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Could Norland LB Keith Brown end up back in UM's class? Plus, Golden visits Booker T.

Two weeks ago Miami Norland linebacker Keith Brown parted ways with the Hurricanes and joined Ron Zook's recruiting class at Illinois after the Fighting Illini agreed to give scholarships to both him and his brother.

Keith BrownNow that Zook has been fired, though, Brown's plans have been "thrown up in the air" according to Norland coach Daryle Heidelburg. So is there a chance Brown, a 6-2, 230-pound All-American inside linebacker, could end up back in UM's class alongside current Norland teammates Duke Johnson and Ereck Flowers

"It's definitely a possibility," Heidelburg said Tuesday night. "Miami was one of the schools that called me up today. They still want him. Even though he de-committed and went to Illinois, they have not lost interest. The kid is a good player and wherever he goes he's going to be an impact player."

According to Heidelburg, Brown is declining interviews because he wants to concentrate on football. The Vikings (12-0) will take on Belle Glades Glades Central (12-0) on Friday in the Region 3-5A final.

But it's clear the future of his brother, fellow Norland linebacker Lamar Atkins, is weighing heavily in his decision. Brown told Rivals.com on Nov. 20 a major reason he switched his commitment to Illinois was because they were also willing to take his brother. "I could have gone to a bunch of places that offered both of us. But Illinois was clearly the best decision for both of us," Brown told Rivals.

Atkins (6-0, 225) isn't rated by Rivals or considered by anyone to be a major prospect. Although the Canes like Brown, UM apparently wasn't willing to go for the 2-for-1 special. Could that change? It's hard to tell at this point. But if you take Heidelburg at his word, it's clear UM still has interest and would love to have the services of Brown, who is considered by Rivals to be the 4th best inside linebacker in the country.

Brown, who plans to enroll at a school in December, could end up sticking with Illinois. But it's more likely he will switch to a school willing to take both him and his brother. Heidelburg said Ohio State, South Florida and Florida all called him Tuesday expressing interest in Brown.

"Right now he's just going to take his time," Heidelburg said. "He has two visits left. The fact Al Golden got an extension is good for Miami. He wanted to make sure the guy wasn't going to Penn State or nothing like that.

"My job as far as his high school coach is done. It's up to him to decide what's best for him. I'm pretty sure he's going to sit down with his parents and decide what is best for his household. As his head coach, I'm going to support him no matter what he decides."

Heidelburg said Johnson, considered one of the nation's premier running backs, and Flowers, a 6-6, 325-pound offensive tackle remain committed to UM. "They're locked in," Heidelburg said. "There's no changes with that."


Former University of Miami special assistant Tim "Ice" Harris got a visit from current Canes coach Al Golden Tuesday as his team prepared for its Class 4A state semifinal showdown against Cocoa.

Harris, the father of former Canes cornerback Brandon Harris and UM track star Tim Harris Jr., said Golden stopped by to wish his team luck and to check out some of the Tornadoes talented underclassmen. Among them: Ice Harris' youngest son, sophomore quarterback Treon Harris (5-11, 185).

"Golden watched Treon throw a couple passes and was pretty impressed," Ice Harris said. "He likes a lot of our young guys. I'm pretty sure UM is going to be down here a lot over the next couple years."

The Tornadoes have two of the top juniors in the state in offensive tackle Denver Kirkland (6-4, 300) and middle linebacker Matthew Thomas (6-4, 210). The sophomore class is loaded and led by Harris (80 of 134, 1,262 yards, 14 TDs, 5 INTs, 94 rushes, 811 yards, 17 TDs) and 5-9, 165-pound receiver Lamar Parker (22 rec., 329 yards, 5 TDs).

As for Ice, who returned to Booker T. after Randy Shannon was fired and Golden took over, he said he was shocked when Yahoo! Sports released its series of allegations that players at UM received impermissible gifts from former booster Nevin Shapiro.

Brandon Harris, a second round pick of the Houston Texans in April, was never implicated by Yahoo! in its investigation.

"I'm not sure where my head must have been at when that was going on, but I never saw that guy [Shapiro] and I never heard about any of that stuff they said he was doing," Harris said. "Brandon was never around any of that. He knew the rules. When he went out he wouldn't take pictures or accept anything from anybody he didn't know. If somebody strange came around, he would just leave."

> UM announced Tuesday spring football is tentatively scheduled to begin March 1. The spring game is also tentatively set for April 14.

> Clemson receiver Sammy Watkins (South Fort Myers High) was named the ACC's Rookie of the Year on Tuesday. UM defensive end Anthony Chickillo finished third in the voting. Virginia coach Mike London was named ACC Coach of the Year. The ACC will announce its overall, offensive and defensive players of the year Wednesday.

> On Monday, the All-ACC First and Second Teams were announced. UM linebacker Sean Spence was the only Hurricane to make first team. Running back Lamar Miller and center Tyler Horn were named to the second team.


