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Did swapping QBs hurt UM's offensive rhythm? Byrd appears OK

TALLAHASSEE -- For much of the first half Saturday, Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris swapped in and out for each other at quarterback for the Hurricanes.

While the first half results in terms of offensive output weren't necessarily bad -- they combined to go 13 of 18 for 136 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT and ran the ball five times for three yards -- the results weren't exactly stellar for the Canes offense.

UM only managed to put up seven points -- on a 2-yard Harris to Clive Walford touchdown pass. And Harris, who had thrown just one interception over his previous six games, was easily picked off in the end zone by Florida State's Lamarcus Joyner right after replacing Morris, who lost six yards on a poorly executed option read the play prior.

Did the in-and-out rotation of quarterbacks hurt UM's offensive rhythm? Harris didn't necessarily think so.

"Coach put some plays in for him and he gets in and runs them," Harris said. "[As for the INT] I had a little pressure, but I shouldn't have even went there. If I was going to go there, I should have threw it out the back of the end zone to let [Tommy] Streeter get a play. They were running quarters and he sat flat. I should have gone to the flat. That's on me. I blame it on me."

Said center Tyler Horn of the dual-QB system: "In practice, that's how it is in practice. Stephen goes in for a package and Jacory comes in and throws a touchdown pass. It's just part of it. In my opinion if we might have blocked it better, Jacory might have had time to throw it on point. Put that [INT] on us."

Morris only took one snap in the second half, on a trick play where he ran in from the receiver position and tried to unsuccessfully to dive into the end zone on a sneak near the end zone.


Receiver LaRon Byrd took such a vicious hit from Florida State linebacker Nigel Bradham late in the fourth quarter some of his teammates got on one knee and began to pray.

Luckily for Byrd, hit he took didn't appear to cause serious injury. After laying on the ground for several moments motionless, Byrd got up and jogged to the sideline.

"I' saw him on the sidelines after that. He was LaRon. He said nothing happened to him, it just knocked the wind out of him," Harris said. "But that was a big hit. It scared the heck out of me. Had to pray for a second."

Receiver Tommy Streeter might be less fortunate. He hobbled off the field with 3:03 to play after diving into the FSU sideline to make a catch. On the sideline, Streeter had his left foot examined by UM's trainers and winced in pain as they pressed down on it. His status moving forward is uncertain.

> Senior Marcus Robinson, who started at strongside linebacker with Jordan Futch out Saturday, left the game with 10:10 to play in the third quarter with an apparent knee injury and didn't return.


Running back Lamar Miller moved past Edgerrin James and Daynell Ferguson and into fifth place in UM's single season yardage list Saturday. Miller ran for 92 yards on 22 carries and now has 1,108 yards on the season.

He also fumbled twice Saturday, the first time he's actually fumbled all season. UM, which came in having fumbled six times (four were lost), fumbled three times and lost two of them.

"They weren't making big hits. I was just getting careless with the ball a little bit," Miller said.


UM was flagged nine times for 55 yards Saturday. Five penalties were false starts. Right tackle Jonathan Feliciano, who started and saw his first action in two games, was flagged twice. Fullback Maurice Hagens and tight ends Dyron Dye and Walford were the other guilty parties.

"We practice with [noise] all week, have the speakers out there. But it's nothing like being on the five yard line [facing] the student section at Florida State. You know what can try to reproduce those decibles," Horn said. "At the end of the day you have to watch the football, get used to it if you're going to play college football. That's how it is everywhere."


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Hard game to stomach - FSU was there for the taking and UM couldn't get it done. The D played well enough for a win, but the offense and special teams did not.

I thought the drive Jacory ended up throwing the pick in the endzone they were swapping QBs too often. I like the idea of giving Morris reps but Coach Fisch needs to be smarter and manage that better. I like Fisch but that was a bit much. Also, what's up with making Morris run so often? The dude has a gun so let him use it.

I thought Miller ran soft today. It looked like he wanted no part of the physical game that FSU was bringing. But he wasn't the only one, the Canes in general played soft today. FSU was by far the more physical team and that was very frustrating to watch.

