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Golden wraps up season, looks ahead

CORAL GABLES -- UM coach Al Golden spent 35 minutes Monday morning wrapping up the 2011 season and looking ahead to the 2012 season. For your listening pleasure, here is the audio of the complete press conference. 

UM coach Al Golden 11-28-11

As for what Golden talked about, here are some highlights/notes:

> UM's Spring Game is scheduled for April 14th.

Al Golden> The team began its off-season weight training program Monday and Golden said its vital the team gets stronger heading into 2012 because "there's too many times on the field we're getting pushed around."

"We have to get that fixed," Golden said. "As I said to the staff yesterday I think there's a blessing that we're not going to a bowl because we can fix our strength and size at the point of attack. Hopefully we can do that over the next seven weeks.

Is he unhappy with strength coach Andreu Swasey?

"I believe in coach Swasey, think he's one of the best," Golden said. "It's a function of the culture. We're vastly improved from where we were last January. We need to get stronger, educate the kids a little better on dietary and nutrition choices. You can't go out there and play with 208-pound linebackers and think that's okay. We're playing teams that are 230, 245 pound linebackers. I want a big, strong, powerful team. It's not just Swasey - get them bigger. There's a shift in the type of size and strength we want to be. There has to be a culture here on strength and conditioning."

> Golden said he will try to meet every player before they leave campus, but adds it will be a little difficult because of the recruiting schedule. As for his underclassmen, considering the NFL Golden said: "If there's decisions to be made, most of it will be done privately.

"We'll take each kid, make sure they get the paperwork filed, make an educated decision. What they have to do right now is make sure they're getting the accurate information, not hearing from runners, guys on the street. We're so far away from having an accurate evaluation on a lot of those guys that it's premature."

> Golden became most animated when asked about if he thought he deserved a contract extension after a 6-6 season.

"You keep talking about a six-win season like nothing else occurred," Golden said. "This is the craziest year I think on record. The adversity we endured - this is about our program moving forward. I think the university understood the undertaking we had. I'm real proud of the staff and student athletes. 6-6 not good enough for you? It's not good enough for me. We'll get it fixed."

"The irony is there's never been more instability or controversy than what we encountered this year. To have [a commitment] from the university is great. My intention was to be here, the head coach here. There were some in the media and outsiders who thought I was going somewhere else, looking for another job. The circumstances we inherited were unfortunate, but I wouldn't be here in front of you if [they weren't going to be overcome]."

Golden later said he told his wife last year before taking the job his aspiration was to coach at UM for the long haul. UM hasn't had a coach last longer than 6 years over the last 30 years.

> As for the NCAA sanctions, Golden maintains that from what he knows "the worst part is behind us. But he also said later that he is "out of the loop" and doesn't know when UM will hear from the NCAA regarding any future sanctions.

"From what I know, I've signed on because I think we're moving forward," Golden said. "We sat kids, had them reinstated, [gave up] a bowl game. That story didn't end for us in terms of suspensions, what all that adversity created, we were dealing with it every day. What our lineup would be, get a guy injured -- we dealt with it all year. I'm proud of the way our guys dealt with it. From what I know we're moving forward.

"... From what we understand now, this puts an end to this chapter. We move this forward. We'll face it. It's not going to be anything compared to what we faced at Temple."

> Golden said he doesn't anticipate any staff turnover "right now."

Asked how important is it for the offensive and defensive coordinators to be with the program over the next four or five years, he said: "It's critical that we retain coaches, make this a destination job for everybody. We believe it is. We're excited about what we're doing moving forward. As soon as I'm done here I go out recruiting, a big class I'm bringing in, and I fully anticipate our coordinators to be here moving forward."

Golden added he will sit down with his assistants before the holidays and "communicate with them what the expectations are and if they were deficient in a certain area."

> Golden said there are a lot of areas the Canes improved on the field this season, but adds the team is still a long way away from where he wants it.

"We have a baseline," Golden said. "We're plus 85 in penalty yards per game, plus 63 in number of penalties per game. So we're halfway home. We go from 36 turnovers to 19 this year, from 27 interceptions to 11 interceptions. We're halfway home, have a long way to go. We're plus 10 in punt returns, plus 7 in opponent's starting yard line on kickoffs, plus six in kickoffs. I can go on and on.

