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Al Golden discusses contract extension; Lamar Miller, Olivier Vernon deflect talk of future

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- Here is a transcript of Al Golden's post-game press conference with reporters after the Canes lost 24-17 and he signed an extension through the 2019 season.

> Did you discuss the extension with the team? "I didn’t because the team knows that I’ve never discussed anything but being here with them. They know that. The team understands that. I’ve said it to them a million times that I love it here. I said ‘please don’t listen to what anybody is saying on the outside.’ This is where I want to be; this is a destination job. I know they’re excited. I think it’s a mutual admiration and respect and I think they know what we have to get done this offseason."

> How important it is to get the contract extension sealed now? "It’s vital. I just want to thank President Shalala for her leadership and Shawn Eichorst for his leadership. And clearly, I’m just excited about the future. I’m ready to go on the road. I’ll be at the first kid’s house at 2 p.m. on Sunday. Again, we have a lot of work to do. We know where we are as a team. I wish we had won. I’m sure we all do, but we again are where we are right now, and we’re going to fight out of it. And I’m just glad I have the opportunity to be the guy to lead this program out of it."

> When did you tell the team about the extension? "There was nothing for me to really to say to them. It was about people speaking on the outside. I think our players always understood what we were going to do."

> How did extension evolve... "I don't think I want to discuss that. That's private. But clearly when everybody is on the same page and the direction you want to go with the program that's how it gets done."

> Does this end the speculation of you leaving? "It’s been a tough year, and I said all along I plan on being here. You guys asked the question the night I came and I still feel the same way. I think it’s a destination job and I think we’re going to have a great recruiting class. We started four seniors on offense and three on defense. A transition year; a lot of adversity. Again, we’re not making any excuses. We know what we need to fix and we’re going to start fixing it Monday morning, period."

> Penn State still needs a head coach... "Right now Penn State has a great coach. His name is Tom Bradley. He's passionate. He's a leader. He's been there forever. The kids are playing for him. And I'm happy for Tom. I'm excited to be a Miami Hurricane."

> What was your plan if not for this extension? "I was going to work. This has been setup for a week now. I'm going to be in at least one kids house on Sunday. I was going on the road. Once we found out the bowl wasn't an option. We set the schedule and I'm going to be working through the holiday."

> Why is it important for you to be here through 2019? "I wanted to make a long term commitment otherwise the speculation is going to continue. I don't want to be sitting here answering these questions. Hopefully, now, I'll outlast a lot of you guys."

> What is your impression of the season? "I think it's emblematic of our inconsistency to go to some games and have incredible discipline and protect the ball. There's too many variances or oscillations right now in our overall game for me to be pleased with it. I think we need to be physically tougher. We need to be mentally tougher. I think our competitiveness has come a long way. Obviously our penalties are down, our turnover ratio has improved. But not to the point where you can win, week in and week out. We knew what was coming in here. We're not consistent enough. We need a good offseason program, get resituated and get a class in here as well.

> Was senior Day too much to bear? "I don't want to make any excuses. They played better at the end of the day. They didn't turn the ball over. They won field position battle..."

> Who decided to make the announcement? "Leadership decided to make announcement during the game."

> What did you tell Jacory and the seniors? "I just told them they were Miami Hurricanes and we love them, appreciate the way they stuck together through adversity and how competitive they were all year. I wish it had ended better for our seniors.

> Have recruits asked if you are staying? "For players and recruits we've only said the same thing for weeks. Whether or not anybody wanted to listen to what we were saying. Our message never changed and now it officially is never going to change. If we talk to recruits today or tomorrow, it's going to be what were telling them.

> What is the focus now? "To get stronger. We need to get stronger than we are right now. We have to create depth in a lot of different spots. We have to go out and recruit and match kids to not only what we're doing, but want to compete and start. There were a lot of seniors that walked out there today. Fortunately, we're losing a great deal of seniors, but not a great deal of starters.


It's still unclear if Lamar Miller will be in the NFL or the Hurricanes backfield next season. But if Friday's performance was his last in a Hurricanes uniform, the redshirt sophomore tailback left quite an impression, finishing with 114 yards on 12 carries while moving into third place all-time in UM's single-season rushing list with 1,272 yards on 227 carries and nine touchdowns.

