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Aldarius "Glue Hands'' Johnson hoping to make his return to football

You surely remember him: Aldarius "Glue Hands'' Johnson, the star receiver who came from Miami Northwestern High to UM with Jacory Harris and Tommy Streeter and Sean Spence and Marcus Forston and the rest of the bunch in 2008.

At Northwestern, Johnson set Miami-Dade County records with 76 receptions as a senior in 2007, breaking his own mark, according to the 2008 Hurricanes media guide, of 72 catches set the previous year. He finished his senior season at Northwestern with 960 yards and 13 touchdowns. He caught seven passes for 84 yards in the state title game. As a high school junior, he caught his 72 passes for 1,361 yards and 19 touchdowns.

Johnson chose Miami over Florida, Florida State and LSU. But he never made it to his senior season as a college athlete.

He was suspended indefinitely by UM in late August for sending a tweet during CanesFest that asked his Twitter followers what the best strip club was in Miami. The tweet came after he already was among a group of UM players deemed ineligible before the season because of their involvement with former booster and convicted Ponzi-schemer Nevin Shapiro.

But Johnson was never reinstated. Published reports and multiple sources said his story did not match up with what other players told the NCAA about their involvement with Shapiro.

Now, Johnson is hoping for a second chance. He has signed a contract with Majestic Agents & Consultants in Miami and is training for the NFL Draft. He also has accepted an invitation to play in the new Battle of Florida North vs. South Collegiate All-Star Game on Jan. 21 at FAU Stadium in Boca Raton.

     “I feel great,’’ Johnson, 22, said Wednesday. “I’ve been working out since I found out I couldn’t play this season. I learned from my mistakes. It made me a better person in life and made me take everything more seriously.

     “It was really painful to know I couldn’t play a sport I loved and had been playing since I was 4. To sit out this season and see my team go through the things they went through, and know I could have been out there helping them win, was real painful.

     “I can’t make any more boneheaded mistakes.’’

  Johnson's agent, Carlos Rodriguez, said Wednesday that Johnson is working out with professional trainer Bo Smith and has lost 15 to 20 pounds. He is down to 205, Rodriguez said, on his 6-2 1/2-inch frame.

Rodriguez and his agency partner Manny Vadillo said UM coach Al Golden has given Johnson permission to participate in UM's pro timing day before the NFL Draft -- as long as he graduates. He is expected to get his degree Dec. 15, as UM allowed him to keep his scholarship.

"He's a guy who obviously didn’t live up to expectations,’’ Rodriguez said of Johnson, who caught 31 passes for 332 yards and three touchdowns his first season in 2008 but only 15 for 157 yards and no touchdowns in 2010. “He gained weight and wasn’t working out as much and definitely wasn’t putting in as much effort as he should have.

    “But having sat out, having not been able to participate with his class that came in so highly touted, not having an opportunity to make an impact, really hurt him to the point of motivating him. He’s a good kid at heart who made some bad decisions. He has the physical skills and body frame and is taking this one last chance to show he can do it.

    “It’s going to come down to if he runs well. He already has great hands. He’s working on his routes. With time and opportunity he could succeed.’’

    Rodriguez insists Johnson is remorseful. "He made some mistakes and he's looking forward to the next part of his life,'' Rodriguez said. "He's thankful to UM for giving him the opportunity to graduate.''


   Also, just in case anyone missed this: UM quarterback Jacory Harris and linebacker Sean Spence are being represented by agent Drew Rosenhaus.








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Best of luck to Aldarius, if he doesn't make it to the NFL he's going to be hard pressed finding a job with the worthless degree Golden is making him finish, not a lot of demand for experts in "Sociology" out there.

Wow, why does Jacory need an agent - is he going into acting? (rimshot please). I'm glad that Sean has good representation, but I just don't see where JH is going to get an opportunity...

He'll be drafted, 'Cool 'Cat guaranteed it.

I guarantee you that drew rosenhaus will convince someone to draft jacory harris, i guarantee it!!! I bet the dolphins will draft him

Always such negativity on these comments. Do your parents abuse you or something???? Get a f'ing life!

Anyone who has sat down and got to know J Harris the man not the QB, would wish him well in what ever he does. He was much of a Quarterback but he is a heck of a class act.