Can anyone tell me why Feliciano wasnt pulled immediately after all those false starts. Not to mention he was getting worked by Jenkins. I know B. Wash was as well, but at least he knew the snap count. And why dont the LB's know where to line up? It seemed like every play Spence had to yell, grab and physical put them in the right spot. That was pititiful.

And finally can we just replace VT already and let Rodgers, AJ, and Swasey get more reps. He and Ray Ray are by far the worse at reading defenses, but at least Ray Ray, if he would have played can tackle somewhat. VT wiffs on almost every tackle and so does Jimmy Gaines, leaving Spence and Jo Jo to literally have to ran from one side of the field to the other every play. I wonder how those guys play as many consecutive snaps as they do.

We played like crap and they only won by 4 stupid points. Dammit man just dammit. Our defense looked pretty good, but offense just shot themselves in the foot. We should have tried to go deep with Morris. The refs made the game weird. This was a weird game to watch. Now the rest of the schedule kinda doesn't feel as important anymore. I know that we need to win the rest of our games so we can get into some cheap bowl that we'll self-ban ourselves from.

We gave them the game. Such stupid mistakes.

No, turnovers and penalties

U comng to Tampa ?


Weird says it. Odd twists and turns in this game, terrible officiating and even an insult from one of the announcers who said "Golden would be a great fit" for Pedophile U.

Our offense looked asleep in the third quarter.

We could have won the game with a few breaks, a few plays made, 2 less turnovers, etc. etc.

We are 5 and 5, and will hopefully win the last two games.

Depressing day...Up and down Canes, year after year!

Harris throws too many balls late. He is trying to wait until they are WIDE OPEN. He misses too many throws because of this.

Just when our defense plays decent our offense dosent show up. But I must admit the qb swapping was stupid didnt understand it.He is the coach but Golden has been coaching long enough to know it throws off the rhythm.

I AM NOT SHOCK BY THIS SEASON. LOOK AT SOME OF THESE GUYS TWITTER, THEY CARE MORE ABOUT BEING FRIENDLY THAN PLAYING FOOTBALL. Jimmy Johnson said this "You have to hate to lose more than you want to win." A lot of Randy's guys just want to belong to a team.

There have been some distinct SAD moments in post 1992 UM History, this might be the last straw...

1993 - UM loses at WV in the snow, no longer the best team in our weak conference

1995 - UM gets blown out by FSU, starts 1-3, UM not as talented as FSU anymore

1997 - UM gets REALLY blown out by FSU, rivalry no longer competitive

2005 - UM gets blown out by LSU in Peach Bowl, no longer the team of the early 2000's

2007 - Virginia blows us out in the Orange Bowl, new coach not the answer

2010 - South Florida beats UM in Miami, UM no longer the 3rd best team in Florida

2011 - Today's game, new coach might not be the answer, it has been nearly a decade and we might have to get used to the fact that unlike the Buth Davis era, there won't be a resurgence.

MIDNIGHT RIDER. I think it has more to do with too many guys not working hard enough some of them just have entitlement problems too many want to be Ray Lewis,Sean Taylor and not put in the hard work like they did.but Shannon is not here so i cant blame him if players are too nice but u can say Randy did not coach these players correctly and thats on his part and it shows up on the field.Thats just my opinion but Golden has to take blame for the qb swapping.

YES YES YES!!! That qb swapping is BS. I can see it for one or two plays a half but in the first quarter it was happening every other play. It was throwing the timing off and twice it put us in long yardage. It wasn't the only reason but it disrupted the rhythm. The penalties and TOs were a killer. Another game we could have won and didnt. The only positive is we didn't lose like last year and last years team was better. We fought til the end and coulda shoulda woulda won if we didn't shoot ourself in the foot. Let's beat USF and get a bowl bid so we can forfeit it. That is actually very important to accomplish. If we can get one bowl ban out of the way we will be set up well in terms of sanctions.

U just got tenderized ...

see U in Tampa


Beat B.C. ?

shoUlda been ...

Tuberville is available ... again

U have a nice 12 month Vacation in the Gables with the kids Mrs. Golden ?

