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Al Golden on Penn State speculation: "I can't worry about what other people are saying."

CORAL GABLES -- In the 11 months Al Golden has been the coach at the University of Miami, it feels like a day hasn't gone by where we haven't talked about the possibility of him ending up at Penn State.

Al Golden-JoePaThe fanning of those flames only grew larger Wednesday morning when Golden's former college coach, 84-year old Joe Paterno announced he will be stepping down at the end of the season.

Penn State has been under a firestorm since charges of sexual abuse against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky became public last week. Golden, who has been linked as a possible successor to Paterno since his days at Temple, was asked Wednesday for the reaction to the news at his alma mater.

"As I've been saying all week, just disheartening, sad," Golden said on Wednesday's ACC Teleconference. "Clearly thoughts and prayers go out for the young people, the victims in this case. Certainly equally my prayers go out to coach, too. It's tough.

"Again, I don't know much about it. Certainly you're more informed than me. We're in the middle of Florida State week. Just disheartened by the whole thing and saddened by it, keeping everybody in my thoughts and prayers from a distance."

Golden, who just last week reaffirmed his commitment to UM after his agent told CBSSports.com UM had made “overtures” to Golden about restructuring his contract amid the NCAA investigation that took him by surprise just months after he was hired, later was asked how he plans to counter the distraction of speculation he’ll face in the coming months that he might succeed Paterno.

"We're going to counter it by playing well and preparing well," Golden said. "We've gotten two commitments in the last 48 hours. I think there's going to be another one here today or tomorrow.

"We're excited about what we're building here. I can't worry about what other people are saying. I think you know me to know well enough that I don't worry about the media. Just moving the team and our players forward. Really trying to enjoy this. Trying to enjoy the fact we're in the middle of Miami-Florida State week, to be honest with you."

Golden later added he hasn't had much time to think about what's happened at Penn State because he's been busy preparing his team for the Seminoles. "I'm not sitting here watching ESPN," Golden quipped. "We're just getting ready for Florida State."

Hate to say it, but I don't think any coach at UM has had to deal with more off the field crap in their first 11 months on the job here than Golden. It just feels like he hasn't been able shake free of any off the field distractions since August. To his credit, he's answered all the questions with class. We'll see, though, what happens when he's directly asked if he's interested in the Penn State job. That hasn't happened yet.


> Golden said redshirt freshman Jonathan Feliciano -- coming back from a left foot sprain -- will play this week as expected and will likely split time with sophomore Seantrel Henderson at right tackle. "They're fighting it out," Golden said of the starting job. "Right now it's 50/50. We'll probably determine it by tomorrow."

> The news isn't as good for senior linebacker Jordan Futch who was "very, very limited" in Wednesday's practice.

"It'll have to be a really, really positive trend here in the last 72 hours for it to go the right way for him," Golden said.

Just my gut feeling here, but I expect UM to employ a starting lineup at linebacker like we saw versus Georgia Tech: Denzel Perryman (weakside), Sean Spence (middle) and Jimmy Gaines (strongside) with Marcus Robinson and Kelvin Cain providing depth and support.

"Kelvin is going to be a good player," Golden said Tuesday. "Kelvin just needs to be patient and continue to learn and grow. He’s got length. He can rush the passer. He’s strong so he can lock out on tight ends. He’s versatile enough to give us help in coverage."

> Defensive tackles Curtis Porter and Luther Robinson, on the injured list all season, both began practicing this week. Both were with the scout team Wednesday, and Porter wore a huge protective club on his injured left hand.

"This was Luther's first day back and this is Porter's second," Golden said. "They haven't had preseason camp - they're a long way away [from seeing the field]."

Translation: They'll only play in an emergency situation and are really just out there practicing.


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If golden leaves we're going to be stuck in mediocracy

But for now let's go canes..fuhhh the seminoles!!


Don't be gullible. There is no real "Da Skreetz". It's really Soup, aka 86Cane

The "information" is nothing that can't be figured out by reading blogs, web articles, etc.

