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Canes decide to skip bowl game, take some of impending NCAA punishment now

In hardly a surprise move, the University of Miami announced Sunday it will withhold its football team from bowl consideration this year in response to the ongoing NCAA inquiry into its program.

Shawn EichorstWith a record of 6-5 (3-4 in the ACC), the Canes became bowl eligible with Saturday’s win over South Florida and were likely headed to the Kraft Hunger Bowl, Independence Bowl or some other low-end bowl game.

Here is UM's official statement:

“We understand and share the disappointment that our student-athletes, coaches, staff, supporters and fans are feeling but after lengthy discussions among University leaders, athletic administrators and outside counsel, it is a necessary step for our University. The University of Miami has not self-imposed any other penalties.

"The team was informed of the decision earlier today and is in preparations for their final game of the season.

"As we stated in August, the University of Miami maintains the highest standards in our academic and athletic endeavors and we will remain steadfast in our commitment to building winning programs with the utmost of integrity. We will be more vigilant in our compliance efforts and continue to work cooperatively with the NCAA on the joint inquiry to determine the true facts.

"To continue to protect the integrity of the inquiry, the University will not comment further at this time.”

UM said the decision was made by athletic director Shawn Eichorst and president Donna Shalala and UM coach Al Golden was informed this afternoon as well as the rest of the team.

Golden obviously feels bad for his seniors, but understands it is the right thing to do.

Considering some of his seniors took impermissible gifts from former booster Nevin Shapiro, it's hard to argue their class pay for the mess being left behind once they're gone.

"I’m clearly disappointed," Golden said. "I believe it’s the right decision and I’m 100 percent behind the decision that was made. but we are disappointed. I think they will be resilient though and have a great attitude and move forward with intensity and prepare and play a great game on Friday."

"We know we are one step closer to putting these issues behind us," Golden said. "We can move forward and move the program forward."

Golden was asked about his own future at the program considering the potential sanctions at UM and the coach opening at his alma mater Penn State.

"I don't have any decisions to make," he said. "I am coaching the Miami program and moving forward. My family and I enjoy living here and we have a great group of kids on the team and I am excited about the direction we are going."

Eichorst assured the media he will do his best to make sure Golden remains the coach of UM for a long time. "I truly believe in my heart that I have one of the best football coaches in America and I plan on working side-by-side with him for a very long time," Eichorst said.

> Golden seemed encouraged by the MRI results of offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson on Sunday and has upgraded him to doubtful for Friday's game. "It doesn't look like it will be a surgery deal, which is great for the young man," Golden said.


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Denny Wood, are you stupid or what, do you even comprehend why we're not going to a bowl. That was done to reduce the sanction the NCAA will place on the program. That's what smart institution do. Look at USC that's what they did, look at OSU that's what they did. Look at any other institution that may have the hammer brought down by the NCAA that's what they do. And not play the BC game, MORE stupidity by you.

Nobody from LSU whined about beating Alabama 9-6. A W is a W. USF is a good football team with a very good defense.

Tell that to FSU, Clemson, Oregon, Ok State- they got the L.

And by the way- the timing is suspect. Why would UM announce this prior to the BC game? Are they that callous and stupid? What difference would it have made if they announced it now or after the BC game?

Posted by: Nevin Shapiro should watch his back | November 21, 2011 at 05:45 AM


Did U just compare the LSU-BAMA game to that Futbal snoozefest between Duh U- USF ?

Ur a fool...

And why would U self impose before the BC game ?

Easy, It was well known that a UM-Florida Bowl matchup was in the works and Miami saved themselves from the Embarrassment of having to turn it down or worse, playing and getting Ur teeth kicked in by the Gators... And U took Ur ball and went home.

Adios Canes, Sanctions loom next, Golden bolts and you'll be a sub %.500 team the next 5 years...

Hey Tubby....well known is Florida going to actually play in a bowl this year, are they even bowl eligible.

That's really an extraordinary statement. That's an extraordinary statement, as someone who lived through the dominance of the '80s and 2000s, that UM is canceling their bowl game because they're afraid to play the Gators. I don't think I've ever heard that before, and I've heard some pretty absurd explanations for UM canceling their bowl game. And I would ask that the internet troll withdraw that comment, and tell us that he didn't really mean that.

Golden Al can treat the team go a lobsta dinner in Boston to makeup for it.

Did you mention the Gatr Trash?


Here's all you need to know about UF's talent level: There was one NFL scout in the press box on Saturday, and he was there to scout a Furman player. That's right: NFL scouts are now coming to Gators home games to scout the other team.

Tubby you are such a moron that your attempt at a dig on UM, you are thinking Canes fans know UF dropped us of schedule and moved the 2011 game to 2013 so this will dif at us.

