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Canes receive commitments from two in-state offensive stars

Al Golden and his coaching staff were busy bees this summer, landing a collection of 24 verbal, non-binding commitments before the start of the season.

Danny DillardAfter blowing out Duke Saturday, UM got back to work on the recruiting front Sunday, landing commitments from two in-state stars: Venice High running back Danny Dillard (6-2, 215) and Lakeland High receiver Ricquan Southward (6-2, 190). 

Dillard, who grew up in the Miami area before moving to Venice when he was 9, told his hometown newspaper the Sarasota Herald-Tribune Sunday he chose the Canes over offers from Kentucky, Marshall, Ohio, Pittsburgh and UCF. Dillard has gained 724 yards on 105 carries for a 6.9-yard-per-carry during seven games this season, battling through injuries throughout according to the Herald-Tribune. He also has scored 14 rushing touchdowns, five in just more than two quarters against Sarasota Booker, and one through the air with five catches for 50 yards. Last year, he rushed for 1,245 yards and 23 touchdowns.

Ricquan Southward, Photo by: Michael WilsonThe 6-foot-2, 215-pounder is ranked as the nation's No. 32 running back by Rivals.com and the No. 92 overall recruit in the state of Florida.

Southward, a first-year starter for Lakeland who attended Saturday's game against Duke, has over 700 yards receiving and 13 touchdown catches in eight games this season. He told Canesport.com Sunday night it's "a soft commitment."

"I'll still visit other colleges just to look around - I'm set up to see Ohio State [Nov.] 19th," Southward told Canesport. "I've never been up there. Right now that's only official I have set up."

The UM offer was Southward's third offer, joining Ohio State and Mississippi.

Here is highlight video on YouTube for Dillard.


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Regarding "Posted by: Cane4Life | November 07, 2011 at 08:38 PM"

Beautifully stated.

Wow, so it's "unwarranted" to criticize the defensive coordinator but calling players dumbasses who aren't capable of learning plays is necessary?

Posted by: Solar&ccFriend | November 07, 2011 at 11:21 AM

Love It!

Eucolptus. Spoken like a true academic. The final answer is yes. And players should not be held accountable why??

How does Baylor get a new stadium and we can't?


Because the players don't owe you anything.

The coordinators could be construed as accountable (if you even went to the games) since the fans indirectly contribute to their livelihood.

This running back is a bruiser. He was running through everybody and he has really good speed as well.

Can anyone confirm that FSU is favor to win by 9 points. If true, then I am surprize as I think it will be a lot closer. Yea, I know that are playing at home and have been playing well but 9 points!!


How ignorant eucolptus. What does a coach owe that players don't. Again players are not held responsible I your eyes why??


Thanks for the list of future players
for next year. We have some really strong
guys coming up to prominence.

To the new recruits, you won't be sorry for choosing the Canes. As our program ascends under Coach Golden, you will see a powerful crowd at Sunlife, while you attend a beautfiul and well respected university. And, your classes will not be monstrous crowds taught by some TA. You won't regret coming to UM!

Canes, take it to FSU this Saturday. Play fiercely and smart, and bring home that W!

Go Canes!

Guys, take a look at the list he has put together. Remember, hes redshirting a few top players(dallas crawford CB) and some DT's, forston is back for 2 more years due to med redshirt, and he has a ton of Defensive committs already, we have 26 now. By the way, before these 2 committs, Espn #7, Scout #6, and Rivals #11. Got to give goldie credit for bringing in alot of talent. 2 qb recruits, 1 in Dewey from Texas made the Elite 11 run by trent dilfer, we have morris and steeter and miller and the oline stars coming back.. Perryman replaces spence , ray ray prob coming back, dbs all coming back mostly, and we are looking good, NICE JOB AL

Herbieibis. Guys, stop with the stars . 4get it. Okla st. boise st. 2-3 star players on avg. UF, meyer had 5 or 6 straight top 5 classes with 5 stars and 4 stars. they lost 5 last yr, 4 so far now. Texas, mack brown gets 5 and 4 stars only every yr, they lost 7 last yr right, and had 2-3 losses this yr. Look at the Brown brothers who now play for KSt. Arthur couldnt beat out the current Lb's(who knows if it was shannon) and bryce brown is 3rd string at KSt. FORGET THE STARS-------AS LONG AS THEY ARE TALENTED, WE CAN WIN.