"We've made a lot of progress, need to continue to make progress. We need to be a tougher team, a stronger team, and we need to have depth. It's hard to compete for a championship if you don't have the depth. I think we got worn down at the end of the year, didn't have the depth. We have to have the symmetry that when a corner goes down he's replaced by a corner, not a safety that moved to corner."

> UM's offense ran 200 fewer plays than it did a year ago -- an average of 61 plays per game. Golden said the team should average 71 plays per game.

"We didn't take the ball away enough. We didn't flip the field enough," Golden said. "Sometimes teams got multiple first downs before we stopped them. I thought we were very good in the red zone on defense, but sometimes you have to take the ball away before that. There are still areas we can improve in the kicking game to create a shorter field for our offense. It makes it hard when you're backed up all the time. Our time of possession has a lot to do with that number. Our yards per play was good, is what we're looking for. But for us to get up to that 72 number, even 75, you're talking 400 yards. Clearly we didn't execute as well as we had to down the stretch."

> At the midway point of the season Golden said his defense was about as simple as it could be. But as the year went on, Golden said Monday, Mark D'Onofrio was able to get more complex -- a result of veteran players returning from suspensions and younger players growing up. Golden said the defense only gave up 14 points a game over its last six games.

"We had a lot thrown at us this year on the defensive side, just never had the same lineup until about week 7 or 8," Golden said. "So we settled down toward the end, started to play better defense. The team winning or losing is not just a function of defense; it's a function of everybody. I'm encouraged. 32 points is our margin of loss right now. We're going to get a jump on that here today."

Golden said he would like for his corners to play more aggressively in the future and admitted the reason played so much zone was because of personnel. Of the team's six interceptions on defense, Golden said: "That's not championship football."

Needless to say, cornerback is a big need in recruiting. "What we can't do is screw up in this class," Golden said. "Certainly quarterback, cornerback and the secondary in general, we need guys there. When I got here last year we basically had Brandon McGee at corner and that was it. I didn't walk in the door and expect to have one corner on the team. We had a lot to deal with. I know exactly where we're at and what we have to do. We had a plan to handle it. We moved Lee [Chambers] to cornerback, got Mike Williams, moved JoJo [Nicola] out there and on Aug. 15 had to move him back to safety. We had a lot to overcome.

"We have a great opportunity for corners, a great opportunity for linebackers. We don't have the depth - otherwise we wouldn't have been moving Marcus Robinson back and forth all year. And at wideout we don't have enough in the spring to line up at wideout. We need guys that want to come in and compete." As for recruits whose commitment is "soft", Golden said: "If they're looking, we're looking."

> Golden said he anticipates two other quarterbacks being here by Jan. 17 and having four quarterbacks in the program who will compete in spring football. "I think Stephen [Morris] made a lot of progress this year, has benefited from learning and growing and developing alongside Jacory, learning the system without having the pressure to produce week in and week out," Golden said. "There's something to be said for that. He's gotten better during the year. It's going to be great to see him, Ryan [Williams] and two kids we bring in mid-year compete."

In what ways did Morris make progress this year? "In every way. His understanding of the offense - he became more of a leader, more confident in terms of audibling," Golden said. "He made very confident throws. Against Duke he throws a rocket. He's stronger, is going to be a great runner for us, is legitimately fast, 4.5, 4.6. He got better at throwing fade balls, touch passes - has some work to do there yet. He's benefited from just putting his head down and working."

> Golden said he anticipates defensive tackle Adewale Ojomo will be back, but adds he'll have to go through an NCAA process to acquire a sixth-year of eligibility. Ojomo said two weeks ago he was having trouble finding medical paperwork for his freshman season in 2007, not the 2009 season he missed because of a broken jaw.

> Golden said the team will be hosting recruits over the next two weekends, but expects to be at high school state football championships Dec. 15-16.

