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Did swapping QBs hurt UM's offensive rhythm? Byrd appears OK

TALLAHASSEE -- For much of the first half Saturday, Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris swapped in and out for each other at quarterback for the Hurricanes.

While the first half results in terms of offensive output weren't necessarily bad -- they combined to go 13 of 18 for 136 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT and ran the ball five times for three yards -- the results weren't exactly stellar for the Canes offense.

UM only managed to put up seven points -- on a 2-yard Harris to Clive Walford touchdown pass. And Harris, who had thrown just one interception over his previous six games, was easily picked off in the end zone by Florida State's Lamarcus Joyner right after replacing Morris, who lost six yards on a poorly executed option read the play prior.

Did the in-and-out rotation of quarterbacks hurt UM's offensive rhythm? Harris didn't necessarily think so.

"Coach put some plays in for him and he gets in and runs them," Harris said. "[As for the INT] I had a little pressure, but I shouldn't have even went there. If I was going to go there, I should have threw it out the back of the end zone to let [Tommy] Streeter get a play. They were running quarters and he sat flat. I should have gone to the flat. That's on me. I blame it on me."

Said center Tyler Horn of the dual-QB system: "In practice, that's how it is in practice. Stephen goes in for a package and Jacory comes in and throws a touchdown pass. It's just part of it. In my opinion if we might have blocked it better, Jacory might have had time to throw it on point. Put that [INT] on us."

Morris only took one snap in the second half, on a trick play where he ran in from the receiver position and tried to unsuccessfully to dive into the end zone on a sneak near the end zone.


Receiver LaRon Byrd took such a vicious hit from Florida State linebacker Nigel Bradham late in the fourth quarter some of his teammates got on one knee and began to pray.

Luckily for Byrd, hit he took didn't appear to cause serious injury. After laying on the ground for several moments motionless, Byrd got up and jogged to the sideline.

"I' saw him on the sidelines after that. He was LaRon. He said nothing happened to him, it just knocked the wind out of him," Harris said. "But that was a big hit. It scared the heck out of me. Had to pray for a second."

Receiver Tommy Streeter might be less fortunate. He hobbled off the field with 3:03 to play after diving into the FSU sideline to make a catch. On the sideline, Streeter had his left foot examined by UM's trainers and winced in pain as they pressed down on it. His status moving forward is uncertain.

> Senior Marcus Robinson, who started at strongside linebacker with Jordan Futch out Saturday, left the game with 10:10 to play in the third quarter with an apparent knee injury and didn't return.


Running back Lamar Miller moved past Edgerrin James and Daynell Ferguson and into fifth place in UM's single season yardage list Saturday. Miller ran for 92 yards on 22 carries and now has 1,108 yards on the season.

He also fumbled twice Saturday, the first time he's actually fumbled all season. UM, which came in having fumbled six times (four were lost), fumbled three times and lost two of them.

"They weren't making big hits. I was just getting careless with the ball a little bit," Miller said.


UM was flagged nine times for 55 yards Saturday. Five penalties were false starts. Right tackle Jonathan Feliciano, who started and saw his first action in two games, was flagged twice. Fullback Maurice Hagens and tight ends Dyron Dye and Walford were the other guilty parties.

"We practice with [noise] all week, have the speakers out there. But it's nothing like being on the five yard line [facing] the student section at Florida State. You know what can try to reproduce those decibles," Horn said. "At the end of the day you have to watch the football, get used to it if you're going to play college football. That's how it is everywhere."


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This team has no fore, no direction, and I think some of the key players, like Telemaque, have thrown in the towel, b/c they've seen the bigger picture. U got good players, but administrative, from coaches right up to Shalala, there is no commitment.

The QB shuffle played right into FSU's hands. U do that against DUKE but not FSU.

I understand that everybody wants UM to regain what it had yesteryear. But to do that, U need more than just players. And the stupid penalties? That is COACHING!

Fact: The DC is clueless, is way out of his league. The OC isn't far behind and is a Gator. "Goldy doesn't recognize stupidity when he sees it.

J12 is having a good year. Why play revolving door? Either U have no faith in J12 or U have no faith in the offense. Every way U loo at it, it's stupid coaching decisions.

'Cool 'Cat - what would you have administrators do to demonstrate more "commitment"?

I can't believe anyone is actually knocking Coach Golden. First, this is his first year here and all the players have to learn a new system and terminology. If this had been any other coach it's hard for me to imagine that this team that was so used to getting blown away would be a few key plays away from being undefeated. This coach is a motivator and so far this team has not gone in the tank.

Second, look at how many different line ups he has had to use. The fact that FSU was only able to get one offensive touchdown speaks volume of how well this coach knows how to coach up raw talent. We are talking about a coach that would have had this team in contention for its first ACC title if we would have had some continuity. Eight starters didn't play the full season and the team keeps losing star players to injuries.