we currently have 4 or 5 DB committs, and Tom Luginbill on Espn said he moved Duke Johnson from their RB list to athlete list since he might play DB at Miami. So, besides the few redshirts we have at DB, we have 5 or more coming in as of now guys. RELAX. D is our problem, and he is loading up on DBs and LBS. We have ,when healthy, and forston coming back, alot of DTs coming back and 1-2 already committed. I am sure he will get 2 - 3 more. 2 qbs, rbs, top wr's, some Oline, and a ton of D. Great mix by goldie.

Anyone know why Leron Byrd seems to have fallen off the map. I know he caught 1-2 passes the other day, but didnt it seem like he was the next star? Him and Aldarius??

Whats nice is we have buchanan coming back to offset spence's loss, and perryman looks like a future star. Plus, Rapahel kirby and the Norland LB are going to be stars, Burgess a great LB. Golden is loading us up. as I mentioned, Dewey since he is the elite 11 guy probably redshirts. DOes he bring in a juco qb??? if morris goes down next yr, do you go to 2 True Freshman?? I dont think so. Thats why it sucked he missed out on Jacoby Brisset at UF. 1 of those guys might transfer from UF? Driskell was a top 10 espn player, so who sits for 4 yrs?

@ dbc

No worries. We'll handle fswho. EJ is susceptible to making a blunder if he gets pressure. Plus fswho Oline can't run block well at all so he'll be trying to pitch out that option play often. But if he does try to tuck it and run, Spence will be playing MLB and he'll pick it up. Our DB's need to stay off of their heels and they won't be caught sleeping. I have a big feeling that Vernon is gonna hurt EJ bad. hahahahaha sorry but it's true.


WE GOT THIS! U 31 fswho 17 (after missing another FG)


C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!

I already told you the distinction between coaches and players - coaches are paid and players are not.

The players aren't accountable to you, me, or any of the fans. They are only accountable to the university who's giving them a scholarship and their coaches.

And of course accountable to themselves and their own goals.

I don't have any problem with fans who critique particular players on performance or schemes or whatever, but for someone who doesn't even go to games to sit in judgement of the people who make the football program what it is rubs me the wrong way.

UM football has little to do with the university, little to do with the coaches, and NOTHING to do with the fans.

UM football is and always has been about the players.


We don't & didn't need Brissett. We have Dewey coming in , Williams reshirting & Crow coming in, all playing, to my knowledge in a pro-style system. With Morris back for 2 more years we are set at Qb, what we aren't set with are DT's, that are difference makers. Yes we have bodies coming back but none that have distinguished themselves & three of those guys Forston, Robinson & Porter can't get out of sick bay. That really leaves us with A true Nose guard, having to play tackle in Darius Smith, however that might not be a bad idea to switch to a 3-4 defense but if that really is the Golden ones choice we need to beef up the LB's another 20LBs.

No FIWho's or Gatr garbage in the last month.

Eucalyptus. Seems you may have forgotten to take your good sense pills today.
Do you really think the coaches being paid and players not is a difference??? The players are paid, how do you say scholarships and stipends??, maybe more than the coaches.
Players are accountable to whomever supports them. Donations, ticket sales, et al. Do you think the university gets money?? Football is a huge profit center.
What does going to games make a difference. One can only have an opinion if you sit in the seats?? If that's the case I have more time in the seats at U games than most. Guess you need to be quiet.
Football has little to do with the U. Right. Remember the profit center.
Coaches have little to do with the U. Are they employees or not.
Fans support, academics like you need to get real.

But shalalalala needs to go now.



Profit? Every penny of the money made from football goes into the athletic department, which runs at a loss and is subsidized by athletic fees.

They players are accountable to their team and their coaches and themselves, but they're not accountable to the fans and they're sure as hell not accountable to sh*tty fans like yourself who don't go to games.

have a feeling some big guys from up north will show up...Maybe a few from Penn State!!!!

