never there, and new offensive plays etc by Coach F on Offense..shows more tenaciousness than the vanilla stuff of last year..Defense is now healthy and coming around.. Think about it less penalties and 3 conversions in the last minute you would be posting on how Happy you are to be a Cane. We do NOT deserve what we are getting because we are AHEAD, and we are not tearing Canes apart but rather stating facts that you have thought but not expressed..
The 'Canes needed a spark to fire our team up and we got it now, so, sit back enjoy the rebuild and hop on board or look somewhere else for change...WE STATED THAT RANDY WILL ALWAYS BE A CANE..
The IBIS is in flight, you need to either hop on board, or change will leave you behind..
Go 'Canes

Shannon is a Cane, I respect what he did as a player and a coordinator. He however made the same mistake Coker made, he started to ignore the players in south Florida and started to rub high school coaches the wrong way. He brought in a lot of kids that didn't have that Hurricane fire, that want to be great. The record might not show it but this is a better team than last year by leaps and bounds.

I wish they would have fired him sooner

Blame shalalalalala. Period. Coach reports to the AD. AD reports to her. She runs the ship. Sorry, look at UM before and after she was hired....the trend is there.

She makes the kids apologize for Shapiro....where was her apology??? She killed our football program. Randy is a Cane but was a bad head coach. That said, shalalalalala did everything she could to hurt him. No budget, no OB, no coordinators, Kirby, the list goes on.

Just because a coach high fives players and gets all emotional does not mean he is a good coach. Bellicheck never shows emotion on sidelines and he is one of the best coaches ever. How does high fiving players translate into wins?

I think we would have been better without whipple we didn't need all the other coaches. Shannon sealed his own fate by not firing whipple. Either way we need to win to have a choice of the kind of recruits that will get us back to national prominence. I agree with you storm debris I just hope we can get better somehow.

told U so ...

dayUm Willis ...

got Ur back homie Fla. Boy

God Bless

U too

nice blog manny. I'll say this about randy shannon, great man, fantastic defensive coordinator, not a very good head coach...

Arty ...

Willis, D.J. and Franklin get it ...

Bad Boy

He was a good man, but was in way over his head. The program was confused, disorganized and fundamentally weak. This scandal still took place under this tenure and the buck stops at the top. Knowing football operations, it was impossible to keep secret what was happening with Shapiro. Just as at Penn State with their truly horrific scandal. RS was in a position where he could not succeed. Best that he's gone and I think we have the right man leading the program now through difficult times. Time to move forward and raise the level of football intelligence across the entire organization.

Tallycane look deeper than high fiving.. a good Coach brings tempo, and atmosphere which the players and fans can literally feel...You find yourself appreciating the decisions, the plays called, and the implementation of good game plans which took hours to draw up..
A good Coach also takes the losses but analyzes why they occured and what is needed to fix and adjust accordingly...A good Coach assembles good team players on his Staff..Bellicheck has his style, but who wants to be a Bellicheck?...I guarantee that each player if asked would endorse a high fiving Coach over a Bellicheck hands down..
I beg to differ and we are lucky to have found one who fits the criterior of what Good Coaching is all about..
and above all a good Coach is considerate of his fans, aware of his commitment to His school, and in his actions show his values to the team and the Community.
We are very lucky to have one in Coach G and Miami and everyone will be a lot better...
Go 'Canes

I dontget some of these comments- So, you all are saying that Shannon was fired too early, when he fields a team at home, in front of about 100 potential recruits against FSU, and this team QUITS and gets destroyed by their biggest rival with one of the worse performances since the probation years, then follows it up with a loss to USF at home in a game where we had thevictory potentially by just running the ball and kicking a field goal, but he allowed Whipple to tell Jacorry to chuck it (the worst decision in history)-which led to a game tying drive.

THAT is why he got fired. Plus, do you all remember that immediately before Shannon was fired he had around 8 commits (around this time of year)- Golden now has 26-despite the potential NCAA penalties, and most are sticking with the u.