As a Hurricane fan, I remain cautiously optimistic. While we have come up short more times that I would have liked this year, our team fights. There's no 'give up' in this team, and that's a reflection of Al Golden. However, if I am an FSU fan, I'm happy with the win, but worried about the future. Your team was outgained by UM, possessed the ball for a shorter period of time, and committed more penalties than Miami. FSU was ranked in the top 10 at the beginning of the season, in theory has better talent than Miami (based on recruiting class rankings), and yet it took a serious dose of luck for you to win today. I truly hope Coach Golden stays in Miami and sticks it to you for the next 5 to 10 years...

Nice catch Hurns ...

2 point play too ...

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!!! This is one stupidass team. If they could ever learn to stop killing themselves, they would be halfway decent.

As for the QB shuffling, I did not like that at all. If you want to give Morris some snaps, fine. I think he should get prepared for next year to be the starter. BUT, give him a whole series. None of this, a play here, a play there BS.

Wrecks the timing IMO.

Also, extremely poor clock management by Golden, to only have one TO left in the 4th qtr, when you need a comeback.

I thought we have solved those problems when the old corch left.

You had to see this loss due to sloppy play coming. The entire U nation spent the week waiting to see if Golden was leaving us for Pedophile State. Even though Golden tried to disarm the rumor the media played it up all week and ensured that doubt was in the back of everyone's mind. As for officiating, come on, as a Cane fan we all know we will always get treated as if we are the U of the 80's. So our guys have to execute that much better. Pay Golden to stay, this team is better because of him. Kick Ree-Ree Armtackle off the team. He is the self consumed punk Golden has cited as this teams weakness all year.

It took years of Coker and Shannon to destroy this
team, just like Erickson ran us into the ground in the 90s a good coach like Davis and Golden will bring us back. Another thing is South Florida kids are not as hungry. Since the emergence of the 80s teams all the media have focused on South Florida football. The kids now dont have to fight for recognition as Irvin and Bratton did. There lies our entitlement issues.

Oh and by the way. the other day I read some punk write about how we soldiers go off to fake wars and kill innocent women and children. If u had a clue u would know that we train and do everything to avoid that. the kids in iraq and afghanistan follow us around for hours because we always are nice to them and give them candy and toys. your are probably like so many anti military punks that call us "baby killers" because you hate the fact that we have the balls to go to war for this country and your spineless ass just sits home talking crap. give me your address punk and as soon as I get back to the states we can chat!!

Another free ride for Golden and his staff...10 games into the season and still can't get it done. Sloop play on offense and special teams - just like when RS was coaching. I guess this is still RS's team.

no doubt..midnight rider hit it right on the head..this team got bullied,pushed around and intimidated all day long..they actually looked scared...i get chills when i write this,scared..a miami hurricane football team,scared...jerome brown must be spinning in his grave.it's embarrassing..this program used to win games before they stepped on the field cause teams were "scared"...after the second roughing of jh somebody should have pounced on that frosh dl,but instead they just stood around looking "scared"...i'm lost for words..

Yes the switching threw us out of rhythm.

Use SM17 to throw play action deep or quick slants with his elite arm.

FSU scored 1 offensive TD. We scored 3. Without the punt return and our mistakes, the score is still 19-16 UM wins.

Golden era I want to believe in you, but I leave each week feeling unsure.


Way to keep fighting guys! We still had our chances to win. At least you fought till the end.

Team did not play scared. They just weren't forceful enough on offense.

Plays took to long to be called and too long to snap the ball.

I like the speed at which Oregon calls plays and snaps the ball. Keep the pro-style offense but speed it up to throw off the D.

Hopefully SM17 is smart enough to make the reads at the line and execute for us next year.

We out played them, but lost the game because we shot ourselves in the foot one too many times.

For the record, I like coach Golden and wish he stays. God forbid he goes to PSU then we better get coach Butch Davis back ASAP. If we don't get Butch Davis back here then I won't forgive the UM staff for two reasons. 1.) Not being transparent when hiring Golden. 2.) Not hiring Davis who was not charged with anything by the NCAA if Golden leaves.

Golden once again was out coached..Why is he swapping QBs when JH is one of the top QBs in the conference?...Please go to Penn St Al..just go!!

This is why we are not elite: our coaching. Did u hear chip Kelly? The way he talks? They are having an amazing season, like last year, but his quote was basically one loss is bad enough, but two and ur done. He wasn't talking just about PAC and national champ implications, he was talking about his and his teams overall mentalities! I would kill for a coach that talked like that and not the usual 'one game at a time' bull 'in' this golden era.