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1st. Golden is back to work on the recruiting trail and he better shore up the relationships because I bet a lot of calls are hitting Florida from Columbus. Go Canes can't wait until 2012.

i hope the kid switch back to the u. we can can use him. he'll definately get playing time if he hop on board.trust me this time of year in illonis u can't feel ur fingers toes and have to deal with the snow and terrible weather. plus zook sucks as a coach. good to see coach golden going to the local schools and not hold grudges like the previous staff.

If I was Golden I would take Brown AND his brother. I would let his brother know of the opportunity he was getting and push him to exceed.

The weather in Illinois and Ohio this time of year is just like Miami Hurricanes fans: TURRIBLE!

@Joe I agree. If i'm Golden, I'm at least thinking about if its worth taking his brother. We know what Keith can do, but aside from evaluating Atkins you would also have to worry about him qualifying. Rumor is that what was making it so hard for them to find decent programs that would take them both, was Lamar's grades/scores.

On the other side that would make 7 LB's. And that would take an extra scholarship away from another possible position of need(War Daddy DT's).

Skreetz be frauding again:

At 6:19 this tweet went out:

nfldraftscout (@nfldraftscout) 11/29/11 6:19 PM
Looks like Miami (FL) RB Lamar Miller (rs-Soph) will also be entering 2012 NFL draft. He's my #9 overall player

At 8:28pm the great fraud Soup, or skreetz, posted this:


1. I dont see any reason for Lamar coming back next year. To many goons here blastin me for saying that. The little things he needs work on can be perfected at the next level. If I was asked, which I wont be but I would tell him to head to NFLU.

BUSTED AGAIN, Soup. Really pathetic. You are insulting the intelligence of your five readers.

Once you start making deals or concessions; then where does it stop? It is what it is; he's a better player than his brother. He can't carry him forever nor can the U afford to throw a scholarship away either.

Agree with DAa U. But UM needs linebackers. 6 foot 225 aint bad size.

LM6 second team ACC? Proof he has no biz thinking NFL.

Um basketball team s-ks just like the baseball team will. I called for Morris to be fired last year. Bunch of underachievers including him.

No no no on the 2 for 1 deal.

Mullen to Penn. State ...

U startn to realize just how thin U are ?

answer that Al, ... in 15 months

What? Wow! Must be an undergrad at UF hu?

if he doesn't want to come to the U for what ever reasons its best to not waste time on him.

Mullen to Penn. State ...

U startn to realize just how thin U are ?

answer that Al, ... in 15 months

Posted by: U are exactly what ... U | November 30, 2011 at 07:42 AM

Nobody has ever accused YOU of being thin, Curse Piggy. After spending over a year saying we were going to lose Al to Penn State, looks like you were wrong again, troll.

Lamar Miller didn't even make the ACC first Team.
He is NOT ready for the NFL. One more season and he could be the first player taken. This is the very reason that the Alabama RB came back for his senior year...to help his team mates and get more experience..

More defections from the stinking rat trap that is Trailerville.

Let's bring Lynden Trail home and turn him into a superstar. That 3rd rate carnival at UFailure is a joke.

Of course the draft scouts are going to tell LM6 that he is a 1st rounder, the more kids they can get to believe that and declare the more they have to choose from on draft day. With the new CBA the first round payout isnt what it used to be anyway, not to mention that he just isnt ready for the physical toll of the league yet. BHarris was told he was a 1st rounder and that didnt work out too good for him, he cant even get on the field in Houston and definitely could of used another year in Coral Gables.

Do y'all really think that every 1st rd pick were All Conference selections? I'm guessing Al is telling him to come back for other reasons, not due to some your posters silly a&& notion.. lol

I don't like the 2 for 1 deal. I say no, but if the coaching staff belieivs its worth it then I support it. I give Brown credit for trying to uplift his brother. Its not just about football he is trying to get him into a good school on a scholarship. I can respect that and if I were in his position I would have done the same.

Miller should ask coach Barrow about former Homestead High and Canes RB Alex Johnson. He had blinding speed too.

What Mr. Brown is doing is something that academics do all the time, it's very common for a great researcher to wind up at the institution that also offers a full tenured position for their spouse.

I wouldn't have a problem with UM offering a scholarship to a player they don't really want based on skill or fit or whatever but if the kid can't play then it would be sending the wrong message to the rest of the team in terms of special treatment, etc.

If the brother's respectable, make an offer, otherwise keep looking.

You don't need Brown or his brother Golden. Let them go. Does the U have to stoop so low as to give a scholarship to a player that doesn't deserve one just because his brother is good. Give me a break! What's with this name BROWN, seems like it doesen't come without baggage. Call Kansas St., they may need your services more than Miami

The weather in Illinois and Ohio this time of year is just like Miami Hurricanes fans: TURRIBLE!
Posted by: LordLewis | November 30, 2011 at 12:41 AM

Yeah but the nice and beautiful weather in Miami is the complete opposite of the fans of Illinois and Ohio: RUDE AND HIDEOUS!

Let's see, what's it called when one person try's to sell another person for some kind of benefit? Oh yeah, I remember...PIMP!!!!