Keith Brown- Good luck with that Illinois thing. Ron Zook's seat is hotter than a burger on a grill. Good luck with those winters up there and getting destroyed by Nebraska, OSU,Michigan and Wisconsin.

It would have been great for the story to have ended the way we all wanted it to and I congratulate UM for making it happen. I hope he learned a great deal from his experience, that he continues to pursue what he loves to do, and that he lets the rest take care of itself. As far as the Shapiro incident is concerned, it would have been nice for Mr. Shannon to have been able to stop him from corrupting these young men, but Shapiro was a world-class con-man who destroyed far more savvy people than football players and coaches. In fact, one wonders how many other disasters would have taken place with a less conscious coach in charge.What can be learned from the Shapiro incident is that the the challenges inherent in the formation of athletes are far greater and more complicated than ever before.

So over Cane fans calling each other names over difference of opinions. More things are wrong with our beloved football program than a coach alone! Randy had many an obstacle to overcome...so does Golden, none of us have any idea how this will all end!!!!

When I see Cane fans put down others because of their opinions. When I hear Cane fans screaming at each other about what might be ailing this program, instead of a rational discussion of ideas, fans telling other fans they are not a "true" or "loyal" fan if they criticize........makes me say to myself....."Wow now I completely understand how a pedophile roamed the campus of Penn State raping innocent children" . Seriously sad what blind faith in anything does to some people.

It's an amazing element of the human condition that loves to revel in the misfortune of others.
I didn't like Randy Shannon as a head coach and thought a change was long overdue.
That said, why don't we all just wish him well in his future endeavors, as we would hope others would do for us when we fall short, and move on.

How do I feel...
Everyone was out of shape
Tommy Streeter on the bench
That clueless look on the sidelines
Horrible interviews

ltcdolphin- simple question, if Wisconsin football was bad when Shalala was hired, bad for two years until she hired Alvarez, bad for several more years under Alvarez, and then gets better and to Big 10 championship quality while she's there - how did Shalala tear down that program?

championships - well there it is. You think Shalala sat Randy Shannon down in her office and told him to not let his players have fun and to not worry about the winning but to focus on being a hall monitor.

You have very sensible opinions on the football team itself but are as misguided as some of the others on here when it comes to Shalala.

Did you happen to go to that UNC game in Shannon's last season? Where he made it a point to tell his players to loosen up and tried jumping into his linemen to fire them up? It's just not him, it had to be forced.

Since Shalala's still here and still "running the program" then why isn't she dictating to Al Golden how his players should act on the field? Why isn't she telling him not to worry about winning and to be a hall monitor?

I ask the question...WHY hasn't Susan Degan Miller who covers UM football for the Herald NEVER apologized to Micanor Regis for tweeting that he was a "PIG" ?

Because the Herald is arrogant, because she is too arrogant to admit it was WRONG of her to do so.

And this is what and who the UM allows to cover their football program?

From the stupid questions asked and often repeated after answers are put forth to the arrogant view she has of the players, as proven by her comment and few asking why it hasn't been addressed, to the view that she is a reporter for the liberal minded Herald, and when have you ever heard a liberal apologize for anything?

Her Huuricane baiting boss Greg Cote doesn't require it, I wrote letters to the editor and was never acknowledge or given a reason.

It is because the Herald thinks they do no wrong, is arrogant, thinks their opinions are the only correct ones, because they have NO CLASS, NO Character and NO integrity!

With a few exceptions, (Manny, Barry and Armando,Israel) the Herald is garbage when it comes to reporters covering sports.

The Sun Sentinel is 100 times better. Susan you are without class and zero integrity.

Just so you know....I am not condoning what Mr. Regis did on the field against UNC. But he paid for his sins and it cost him and his team. The suspension was the right thing to do.

My feeling is that reporters don't tweet thier private opinions in a public forum when it is derogatory and this was over the line. Who does she think she is anyway?

To the Herald, you most likely told her wait and this will die and go away, WRONG, I will not let this die and one of these days it will gain traction, you just sit back, don't apologize to the young man and see where this ends up.