But by doing this you are acknowledging YOURSELF that UF dropped Miami

You guys are absolutely in the toilet, You havent beat a winning team all year. Muschamp sucks, an Weiss misses Skeeters big Biscuits

My bad Furman is 6-5, wow!!! thats it all year!! One win over a 500. plus team.

5 years of top 5 recruiting classes and coaching staff making MIllions. thats your return, lmao!!!

Agree with everyone that falling on one's sword is the best thing to do now. With respect to blame, I'd say 80% on admin (Shalala) and 20% on players who accepted Sharpiro's favors.

I was a grad student at Miami and got $400/month to cover rent, food and spending money. If some rich guy came by and said 'let's go out for dinner', I sure as hell would not have said no (even if I knew it might affect the $400/month I got) and if he paid for the tab after dinner, would I have tried to repay? Hell no. If he had offered to take me to a strip club and pay for strippers would I have gone? Hell yes! I had to make deciusion of whether I could afford to buy meat once a month, why the hell would I turn down free food and booze. The NCAA rules don't make sense and need to be changed so that the kids get enough to not get tempted by all this stuff.

Yeah, this idiot Tubby. "It was in the works."

Kind of like Urban, faking health issues to get out of that stinking cesspool of Trailerville, away from the most disgusting fanbase in the whole country, allegedly to spend more time with his family...errrrr....his ESPN family, so he could take a real job where there is no white trash.

That was "in the works."

Interesting and smart approach finally. The administration finally came around after that ridiculous deny-and-discredit campaign that went on all summer and early fall.

Showing contrition is the way to deal with the NCAA, hopefully it's not too late!

I agree, will the MEDIA stop asking the same question to coach Golden, "are you staying or going". You are the ones who push these coaches in to leaving. They to get tired in hearing the same thing over and over. They get to a point where the only way to stop hearing it is to move on. If you guys in the media do not know how to interview, then you should move on to some other job and let the professionals do the interviewing.

Inimounts. We hurt it by posting our thoughts. Hmmm. Interesting. Now you then mention money, seems we get our share of the ACC cut just by being bowl eligible. And we just got a year up on sanctions, what's your biatch.

How unfair to have a bowl ban, everyone looks forward to the cane tradition of an early December bowl game, not fair at all, it punishes the wrong party. Every potential opponent is now deprived of an easy bowl win. The guilty party is spared their annual whipping. Not fair.

The reason you sit out this bowl is to start the bowl ban while you aren't good. There will be a bowl ban from the allegations, it's almost guaranteed. So the question is, do you wanna miss a bowl when you are 7-5/6-6 or when you are 11-2 and possibly in the mix for a BCS bowl?
Look at USC this year. If they would have self imposed a year earlier instead of acting like they did nothing wrong, they'd be in the PAC-12 championship game playing for a BCS bowl. It sucks for the seniors that did nothing wrong, but the majority of the seniors were involved in the scandal. But if you hold off on starting sanctions, the ones who will end up penalized will be the ones who had nothing to do with it. The whole situation sucks, but it's too late to change anything. The best move is to accept responsibility, start your punishment and get through it as quick as possible. USC tried to thumb their nose at the NCAA by doing nothing and acting like they were above the system.....and they got hit harder than most thought, because of their arrogance.
The sooner we can get these sanctions and this investigation over with, the better for the team, the coaches, the school, the admin and the fans. Unfortunately, when a few screw up, the whole has to pay. I'd much rather see the NCAA come down harder on the guilty kids than on the team as a whole. But unfortunately thats not how it's done.

Guys I agree withe Canetillidie and Derrick..
Accept the Ban now and let's hit the recruiting trail..Responsibility is the key word and the NCAA has issued a statement saying that U of M has cooperated fully, and has done everything that has been asked of them..this ban should help close the book on future extreme sanctions.
As far as our O line goes.. I agree that it has the size but our agility is questionable to adapt quickly to what the defense is showing us... we need a way to utilize our size and also to work with Coach Swaze to build stamina and strength...In many games we looked winded and bedraggled..
On questions of Coach G it is almost rhetorical.. I suggest that he gives whoever asks the questions the same answer...pull a 3x5 out of his pocket and literally read the same answer every time..that will shut it up..'
What more do we want the guy to say..enough already...help us recruit some studs so we can enjoy our team not try to tear us apart...
Our Class coming in looks good and I know the process as Chick says is now being passed on to the new guys by Chick and his group...These guys WANT to win and Chick is enough Old school that they will listen and feel the link with the Legacy... Great article on Chick Manny..Coach G and the team groom them and grow em.The young 'Canes are on the way.2012 Watch out...
Go 'Canes

"U were offered to play the Gators and ... U quit"

"see U in 2013"

Posted by: Brodsky | November 20, 2011 at 11:31 PM

Psycho curse piggy has wins against Vandy and Fruman in his last six, and yet he claims we would have been afraid of the Gators? The world's most famous chickens, who NEVER leave the state unless the SEC forces them.