His 79-yard touchdown run in the first quarter was the longest play of the season for the Hurricanes and a career-best for himself. Miller began the day fifth in UM history, but passed Clinton Portis (1,200 yards, 2001) and Ottis Anderson (1,266 yards, 1978) on the list.

He would have had 63 more yards Saturday if not for a holding penalty on Harland Gunn early in the fourth quarter. Still, he'll be listed third in UM's record book behind Willis McGahee (1,753 yards on 282 attempts in 2002) and Edgerrin James (1,416 yards on 224 attempts in 1998).

ESPN's Todd McShay lists Miller as the 14th-best prospect in next April's NFL Draft and the second-best draft eligible running back behind Alabama's Trent Richardson. Miller said earlier this week he would only declare for the draft if he knew he was going to be a first round pick.

That apparently hasn't changed even with Friday's news that coach Al Golden's contract has been extended through the 2019 season. Miller said he still plans to sit down with his parents and Golden and make the best decision once he hears back from the NFL.

"Now that the season is over I just have to get stronger, faster, finish with my school work," Miller said.

As for why he would come back, Miller said: "I always wanted to win a national championship and ACC championship. That was my main goal, just to get a ring. I'd still like to do that."


Junior Olivier Vernon, rated the 26th best draft eligible defensive end by NFLDraftScout.com, was non-committal when asked about his return next season.

"I'm not really trying to think about that," Vernon said when asked if he'll consider going to the NFL or returning to UM. "I'm just trying to move forward at the end of the day. I'm just going to have to talk to my parents and see what happens."

Vernon missed six games because he was suspended by the NCAA for taking impermissible gifts from former booster Nevin Shapiro.


The Hurricanes honored 25 seniors Friday at Sun Life Stadium. They came out of the smoke and met family members, with Golden hugging each player and greeting their families.

> The Class of 2011: wide receiver Travis Benjamin, receiver Ben Bruneau, receiver LaRon Byrd, fullback John Calhoun, cornerback Lee Chambers, tackle Joel Figueroa, tight end Chase Ford, linebacker Jordan Futch, cornerback Nate Gholston, linebacker Sean Goldstein, guard Harland Gunn, quarterback Jacory Harris, center Tyler Horn, long snapper Chris Ivory, linebacker Miles Levine, linebacker Erik Lichter, defensive back JoJo Nicolas, defensive tackle Micanor Regis, linebacker/defensive end Marcus Robinson, defensive end Andrew Smith, linebacker Sean Spence, running back David Thompson, quarterback Spencer Whipple, cornerback Mike Williams.

> Tight end Blake Ayles, who retired from football prior to the 2011 season due to a career-ending injury, was also recognized.

> Calhoun made his first career start Saturday and caught his first pass of the season, a four-yard grab.

> Byrd scored UM's first touchdown on a 7-yard pass from Harris. It was his first touchdown since Oct. 23, 2010 against North Carolina.

Asked about the 29-22 record the seniors compiled at UM and why they didn't win an ACC championship or a bowl game in their time, Horn said: "At some point you have to get the job done. I know it's hard to just say go do it. But at some point, you have to go do it. You have to make the play, make the catch, make the stop, make the block. While we did not do that all the time I felt we laid a good foundation of what the leadership of the team needs to be. Hopefully, guys like Ray-Ray [Armstrong], VT [Vaughn Telemaque], [Brandon] Linder coming back, B-Wash [Brandon Washington], it's going to be their team now. They just need to keep on building the house so to speak. Eventually it's all going to come together."


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This guy has never won anything and Miami is stuck with him until 2019!


Posted by: GoldenGirls | November 25, 2011 at 07:53 PM


Wonder if there are any 'out clauses' in that contract?

A bad loss, but still a good day for Hurricane football. Golden will get things turned around. Everybody needs to quit speculating and get behind the program.

Miller will probably be gone because he'll probably be a 1st rounder. If so, the team that drafts him will not be happy. He's not ready for the League because he won't be able to take the punishment. You can't run soft with the big boys. Vernon is kidding himself if he thinks he'll go in the first few rounds. He really needs to come back.

I love the news that the U has locked down Coach Golden. He's doing things the right way and we will be winning soon. I find it funny how the media questioned coach since he got here on whether he was leaving, on whether Miami is a destination job, etc. Now, they are questioning the length of the extension. It's comical.