Just stick with Morris! Morris should have the starting QB the entire season.. I have no idea what Golden and anyone else sees in Harris..

Jacorry Harris has to lead in one category at UM: Most red zone / endzone/drive killing ints of all time. I can't stand this. I can't wait till he is out of the gables. With or without Golden. with the exception of 2-3 games in his career ('08 Duke, UVa, '09 FSU)he has made me cringe everytime we have a nice drive because I know he will destroy it with an int. 8+ minute drive at Doak and he throws an int? Seriously? He actually threw one more but got hit late (thankfully). Can't wait till he and the Miami NW low-IQ geniuses are OUTTA HERE!

Benjamin: HAs anyone since Pop Warner ever told you not to try to grab a bouncing football? And did you see how Reid runs? Thats running back punts and KOS. You run like youre scared to get hit. Oh HEster where art thou?

Hurns, son, you can't make it anywhwere if you drop balls like that. You dropped 2 key balls.

lamar- I know you have >1000 yds and all, but wtach Oregon and look at how you actually wait till a hole opens and then you take it.

This team is composed of low IQ entitled players. We need to clean house. And soft. Don't know why Spencer Whipple has a scholie. Please someone explain that to me.

With our without Golden, the entire mindset of this program must change. I give Golden a pass this year- first year and all. I don't want to hear anything about the administrtation NOt playing in a bowl if we qualify. this team needs as many reps as possible.

Harris is a senior, give him the starting gig. And wait next year, that just how it is.

This was the problem: "Morris, who lost six yards on a poorly executed option read the play prior".

While Stephen does have mobility, He is NOT a zone read QB, and additionally, Miller is not a zone read back. Why threaten such a minimal portion of the field with zone read, when you can threaten a BIGGER portion of the field with His arm, IDK, just doesn't make sense to me.

This coaching staff in its entirety sucks. It's not possible but leave Fisch and let golden go. They are clueless. Please dont tell me about how sorry this team is that randy left when we have been in position to win the five games we lost. If we had a good coach we could be undefeated or 9 and one right now. Same penalties and more stupid coaching decisions. At vt we are playing in a hostile environment against one of the best special teams coaches in NCAA and instead of getting points u run a fake fg stupid. He doesn't know how to win games and that is apparent from his losing record at temple. Fans talk about RS but this dude is no better.

The QB switching was dumb, and is rarely seen in major college football.

It reminded me of the fake field goal on the first series against VT. You knmow, have a good drive on the road and then call Whipple (!) on a running fake, especially when the D ends have been penetrating your backfield.

It ain't backyard football, coaches.

Jacory is doing a great job and ahould always be in the game unless unable to go. Period.

Now, we will see if the Canes have any soul after losing to S. Fla last year. Will they go into Tampa and trash those guys? Let's see some character and fire in that game, and the next! No dumb coaching moves, please!

by the way, you folks are the real heroes out there. this is a football game and not a matter of life and death.
thank you for serving our country!

i'm just not sure i see a different team on that field with Golden on the sideline and not Shannon... if Shannon were still here we would be crucifying him for that pathetic display of discipline yesterday... i just don't feel Golden should a get a free pass on that... if Ped St is where he wants to be then good riddance... there is a guy down the street that doesn't have to 'act' like he is a Cane... there is a guy that built something from NOTHING as opposed to nothing from something... not saying that he would take the job... not saying there is even a job to take... just saying... i hear Ped St calling you Al...

I don't really have a problem with the QB switching because it does keep a defense guessing. The problem was the timing of the switches hurt us some. Personally I think it would be best to let Morris come in and run a series in the 2nd and maybe 3rd qtr to get him in the flow of the game. The biggest problem I see as Midnight Rider eluded to was our strength and conditioning. Man our LB's look like WR's and Safetys with big numbers being the only difference. That hit Bradham put on Byrd is how we used to hit and we were lucky because that was a clean hit. If Swasseys the problem then get somebody else. Other than that for all the bonehead plays we made we still were an onside kick away from possibly winning the game.
Tally if you want to see the dumbest coaching staff ever just pop in a highlight real of last years staff led by Shannon. We got blowed out at home last year by this team by more than 25 points and this year we only lost by 4 in their house. Say what U want about Golden but for as bad as we played that was progress. At least they didn't quit this year unlike they did last year.

