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Canes decide to skip bowl game, take some of impending NCAA punishment now

In hardly a surprise move, the University of Miami announced Sunday it will withhold its football team from bowl consideration this year in response to the ongoing NCAA inquiry into its program.

Shawn EichorstWith a record of 6-5 (3-4 in the ACC), the Canes became bowl eligible with Saturday’s win over South Florida and were likely headed to the Kraft Hunger Bowl, Independence Bowl or some other low-end bowl game.

Here is UM's official statement:

“We understand and share the disappointment that our student-athletes, coaches, staff, supporters and fans are feeling but after lengthy discussions among University leaders, athletic administrators and outside counsel, it is a necessary step for our University. The University of Miami has not self-imposed any other penalties.

"The team was informed of the decision earlier today and is in preparations for their final game of the season.

"As we stated in August, the University of Miami maintains the highest standards in our academic and athletic endeavors and we will remain steadfast in our commitment to building winning programs with the utmost of integrity. We will be more vigilant in our compliance efforts and continue to work cooperatively with the NCAA on the joint inquiry to determine the true facts.

"To continue to protect the integrity of the inquiry, the University will not comment further at this time.”

UM said the decision was made by athletic director Shawn Eichorst and president Donna Shalala and UM coach Al Golden was informed this afternoon as well as the rest of the team.

Golden obviously feels bad for his seniors, but understands it is the right thing to do.

Considering some of his seniors took impermissible gifts from former booster Nevin Shapiro, it's hard to argue their class pay for the mess being left behind once they're gone.

"I’m clearly disappointed," Golden said. "I believe it’s the right decision and I’m 100 percent behind the decision that was made. but we are disappointed. I think they will be resilient though and have a great attitude and move forward with intensity and prepare and play a great game on Friday."

"We know we are one step closer to putting these issues behind us," Golden said. "We can move forward and move the program forward."

Golden was asked about his own future at the program considering the potential sanctions at UM and the coach opening at his alma mater Penn State.

"I don't have any decisions to make," he said. "I am coaching the Miami program and moving forward. My family and I enjoy living here and we have a great group of kids on the team and I am excited about the direction we are going."

Eichorst assured the media he will do his best to make sure Golden remains the coach of UM for a long time. "I truly believe in my heart that I have one of the best football coaches in America and I plan on working side-by-side with him for a very long time," Eichorst said.

> Golden seemed encouraged by the MRI results of offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson on Sunday and has upgraded him to doubtful for Friday's game. "It doesn't look like it will be a surgery deal, which is great for the young man," Golden said.


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Good move. It will lessen the sanctions. USC should have imposed a bowl ban last year. They would be playing for the PAC-12 championship if the hadn't played their crappy bowl game last season.

and the USC fans out west where I am agree with take the hit as soon as you can and don't get got in a future limbo!

not to mention our NFL TOUCHDOWN STREAK WILL END TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gore is about our last chance with hester and its late in the 3rd.. not looking good. i think the streak end today... you can go ahead and start a writeup for that manny

I agree with the decision. Let's move on and ball next year. We got great recruits and i'm confident in Golden. It sounds, from Golden's tone, that the bowl ban just might be all the NCAA does to us. We haven't imposed any other sanctions on ourselves. On another note, WOULD SOMEBODY SLAP OUR O-LINE. They were supposed to be the strongest link and turned out to be the weakest link. Anybody who went to the game yesterday, as I did, did you find South FL fans to be a little stupid? I almost had it out with the security guy who kept telling me to sit down in my chair. R u kiddin me? Freakin idiots


All streaks have to end sometime.

No need for a tissue.

Shapiro Sucks!

Arizona just scored. Lets hope SF puts Gore back in.

YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! This is going to help in the long run for sure!!!! Seniors got us into this mess.....Karma.

Will someone, anyone take a stand against the media and please make them stop asking Golden about leaving? How many times can the question be asked with the same answer given before somebody gets a hint? PLEASE!

I did not like the choice of UM against BSU. All things considered, the odds were against UM, even though BSU is terribly overrated. They play about two respectable teams every year.

Posted by: Bburgcane

Let's start a petition like the one for the stadium

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat

Anyplace, anytime, anywho!

OK, so then the question begs to be asked...what underclassmen do we lose?
Lamar started the season how, but has slowed down. Ray-Ray was highly touted to start the season, but didn't do anything to back it up. Streeter had a nice year, but it was only one year.
...or am I being a wishful thinker?

Well the petition for the stadium didn't do anything but if it gets some attention then im in. It's just insanity...........over and over and over and over and over!

I Think it's a good move. Let Golden do his magic, he will have a three week head start in recruiting. I beleive he will get us true Hurricanes that are out there. Go Canes!!

this coming recruiting class will go down in history for us.
Go, Canes!

Good. It's over with, with the right decision by school leadership.

Sorry, seniors, but a few of you fell into that category of helping cause this mess. Those that did not, look to your teammates that did.....

Just a shame that the team does not get that extra practice time in december...Oh well

Great article Manny, you stated it perfect.