We have a young, up and coming coach that wants to be here at the U for the long haul. This is something we've always wanted. A hot, young coach that was already being mentioned for other big job but would rather build something here. And what coach would we have replaced him with especially with NCAA cloud.

I love Coach Golden, his fire and how engaged he is on the sidelines. Do U all see him working the refs. Huge cry from Mr Folded Arms who would watch the game 40 yards away. I applaud the U for taking action and I laugh at the media that will spin this cause they have nothing else to talk about until Lebron laces up again.

Good post Spyderccane

Does this mean futch did not get his medical redshirt>

What a horrible way for those seniors to go out but it's nothing they haven't experienced before unfortunately, and they'll get over it.

Congratulations to Lamar Miller on his phenomenal season, can't wait to see him on Sundays next year!

Sorry to see Jacory go out like that after an otherwise excellent season, it's unfortunate that this one game will redefine his legacy at UM, he will never receive the credit he deserves for the turnaround he made this year.

Still, thanks to all the seniors for everything they've done for UM football. No matter how much UM fans hate all the players for not living up to their expectations, the team couldn't have won a single game without them.

Best of luck to all of them and to Al Golden this offseason, who should be on the hot seat now that he has a big contract and a 6-6 record at the ACC's level of competition.

UM fans won't be nearly impressed by his working through the holidays if he doesn't win four more games next year.

Wonder if there are any 'out clauses' in that contract?

Posted by: ex-cane fan | November 25, 2011 at 10:27 PM

Let the Stephen Morris / Ryan Williams era begin! Tough game to watch today. Feel bad for all the seniors, but cautiously optimistic about the direction this program is taking. I agree with one of the previous posts about Miller. Take away that 79-yard run and Miller ran for 35 yards on 11 carries. I love the explosiveness, but we need a running back for the entire game, not for one quarter. He seems to embody this Hurricane team of boom or bust. Can't wait to see Duke Johnson take the field and want to see more of clements as well. Where did you go Mike James?

bankers wear ties to work , look and listen to les miles post game interview, that is a fooball coach !

Good news about Golden. But, a lot of work to be done. Opposing QBs completed 71% overall, 73% in the losses!! Only 6 QBs in the country have (slightly) better averages. Canes rarely got pressure on the QB, and the secondary often left receivers wide open. While the ypa was not that high (8.2) and no. of TDs low (15 for starting QBs), interceptions were rare (5) and the easy completions sustained many drives against the Canes.

How does this guy deserve a contract ext.......sounds like a double standard to me. Or should I say a "white thing"

Why am i so happy when we lost the game? lol... Golden will turn this around you could see glimpses of it this year. With him recruiting early i think the futures bright.

our passing defense was weak because in case you didnt notice shannon left us with no, i repeat no cbs.. We were starting a transfer from wake forest(in other words he couldnt start at wake) and a guy who was a rb for the other 3 years. Those were our starting corners.... obviously we didnt blitz, if not wed be torched. And donfrio noticed, after all all the explosive plays we gave up came when we blitzed and our corners sucked.. so he stopped blitzing. His philosophy was to put the players in a place where they can mess up the least, and in the red zone turn it up. Thats why we gave up so many yards, but not points

Bc's offense held the ball for almost 40 minutes and they gave him an extension. Will the fans say shallalla is an idiot for that. Way to award mediocrity.l

The good news is that we never completely laid down and died this season, at least late in games. The average point differential in our losses was 5.5. That said, we had a serious problem with getting into deficits in the first place in those games. In every game we lost this season, we were down by 10+ at some point in the game, including being down by 14 to VT, 17 to UVA, and 13 to FSU. That has to change.

And Golden's been right in saying the big thing to fix this offseason is conditioning. Good plan to force the players into the weightroom to make up for the practices lost by not going to a bowl game. There was so much talent on the team, but they were too small and weak. Imagine Miller with decent strength, or Jacory without his noodle arm. Or a defense that could make a goddamn tackle.

Or a coach that could make good decisions!

So we finally get a coach that wants to stay long term and everyone is complaining. Let's give golden his mandatory 3 to 4 years and see where he takes us. There is an out clause for golden and for the university that's how it usually works.

Sad way to end the season. Let's see what happens next year

i hope miller leaves streeter stays. clements is a better rb. the defense looks confused and just dumb. i have to stop comparing players to former players. the days of reed, lewis etc. the students of the game are gone.