Fisch over thought this one. Their were no advantages to swapping in Morris for Jacory, I spent the whole game saying if you have two quaterbacks you have none. If you track most of the negative palys that don't involve feleciano starting early you will find it came right after the qb switch. It's one thing to have a package that you will roll out in certain areas of the field or in certain situations but what they did was smack offensive rythm and continuity. You over thought it coach i put this one on you.

to dbc
thanks for the respect.
keep the beer cold because first chance i get to go back to the states i gotta watch a canes game at joe robbie stadium. as for all of you trying to fire Golden. Serious!?! JJ was 8-5 his 1st season.
Tenn. whooped JJ's team 35-7. but then after time that team won 87, 89, and 91 championships. Erickson got the praise but true fans know Erickson was just a drunk bum reaping JJ's work. 4-5yrs and you will see Goldens work. Hell we beat FSU in all facets of the game except 3 plays. patience

Posted by: championships is all that matters | November 13, 2011 at 10:59 AM

maybe you should change your name to 'only losing by 4 is all that matters'

Canesinfantry....thanks to you I can live in peace, work and watch our team. God keep you.

I thought we were intimidated by FSU. The whole we started to pray after the hit thing....come on. Don't pray, put somebody on their butt man. Some of our guys are punks....recruit the type of guys we used to have....please.

Actually if you watched the game on tv you would know that they put up a stat about Jacory's production in the red zone. 42 Touchdowns and SIX, that's 6 ints!. JH is not the reason this team is 5-5.

I've said it before and will say it again, 97% of Randy's recruits have to be purged, graduated, kicked out before this team will show the physicality and the football intelligence to win consistently!

This team has been Shannonized and they will never change. Golden's kids will be different!

Actually as someone who knows Dennis Erickson your characterization of him is way wrong. You obviously don't know the man to make a statement like that.

Golden has only been head coach for less than a year. The Canes have been in every game....no body blows us out anymore. Last years team would have quit in at least three games this year (VT, VA, and FSU).

Give Fisch a break, plays are called and different alignments are used to set things up for later in the game.

We were stronger than FSU in the fourth quarter...they could stop our offense and our defense my two good stops. Bad call by ref or we would have stopped them earlier.

Special teams were sloppy.

To Idiot Coaching you are not making any sense in your post....are you too myopic to realize that the game you so called saw was not a matter of COACHING as you implied but rather inefficient officiating, penalties, and miscues on our part in position play...the Coaches had the plan, our execution and penalties lost us this game... I will DECLARE that Coach G and his team Coached up our Canes, and if you did not see the first half of this game...then your observation is totally invalid...Execution on the offense of the game plan lost the game...NOT Coaching . you***..
Go 'Canes you are on the right track..Played hard.

In all fairness, the refs were absolutely horrible. FSU would of probably ran away with the game if it weren't for those refs. The game was over by the 4th quarter, FSU just let up and almost lost because of it. Worst game of the year for the Canes IMO. They were man handled up front, special teams were terrible, and I felt they were out coached most of the game. FSU players were in position to make plays, they just didn't execute. Miami didn't get anything going until 6 minutes in the game and FSU basically played off. This team is far off IMO

037, Maybe U should take a class on learning the game of football and learn what improvement looks like. I agree that there were some dumb mistakes made in that game but as bad as we played we still had a chance to win should we got that onside kick. I guess U would rather lose by 25 plus points and have a team quit under an incompetent head coach as opposed to having a team that doesn't quit and is in the game. The point is teh difference between Shannon and Golden is Shannon had 4 years to progress this team and only regressed. Golden on the other hand has not even had a full year to straighten out the mess he was left. That is why he gets somewhat of a pass. Now in 4 years assuming sanctions do not hit, if the team has not made progress then would it be intellegent to criticize Golden and Staff

championships: Why o U persists on giving "Goldy and crew a pass? They got out coached and it showed on defense, special teams. And why in the heck does anyone engage in QB shuffle at this point and time?
I saw a team that was coachless, and couldn't beat a high school team. And when will they learn the Whipple is garbage?

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