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A year later, how do you feel about Randy Shannon now?

In case you missed it, Associated Press writer Tim Reynolds caught up with Randy Shannon this week for a real interesting interview on what he's been up to since he was fired as the Canes' head coach nearly a year ago.

Randy ShannonShannon told Reynolds that after spending time soaking up knowledge at Alabama, TCU, North Carolina, UNLV, Oregon, Iowa State and Minnesota, he's ready to coach again. Reynolds tried to get Shannon to talk about the Nevin Shapiro fiasco that happened under his watch, but unsurprisingly Shannon declined to do so in deference to the ongoing investigation at his alma mater.

Now, my question to you is how do you feel about Shannon now?

A year ago, a strong majority wanted him thrown off the team bus before he could steer the program any further in the wrong direction. Was he mistreated? Do you feel remorse at all for ripping him? I kind of do. I'll admit I was a little harder on him maybe than I should have been.

After all, he's supposed to be Cane family. Despite his struggles as a head coach (he went 28-22), Shannon helped lead UM to multiple national titles as both a player and defensive coordinator. Off the field, his players' grades and graduation rates improved and the number of arrests went down. 

Or, are you unwilling to forgive? My biggest concern now really is how much he knew about the Shapiro scandal. Even though several people -- including Shapiro -- have said Shannon didn't want him around the program, Shannon was here the entire time the former booster was allegedly wreaking havoc. Did he really do all he could to push him away? Or did he look the other way like his assistants did who were willing to accept Shapiro's gifts and money to help bring kids in? Questions I'm sure that will go unanswered.

So, what are your thoughts on Randy?


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randy shannon: strong man strong willed-too much so,great play caller-(DC), sorry but he was...great person- recruited classy kids loves the U and was a tremendous father figure for SOME of the kids ...... HE SUCKED AS A HEAD COACH, TOO PRIDEFUL WAS NOT PERSONABLE WITH HS COACHES...HORRENDOUS GAME MANAGMENT AND COULD NOT DEVELOP TALENT!! COULD NOT DEVELOP TALENT !!

its unanymous, we still hate shannon!

Shannon is a nice guy but clueless as a head coach. He was a fantastic d coordinator- just isn't head coaching material.

Al golden is one of the best coaches / recruiters in the country and will bring us another long awaited national title.

Jokyla - using our brain we would know that we can't compare the two based on wins and losses. Shannon earned most wins earlier in his tenure while struggling to get wins towards the end- an indication the program was headed in the wrong direction.

Al golden is coaching Shannon's guys right now- in a few years when he begins to coach his own recruits - that is when it would be time to compare the 2 based on record alone.

Afro American. Bottom line it is racists to say what you did especially with no facts. Pulling the race card is as old, tiresome, and worn out as tax the rich.

Oh Pleeeez jokyla. Shannon may have been a good guy, don't know never met him. But to say the program has not changed since he was coach is dumb. There has been more moves in a positive direction in one year under Golden than 4 years with Shannon. We've seen players emerge that Shannon had sitting on the bench because they couldn't get outr of his so called "dog house" ala, Tommy Streeter

All I can say is the U is finally in good hands and will be fine for years to come. As for Shannon, good luck to him and to whatever school wants to take the chance on him.

If you want to see racism, look in the mirror.
Move on already.

As a true Cane, I wish Shannon well. Unfortunately, he did not have the personality, upbringing, charisma and leadershp
qualities to run a program, deal with the media, actively recruit, maintain good relationships with high school coaches and develop and motivate players.

It had nothing to do with race. And by the way, the BS that only white people are racist is a bunch of self-serving garbage. Get off it.

Glad you brought this up. I loved Shannon but I don't think he was a good head coach. Especially on offense. If he could have gotten Jacory to play at his current level he wouldn't have been fired. A lot of other players who were talented also never developed at the U for whatever reason. I also believe Shapiro was a millstone around the programs neck and help sink our best players by diverting their focus. And niether Shannon nor Coker can be blamed for that.

I would agree with most commenting on his head coaching skills.

I would disagreed with most questioning RS as a man.

I would agree with most of us "older" bloggers respecting the man as a true Hurricane.

Nice guy...awful coach.

Don't miss him one bit...he was in WAY over his head, in many respects.

I look at this year's team and see a vast improvement in the fundamentals...I see freshmen and sophomores starting on both offense and defense, and THEY ARE "GETTING IT" - Shannon and his coaching staff NEVER GOT IT...plain and simple...it was "coaching by chaos" - again, NICE GUY....HORRIBLE COACH!

I wish him the best, because he is and will always be A HURRICANE!

caneforlie- under Shannon, Miami lost 48- whatever at home against Virginia at the OB's final UM game.

under shannon, miami has lost to UF once, FSU 2 times, Ohio State once and Oklahoma once, not to mention USF

under shannon miami was 0-3 in bowls.

Afro american says he had a four year plan with "his players": whatever

2007- first year 5-7

2008- second year 7-6

2009- third year 9-4

ok, let's ee, "his players may be kicking in something real. maybe we should believe in Shannon...."