No more Jacory!!!!

this class was chosen either 1 or 2 in recruiting.
the other top class was alabama. saban has had his guys in the NC hunt every year. while this team acts just like shannons daddy. a bunch of crack heads. miami made shannon not the other way around. thank god he is gone and this class of losers are gone to. to the seniors, never ever come back. i dont want you corruptting future generations of canes. you are the worse class ever!! the 90s had probation you guys just suck

tougher & stronger; it could not have not been stated any better. Just look at the way BC could just march up & down the field. Good luck and all the best to the seniors.

Canes junky well said.
Contrary to some yesterday was a typical performance under the non leadership of this class. Worst class in Miami history.
Jokecorey went out the way he came in a street player with no discipline that only cares about himself. He showed he could play well under Goldens system and totally in your faced by his performance yesterday to the coaches. It's almost fitting that he was left in there to embarrass himself once again on national tv.
Yes the d was pushed around and next year should be better with strength and some players that learn more than 5% of the defense. The d hung in there and if jokecorey had even played 50% in the system we could have won. What a joke noodle arm is, that goodness he's gone.
True Miami fans will be happier than jokecoreys parents he graduated.
The best part of yesterday besides 25 seniors leaving is the extension. Go Golden.

This is the new U! Have a mediocre team and get rewarded!

That's what happens when you have clowns running the institution or is it a circus...after all we do where orange.

Glad Coach Golden is on board. A frustrating season for all. I wish the seniors well as young men going into the world. They are good
kids and we can be proud of them. I
am sure it hurts to lose a game like
yesterday. They did some good things but were not of championship caliber.

To those considering the N rather than giving their heart to the U, move on.

Good things are ahead. We will see team-oriented kids that play with heart and passion
and smarts,

Go Canes!

Great coach and the U needed him. Thanks Al. I also commend you for sticking with Jacory this year. Yes; he never worked on his foot work or arm strength and it was evidenced on the field. We as fans know you will get shed of the prima donna kids and get back to good kids that want to play and be the best. Not expect to be the best because its the U. All the great teams the U has had were hard working kids that wanted to be great. We will; under Coach Golden, see it again.-rdwharior.

Sean Spence best to come out of 2008 class peroid.

Keith. You are right on. See where jokecorey in his last press conference, thank heaven, that he wanted to be remembered as a winner. Right!!!!

To the idiots bashing Golden on here, go fvck yourself. Golden did an amazing job this year with no depth and had to deal with the NCAA. This is why Penn State will want him so bad because the dude is a leader.

What a joke losing to an 3-8 team at home. Kehoe's o-line was the biggest dissapointment of the season. The Defensive Cordinator has alot of work to do. Aside from Spence, the 2008 class was a bust. Golden must find a better way to evaluate talent. He must get players that will fit his system.

Looks like the SEC is king again. How many NC's in a row?

This 6-6 team was so close to being 12-0. Can't really lay the "blame" on any one factor, there are so many to choose from. (1) There were 6 verbal commitments in November before Shannon was fired. 6!!! As of today we currently have 28 verbals. Golden inherited an impoverished cupboard. (2) Spring transfers by lazy boys with attitudes. See ya! (3) A RAPE charge by one of our players in the spring. Seriously??? (4) Shapirogate days before the opening game leading to multiple suspensions, one lost lying player, and chaos. (5) Multiple season ending injuries, especially on an already thin defense. (6) Two more suspensions given to us by Regis & Armstrong. (7) Penn State scandal and speculation that Golden would leave. (8) Inconsistent play for all three phases of the game, all year, and really not one player to blame. Everyone took a turn. Amazing we performed as well as we did in many games when you think about all the physical and mental traumas this team experienced. They could have easily gotten down, blamed each other, and quit. But they didn't. They fought in every game, took responsibility, backed each other up, and fought to the end. There may be a lot of systemic issues that need to be corrected, but the attitude and the spirit of the team, I credit that to our new leadership. Golden will recruit the right players who have the internal drive, discipline and character to be champions. Skills can be taught and bodies can get bigger, but character comes with the kid. Golden will bring it all together. He's worth the extension.

The biggest problem this team has: Undersized, understrength defensive lineman. Zero penetration, zero pass rush. Frankly...they've been pushed around all season. They simply can't match up with the 300 lb, well conditioned horses from well coached programs. DB's can only blanket a receiver for so long before someone breaks open.

