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Aldarius "Glue Hands'' Johnson hoping to make his return to football

You surely remember him: Aldarius "Glue Hands'' Johnson, the star receiver who came from Miami Northwestern High to UM with Jacory Harris and Tommy Streeter and Sean Spence and Marcus Forston and the rest of the bunch in 2008.

At Northwestern, Johnson set Miami-Dade County records with 76 receptions as a senior in 2007, breaking his own mark, according to the 2008 Hurricanes media guide, of 72 catches set the previous year. He finished his senior season at Northwestern with 960 yards and 13 touchdowns. He caught seven passes for 84 yards in the state title game. As a high school junior, he caught his 72 passes for 1,361 yards and 19 touchdowns.

Johnson chose Miami over Florida, Florida State and LSU. But he never made it to his senior season as a college athlete.

He was suspended indefinitely by UM in late August for sending a tweet during CanesFest that asked his Twitter followers what the best strip club was in Miami. The tweet came after he already was among a group of UM players deemed ineligible before the season because of their involvement with former booster and convicted Ponzi-schemer Nevin Shapiro.

But Johnson was never reinstated. Published reports and multiple sources said his story did not match up with what other players told the NCAA about their involvement with Shapiro.

Now, Johnson is hoping for a second chance. He has signed a contract with Majestic Agents & Consultants in Miami and is training for the NFL Draft. He also has accepted an invitation to play in the new Battle of Florida North vs. South Collegiate All-Star Game on Jan. 21 at FAU Stadium in Boca Raton.

     “I feel great,’’ Johnson, 22, said Wednesday. “I’ve been working out since I found out I couldn’t play this season. I learned from my mistakes. It made me a better person in life and made me take everything more seriously.

     “It was really painful to know I couldn’t play a sport I loved and had been playing since I was 4. To sit out this season and see my team go through the things they went through, and know I could have been out there helping them win, was real painful.

     “I can’t make any more boneheaded mistakes.’’

  Johnson's agent, Carlos Rodriguez, said Wednesday that Johnson is working out with professional trainer Bo Smith and has lost 15 to 20 pounds. He is down to 205, Rodriguez said, on his 6-2 1/2-inch frame.

Rodriguez and his agency partner Manny Vadillo said UM coach Al Golden has given Johnson permission to participate in UM's pro timing day before the NFL Draft -- as long as he graduates. He is expected to get his degree Dec. 15, as UM allowed him to keep his scholarship.

"He's a guy who obviously didn’t live up to expectations,’’ Rodriguez said of Johnson, who caught 31 passes for 332 yards and three touchdowns his first season in 2008 but only 15 for 157 yards and no touchdowns in 2010. “He gained weight and wasn’t working out as much and definitely wasn’t putting in as much effort as he should have.

    “But having sat out, having not been able to participate with his class that came in so highly touted, not having an opportunity to make an impact, really hurt him to the point of motivating him. He’s a good kid at heart who made some bad decisions. He has the physical skills and body frame and is taking this one last chance to show he can do it.

    “It’s going to come down to if he runs well. He already has great hands. He’s working on his routes. With time and opportunity he could succeed.’’

    Rodriguez insists Johnson is remorseful. "He made some mistakes and he's looking forward to the next part of his life,'' Rodriguez said. "He's thankful to UM for giving him the opportunity to graduate.''


   Also, just in case anyone missed this: UM quarterback Jacory Harris and linebacker Sean Spence are being represented by agent Drew Rosenhaus.








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One of your best Eudocimus.


Every point you made early was right on. But you're typing away at a person with multiple personalities and who knows which personality we're getting today or tomorrow with this trolling, hobbit loving, douchebag. He'll say something and then retract it as soon as someone calls him on it, plain and simple. He complains that other nitpick on him but it's the same thing he does to everyone else. He's a hypocrite with multiple personalities.

Now one to something more positive.
-Basically in the end of the day, Golden is making sure this kid walks out of the U with something. Something is better than nothing. AJ had the choice to leave if he wanted to. No one held a gun to his head and said graduate or leave. He's making sure that he's being treated with some respect. In the end the kid lied and made himself and the program look bad and that is the only reason why Golden took the actions he did with him the way he did. Golden is cleaning house and if someone shows that they're messing things up like lying to investigators and tweeting garbage about strip clubs in the middle of an investigation. AJ got what he deserved. Same goes with RayRay. He should have had better sense than to go to a restaurant where a other players were busted for eating at with someone who "reps" a agent company. Granted he was able to explain everything afterwards but it shows poor judgement. If he wanted chicken then don't go to a steak house. There's a KFC right next to UM on Red Rd and US1. He can walk there and buy a bucket. Not expose yourself in a manner that will make the program and school look bad. I'm behind you 1000%, Golden is making sure this kid walks out with something. It's better than nothing. And on top of all of that, letting AJ participate in the NFL pro timing date before the draft. That's pretty considerate on Golden's part seeing how this kid lied and added a stupid tweet on top of all of this mess.