Eudo, if this is indeed the real Eudo, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read from you that this University has not benefited from the football program. What do U think built alot of the buildings that support alot of the non athletic students.
Another thing do you have any idea how far the U brand is represented? You can go anywhere in this country even to South Bend Indiana and see someone with a Miami football sweatshirt or hat on. Just because a fan doesn't go to a game doesn't mean they are not just as passionate about this team as someone who does. The athletic program doesn't get all the money that this team produces. And players have an obligation to not only their coaches, but the fans as well whether in attendance every game or not as well as the former players that paved the way for this program. To say that football team has little to do with the University is as stupid a statement as any one of the millions that Cool Cat would make. The real Eudo is smarter than that.

Sounds like two two/three stars. Just what we need to get back to the top of college football. But I'll wait to see what the recruiting class grades out out after signing day. I think it will be a top 30 class but not higher than 20.

I hate this formate, you can't comment directly to a comment. So many here scream for a counter opinion.

Baylor gets a new stadium because they're a state school in a small town in Texas where the team is the only action in town and everyone wants it.

Eucolptus. And you know I don't go to games how?? And to say that shows your ignorance. Now if your not capable of handling yourself with decorum, get a bar of soap. Watch out or I'll get my fish friend Canetillidie meet you at the next game. He's easy to find he had a bald head and has called out several better than you on this blog.

Oh I can't comment on next season until this one is finished. I hate having to wait to be negative lol.

To the guy that asked, yes we are a 9 1/2 point dog this week. But remember Virginia was a 12 point dog to us. Anything can happen, it's not likely but we might upset them. It would save a disappointing season.

Either 3 or 4 points is home field advantage.

I didn't say the university didn't benefit or doesn't benefit from the football program.

The football program was supremely important financially in the past and the university wouldn't be what it is without the success of those teams.

The financial part truly doesn't matter anymore but even today UM would not have the national recognition it does and would not offer the collegiate experience it does if not for the football team.

But the football team is not representative of the actual university. The football team is an entity in and of itself, the team is "the U", not the university. And at it's core is and always has been the players. Not the university, not the coaches, and not the fans. In professional sports it can be said that the fans "make it all possible" because the fans are paying the talents' salary. The same can't be said anymore for UM's athlete-students.

And I don't think those players owe the university anything for the B.S. humanities degrees they're paid with. I don't think they owe anything to the alumni and donors who pay the tuition for their B.S. humanities degrees. I definitely don't think they owe anything to the fans for their support, which in this town is entirely conditional on the outcome of the games.

They are accountable only to the players who came before them, their coaches, and themselves.

As a fan, it's perfectly reasonable to talk about players strengths and weaknesses and about what the coaches should be doing.

But this entitled attitude that is so prevalent in UM's fanbase - that the players must meet our expectations and if they don't we have the right to judge their "heart" and whether or not they are "true hurricanes". The players represent "the U". Not us fans, not us alumni.

Itcdolphin - well initially I only noticed that you didn't go to the Duke game since you were posting here during it but now I see that you want to compare historical attendance and I can safely assume that you haven't been to a game in a coons age.

Hey Eudo, then what do you mean in your earlier post by saying that the football team has little to do with the University? I wouldn't be so sure that the football program doesn't help this University finacially either. All of its recognition comes from the football team. And as far as the U not being representative of the University then why is Shalaber and the "University" so quick to take the recognition of the U and throwing the U up with their hands. I agree the football team created the U as its own identity but the University benefits greatly from it. So to say that the University doesn't use it to represent themselves doesn't make any sense.
As far as their majors and degree's go those player choose those degrees to pursue and thats on them and yes they owe it to the University because without it they would have nothing. As far as fans go they do owe it to the fans and the former players to uphold the legacy of the greats before them. And this town my friend is no different than any other sports town in that fans will spill out for a winner and stay home for a loser. This is a pro town but owned by a college team. Let me ask U this are you going to continue buy a car from a dealership that has sold you 3 lemons in a row or are you going to look at a new place to buy the same brand of car from. I know what I'm going to do. Fans are passionate and care deeply for this football team and when we the fans do not see this great program getting what it needs we get pissed just like any other. It doesn't make them less a fan or care less, it just means they care more than to subject themselves to the mess we have had under Shannon and Coker. Everyone represents the U from the fans to the players to the coaches. I know I have chrome U license plates on all of my rides and wear and represent the U everyday in pride.