2010- fourth year 7-6


Anyone see the furman not SI gator score.

Shalalalala is in charge. Her fault. Period.

We have lost 5 games by a grand total of 26 points. Do I really need to say more about coach Coker or coach Shannon?

The games we have lost have all been games we could have won if it were not for penalties in critical moments of the game. On some occasions it was a player who was out of position. On others it was just not having the entire team available. Any play not taken off could mean a perfect season.

Oh yeah, Jacory is finally an asset instead of a liability. How is that for improvement? A total of 26 points is all that keeps us from having a perfect season.

Golden has delivered on his word in saying that they would be a more competitive team. A smarter and more physical team is only a fault for not having his full team all season. Underclassmen typically are not smarter or more physical than upperclassmen of players with game experience.

Shannon is good, but Golden's team would blast Shannon's team 48-0

Hey real cane fans who like or dislike Coach Shannon will respect what this man has done at the U. Like I said before RS was a good head coach. But his media and public relation skills was not savvy at all. So I hope he gets another opportunity to be a head coach again somewhere. To you RS haters the real cane fans don't respect you all. You are nothing but cowards.....

yall kill me... howmuch do you expect a coach to be able to stop a kid from getting money or go out to a club , or even having dinner... these kids are adults most of them left home for college to be able to do some of these things with out parents sticking their two scent in ... so doyou really think a coach is going to stop a playerfrom goin out .. and what should the coach ,and a.d. and maybe even the president should just spy on these kids.... miami shouldnt get any trouble its notlike houses were purchased ie. reggie bush that can be proven easily, but like i said before if they punish us ..penn state should loose its program... and they fire joe pa ,, but let the iterimbe this guy thats been there for 33years ..you mean to tell me he didnt know.

I think Randy Shannon is a fundamentally good man. He worked hard to make sure his players were accountable. His players' graduation rate was commendable during his tenure. And no Hurricane brought scandalous attention to the school under Randy's watch.
Having played under Jimmy Johnson, in an era where Luke was allowed to watch games from the sideline, he knew exactly how to run a renegade program, and sought to distance The U from that.
Randy's Waterloo was the Baby Bulls recruiting class of 2008. He hitched his reputation to that class. I think he was right in starting Jacory HArris over Robert Marve. For proof, look no further than to Purdue, here Marve is currently the backup. Unfortunately, the fallout from the Marve debacle placed Randy at odds with some high school coaches (but let's face it- any Black man in a position of authority is going to come into his job with some built-in animosities.)
The real problem with the Class of '08 is that they weren't as good as we thought they would be. Aldarius Johnson was supposed to be the next Andre Johnson, Marcus Forston was Warren Sapp, and Tommy Streeter was Eddie Brown. Instead, none of them- with the exception of Streeter, who finally blossomed this year- really panned out.
Black coaches rarely get two chances to fail. So I doubt Randy will ever be a head coach again, unless it's somewhere like FAMU or Bethune-Cookman. He really was put in a tough spot: they wanted him to win games, and change a culture that he was an integral part of, and helped to create. I think in the end, he was more concerned that his players shed their bad-boy image than he was in victories and losses.
I wish Randy well in all his future endeavors.

I m sick of all these people ALWAYS talking about what a great DC he was, people he wasn't , he had 16 first rounders to coach, and still made Krenzel look like Elway,a weak LSU offensive look like the '99 Rams, and gave up 40 ( at the OB no less) to a VA Tech team that had 1 player( Kevin Jones)- give my wife that talent and I know she could do better- he was perfect with Coker, 2 guys who lived off what Butch left them and ran it right into the ground!- He may have meant well ( Wait weren't all the suspended guys the ones HE recruited?) but he failed as a head coach and only was succesful as a DC because he had an unbelievable amount of talent handed to him- get real

Miami opted to give Shannon a shot at the HC position―fair enough. However, in very short order it was clear that this was a mistake. If this had a been a fight, they would have stopped it in the first round. Instead they kept the poor guy in the ring and watched him get pummeled.

The players, the fans and the “U” national image were thrashed because nobody at the top had the backbone to immediately say, “in spite of good intentions, it is painfully obvious that we made a terrible HC decision, we need to make a change now.”

I wish Randy well; unlike most of us he had the privilege of being a student athlete and winning a national title. He also won as a defensive coordinator for the U. Some of you have indicated that he was not a very good D coordinator, Really? How many defensive players are on NFL teams right now that played for Randy? Arrests were down; graduation rates were higher under his watch. But coaches are judged on their win / loss record. Randy bleeds orange and green and will always be a part of the U's family. Should he have been let go? Perhaps so, because at the end of the day college football is about MONEY!! In my opinion Randy protected the lively hood of some coaches on his staff that should have been fired. Ironically he was fired for not getting rid of Whipple earlier. Leaders are responsible for what they do or fail to do!


Aldarius Johnson was not supposed to be the next Andre Johnson. Only complete clueless @ssholes that know nothing about sports and saw that they both had the same last name said that (So, pretty much everyone on this board). Same thing with Forston. You are all a bunch of idiots.

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