I meant He was NOT much of a Quaterback.

AJ made a huge mistake and paid a terrible price. He has paid his debt. Best of luck to him in the future.

Glad AJ is getting his shot. And glad UM is letting him get his degree. Best of luck to AJ, hope he finds the success he seeks. Best of luck to harris and spence as well. I believe Harris will get drafted. This season proved he was making progress and can play in the nfl. Best of luck to all. And let's keep it positive please. These guys deserve if nothing else our cordial responses online.

Classy move by Golden letting AJ work out on pro day. If AJ fufills his part of the deal.

My comment isn't intended to be negative to Aldarius, I hope he does make it to the NFL, reading his comments it sounds like he's come a long way this past year.

But I do think it's silly for Golden to require him to finish his degree just to help out UM football's nonsense graduation rate.

Harris is not going to be drafted! Maybe he'll get picked up as an undrafted free agent, but I doubt he'll make the team.

Good luck to them!

Glad to see he is getting a chance. As for J12, he is a better QB then Tebow...so....anything is possible if he puts on 25lbs.

Oh here we go again eucolpytpgus. First you are now saying a college degree is worthless from the U. Yet you have talked how great the hobbitt is for supposedly increasing the educational standards of the U. So which is it??
So Golden is forcing aj to do something. You kidding us, worked real well for Golden earlier this year. aj sure followed the rules.
Did it ever occurr to you that Golden is following NCAA rules?? Probably not.
And your degree is what?? Certainly not in common sense or football.

Joe you are kidding right???

But I do think it's silly for Golden to require him to finish his degree just to help out UM football's nonsense graduation rate.

Posted by: Eudocimus01
Golden didnt make him finish anything, he was free to leave the opportunity to get a college degree at any time. Glad he decided to stay and take advantage of that. It had nothing to do grad rates and everything to do with giving the young man a chance to better himself and learn from his mistakes.

Agree with Itcdolphin. Golden wasn't here when he chose a major, allowing him to finish,under scholarship was more than generous. I don't wish any of this senior class ill. I just don't think JH is NFL material, although some team may try their luck with a UDFA.

Au should want to get his degree on his own. Why should any body have to make him! Jacory might be a better passer but he is no where close to tebow. Tebow is a winner. J12 has some good skill sets but he didn't take his winnings to the next level. Great in high school but Needs to work on pocket awareness and get better at reading defenses under the center. He needs a real good oc to bring him under his wing. I do think he will get drafted now what he does with it is a different story. I hope he proves all the doubters wrong.

Aj excuse me.

Agreed Tally. I beleive Jacory's worst problem is throwing late. If a guy has a cannon he can get away with doing that but Jacory needs to process his reads quicker and get the ball out of his hands sooner. When he gets into trouble its because he lets the ball go about 2 seconds late. Best of luck to AJ.

Manny surely you have something better to write about than this loser. If you don't take the day off you deserve it.

ACC 2-10 verses the BIG-10 in hoops challange ?

I don't think Jacory will be drafted (at best, he'll be a 7th rounder, but only if a ton of QBs go first), but he will definitely be picked up by some NFL team. He's shown the potential for excellence at numerous times in his career, mostly 2009 and the first 11 games of 2011. And just by virtue of being an even slightly successful QB at NFL []_[], he's gonna at least garner SOMEONE'S interest. If guys like Sam Shields and Richard Gordon, who did nothing at Miami, can make permanent spots on NFL rosters, surely Jacory will get a chance at least.

It's not Golden's fault, every athletic program forces their athletes to throw away their opportunity on worthless Sociology, Communications, or Liberal Arts degrees.

With one of those degrees AJ will get a job at McDonalds over anyone without a degree but that's not why you go to college and that's not a fair tradeoff for 4 years of his service to UM's football team.

Just pointing out how silly "graduation rates" are when these guys aren't graduating with a degree that will help them get a job.

Eudocimus. Is it not the students choice which major they choose?? So who is forcing theses athletes to do what you say??
Besides AJ's degree seems in something he is interested in and might be good for him.
So now you down graduation rates, yet your hobbit touts them. Hmmmmm!!!

Sorry, but this is my opinion:

Jacorry- BUST
Sean Spence Overrated.