Shannon is a true Cane and deserves respect. He cleaned up the program off the field. He could be a good coach in time, but he was definitely in over his head. It would have been great if he had first coached at a smaller school. He was learning how to coach on the job, and at Miami you are expected to win immediately. He will get a head coaching job somewhere (Arizona? FAU?) and will improve. I wish him nothing but the best.

Euco once again I would appreciate you not trying to make my points. What I wrote was that shalalalala tried her best to ruin Wisconsin sports especially football. During her tenure football got worse, all sports got worse. And as you noted it took several years for football to recover after biliary took her to DC. History tells the story.
On another string you got your rear handed to you by canetillidie. And you made his point that shalalalala was in on Shannon's firing. Game set match.

Hey anonymous cane, you as upset about ray rays tweet??

Well you're right about one thing - history does tell the story.

Football did not get worse during her tenure. That is wrong.

The two years before Shalala was hired were two win seasons.

Then 1 win, 3 wins, 1 win, 5 wins, 5 wins.

Then the very year she left (and not coincidentally in Alvarez's fourth year and his first with his seniors) they won 10 games and the Big 10 championship.

I'm not saying Shalala turned Wisconsin athletics around, I'm saying she had nothing to do with it.

Their athletic director hired Alvarez and that's the beginning and the end of the story of how Wisconsin football emerged from three decades of losing.

Anonymous Cane - what exactly are you looking for? Miller already apologized...

"Hey guys, the blatant, after-the-play violence of Regis evoked strong emotions in me -- & Al Golden. But I'm sorry for using the word I did."

Euco. Wrong again. Since you were not there you don't know. Prior to those seasons and shalalalala Wisconsin was not that bad, plus she was forced to hire him and he lived in her house till Hillary took her away.
This is like you getting your tail handed to you by canetillidie.
And you are right about the anonymous cane thing. Every so often that planet is heard from and is corrected to say the same thing again, you know the pattern there.

It's not a matter of opinion, they won a single game the previous two seasons before Shalala got there.

They were that bad.

I guess MANNY OR SUSAN isn't going to let you guys know so I will. WE just picked up another EXPLOSIVE WEAPON at WR. From Miramar High....Check em out on ESPN. Man Golden's got em comming in and BELIEVING.

Again euco you were not there and rely on records and as you were handed your butt by canetillidie it's happened again. Has no bearing before she was there, what she did not do, the roadblocks she put up as she is doing at the U, caused no improvement. The only segment she treated worse than athletics was the military.

How do I feel about Dandy, well if he's been traipsing all over the U.S. getting coaching pointers on how to run a program, he should of done that long before he wanted to be a head coach. He alienated area High School coaches, didn't have a good strength and conditioning program, recruited like it was still 2001, with small fast players, had a revolving door of coordinators, Had a two story doghouse, Held my boy Tommy streeter hostage in that house, didn't develop any kind of cornerback depth (see this year), had no clue on how to use time-outs or I should say a horrible game manager, 0-3 in bowl games, not a motivator or communicator, is that enough?
The good, he graduated his players, kept them out of trouble and they went to class. Unfortunately he wasn't brought in to be a camp counselor or a security guard, he was brought in one because he was a lifer, he had always had top notch defensive teams and he was from the area, made since to hire him, plus we didn't have to pay him a truck load. He coached like he was getting paid, average! You get what you pay for. With what he had coming back last year, no way you go 7-5. He bet the house on J-12 and lost. Had J-12 had a position coach like he has now or if would of had him last year, maybe we aren't having this conversation. The record may not indicate it yet but I can see a hell of a lot improvement, in one year with Golden, than 4 years with Randy.

This is directed at Jimmy, you might speak for some on the Randy Shannon issue but, not everyone. YOU NEED TO CHECK YOURSELF before making a general statement like that; You certainly don't speak for me...

Correction om my last post; Johnny that's for you...