So, "Brodsky", please show us where any bowl offered a UM versus UF bowl matchup. You can't? That's right, NO bowls have offered. Gators remember their last two bowl matchups against the Canes, and are breathing a sigh of relief that they have until 2013 to face Miami again. Of course, they might still cancel that one, too. Their history of abject cowardice makes it likely, especially as Miami improves and the Gators continue their horrendous decline.

Funny thing is, even without a bowl game, Miami could end up with more wins than the Gators.

Your trailer is leaning to the left, time to roll over to even it out on the shocks.

I'm torn on this one fellas. I thought that repaying the measley amount in impermissible benefits and sitting out the games was punishment enough for this team. I also thought having the 15/16 extra practices with the young guys would be huge for the team.

But I also see the point of getting the punishment started now. But if most of the really bad stuff happened with previous coaches and ADs, then why punish this team so much in one season? There was about $4000 in benefits repaid and 40+ games missed across the suspended players. The bowl ban is just over the top.

And what if we still get a multi-year ban from NCAA? What have we gained?

Just have to wait and see and hope this move was the right decision.

But we played some tough teams this year. The landscape of CFB has changed. USF, UVA, KSU, MD and of course FSU all have guys that will play on Sundays--just like our guys. We couldn't say that 15yrs ago about USF, UVA, MD and KSU for the most part. Kids are going anywhere they can play and get a shot at the league.

So with no bowl to prep for, the coaches can do more digging on the players we're recruiting. Forget the star systems and go see for yourself. And put in an off season workout sched for the guys coming back.

Beat FSU and walk off the field with pride. Hell I'm checking flights now to see if I can make the game. What time is it anyway?


I meant beat BC of course, not FSU. My bad...

Let's see, these same coaches, AD, and players were thumbing their noses at the NCAA a few months back. And now that they officially 'suck' they want to start serving a penalty for a crime that, a few months ago, either didn't happen or was so insignificant it didn't qualify as one?!! Really?!

The NCAA is dumb, but not Sgt Schultz dumb!

We are the canes
We won't play in a bowl
It's over rated anyway
It's very cold in December
It may even snow, not to mention freezing rain
Don't you remember the shivering in Orlando
Very hard to play in those conditions
Let's wait til next year, like we always do
Maybe we can finish the season with a win this time
Would be the first time in a long time
The two thousand fans at Saturdays' game will celebrate the end of another mediocre season
We are the canes, this time we won't lose in December
Feels good already



Shalalalala should just accept it and step down. Her dismal will be evident sooner or later. Might as well take it now and leave with the little respect she has left.

Her time here has been tainted by this scandal and it won't go away until she does. As long as she is here people will continue to bring this up. There is no way on this earth that in her 10years working here that she only found out about this as of 2yrs ago. This has been going on for awhile. Shitpiro even screwed money from Barry Alvarez up in Wisconsin while she was there and then magically as soon as she took over down here, this guy shows up. He obviously figured that as long as he kept pumping money to her, no matter where she is at, he'll get full access to everything, including the field according to photo evidence of him standing next to the inflated Hurricanes Helmet.

I'll do her job at a fraction of her salary for which the remaining portion of the salary I will donate across all departments of the school evenly and yearly. Anyone that wants to make a donation will have a background check done. It doesn't cost much, seriously. Hell at least I know how to put my thumbs together to make the "U". At least I can spot someone who's shady and put a restraining order on anyone who is a negative influence on the program and school.

The Old Way worked. This hippie harvard of the south garbage never will. Shalalalalala and the titanic have a lot in common. They both thought that there were too big to fail. One already sank and the S.S. Shalalalalala has a big leak and is taking on water. God help us all.


Maybe if the NCAA shared the tons of money it makes from Bowl Games, TV Revenue and sales of merchandise, to name a few, the players would not have to reach out and take money from boosters. Maybe if the NCAA gave the players an allowance and some of the proceeds from apparel that has the players numbers on jerseys and give the kids some money. These kids get a free ride, but nothing pays for their livelihoods. They are not going to get jobs, which will only hurt them academically and in terms of playing (studying film and playbook). There is a lot that goes on in a college athletes mind and a small allowance will only help these kids from staying away from the vampire boosters who do not care about the program getting in trouble. If they cared than they, boosters, would not make offers of money, sneakers, cleats and other gifts. Maybe the NCAA needs to realize these kids do not come from neighborhoods where money management 101 classes are held on local blocks every other night. Wake up NCAA and share the wealth..they won't b/c they are just as greedy as the boosters giving student athletes money!

where we need help. all knows that as 85 per cent of his recruits last year were d.aside from

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/11/canes-decide-to-skip-bowl-game-take-impending-ncaa-punishment-now.html#ixzz1enJVPu8J

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