Golden = Class Act.

Go Canes, The U's future is looking brighter with every passing day.

And then there is Jacory.............
Joke-ory....... Choke-ory ....J12picks....
Maybe Rosenhaus can bamboozle the dummy Fins into taking him.......nahh, that would be too dumb even for the Fins.

Posted by: 10 years of mediocrity and counting | December 01, 2011 at 09:52 AM

10 years of obsessive trolling and counting, you are probably picturing Brantley as a first round pick, yet ESPN doesn't even have him in their top 40 QBs. Even the Tim Tebow slobbering by the media will not help Brantley earn a paycheck below the Canadian border.

Jacory is in the Top 25. Perhaps you should spend less time threatening our coaches and players and spend some time actually paying attention to the train derailment that is the Florida Gators.

I look forward to AG building our program back to prominence over the next 3 years. One of the biggest problems he faces in the recruiting wars is our fan base. When a kid takes a trip to Ohio State, LSU, Alabama, or any of the other major programs that sell out every game with rabid fans, and then comes to a game in Miami and sees 30,000 empty seats, I can understand why a homeboy may leave town. We need to put a lot more butts in the seats and keep these kids at home!

Brother just because you're not intelligent enough to understand me doesn't mean I have multiple personalities.

I can like everything Shalala's done for the university and still not care about the academic requirements for football players.

I can not care about the academic requirements for football players and still find it ridiculous that everyone makes a big deal about graduation rates when they're graduating with degrees that won't get them a job.

I can love Ed Reed and still point out that he's the worst person in the world to teach players to be disciplined and stick to their assignments within a defense.

You can't understand any of these ideas because you can't comprehend any thought more sophisticated than GO MIAMI! HOORAY!




So canetillidie what you say comes true with the very next post from multiple personalities guy.
And he insults your intelligence as he is smarter than you. Typical elitist from liberal academic lalal land.
And this from a guy that says all and forces, can't back that up and then goes against his hobbit queen and changes his positions faster than the wind. Go to the next article string and he contradicts himself again.
Now he says the heck with graduation rates. It's a smoke screen. Well let's just forget victories on the field and declare ourselves bcs champions.
And finally diplomas from the U are worthless. What a troll fool.

You and your boyfriend have a similar problem.

I said "all" players when I meant "almost all" players. F*cking sue me.

I said "forces" when I meant "strongly steer". F*cking sue me.

I think using the graduation rates of football players as an indicator of the academic prowess of football programs is stupid. I've never said differently.

I think Sociology diplomas from any university are worthless. I've never said differently.

Anything else?


This guy just humors the hell out of me. He thinks that I'm not smart enough to understand him? Please I have gone through and completed far to much education to be able to comprehend the blatant flip flopping stupidity that comes out of his mouth. The only other people here that go along with him are his multiple personalities. What a joke. Then he goes off saying that anyone that I can't understand must fight me??? I only fight anyone that tries to threaten me in anyway. Like he did at one point a while back. He had plenty of chances to meet me and didn't. Must be that he doesn't have tickets I guess. Government funding doesn't cover season tickets. He's nothing more than a pu#$y internet badass surrounded by cheeto crumbs in his mom's house. It's fine by me, next season after I get my new set of tickets, I'll tell him again where I'll be at and he can finally meet me and attempt to act as tough as he does in here. I won't hold my breath though. What a lil'girl.

Talk to you later ltcdolphin.

Go Canes all day everyday!!!!!!!!!!


C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | December 01, 2011 at 04:02 PM


Ur a moron

Well eucolpytus. So you have now shown you are not capable of transferring your thoughts to a keyboard. Why not write what you meant the first time and save yourself from looking stupid. Probably because you only said this to make yourself feel good and feed your I am superior attitude.
Your childish coverup shows you for what you are.
Canetillidie: it's like fishing with no bait with this guy and you get a gut hook every time.


The guy is a lost case. Help does exist but if he's not willing to admit that he has a problem, nothing will happen. I doubt his roommate/mother will do anything since she doesn't mind that her 40yr old virgin son still lives with her.


GO U!!!!

acory is in the Top 25. Perhaps you should spend less time threatening our coaches and players and spend some time actually paying attention to the train derailment that is the Florida Gators.

No Mo Titles can't handle the truth
No Mo Titles doesn't know what a threat is
I said Spence in the NFL will play
and Aldarius may
Where is the threat?
I said Jacory is a nice kid
Problem is he sucks as a QB
So I call him Joke-ory or Choke-ory
Lots of canes agree he is a joke at QB
His play showed he choked repeatedly
J12picks speaks for itself
Where is the threat?
I said you are fools to give Golden an extension after a mediocre year
I say you are drunk on Golden Kool Aid
Where is the threat?
Look up that word in a dictionary fool
No Mo Titles, good name
We are the canes
Did Maryland lose again? Boy do they suck.

Hey 10 years of mediocrity and counting...the trailer in Gainsville is calling...you forgot your meds..


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