"We're still evaluating a lot of kids because there's a lot of kids out there that give us great value," Golden said. "We just got a couple of commitments that are great players. They may not be five stars, but we have conviction on how they play the game, what kind of student-athletes they are. Not only are we recruiting, making sure we hold on to kids committed, we're also evaluating. It's a challenge to do that."

> As for the scout team players that stepped up, Golden said: "Dallas Crawford grew up a lot. Eddie Johnson kind of grew up as the season went on. I thought Gionni Paul grew up as the season went on, especially as of late. He just didn't get an opportunity to play as much. I think Corey King is really doing a nice job in growing up. There's a good group of kids there that are good, hard workers."


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Things are looking up at the U. Coach Golden is the right man for the job. He will produce a tough, conditioned and fast team that will be a force. Hope he does stay for the long haul.

First goal - Coastal division winner.
Go Canes!

Posted by: dbc

huh? We just lost to Boston College in our "bowl game" and we extneded this guy who is over his head. We could go undefeated and still won't be in the ACC title game next year. We are years from being good if at all.

I like Golden's emphasis on getting bigger and stronger. I agree that not going to a bowl game is a blessing in disguise.

We lucky to have a coach with everything that's going on and with what we pay coaches!

How can U not like Uncle Al's attention to detail in every aspect of college football. I really like his theory on the size of a team. Privately, I think Golden liked Sean Spence, thougt he had a motor (which he did), and was a leader, but was sort of laughing when he went home at his size. I like how Uncle Al doesn't want his team being pushed around. It's like he's an older brother teaching his younger brother how to defend himself. Canes, Uncle Al has our back, he needs ours. Let's get it in 2012.


"You can't go out there and play with 208-pound linebackers and think that's okay. We're playing teams that are 230, 245 pound linebackers."

Want to know why we are great one day and suck the next? This is it right here. We are weak, and weak players can't consistently dominate. This plus a lack of depth at key positions equals 6 losses no matter who the coach is. Take Perryman, add 20 lbs of muscle and watch what happens. Want to stop playing soft zones? Get more than one CB on this team that can cover his guy.

I love these answers. Bigger and stronger is the key.

I said this a billion times before and got lambasted by the few here. Miami has 208 lb linebackers. The school allowed a couple of 230 pounders slip through the cracks- one of them from Lee County.

Sean Spence was (is) too small to play MLB. Colin McCarthy- who incidentally had a great game yesterday for tenneseee Titans, was what we in such dire need now. At least from the standpoint of depth at that position.

I believe Golden will get the job done with time. I don't expect anything better than 8-4 next year. Well over 50 players next year will be freshmen, red shirt freshman and sophomores. Those ##'s do not compute to big winning seasons.

We have lots of wants and needs. We have Coach Golden to get them. I'm happy with that. Glad this season is over. Nothing went right, except for striking gold with our coach. Go Canes in 2012.

Finally a coach that gets it. We've been getting pushed around all over the field on both sides of the ball. Lets get bigger and keep the speed. All season it looked like we were playing in quick sand. I'm excited for the future. Next year will be a 7 or 8 win season but by year 3 we will start to see significant progress. Skipping the Bowl game was the best thing to happen to this program. More time to evaluate, recruit, and develop strength on the team.

Got to get bigger and stronger. That was evident years ago (e.g. Wisconsin bowl game). Retool the D-line. #71 and #52 have heart, but they need to get stronger. Meanwhile, find another dozen like them.

On the right road - hope we keep Golden until he's 84!(on second thought - 74....)

Bowl game, bowl game, we talkin about a bowl game. In my AI voice. Raise your hands if you really wanted to see Jacory QB another game? That's what i thought. Great decision coach. Use that time to get this team stronger. I'm tired of seeing Track & Field looking guys trying to play football. That leads to a soft team (BINGO) I hate to say that about the team but a spade is a spade. This team is SOFT & SLOW. Coach G will change that the farther he get from Shannon's kids..

The days of us dominating teams with just plain speed are over with, actually they have been over with for about 8 years. We have neglected the size issue far to long. Everybody now has size and speed. We've been caught up to much in body fat. I'll take a guy anytime that is 6'2 240 and runs a 4.6, than a guy that's 6'0 220 and runs a 4.6. I'm Glad Golden is here to stay and change our stubborn old ways of recruiting.