I guess that was a less articulate way of saying that the football team and "the U" as packaged and marketed by ESPN is an entity that many fans identify with completely independently of the university itself.

I don't like the whole "throwing up the U" thing in the first place, it's a knockoff gator chomp, which is a knockoff seminole chop - organically originated from the NFL player intros and the Hester chant but it turned into a lame bootleg tradition forced upon the incoming freshmen by the orientation guides. They also recommend that students call the Bank United Center the "Buc". The university uses that sh*t, no doubt, but it's fake as hell, exemplified by Shalala's commercial.

I'll tell you this - UM has a lot of very real fans, I consider myself one, my grandfather who was a Pan Am mechanic and an usher at the OB was one, crazy ass CANETILLIDIE is one.

But UM's local fanbase as a whole, is a perfect storm of suckiness. All the students go back up to the northeast after they graduate. Less than a quarter of UM's alumni stay in Florida. So the rest of the fanbase is made up of straight up Miamians, which are widely acknowledged across the country as the worst fans in the country. I'm a Heat, Dolphins, and UM season ticket holder and I can attest. If you think this town is no different than any other or that UM's fanbase is no different to any major football program you need to get to some away games.

Nobody chooses to be a sociology or criminology major, they're steered into it by the athletic department so they have the maximal amount of time to devote to football. Interesting article on that in the Washington Post, let the players major in football. BYU has a homemaking major for women, how is football any less legitimate?


Eudoci,us- You are a perfect storm of suckiness. You pontificate heere with your long-winded diatribes about how "sucky" Miami fans are. Well, I don't know if youhave left yuour comfy Ivory Tower of yet, but if youtravel to many small towns or ciommunities around south florida (east- up to fort pierce),(west-up to fort myers), there are a huge number of Cane fans. And many of them. No I will ay 99% of them cannot afford 30 dollar parking. That doesnt mean that The U does not have good fans. From the brand recognition standpoint, there are but a few that are even close to Miami's . Miami has done poorly at marketing the university but the football program stand alone and actually helps brand the University. Thatis a fact. No one said that the football team will attract the international studnet who wants to study in Coral gables, or the premed student from new york city. But as an overall brand, the football program has clearly put the university on the map and collective consciences of the nation since 1980.

But U football is way more than the university. Its the county's team. South Florida's team. The poor. The rich. The non alumni. The inner city blacks. the cubans. The west palm beachers. I even know some good ol country folk from central florida who looooove their canes. And all of us, non alumni (I've even contributed money to the University) are proud to wear the []_[]- even if sometimes we dont make itto games or are fair weather here and there.

Eucolptus. You have been told by others that you really have no concept of reality, especially about U football. The more you write the more uninformed you are.
You talk about entitlements. That is exactly the problem golden has been fighting since he arrived. Players felt the u owed them a position no matter how they played or what they did. Best example Andre Johnson and his mama. Good riddance.
Then you made an ignorant statement and an ass out of yourself. If I was on this during the Duke game you know I was not at the game how?? You are the one that said one has to be at the game to comment, foolish to say the least. Will say again if that is a criteria, you need to be quiet, there are several of us that have tenure on that one.
Then you insinuate that the U is a knockoff copycat something. Really?? That is a hoot. Knocking your own team.
You pan your own team, you contradict yourself when called out, and generally are out to lunch. Everyone has their own thoughts but yours are so opposed by many perhaps you should reconsider and rethink what you say. If not at least keep it to yourself instead of jamming this blog up.


Man you are really bad at communicating your points. First you say the school doesn't benefit from the football team because the financial aspect goes right to the athletic department. That's a wrong statement if I ever heard one. Guess all those new dorms and department buildings that popped up in the late 80's and well into the 90's just came from the pot of gold that Tad Foote found at the end of the rainbow in the pond on campus. Millions upon Millions of dollars over the course of years have been funneled into the school as a whole, all because of the football team which is a cash cow for this school. Pull your head out and smell the fresh air. If it wasn't for the team, the school most likely wouldn't been known by half of the country because we would still be sun tan U. This football team made this school what it is. And the school obviously doesn't have a problem riding its' coattails. Why else does shalalalalala put a halfass U up. The dam hobbit can't even do that right.