Let me defend my op about Spence- A true MLB is that dude from Boston College. HE was all over the field, making tackles and he had an int. Not the same with Spence. Or to a much lower degree. Not NFL quality. Not top ten in the NCAA quality. Proof is, Miami's defenses the last 3 years have been the worst ever at UM. EVER.

Drew Rosenhaus- I thought you were smart. creepy, but smart. Jacorry Harris? really? That boy cant play in the NFL. canada? maybe. But not in the NFL. His last game vs BC will summarize what he has to offer for the NFL- He is protected by an OL that averages 6-5 320. NFL size. And he still threw four horrible ints.

And I am negative, because I am a diehard true canes fan. I have waited 11 yrs since our last NC, and 6 yrs since we were semi-relevant. I am tired of bust QBs, bust receivers, bust rbs. I am tired of mediocrity. I am tired of excuses. I waited 4 yrs for Harris and his NW boys to make plays, take over a game. Consistently. There were flashes but then bust!

UM needs playmakers. UM hasnt had a true playmaker since Hester. LM6 is no playmaker. Willis McGahee was. Gore was.

Best cab: don't you think miller could become the play maker you seek by getting stronger and more experience at the college level?? Those you mentioned played more years and really blossomed as juniors and seniors.

Yea, it's their choice but they all choose the same thing.

They come in wanting to be business majors and then when they fall behind their "peers" freshman year their advisors from the athletic department steer them into garbage sociology degrees instead of helping them to catch up.

I don't care about a graduation rate that doesn't mean anything, I think it's irresponsible for colleges (not just UM) to use these players and to not look out for the interest of the kids who aren't going to play football professionally and don't understand that having a worthless degree isn't going to get them a good job.

Actually I think it would be best if colleges could offer a "football" major for the kids who are trying to be professional football players. BYU offers a homemaking major for aspiring housewives (who are only there to meet their husbands), why not let them fully concentrate on football if that's all they care about?


I believe Aldarius is getting his degree in sports administration. No degree is worthless but some are certainly more practical than others.

I wish any kid well and hope he learns from his mistakes. A disappointing player for the U, however. Unfortunate, but had a bad case of "NFL brain" for too long. Wish him well.

Best cfb program...you sound really tired and frustrated, and want big playmakers at the "U".

As things progress with this Class, you may get a chance to jump on the positive side of the "U" again.

The foundation for excellence is being put in place, and the studs will emerge.

Be patient..

Good things are around the corner...

Don't give up..

Go 'Canes

Anyone notice that he said "I've been working out since I found out I couldn't play this season." That, followed by the quote by his representative saying "He gained weight and wasn’t working out as much and definitely wasn’t putting in as much effort as he should have."

Yea, I feel terrible for this kid. He's a liar. He lied to the NCAA, the team, Golden, and himself.

Again eucalyptus you use words like "every" and "force" yet when called on that back pedal quickly.
So whose fault is it they fall behind?? You have difficulty placing responsibility where it belongs.
As shown aj is getting a good degree. Hopefully it gave him some common sense, his track record does not show it, and he can use that.

Aldarius may stick somewhere as a free agent.
Spence has been over rated in college but given the recent history of cane players that have had crappy college careers and done well in the NFL he has a good chance.
And then there is Jacory.............
Joke-ory....... Choke-ory ....J12picks....
Maybe Rosenhaus can bamboozle the dummy Fins into taking him.......nahh, that would be too dumb even for the Fins.

And again you try to nitpick every word I use instead of trying to understand what I'm saying.

It's not their fault they fall behind, most of them are far behind regular students to begin with because of the inherent inequality between the public school they went to and the private prep schools most of those northeastern students went to.

I was in a English class with Bryan Pata the year he was killed and the prick of a professor teaching it thought it would be a nice gesture to read a very personal essay about his upbringing to the class. Very inspiring and heartfelt but Pata's writing was at the level of a third grader. Not that it's his fault, but he needed extensive tutoring to develop basic writing skills and he wasn't getting it because football didn't leave him enough time.

So here's some nitpicking for you - sports management, while more useful than sociology, is not a "good" degree. It will get AJ a job as a PE teacher somewhere, but that's not nearly worth the tuition at UM and he will not have gotten his money's worth out of his three years of service unless he makes it to the NFL.