I love the quote about a "soft" commitment...if they're looking we're looking


Like your name, but Huh? How do we go "undefeated" and not be in the ACC title game? Do tell.

Your conclusion that oach Golden "is over his head" is based on whast? That we lost to BC with too many unmotivated me-first players and a QB that choked again?

Give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Why not?

My point regarding ACC Coastal is that this represents a reasonable first goal.

Why because he hasn't done anything at temple or at UM. If he wins he get more than enough props. Size and speed didn't have anything to do with the fake fg and swapping of qb's.

Golden made a couple of very good points.

First, how many starters did Miami suspend from games last year, and for how many games? How many new coaching staffs did Miami have last year? How many major scandals did the team deal with last year? That stuff matters.

Second, the team does seem too small. I'd like to see the 'Canes recruit a couple of big, bruising, Czonka-esque running backs who punish defenses. Speedy players serve a purpose, too, but football is a contact sport, and a lot of the team's Miami plays have more strength and size. Two years ago, Wisconsin ate the 'Canes alive with greater size and strength, and in this last game, Boston College just out-muscled Miami.

Of course, Golden's right: he has to focus on the defensive backfield, first.

the biggest asset for next season is not having most of the players leaving this year. they showed they still didnt really care the last 2 games. it was as if they wanted it over with friday. the future is unsure, but it really cant go much lower. im glad golden is here. go canes

Update: Miami only 17 plays away from being 12-0.

Watch what Miami does on the field rather than listen to the hyperbole of Al Golden.

One BIG thing that has been left out of the "Goldy talks are the pathetic evaluations of the DC and the suspect decision-making of the OC. That QB shuffle against FSU still bothers me.

But, Miller is a superstar with Alabama's OL. Miles would pull Ray Ray aside and give him the real deal.

The reason why RS could not be more consistent and establish more continuity with coaching hires was because of Shalala did not give him the budget that "Goldy has.

It's just strange. U give "Goldy until 2019, but showed RS the door in four years. And the 1st year records aren't all that different.

it's just strange, the stats from last year, aside from penalty yardage, aren't all that different, but U show RS the door.

It's just strange, U blame the NW crew, the QB of which practically broke the record book, and without the hall of famers that Dorsey had.

Yes, it was a very "strange" season.

Whatever happens, we all will eventually be dead, so might as well enjoy the ride.

What really irks me are the "entitlement, motivational, me first" attitude of some of the players. Wow....It was just a "strange" season. But hey, U got to look to next year, and the recruits.

Quick: Name me one, I said one, blue chip recruit on UM's radar: There are none.

Did we lose another 4 Star recruit ?

who ?

Talkycane try a new mantra this is getting real old and you have been shot down numerous times.
As many have said its the players that have too much I in team that are the problem. You think the players share no fault and on that you are wrong.

Cool cat last count three. And being multiple stars sure has not helped in the past and did fsu and gators alot of good.

cool cat you are an idiot putting harris in the same sentence as dorsey, dorsey was a winner, not an interception machine, harris made a ton of throws for yardage but it was his "TERRIBLE" decision making that cost this team countless games over the past 4 yrs! wake the hell up..... the 08 class was good guys, but it was them who made bad choices and jacory was never a good college QB.. and "stars" never show heart.. just ask Ray Lewis! you need to rest your poor posts

Dennis Erickson for OC!

I agree Keith, cool cat I'm surprised you didn't present the race card with that RS remark. I understand being frustrated, we all want more rings. However, are you seriously having that much bitterness for this season??? With all the negative factors?
What negative factors did Shannon have as excuses since you want to go there? Oh yeah, he didn't have any-he was just flat out horrible. What was RS excuse for upsetting half of all the S.FLA high school coaches? He was the reason those blue chip recruits you were crying about not having wouldn't come here. Then the ones he brought, besides spence, all under produced. Give me a break, get GOLDEN or GTFO. CANES FOR LIFE!!!!