Congratulations to the Canes who received ACC accolades. While Lamar Miller made some fine plays this year, he is not NFL ready. He does not run hard and hit the holes like a Trent Richardson or dozens of other running backs. He should stay at the U, get stronger and, if he wishes, test the waters again. Would like to see him finish his senior year. In fact, I wish the NFL would evaporate until every kid finished his senior year. But, whachoo gonna do?

Good to see Coach Golden strengthening connections with area coaches. Hope Keith takes another look at UM...
Proud to be a Cane!

Golden get the 2 for 1 special. Get Brown and his brother. His brother might be a key part that we need. There both linebackers, so why not? We need depth in that dept along with the secondary. We need more CB's,FS's,SS's. Stay on their trails Golden.

2014 class will be loaded...! Emon Lane, Joe Yearby, Dalvin Cooke, Lamarr Parker, Treon Harris, Sony Michael and much much More!

Don't agree with the 2 for 1 deal. Just sends the wrong message and takes a scholly from a kid that may be better. If the brother didn't perform well in one of the camps I wouldn't pull the trigger. If the grades aren't compliant, it's moot anyway.

No 2 for one deals, unless there 4 stars or higher and then its a no brainer anyway. Who do these kids think they are.

this recruiting class is looking good, but we need a few more 6'2 250 type kids to stack the LB position. I like what we are doing at the WR and OL positions, but RB needs some help.

Miami may face a serious reduction in future scholarships because of the current NCAA investigation. They cannot afford to use two scholarships for only one quality player. Besides, wouldn't you think the brother would want to go to a school where he could be a starter. Like FAU or UCF?

Excellent point by Rory, it likely won't be worth it to give a scholarship to a scout player just to get a great linebacker.

UM will lose scholarships, that's considered a lesser penalty than the bowl bans.

Al Golden will need to use every one of the scholarships that are left on players who will play.

Let's see, what's it called when one person try's to sell another person for some kind of benefit? Oh yeah, I remember...PIMP!!!!

Posted by: Bob | November 30, 2011 at 11:46 AM

Kind of like Al Golden's Agent huh ?

Forget the Browns. He ain't no real Cane, if so he wouldn't even decommitted. So what u want ur brother to come along with you and I truly understand that but ur brother isn't good enough. With that said I do mean he might be good enough but not on this level that TheU is trying to play.

Lamar Miller you ain't ready brother. Look a Trent he did say in the Huntsville Times and Birmingham News newspaper he is comin back for his senior year. Maybe maybe not but he said it last week. My point is Trent is better than you and he returned for his junior year and got better. You can do the same now that you have a coach that knows what it takes to be successful.

Now hiring, Accepting applications, Help Wanted. All Defensive Positions. Calling all high school seniors

this is OUR backyard..

Everyone saying Lamar Miller isn't ready is missing the point.

It doesn't matter what his skill level is, it matters where he'll be drafted. He plays the position with the shortest lifespan in all of football. Why should he waste a year of his prime getting better in college when he could spend that year being paid and getting better in the pros?

His first contract will give him 4-5 years to prove he's an elite NFL back worthy of a huge contract, it would be foolish of him to stay just to be drafted a few spots higher with a negligible difference in pay.

He's gone. Can't wait to see him on Sundays, can't wait to see Clements carry the load next season.

Draft position is determined by a player's skill set. That said, you make a fair point.
Still hope Lamar returns to get stronger so that his prospects improve.

All I know is that if I were a Defensive Back, Linebacker or Defensive Linemen I would definitely have THE U at the top my list, come in work hard, start as a Freshman, FSU, two #1 recruiting classes and they are regressing, UF, like five #1 recruiting classes, where are they at? 8-4 and 6-6, not too much ground for the THE U to make up. It took Butch David 3 to 4 years to make THE U dominant, I expect THE U to be on top in 2 years time.


Thee Ohio State Unniversity may have Meyer but really what else do they offer? Yeah, you can go play football in the ground pound Big Ten, and wade up to your arse in snow every winter. Ever drive in the stuff? Not something a 305 kid would do well believe me. Oh, by the way its COLD there as well. Meyer will be okay until he mentally breaks down again. He is yeaterday's news. The Golden Era has just started and this guy will have the same success and more of Jimmy Johnson. Brown has to realize that expecting schools to give his unranked brother an undeserved schollie is nothing short of a purchase for his talents. I glad Golden said no deal. Perhaps his brother should try FIU.

I truly believe that Golden was one good QB from competing in the ACC Championship. He has three coming in this class plus a transfer. One of them should pan out to be the next great QB. If I were a highly ranked prep QB I would be all over Miami as they have the skill positions filled. The O-Line is going to be darn good over the next few years as well. Miami could make a prep QB realize some Sunday dreams.

When is last time you heard about UMShowin love to HS jrs wich they feed the info to Miami Herald and its in print.
These 305, and 954 kids will stay home.
Hey if Browns brother can catch, at 6' 225 lbs easy switch from LB to FB. Add 10lbs easy.

THE-U-BUILD THEM,THEY WILL COMEwill,b fineif brown,and his brother what a bound they have, amazing story.brown THE-U.HISBROTHER.FIU.ONLYA FEW MILESAWAY.psKEEP IT CLOSE-4-EVER-PEACE.

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