Coach Golden sees this. What did coach say the first thing the team is going to do on Saturday? Get back in the weight room. Coach gets it. Shannon didn't. The defensive line has to get bigger, stronger and faster. If this doesn't happen....expect more of the same next year.

My prediction: Coach and staff get this thing turned around.

Go Canes!

I dont know what people see in Sean Spence. he was the best player in a horrible defense. translation- he is not that good. A real NFL type lb is that kuekly boy. The personification of Dan Morgan. sieline tosideline. never out of position, making (not missing) tackles, ints. How many ints did Sean Spence have? THEY WERE THROWING THE BALL INTO THE MIDDLE ALL GAME!!!!!!

I agree with chris and caneinfantry. The seniors especiall noodle arm should never be allowed back on campus. Jokecorry lost more big games than he ever won. Anytime this "senior' class was faced with a big game, they choked on their own saliva. 4 exceptions in 4 years. I agree, Jokecorry seemed to be getting Fischs system and learning what he should not do...that is... until the old, selfish, me first, northwestern bull came back out yesterday, thinking he could throw the ball willy nilly ( I mean lob the ball willy nilly) and not worry about safeties or linebackers. Good riddance I say. All of them. The only one I wish they would also take with them is Forston, another bust who will be back next year.

I am so sickk and tired of this. I cant stand this anymore. Its embarassing. Give me Cokers 9 win seasons anytime.

'cool cat- go back to Overtown and rent an apertment with jacorry since you love him so much.

I want to know if people on this thread noticed that Kehoe made our OL looked worst than in years past! This is where change is needed, just my opinion!

Congrats on graduating seniors! Everyone has to remember that it takes time to put in a system. Jimmy Johnson had a mediocre season his first season and he had a lot of talent stockpiled. Golden is doing it the right way with strength and conditioning. Go Canes!

A lot of great posts here today, and insightful analysis.

We need stronger D linemen and bigger LBs.
We need a secondary that can cover and take the ball away.

We need an O line that plays with intensity and determination. We need RBs that hit the hole hard AND have speed.

We need a QB that is reliable, strong arm and can run when needed. Give Morris a shot.
He has all the tools.

We need WRs that get open. Streeter will be a star. We need man-sized tight ends who are tough to stop.

We have good coaching, I do believe this will be the foundation of building the new Canes.

We need kid of character, determination and commitment to the U. Although every kid dreams of it, we don't need NFL wannabes whose eye is on their draft status from Day 1. To those, Miller, Vernon, Armstrong, move on. If not, then put your heart with the U until your time is done. We need team and a thirst for victory.

Watch the games today and learn how winners play.

We need a stud at middle linebacker next season. How about moving Chikallo to that position.

the golden era begins today...sad way for the seniors to go out but thats just the way they have played for 4 yrs, definately underachieving but on the other note they have had some good wins also, now that they are gone time to hit the weight room and get stronger as coach golden stated, i believe he will get the job done in a few yrs and have the canes back as an elite..future looks good for the canes and the relentless recruiter will be hard at work..GO CANES!!!

Golden is the right man for this job. He is one of the best young coaches in the country and will put together a solid program at Miami.

This team has been average for years because we have a few game breaking excellent athletes that can score from anywhere on the field, but weak interior linemen who lose the battle at the line of scrimmage as the game wears on. They have been like a house of cards without a solid foundation.

This defense had the weakest corners in the last 25 years. An average at best transfer from Wake Forest, a converted R.B. with no ball-hawking skills, and a talented pure corner who has not been coached up in his first 3 years.

Golden needs to recruit large talented linemen and coach them up. He needs fast aggressive defensive backs who get after the ball. The U needs solid coaching and conditioning to get this team back to the top of the college football world.

Look a Virginia Tech., Miami recruits better athletes year in & year out, yet the consistency in solid coaching and management at V.Tech makes them a better team every year. If Miami can keep Golden and allows him to continue to work on the things he knows this team needs, it can return to the top end of the College Football world.

The coaching staff has been outcoached all year and some cases outcoached themselves. I bet no one is screaming fire shallalla now.lol.

> How did extension evolve... "I don't think I want to discuss that. That's private. But clearly when everybody is on the same page and the direction you want to go with the program that's how it gets done."