U know keith, I used to think like U. But then I realized that J12 came from that high scoring O at NW. Then had to deal with the merry-go-round at OC at UM. Then got hurt. U can call it what U want, but he is in the record books forever. Yea, some of J12's interceptions were just morale killers, I saw most of them, but there are two sides to that, and that is what people like U don't see.

J12 will get drafted and will get a chance because he IS that good and could prove an asset to some team.

And for those who want to keep saying that we were 17 some odd plays from being undefeated- CMON MANN!!!! Stop that silly game and just let it go, when you lose there are no excuses. CANES DON'T MAKE EXCUSES. We produce, or we shut up and train harder, faster, better for the future, not for the year that wasn't with an extra heaping of excuses.

Same old stuff we heard at the start of the season. coch came up to Tampa before the season started - talked about conditioning, mental and physical toughness- blah blah. OL was supposed to be super big and bad with a super coach- result- 6 sacks in the last game and inablility to get one or two yards on third and 4th downs all year- I was really hyped after they beat georgia tech- thought we had Va and BC in the bag- so did a lot of other people they made us 14 point favorites in each game. Honestly the only thing they did better was beat USF ( without a touchdown) they stunk this yea, they stunk last year - turnovers, penalties, inability to finish a game etc etc etc. Oh well, wait till next year- Hope springs eternal- maybe this guy will be anoter Lou Saban or Schnellenberger- I hope so. I hope he can convince some recruits to come and play in an empty stadium. Happy Hollidays to all

Just getting bigger is not the answer; we need speed as well. The model used by LSU, ALA, and a few other teams is big and fast. If Al is thinking of modeling our program to what UVA had at the time he coached with Al Groh, we don't want that model. UVA never even sniffed a championship under Al Groh and he had "big" players at every position, to include CB, SS, LB, and RB. These players were too heavy and as a result, were much slower. Case in point, Groh took the fastest player in Virginia in 2003 (Michael Johnson), a five star player all purpose back, and put so many pounds on this guy that he not only became slower, but ineffective. UVA had DBs who were bigger and could support the run, but could not cover a "good" WR to save their lives. Speed alone at the right positions will "always" work wonders; it is coaching that matters not a model of being bigger and strong. Again, what is the use of having a bigger and stronger players if they can never catch a "faster" player and take him down? We have never been a big team, but won against bigger teams all the time. If UVA is what Al Golden is trying to illustrate and model our "U" into, keep it and move on.

Hi Canesalltheway...you are sooo way off it is laughable...how after the work that Coach G has done and the year that he has PATCHED together with all the "STUFF" that occured you could say he is "way over his head is beyond me."
Many strong Coaches would have ducked and ran for cover.. the man stood up and looked people in the eye and answered EVERY question..you are way off my friend..

As far as Cool Cat goes he has one agenda and that is to introduce RS in to as many posts as he can..we are reading you Cool Cat..get off the one track and let's talk Canes football not your personal agenda.J12 is nice guy but NOT NFL material IMO..

Vann you are on the money..you called it. 100%

The "U" will get stronger, smarter with football intel, play with intensity,recruit our type of intense players,develop more detailed plans with personnel at ONE position, and grow the intensity that Ray Lewis shows when he says "I am here to play some FOOTBALL at the U!"...that is the 'Cane way..If you haven't seen Ray check it out..

Coach G is already at work now let the fans support his efforts and applaud the new 'Canes as they come on board..
Great things are happening at Miami and as they say you have to get the ingredients together to make the dinner..well we will be ready come Spring as our Canes emerge.
Go Canes.

And we lose Spence..LB,CB's,QB's. We may be able to pull a 4-5 star with an opportunity to start...immediately..

U Cane 305
Right on Brother, great post.

Cool Cat, thanks for your comments; on target!
Most of folks on this blog is living in a dream world. It's amazing how this guy gets an open check book compared to the coach before him. The leadership of this school put this program in the current state by trying to get something for nothing. Coach Shannon took a hit for this school because the President wanted to win with a cheap budget. Shannon's coordinators were lousy!! The 2008 class was not given a chance to get bigger or stronger because they had to play right a way. This class took a beating for this school, and the misinformed fans did not appreciate the sacafice these young men did for this program. The 2008 class will leave this program in better condition than the way they found it!! I tip my hat off to you guys, thanks for making the sacafice!!