Third, Coach Golden is not in a uniform. All he can do is coach and set expectations. For anyone to turn on Golden now is absurd. These kind of people do not appreciate the process because they live in an unrealistic world. Restoring Miami is not something that happens overnight, but this coach is a few plays away from having an undefeated team.

The only thing we should be screaming is we need a back up plan in case Golden chooses to bolt for PSU. Is he the right coach for Miami? Absolutely. The only coach capable of maintaining the success Golden is starting here at Miami is Coach Butch Davis, but all Butch Davis is to me is a very sexy back up plan and Golden is plan A.

If you ask me, which you didn't, the U needs to be targeting smarter players.

In just a week one guy, who's already been suspended for improper benefits, not only does it again but advertises it to the world.

Another guy chases a football bouncing away from him and succeeds only in kicking it.

U know wats coming Saturday don't U ?

Duh Horns ...


Thanks Al for being our coach and taking this job. Thanks in spite of not being told about Shapiro, for staying the course and making great strides with this entitled "4-5 star" group with no heart to compete. It has to be frustrating for you to see and understand why when you rep stuff out all week, kids don't know snap counts and freelance. Those of us fans that see what you are doing appreciate it and believe in the process you are trying to establish. Stay the course, you are the right man for this job and the in roads you have made with high schools in the area will pay off down the road. Stay the course.

Harris" INT was on him. Watch any replay. He was not under that much pressure . Every one had their blocks. That loss was on special teams. Like what I see though.Golden will be the man. Penn st is going down for lack of institutional control so our Problems will be a slap on the wrist compared to them.On to USF.

I was screaming at the Tv the secound time they did it and soon thereafter the interception comes. That was not clever ata all. Jacory was hot and rated #6 nationally. Why do we go to a dual QB system. It never worked for any team past or present in NCAAF. it ruins chemistry and rhythm. Just go back and look at what happened after each swap at Qb. Only once was there a positive play when he rolled and shot it in on the run.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | November 13, 2011 at 12:28 PM

or how about... 'moral victories is all that matters'? ...i have a very layman's understanding of football and i would never profess otherwise, but i can read you like a football for dummies pamphlet and my bet is that we have the same 'understanding' level... this team is just as disciplined as it was last year... i take it your point is because they lose by 'less' then they are a better team... i can't think of a better argument to show how far this program has slid...

Ped St is calling Al... please pick up the phone...

No coach should get a pass for any year. Money is spent and we have decent players on this team. Golden has been out coached by VaTech, KSU, Virginia, and now FSU. Its the little things (time management, play calling, and conditioning) that wins the close games.In time maybe he will get better. If Golden wants to go to Pedophile U,then it will be best if he goes now versus later. Finally, I've heard the great coaches say that if you play two QBs then you must not have one. Jacory was playing well this season, why mess with that in your rivalry game? Poor coaching decision.

Well o37 If I were U I would keep my money because that my man is a bet that U would lose. Anybody knows it takes time to fix a situation that was as bad as the one Shannon left us. So when U learn something other than your little armchair QB knowledge then U can talk with the big boys that know something. And yes dummy losing by 4 on the road at Doak is improvement compared to being in a coaches 4th year and losing at home by 25 or more points to the same team.

CoolCat, Why do U continue to be a dumbasssssssss

I'm trying to understand why does anyone continue to defend golden. He has been a looser at temple and he will be a looser here. A good coach doesn't need gimmicks to win ball games. a loss is a loss is a loss. If the team wins golden is the best thing since sliced bread. When we loose randy had too many players that don't know how to win. How can a team keep loosing at the goal line or by four points and its not coaching?

This was the WORST coaching performance I have seen out of this new regime, on Offense and Special Teams. Defense actually played well enough to win the game. Morris had no reason to be in that game that early or often. Special Teams Coach Barrow you should ashamed of yourself. That is pitiful all around. T-Benj looked like a freaking Freshman out there. How is it that we cannot seem to block a punt but do a great job of hitting punters when we have them pinned in the endzone. That is Two for Two now! EXTRA POINTS! REALLY EXTRA POINTS! I think this was our worst performance and the process better go north from here, because we still don't know who we are attitude wise with this team.

How do some of you figure we got outcoached? We lost by 4 because Hearns dropped a conversion and Benjamin can't field a punt.

Our players are a bunch of punks. They let FSU smack talk the sideline all day and didn't Di anything about it.

This team is loaded with divas.

Recruit thugs if you don't like losing to FSU. That team smack talked us all day and we did nothing about it.

Shalala and Randy's choir boy crew can't get the job done. So collect your diplomas and move on out the door.

agree with canesjunkie- that reid kid talked smack all day and U players watchewd him and didnt get a finger on him on thatpunt. What a bunch of punka55 h-oes those U players are becoming. I'm ashamed.