You keep mentioning about the money that the university is getting from jackson hospital but you forget about all of the politics that's going on there. Not all of us here only read the sports page. The university will be losing millions of dollars this year from jackson hospital and almost double that by next year due to the fact that jackson hospital has ran itself into the ground financially. Your petition that the hospital is the cash cow for the university is null and void at this point.

Literally every point you make has a counter point that destroys your initial one. Man just step up and say something positive for f&*k sake already.

For a Cane Fan (as "you" call yourself) you sure are a negative one.

Though I do appreciate the "crazy ass fan" remark. I'll take that as a compliment because I am a crazy ass fan. If we still had the OB, I would still be in the WEST END ZONE ready take on whatever idiot that passed by with another teams' jersey. But hey, that's just me. I've also never lost a fight in my life so I don't know what it's like to the loser.

Have a Great Morning Everybody, and remember....




Oh ya almost forgot....





are gonna have a field day against fswho!

Dam I can't wait!! If my wife wasn't pregnant I would be getting ready for the drive up.


Does anyone know……..
Does the NCAA investigate colleges that have the problems Penn State is now facing?
Does this fall under the area of “lack of institutional control, etc.?
Have other colleges had similar problems that have been investigated by the NCAA?
What could Penn State be facing in this situation from the NCAA?

@ M

Lets wait and see what Mark "I like to complain" May from espn has to say about this. Maybe he'll throw the Death Penalty at PSU now...We'll see.

I will say this though...

I feel pure sympathy for JoePa. He, IMO, has never done anything wrong in my eyes and shouldn't have to go out like this. He should be going out as a Champion IMO. He's a great coach who has the most wins in college history and sent lots of players into the NFL, and won 2 National Championships. It makes me sad that this would happen to a man like that. This is no way for a good man to go out. I hate penn state but I respect Joe Pa as I respect Bobby Bowden. Good men forced to leave what they love. Very very unfortunate.

I wish them well in whatever venture they take on from here.


M. So far I do not think anything that has come out that falls into the area the NCAA takes control. But that onion has many layers to be exposed yet.

Canetillidie. Agree great coach and a little past his time.
Will say though I have a real problem with his ethics. If it turns out he knew about this over the past decades or years and did not report it, there is a huge problem. Unlike Bowden he would have a huge black eye on his record.

@ ltcdolphin

I do agree with you there. If he did know about it then you're absolutely right. I have a problem believing that a man with his integrity would allow something like that to go on. This is my personal opinion of course. This is something that can go both ways..Either he knew or didn't know. I don't think he did based on his character that he has maintained for so long. I truly hope that he didn't know.

Talking about having a black eye on your record. That is exactly what shalalalala has for all the time she has been representing The U and allowed a 40yr old fast talking greaseball like shitpiro run around handing out checks without checking up on him and where the money was coming from. She will only be remembered for that incident and nothing more. Had she kept her eyes and ears open that would have never have happened. Hell I'll run The U at a fraction of her salary just to prove my point. The other side of that fraction of salary will be donated equally to all departments of the university yearly. There!

Imagine the possibilities of me running The U.

Madre Dios!!!!

Canetillidie agree that I hope jp did not know. Afraid it could go the other way though. Hope it does not.
You are so right about shalalalala. That picture of her grinning like a fool holding a 50k check she had no idea was coming and failed to check it out says it all. She all but ruined Wisconsin in her tenure there and she is doing a good job at the U, at least in sports.
Already excited about Saturday.

I'm counting down the mins till game time for saturday. If only my wife wasn't pregnant I would be there friday night!! I have some younger cousins attending school there so a spot is always saved for me. They were pissed when they heard I wasn't coming but understand that family is first. But for game time she doesn't bother me at all. Even pregnant she takes care of me, after the game it goes back to her of course, lol. But I get that time for myself and I'm good with that.






C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!!!!




How am I supposed to fit THE PAIN in my fiat?

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