What I still have not heard from any of the fans is what does calling a fake fg against arguably the best special teams coach in college football have to do with the players.What does shuffling the qb's against a team that had 13 yards with six minutes left in the second quarter have to do with the players.All of those decisions were made on the road and took the momentum away from us. Make all the excuses you want about how bad RS players were bad coaching is bad coaching.Bad coaching is the reason were bludgeoned by lowly teams like bc. To the simple minded fan there is no need for name calling.lol

I personally love the extension Golden got on his contract. I hope that Golden and Swasey sit down and talk things out to get things straight. These players with that we'll have for next season will already have a year under their belts with this new system and staff. That's gonna pay off big time. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if only we had Golden since last season. What our team would be looking like now could only be left to the imagination. We improved in certain areas but also fell off in others. I believe those other categories can be made up for next season, minus randy's guys.

I have to say, it's nice to see harris, horn, gunn, byrd, and chambers leave. PEACE!!!

I hate to see spence leave, wish we had him for another season personally. Hope Futch gets a medical shirt but I think it's a huge long shot. I'm pretty confident that Ojomo will get his NCAA paperwork ready and he'll be back with his medical shirt. Sad to see Regis go because IMO, he's a badass. I can careless that he likes to punch guys in the nutts. Lots of stuff happens in the pile, he just got caught that's all, hahahaha.

Morris and Williams, I truly believe will put on a show for us come spring time. Can't wait to see Clements and hopefully finally get to see some more of Darion Hall in the spring as well. Hope to turn McGee into a receiver. He's not a DB, never was. He has the speed to run routes not cover route runners. He's a 4.27/4.29 (40) guy. That's excellent speed for a receiver. He'll be a senior next season and better do all that he can because there are plenty of DB's sitting on the bench and more coming in with this 2012 class.

Golden Era is upon us. Damn I can't wait to see what we look like in the spring.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!


U woUld ...

Tally cane. It would seem you are a fsu troll on this site. Same mantra and you get shot down in flames each time. We don't need to explain anything to you, coach did several times. If you were a cane fan you would have listened to them on qam. Gee I wonder who had the most rushing yards against your Seminoles??

I don't need hear what his explanation his record at temple and presently at UM shows me enough. What is hilarious is idiots can say all kind of racist things about players coaches and their families and it's fine. On the Internet you are tough as hell and probably to much of coward to say that stuff in someone's face. The real issue is most fans hate Shannon so much that you love a very mediocre golden. If we lost this year golden cant win Shannon's trash but if we win golden is the best thing since sliced bread. Why do you bring Stephen Morris to run a bootleg against one of the fastest defenses in the country? Wasted play. At least he is consistent I guess the goaline naked bootleg by jacory against ksu was what he wanted to run. Dumb play calling.

Tallycane if you asked the majority of the posters what they thought of Randy Shannon they would overwhelmingly say that he was one of the original Canes that brought us Championships, and forever he will be a 'Cane.
Good defensive co-ordinator and a good family guy...
Now where you get the fans that hate Randy is a mystery,(one may dislike or disagree with him, but hate, no) and to call his recruits trash is way over the line...He was inept as a Coach because Randy was the personality that was saying all along..look at what I do not what I am chattering to the media, in fact the less media the better...His personality did not endear fans because he was very COOL underfire...and the team did not have the fighting spirit that we expect.

Fans now get AG and he is the opposite personality...and people get pumped up listening to the guy..not only that look at all the S*** that he has endured at the BEGINING of his stint..Yeah you don't like a play but look at the body of work, the attitude of the team, the bounce in the step of our players, and above all listen to the players as to where we are and where we need to go to get back on the winning track..Knock the playcalling, but to call Coach G mediocre is very very premature and inconsistent. You will I guarantee never agree with every play called...so relax and give the Coach some room to develop the 'Canes, where you can sit back and be a proud Cane fan.
Go 'Canes

Still puzzled after all of the pre game hype before the BC game and them being 2 TD underdogs......how Miami lost that game.Did not compete much.The lack of tenacity by the defense was so disappointing and discouraging by their effort to make stops on 3rd down.BC deserved to win and Miami did not.That s what still is upsetting to me.The O line was still inconsistent.It seemed like Miami had confidence but the defense allowed BC to think they could stay with Miami early.THAT poor early defensive effort was the KEY to the entire game and lead directly to the loss.A Miami team without a defense.THAT is simply UNHEARD of.Instead of 7-5 and optimism.........there s just pessimism and apathy now.THAT was Golden s loss and it was unforgivable.