All I'm trying to say is that graduation rates are a dumb way to measure how well a university is preparing students to be successful in life.

If Aldarius has "glue hands", what kind of hands does Jacory has? What kind of arm?
If the seniors said they were going to treat the BC game as their bowl game, can you blame them for doing what the canes do in bowl games?
If Golden has a worse record than Shannon, and his team is getting embarrassed in in their "bowl game" just like Shannon's does he deserve a contract extension after one mediocre season?
Is that why we are called The University of Mediocre?

Euco. Talk about blame shifting. It's my fault you used the words force and every instead of what you really meant. Old saying words mean things, you could do with trying that. Your explanation later was good and did hit the mark.
My daughter got alder opus Johnson

Hold on more coming

My daughter got A Johnson of Texans brand, through freshman English as his toutor. She was AP English and the U still stuck her in remedial English her freshman year. She needed the work and he surely needed her help.
So we now know all programs do not force athletes into majors. We know they can make adult decisions on their own. Not all players equal in academics, duh, and that a college degree is worth something from the U.
A degree is worth the time and effort spent getting it. The job you get does not the only indicator of success or not.

Best cfb bc had a ver good true middle LB. spence was not a true middle lb. he moved there because we didn't get the production we needed. Spence was good player with good instincts. I am worried about him going to the next level because I think he is is to small to be a traditional lb and to big and not enough coverage skills to be a ss. Jacory was behind a nfl size line that was supposed to be the strength of the team. they were not as advertised. I know he was a freshman but feliciano on the last jacory int was indicative of there play all year. We made bc's lb look good because he was dropping back into pass coverage the majority of the time. We need an oline and an offense that wants to maul a defense first and then the qb can do what he wants. But we can't pass the whole game and get to where I am sure all of us want to go.

Tallycane I agree. It goes back to depth at mutiple positions which we did not have on both offense and defense..shifting players around to plug holes is certainly not the way Miami football is played.

More size (bulk) and stamina, with enough hungry players will make it happen, and move us closer to the NC where all of us want to go...hang in there.

Go 'Canes

Eudocimus01, Pata isnt the only athlete who prob wouldnt of made it to college without a football dscholarship, I was once in class with the star football player of my high school and the teacher ask him to read out loud, I was embarassed for the guy, he was struggling to read through a basic paragraph. I dont get it, if UM has higher standards of academics, how do guys like Pata, Harris, and some of the "not smart" guys make it to UM.

Sad about Aldarius. One of the best to ever come out of Dade County. Seems like kicking him off the team gave credence to Shapiro.

At least he's graduating. And Eudo: That sociology degree might be a stepping stone for something institutionally higher. Like grad school.

The NW players were good in high school, but the step up to college is a different ball game.

Cool cat is at it again. Cool- you are but cool. The anti cool. Why? Because you write nonsense over and over and over and I dont even know if you realize it!

"one of the best ever from dade county"? Are you on crack?


By the way before any gator fan steps onto this blog know this:

UF beat only one team with a winning record in their 6 wins:
(drum roll please)

Furman 6-5.

TallyCane: I agre with U: Spence size-wise might get caught up at some point. But in his case it'll come around to what type of defensive he ends up in. Or he could be a "situational" player. But he's definitely got enough instincts to make it and then some somewhere.

Best: Are you kidding me? I'm sitting here going back 10/20/30 years, and can't find numbers that compare to AJ's at NW. Sir, U ever seen a NW football game?

Back when AJ was setting county records, he was doing so in front of ESPN and USA Today and was J12's fav target.

I'm just curious: What doesn't make AJ one of Dade's best? The NW offense was truly something to see, believe me.

We are the canes
We have lots in common with Towson
Sad to see the seniors go with a wimper
And a stinker
Spence in the NFL will play
Aldarius may
Jacory is a nice kid I hear
Hope he got a degree
Hope he has a plan B
Cause the free ride stops here
Did Maryland lose again?
Only beat 2 teams all year
Can't figure if BC is worse
Only beat a few wimps
Nice to give coach an extension
Need that pertty tie while on probation
Forget the wins and losses
Just keep it close
Another pretty loss
Talk the talk and cover the muck with the smell of roses

We are the canes.

We aren't writing poetry about the Gators or Seminoles.

So at least we have that going for us...

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