Randy Shannon, had a 4 year plan. And this was his year to coach with his recruits. And Al Golden gets credit for these kids playing hard now. When the TRUTH is Randy would have won more games this season as he had done each of years than this BUM(golden/boy). But because he is WHITE he will be treated a lot better than RANDY, especially by manny/nanny. Miami is a RACIST City!! No not all non-black people are racist, but the majority are racist. From the police department to maintenance men we see racism prevalent!! Now Manny feels guilty? Go figure!!!

No one believes you're a real black person and nobody is going to engage with a racial debate with you.

Afro American,
You're still stuck in the Soul Train era!

My opinion of Shannon is still the same. He was an affirmative action hire! He was not head coach material. He was Donna's LAP DOG. He is a hypcrite because he said he loved the U, but he destroyed what he loved. He set this program back at least 6 years, 4 years as coach and it will take 2 years for Golden to turn it around. He should be banished from Miami foreever. I have had this opinion after his second season at Miami and it has not changed!

I never knew that UM, the ACC or NCAA had a quota system on minority head coaches? That would be the only foreseeable reason that I would think that affirmative action would make a school hire a minority head coach. UM has a good track record of hiring minority coaches (3 black head basketball coaches in the past 20 years and numerous hispanic and black assistants throughout the athletic department). Coach Shannon was a man who played for UM and was a long time assistant (15 years)who moved up the ranks from grad assistant to position coach to coordinator. To anyone with common sense that makes him a QUALIFIED hire, not an affirmative action hire. Randy failed at being a head coach during his tenure with UM, but so do many other white coaches during their first time being a head coach. If you don't like Coach Shannon (which many people don't, which BTW was what I think Manny really wanted to be brought out with this blog entry in the first place) you have several reasons to feel that way, but to spew asinine, juvenile garbage on the internet makes most intelligent people look at you like a fool. Just some food for thought.

I would love to have him back as our defensive coordinator. SHannon was a great number 2 man but a horrible number 1 guy. If there is anything that UM needs to improve this year, it is defense. Our players are not playing aggressive and smart defensive like we did in the pass. The defense was unquestioned when shannon was our defensive coordinator.

I really find it funny, sorry, I mean sad, how a man who has spent 23 years of his life playing for and then coaching a team and how this man has been apart of 3 of the 5 national championships that the fans love to brag about (sometimes to the point of nausea) and how there can be such venom for him because he DIDN'T WIN ENOUGH GAMES! Randy Shannon IS the University of Miami football program, no matter what some of you may want to believe.

Was Coach Shannon trying to lose intentionally so that the fans and people who once cheered and praised him, could now come and kick dirt in his face? It appears that some of you think that. There were numerous reasons why Coach Shannon failed and that have all been brought up in this blog. There are also numerous reasons that were out of Coach Shannon's control (for one, not enough money to hire good assistants when he first got the job- the purse strings were loosened later, but the damage had already been done to the team and program). Look, at the end of the day Shannon did not win enough games and was let go, it happens to every coach eventually. Coach Shannon should not have been and was not any different. Believe it or not, Coach Shannon tried to win here and him not winning here hurts him much, much more than it can hurt any of us fans. Everyone says it, but believe me, Coach Shannon and Coach Kehoe truly bleed orange and green. Randy appears to be the only one who knew that Nevin Shapiro was bad news and despised him and wanted him away from the program.

Coach Shannon did not win enough games, but he is and will always be a 'Cane for life. After seeing what is happening at Penn State and Syracuse, I think that there are many other things that a coach could do to be despised, loathed and hated by a fan base than just losing games.

I don't hate Shannon, he just didn't know enough of the day to day details of what it took to run a 1st class program. Maybe by visiting those other colleges, he's ready to return, who knows?

Randy simply was not CEO material. Period. Upper Management as a behind the scenes Coordinator sure, but not the person to head the daily day to day, hour by hour multitude operations of a top flight program.

A for leadership.
F for development.

The program was NEVER cleaner when he was the coach. But when you look at what guys like Sam Shields, Colin McCarthy, and Jimmy Graham are doing in the NFL, there's no denying that he and his staff couldn't get the best out of these kids.

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