Why is it presented in obviously fake "street talk". Why wouldn't Soup "translate" it? It's obvious, because it's him. He thinks this "street talk" gives it an air of authenticity. If he was really getting some inside information by an insider that talked like that, he would just repeat the information in normal language instead of presenting it in it's supposed original "street talk", and let the info stand on it's own merit.

Just to clue you in 86, NOBODY talks like that in the 305.

You have been busted. I'd say nice try, but you're so obvious. Your ten regular bloggers are just humoring you the way a mentally ill person is humored.

By the way, how many more people are you going to ban, blog Napoleon? You have maybe ten regular posters and your fake skreetz BS is just a pathetic attempt to con people into thinking you're tuned into the inside. 

It's just made up stuff, and it's obvious. Anybody can scan the papers, news, and interviews and put it into fake street lingo. Nothing is in those "skreetz reports" that isn't readily available.

You're a joke and everybody's laughing at you.

You have been stuck in mediocrity for a decade now. When Golden leaves you will be just plain bad, nothing to do with the Great Golden but more about the NCAA hammer.

Since your definition of a mediocre decade includes winning an NC and playing for another, I'll take another please. If the hammer drops and/or Golden leaves and a suitable replacement is not hired, then the next 5 could be worse than the last 5. Then UM would actually have a mediocre decade.

Can't imagine why AG would want to go to PennSt... they are gonna be in a lot worse position once all of this clears... who would want to send their kid to a school that has this kind of a tag on them... and the NCAA hasn't dug their teeth into this yet... me thinks me see the kiss of death for the football program at Penn St...

Well, U know that this is the opportunity 'Goldy's been waiting for. I never though Jo Pa would go out like this, though.

Somebody get Cristobal on the phone and fast...

@ Cool Cat

agreed man, breaks my heart to see JoePa go out like this, without honor. I F'ing hate penn st and still respect what JoePa has done for college football. I hope he didn't know anything. I really do. Same for Bobby Bowden when fswho threw him to the curb. He didn't even do anything, they just swept him under the rug. I hate fswho more than anything but dammit I respect Bobby Bowden as a Coach and human being. This shouldn't be happening in college football, none of this. Not 40yrs old hanging out with high school kids taking them to strip clubs and what not and not coaches do what happened in penn st.

If it's true and Golden takes off....Call Mario cause we'll have a job for him.

What happened at PSU has nothing to do with football or the NCAA.

This crap shouldn't be happening anywhere.

CANETILLIDIE: I respect Bowden,too, but lost a little when he hired his clueless son Jeff as OC. FSH fell off the college football map at that point, big time. JoPA's best days are gone. I think the game passed him by a long time ago. At some point coaching stops and the "hang-on-itis" sets in.

Miami Moe. It could fall into institutional control category.

I like the LB lineup...Spence will shine Saturday!!

@ coolcat

You can have Mario. Great guy, love his enthusiasm and have the utmost respect for him taking on that job to begin with but he is a mediocre coach.
The team is all his after five years yet they are painfully average. When you can't win in the Sunbelt conference it is not good.

Paterno Fired!! Lil Golden come home. Count on it. We're Miami..

i just dont see Golden going from the problem at UM to the BIG PROBLEM at Penn State....I mean....this could REALLY affect recruiting for the next 5 to 10 years...

Coach Golden isn't going to Penn St, period. At 84 years old and one year left on his contract, the possibility of Coach Paterno returning next year was unlikely (even without this mess). If Golden was interested in his job, why not hold up at Temple for another year and just move a few miles to Penn St? Moreso, there are other viable coaches with more to offer Penn St. than Golden at this point in time and I doubt if he would be offered the job. Give the speculation a rest and write about things that really matter.

Not speculating..just facing reality.Coach Golden has done a he'll of a job in a short span at Miami. The iron is hot and he will strike..

I'm not going to blame Coach Golden if he leaves, but seriously, why do u want to follow a legend under circumstances like this at Penn State? He's already dealt with a bunch of distractions at Miami that have finally died down some. I wouldn't think he wants to jump back into a firestorm like PSU has become.

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