Golden had Miami over the coals and they got burned. No Coach in the history of Football contracts ever, at any level had their original 5 year contract extended by 4 years after a 6-6 first year. But there is a big reason why. Plain and simple, Miami could not afford to search for a new Coach this or next year. And keeping this recruiting class intact is paramount. Golden's agent knew this and slyly leaked months ago that AL was none to happy about not being told about the Shapiro situation. That is classic agent strategy that worked to a crossed T . The length of the contract is absolutely meaningless (through 2020? mmm hmm). What Golden essentially got was more up front guaranteed money and a buyout clause that if any top school came shopping for his services would be mere pennies on the dollar to buy it out. Golden is playing this just right. Babysit this program for another year, possibly two during the sanctions, say all the right things and when that 30-40 mil. over 7-8 year contract is offered from a program with the unlimited resources, facilities and 90k home stadium comes calling ... He'll do what any smart business minded man would. Al B. Gone. Just business, not personal, just "private" .

Also how Miami's "Leadership" chose to announce this was simply classic SNAFU FUBAR . Make a big National splash in the 4th. Quarter during the final game kicking the crap out of BC and ride that momentum into next year ... right ?

Yet another Epic Cane Failure, administratively wise.

btw- Chill typical Boisterous Cane fan. I've Always had a lot of respect for the U. But Everything I told you is absolute fact.

Guck the Fators. Hope FSU smokes them by 30. I'm a G.T. grad.

Tallycane. Definitely not out coached but definitely outplayed by opposing teams players vs our players.
Tim. Yes Golden was in drivers seat. He was lied to by shalalalalala and the old ad. He could have walked along time ago. He showed integrity and honor and stayed. More than we can say about most of the senior class and especially jokecorey after his performance yesterday. So far even the joke supporters have been silent after yesterday.

Folks, it’s time to realize and accept that the Miami Herald is the sworn enemy of the Miami Hurricanes athletic programs, especially football. Linda Robertson has the brain of a Nat, but she outdid herself in today’s column. It is her position that while Miami gave Coach Golden an extension and the man himself confirmed for, as he has said, “the millionth time” that the “U” is a destination job she continues to try to plant doubt in the minds of recruits that Penn State remains Golden’s “dream job” and he may still jump to the Nittany Lions. Either the woman is a liar or she’s a fool or maybe a little bit of both.

Then you have Greg Cote and his snarky comments and almost constant criticisms of the Canes no matter what they do. Cote has basked in the Shapiro matter and invents reasons to highlight that story in his columns and any other negative he can find to write about. Yet, when the Canes post an amazing NFL record of scoring a touchdown each week for 149 weeks ole Greggy makes a passing mention of this incredible accomplishment towards the end of a recent column. Rest assured, had the Canes not scored a NFL touchdown in the past 149 weeks Cote would have done a 10,000 word column on it using that as just another phony opportunity to attack the program.

Even Manny and Susan’s work many times (not always) has an underlying negativity. Granted, the way the Canes have played the last 6 years or so makes it hard to have much good to say, but even when the story has a positive angle these two almost invariably find a way to inject negativity.

The Herald’s only saving grace is the incomparable Mr. Edwin Pope. I enjoy sports as a diversion to the grind of daily life and what seems to be nothing but bad news wherever you turn and appreciate reading Mr. Pope’s words of hope and positives.

I trust that Coach Golden will treat the Miami Herald reporters in the same manner they treat the Miami Hurricanes.

The only comparison anyone can make (to Golden's situation) right now is when Hurricane Howard was hired back in '79. Average, or below average team, with little depth.

Yes, HH was a pro, but there where no guarantees here as Saban was a former pro as well. Lou lasted all of 2 years. Schnellenberger was 5-6 his first year.

We'll know alot more about AG in the next 13 months.

Perryman is a blessing.....freshman all Acc in my opinion.....

Perryman is a blessing.....freshman all Acc in my opinion.....


Of course Golden had leverage. Most CFB people "in the know" think Golden is a great fit for the Miami program. I really don't care how his negotiations went. No one on this blog knows how the next 4 or 5 years are going to play out. We shall see.

"Epic Cane Failure"? Just a bit dramatic, don't you think?

The 8 teams in the SEC who have done absolutely nothing in recent memory can feel good again about themselves knowing that one of "the usual suspects" in their conference is in the title hunt.

I guess you can throw The Gator in that mix as well. I seem to recall "ancient history" comments thrown at us back in 2005-2006.

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