"Considering some of his seniors took impermissible gifts from former booster Nevin Shapiro, it's hard to argue their class pay for the mess being left behind once they're gone."

Sucks for the seniors to not be able to participate in a bowl game but it's only fair for the future starters. It just doesn't make sense to allow the future to reap the re-percussions brought about by the current seniors.

Hope everyone cheers for a pick six by the Giants Safety's...I am pretty sure that is the last chance to extend the TD streak in the NFL.

bburgcane......you got it right and so does everyone else who thinks this is a wise decision.

What I hate is Yahoo, Matt Hinton article and his tone, UM takes first steps in contrition for their wrong doing and this idiot doesn't even know the results of an investigation and Yahoo still depending on the word of a master con artist. Yahoo betting on his truthfulness, lol! I guess that why they call it Yahoo, a bunch of Yahoo's writing for them!

bburgcane.....what do you expect from the writers at the Herald who cover the U, with the exception of Manny and Barry and that leaves who? The same questions are asked over and over and you can see the frustration of Golden at this. This one writer has called Regis a pig on twitter and refuses to apologize. We should start a petition that the Herald get her removed as far as covering the Canes is concerned. What a dolt, stupid questions and no sense of right and wrong when it comes to her behavior and comments. She must go FIRE SUSAN NOW!

Golden has answered that question how many times now?

I'm not sure if this also means UM will not be able to share in the ACC Bowl "pot"...which is split among all ACC teams. If not this will hurt us financially a lot.

On the other hand, as I stated several weeks ago, unless we're in a BCS or january bowl, UM LOSES money going to 2-3 tier bowls, as expenses exceed income. The plusses are, as y'all mentioned the 3 weeks of extra practice and possible recruiting lift.

Still, this team would be an underdog to all but the lowest of the low, especially in a cold climate bowl.

Another bowl-less year next year will be painful, but the loss of scholarships would be worse.

Muy bueno. Que donde ver los CANES hoy mucho.

SMART MOVE....period!!!

We should hire Sandusky and let him handle recruiting

Go 'canes!

The "canes" did not decide to skip the Bowl. The President did. She make the criminal behind bars the winner.

The real "Canes" are the football players who just got it handed to them, only after they won. Some reward for winning.

The real Canes need to strike back. They might consider just not playing Boston College. That would really be striking back at someone who has double tricked them.

As a fan, I support the players, not the people like the overpaid U of M President who gets over a million a year. And the players? Who work and work at winning? Not a dime. The take on the Boston College game is millions.

No Bowl, so why finish the season?

Savannah Cane... do you live in Savannah? I'm always looking for some Canes fans around here!

Anonymous Cane. It's time you tried something other than ragging on Susan. She did apologize. Get over it.

Well maybe this team can go out score more than 6 points against BC- the last time we missed a bowl it was because of them, I be been a fan of this team 35 years to win 6-3 against a team we should beat with 3rd stringers well it's just ridiculous , however give Al 3 years and we will once again be on top

No Bowl, so why finish the season?

Posted by: Denny Wood

Because no one tells us it's finished until we say it's finished.

Which Canes need to strike back? The seniors who took improper benefits or the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen who might get to play in a bowl worth playing because the administration is smart enough to impose the ban now?

Doug1313. You really don't know much about the usf team. They have very good players

Smart move.....knew it was coming. I am sad that the seniors will not get to play in a bowl game...but...this will make them stronger.

What good this does I'm not sure. It isn't like we were likely to get an invite to anything other than the Massengil bowl or American Standard bowl.

They need to play on friday as that is there bowl game.
The O-Line needs to stop having there balls handed to them by smaller d-line.

I'll take it. A sloppy game but we beat them and leave the series 5-1 for Miami vs the bulls and makes us bowl eligible. Honestly after seeing what I saw after the Notre Dame game, I thought that Golden was gonna have his hands full from day one. But things began to look good during preseason until the damn scandal. Then our records turns into what we have up till this point. I for one think that we're gonna be sick next season. There are far to many players returning and tons of recruits that are coming in that could get playing time immediately. Our QB situation will actually be a good situation. Morris, Preston, Gray, Thompson, and Williams are gonna provide some fireworks for us next season. There gonna have some fast targets to hit next season with hurns, streeter, thompkins, dorsett, scott, and the new recruit angelo jean louis is an athlete that would be sick at receiver. Hopefully the Oline can become something next season. I mean with the guys we have with their size should be laying DT's on their backs and picking up linebackers blitzing. Washington is not a tackle he is a guard and I think that by now we have enough proof of this since he can't pick up anyone coming around from the backside. He's a guard that is good on taking on defenders head on, not shuffling to the outside because he doesn't have the feet to keep up with those guys. Bunche, Feliciano, Henderson, Linder, Wheeler, Washington, Barton, and Johnson all better get their act together. If they do, they will dominate college football with that size and power potential. Lamar Miller will have another 1000+yds next season for sure if he comes back, which he should. All of our running backs are coming back next season plus Duke Johnson coming in. Personally can't wait to see Darion Hall get the ball. Kid out of Naples, Florida with some great speed and size at 5'11".