Damn I can't wait for spring!!!!!!!

We already have a few guys that have enrolled early to compete in the spring. I think it could be nasty. I was optimistic with that year's spring and honestly did have some high hopes but this spring minus randy's guys (excluding spence) I think we're all going to be in for a big (positive) surprise. Can't wait to see what Corey King does at the DT spot. Dallas, Armbrister, and Finnie are my favorites for the DB spots. Telemaque will lose playing time next year with those underclassman for sure.

I personally don't care if ray ray stays or leaves. If he leaves, he'll find out that he wasn't ready for that leap into the pros, at all. If he stays, his work will be cut out for him because Dallas Crawford, Thurston Armbrister, and Kacy Rogers will be fighting him tooth and nail for game time.

If I had one thing that I would want to see absolutely change in this team is AGGRESSION. I haven't seen enough of the aggression that this program has been known for that made them feared for 3 decades. I want to see pure aggression. I can tolerate the unsportsmanlike calls because they're drawn up to change the game into something comparable to ballet or tennis. Might as well put a tutu on the QB while the NCAA is at it. I want to see guys get rattled if they think they can cut across the middle and bring the ball down at the same time. Brandon Meriweather didn't let that happen. He put guys on their backs for cutting across the middle. I haven't see anything like that in years. No one is afraid of us. They see us as all bark and no bite. Before we only barked in the parking lot and come game time was all teeth, drooling and snarling until the ball was snapped and then the attack was on.

If we bring back that nasty aggression that State of Miami players are known for, then next season will be very interesting indeed.

couple of others not coming to me right now.

Hope to see you guys at the games. True Canes are Forever. Everyone else simply has an opinion when it suits them. F'ing bandwagon jumpers. I'll happily go down with my ship unlike the rest of the cowards who trash the Canes when they're down and swear up and down when they're playing amazing. ORANGE AND GREEN 4 LIFE.


Ugocsnes 2 apparently you don't read a lot of post. It's just like parcels you are what your record says you are. Losing record at temple and 6-6 at Miami.saying he was mediocre was a compliment. There are some plays and decisions that either set the tone or decide the game. In those situations there were some dumb plays that we're called. Maybe hate was to strong a word more like blame.

Personally I think that Fisch was having fun with the play book and then regretted some decisions. We needed to play more to our strengths. If we're in the red zone then we should go for Streeter for the fade route, TE over the middle, or sneak James/Miller in.

Having Harris run a dive option whatever against KSU at the end was a garbage call. Can't argue that.

Morris will shine in the Spring Game. Damn I can't wait!!!!!

yep, look at those ALabama and LSU LB and DLs, them dudes are stock, not to be no punk, spence will be miss, but dang it, did anyone see how u can become intangle with bigger and stronger OLS duing that Boston College game,,we do need more of the 6-2, 6-3 246 type LBS to play here, jordan futch did not pan out, arthur lewis transferred, so thats 2 right there, but if we can get bigger and stronger down the lines and around the LBs position, we should be fine.

Tallycane if we had all our guys in Maryland..
All our guys in against Kansas State WIN..
Va. Tech could go either way since the last play caught us out of position.
UVA with all our people playing and not some just returning..WIN..

Add 3 wins and suddenly AG is Golden..Come on!.
So using that analogy then suddend Coach G jumps from 6-6 to a decent or good Coach...Look at the TOTAL picture my friend..
siutations and nuances, make the real picture.

Mediocre after 1 year with everything considered, come on.Get real and think about what you are writing. .

Go 'Canes

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