Brandon wash- Youare a fat h-oe
Benjamin- You are a little beeotch
Harris- Youare a skinny interception prone beeeocth

we look bad, but still we looked better than last year. last year it was a joke. i know they are getting morris ready for next year/ mess FSU up but that was too many ins and outs with the QBs. it looked like everything that counld go wrong went wrong. i still like the coaching staff, al golden will get the job done...with a few more players ..go canes

Go back to PED ST. golden!

Tally, why don't U get off the Randy crap? He sucked for 4 years and if it was up to U he would have been here screwing things up another 4 years just because he's black. Don't U see that even as bad as we played and I agree we played as bad as I have seen this year we still were in the game because of coaching. I guess you actually have to know something about football to understand it. I suppose you had rather lose by 25 on our home field than have a chance to win. Just by your comment about Golden at Temple shows that U are as inept at recognizing a good coach as Randy Shannon is at being one. How do U feel we lost thatgame at the goalline? That isn't coaching that is desire and will not to be denied. To be honest with U I didn't see us get outcoached. If anything we outcoached Fisher and his guys because in all honesty they should have blown us out and were unable to do it. At least the same players that rolled over and quit under Randy didn't do that under Golden. That my friend is coaching and what you saw last year under Shannon is a lack of coaching.

Academic restrictions are killing this program. The coaching staff is fine, they just can't recruit the good players in this area.

Its getting old talking about Shannon.Golden did the qb swap messed up the rhythm jacory is having the best season of his career yea he has a weak arm and so did ken dorsey.Butch does not need to come to miami try Mario Cristobal.

As a Hurricane fan, I remain cautiously optimistic. While we have come up short more times that I would have liked this year, our team fights. There's no 'give up' in this team, and that's a reflection of Al Golden. However, if I am an FSU fan, I'm happy with the win, but worried about the future. Your team was outgained by UM, possessed the ball for a shorter period of time, and committed more penalties than Miami. FSU was ranked in the top 10 at the beginning of the season, in theory has better talent than Miami (based on recruiting class rankings), and yet it took a serious dose of luck for you to win today. I truly hope Coach Golden stays in Miami and sticks it to you for the next 5 to 10 years...

Posted by: BigDaddyCaneLXA | November 13, 2011 at 02:05 AM
You can keep all the stats (I mean excuses)...I'll take the W every time. You obviously watched a different game than everyone else. FSU out-muscled UM, had far more speed than UM & had their own implosions where they really should have won by a lot more than 4 points. Stupid penalities nullifying TD returns and drives halted by stupid penalties. UM should feel lucky they got out of Tally only losing by 4.

John F

FSU has talent, but that doesn't make them a good team. UM was lucky FSU couldn't execute.

Blah, blah, blah...fs-who won the game, they aren't going anywhere and neither are we. There, you win the pissing contest with no prize. Btw, Golden is going NOWHERE, penn state is going to make a big hire with someone not tied to paterno. And DA BULL, why is UM favored in the game this Saturday?? Don't worry you will find out why.

The U 35 S.fla 10

seriously Cane fan ...

shut Up


Tubby or Mario ?


Mrs. Golden ...

sorry about the Cane fans. The 80's seem too fresh to them .

Miami will still be cool in 2020 .

God Bless

The whole swapping QBs gimmick has got to stop. Without a doubt it disrupted the flow. Jacory has been playing great and should be given all of the snaps unless he is injured. It forced Jacory to look for the home run play because he was working with less downs. Bad bad idea, especially when the game was not won. Had we been up 30 - 7 it would have been fine.

Nice posts all over this board; Yes,this CANES' squad isn't where we'd like them to be but, if I hear another call for Stephen Morris, I'm going to puke. Does anyone remember the Maryland game, the same Maryland squad that only has 1 ACC win, guess against who...?

Morris had his opportunity to make a statement
against a mediocre Terps squad and looked what happened. Morris will have the next 2 seasons to lead this program; Let Harris finish out the season,look at what real coaching did for him this year. Canes at best are a 7-5 team this season, let's see what the future holds...

GOOOOOOOO NOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You fans talk from both sides of your mouth. Whenever the canes win, it is because Golden has "coached them up" How he is the greatest coach in the NAACA. When they lose it is because Randy Shannon left the cupboard bare, Then some said that Dennis Erickson won with Jimmy Johnson Players. Well they won 2 National Championships with him as coach, and almost won a third. Why do you guys have to be critical to people who are part of the canes family. You only care to be front runners.

One good thing I hear is that players are taking responsibility for their mistakes. It starts with taking responsibility. As painful as it has been to watch the Canes the last few years, I think things are looking up finally.

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