I'm glad we're taking this bowl ban. Make the seniors pay for what happened and adds to the contribution to the NCAA for this investigation. I seriously see it getting less and less likely that we'll get much in the end. I think it will be a very light punishment. We proved to be good enough to make it to a bowl game, there. Now we build for next season and start by destroying BC at home. Send a message for what's to come.

I can't wait.

Go Canes!!

Wow....Denny Wood, you win the award for idiot fan of the year. The players should strike? Did you notice that its several of these players, including several seniors, that got suspended at the beginning of the year and helped get the school in this mess. Some times in life you have to learn a lesson that there are consequences....so missing a bowl and getting suspended at the beginning of the year was the lesson, sadly. You make think shalala is overpaid, but she will be an integral part if we don't get sanctions.

It is a good move because it was in an attempt to lessen the sanctions... hopefully, the move will lessen the sanctions, but you never know - they can still come down very hard on the team like with the death penalty... in a way, its also a dumb move because with this move you allow other teams that probably wouldnt have been invited to bowl games, to be in...like the losers at Fraud International University

now U dummasse's can sit around til 2016 ...

Well, there you have it!
Now the NCAA will show UM some mercy?
Don't bet on it.
Extend Golden's contract. He's a winner.
Beat BC!

Wrong decision by U of M. This is a reward given to the guy in jail for a long time. The President of U of M made him a winner, and a behind bars winner.

It is time for our U of M one million dollars plus President to step down. Or just fire her.

This is Presidential punishment of students,student football players and fans everywhere.

Bring on the Bowl, they have earned it.

Posted by: Denny Wood | November 20, 2011 at 09:02 PM


nope, it's where you're at ... U continUe to deny .

U were offered to play the Gators and ... U quit

have fun, beat B.C.

see U in 2013

atleast we won't loose a bowlgame we be back

re-up Golden now

I disagree with you saying this makes that idiot a winner. He did not make these kids take stuff they knew was illegal. Kids made choices, they face consequences. When these Seniors get into the real world they may learn that in a real job you do that crap that is illegal, you get fired and will end up in the same place that this idiot is in. Hopefully they will learn their lesson and can move on understanding in life we have choices to make, and then you live with them.

And shalala, who was seen accepting that 50k check is unscathed. Thishappend under her watch. You say, but she returnnd the money. Yeah but it happened under he watch.

Many innocent are being punished including Golden. Did youall witness his enthusiasm for theUSF win? At least UM is not the pathetic gators who struggled for 3 quarters against mighty Furman- with 2 of the highest ranked recruiting classes in the last 2 years!

I think this was a mistake, The NCAA will come down hard anyway. Self flaggellation is pathetic. There is no way we willknow how much easier the NCAA will take it on UM- would they tell them? Unlikely.

Golden should get a huge raise and extension for putting up with this- if he doesnt get one, this University adn the million dollars (or more) a year President should resign or be fired an it will prove how little the football program means to this university- but god forbid if they were winning. You would have every old hack of a trustee proudly wearing the U!

And to you all weenies who say some of the seniors who committed the infractions will be "learning their lessons"- what aboutthose who didnt do anything?

NCAA- hypocrites
UM admin and trustees- Worse hypocrites

Nobody from LSU whined about beating Alabama 9-6. A W is a W. USF is a good football team with a very good defense.

Tell that to FSU, Clemson, Oregon, Ok State- they got the L.

And by the way- the timing is suspect. Why would UM announce this prior to the BC game? Are they that callous and stupid? What difference would it have made if they announced it now or after the BC game?

Good post nevin. Get rid of SHALALALALALA soon.

Nevin and itc, u guys hurt this blog. And itc does it on both sides with his dolphins rants. The timing is fine. The less we show that we thought about going to the bowl game, or new importantly taking THE MONEY for te bowl game, which is what bowl eligible is almost always for without the words bcs, (and even then they get like 13 mil), the better.

the only thing to do now is paste boston college, after all this is the bowl game. the real crime this year is what whipple did to jacory. he has been as good as anyone in the country under jedd just look at the stats. a real nfl qb coach, you know morris will be the same.d line injuries killed us all year. next year look for porter, forston, chick at 275, vernon regis and another 4 deep, corners and depth at lb is where we need help. all knows that as 85 per cent of his recruits last year were d.aside from fsu our special teams coverage was great. lets get healthy, bigger and give him al the chance he deserves, remeber that there is only one champion every other team is a loser.

Golden has said he needs to get this program to the point where true freshmen get the chance to redshirt in order to grow, get stronger, and adapt to the college game. We need our upperclassmen to step up in the offseason workouts so we can accomplish that goal. Having some of the so-called studs that were looking to the NFL come back can only further that end. Also hoping Ojomo gets his extra year. There are notable exceptions like Chick and Perryman but let's be real. We are 2 classes away.

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