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D'Onofrio visits Norland, talks with LB Keith Brown

UM coaches have been on the recruiting prowl throughout Dade and Broward County since the end of the season.

Tonight I bumped into defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio during his visit to Miami Norland. D'Onofrio spoke with the father of offensive tackle Ereck Flowers for a while as I met and spoke with various Norland players as they prepare for their big playoff game against Glades Central Friday.

But once practice ended it was clear what D'Onofrio was there for -- a conversation with All-American linebacker and former commitment Keith Brown. The two spoke for roughly 20 minutes before D'Onofrio left. His message to Brown: "They still want me," Brown said.

The issue? UM doesn't have room in this class for Brown and his brother, Norland starting weakside linebacker Lamar Atkins. That's the reason Brown decommitted from UM and accepted a scholarship to Illinois. But now that Ron Zook is out Brown said he's looking again and considering UM along with Ohio State (he'll probably visit there after this coming weekend) and LSU.

"Everything was perfect with Illinois," Brown said. "But now that this happened with Coach Zook, everything is up in the air. Coach D just wanted me to know they still want me and are willing to take me. We're sort of starting all over."

Brown, who plans to enroll in January, said he remains committed to Illinois, but if another school is willing to take his brother on a scholarship (Ohio, Bowling Green and FIU have shown interest) then he said he will free himself up to go wherever he wants.

"If he gets a scholarship at the end of the year, then my job is done," Brown said. "He's a good player. The thing is he's only been here for a year. He was playing up in New Jersey, nobody really saw him up there. Miami can't take him because they've got 27 commitments and 30 scholarships total. So, they're limited."

Brown said the Canes have always been "the No. 1 team in my heart," but adds that he felt UM coaches sort of took him for granted. Brown claims he didn't hear from any coaches for two months at the start of the season. That, coupled with the fact he's trying to land his brother a scholarship made him open up to other schools who kept showing interest.

"I don't care where he goes, I just want to him to get a scholarship," Brown said of his brother. "Coach D just wanted me to know I had things with them all wrong and that they still want me to come in and be a part of this class."

Brown said if he had to handicap the situation he said he'll still probably end up at Illinois with his brother. But he's still going to weigh his options and see if his brother can land a scholarship elsewhere.


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Makes sense and best of luck to you and your bro Keith...

Ok so he is looking for a package deal for his brother i have watched keith play and i liked him but damn sometimes i keep forgetting that these young men are 17-18 years old sounds like drama in waiting what if his brother is not getting playing time?? Will he blame the coaches?? I am not sure about this one what ever you do young man good luck.....

He's not trying to get his brother playing time, he's trying to get his brother a college scholarship.

Completely understandable, I hope someone else offers him a scholarship but if not then Keith is an awesome brother for going somewhere that will take on Atkins.

it doesnt seem like hes worried about his brother's playing time, i think he just wants to get him into college period

I hope it works out for both of them. If the Canes were deeper, we could probably afford a schollie for the brother, but we just aren't in that place...

I think the most sensible solution here would be for Brown to attend UM and his brother to attend FIU. That way they're both in Miami. Mr. Atkins won't have the burden of having to play under the shadow of his brother and Brown will have his brother 11 miles away.

What do you think Manny?

305Cane, your suggestion is perfect!

That sounds like a perfect senario.

Both of these kids young men can play the game. If Brown s Brother was at Norland for more than a year he would be on somemajor colleges radar also let's give him a chance. To see where this will take them....

Family first. I actually like the kid more that he's willing to make a sacrifice for his brother. It's character, not drama. I hope things work out for both kids... 305Canes suggestion is awesome. Maybe Mario will even get a diamond in the rough.

wow I've got mad respect for this kid

I have nothing but the utmost respect for the kid. Using his talents to uplift himself and his brother. It's not drama and it's not about playing time. It's about getting his brother a coveted education at a quality institution. These are the kind of players that all teams should covet. I have nothing but the utmost respect for both he and his brother and wish both of them the best what ever they decide to do. Good luck in your future gentleman I'm sure it won't be the last time we hear from either of them.

You can live a dream and a dream can become reality for these two young men. Family seems to be really important two them a brother looking out for a brother WOW. congrads to thier up bringing.i respect thier parents GREAT JOB....

It SOUNDS good but he's been on the fence since visiting Clemson. First it was MOM won't let him come to UM because of potential sanctions, THEN it was package deal for me and brother when BROTHER wasn't thought about the WHOLE time he was committed to UM before. I'm not hating on the young man and just hope he goes where HE wants to go. But quit choking the chain already. He didn't commit to this staff, he committed to Shannon and crew and that's not this crew. For WHATEVER reason, apparently he doesn't want to go to UM and that is OK. Its HIS decision, but AT LEAST be honest about and just say, I don't want to go to UM. Tired of the drama already!

Where ever they go together or different Schools they will both be ok.. This should be motivation for Atkins to go out and prove he belongs where ever they end up. We will take you at ANY of the BIG EAST SCHOOLS>>>>LETS GO....

Good points bg1906. I don't believe his heart is at UM anymore. I give credit to coach G and D for trying though.

Great reporting, Manny.

You know D'Onofrio or any coaches aren't aloud to comment on any recruits until the signing day.. Really hope this article doesn't get him or the Miami program in trouble

There are no quotes from any UM coaches in the article, so don't worry.

Posted by: MontanaCane
D'Onofrio didnt comment about anybody, read it again.

Keith....I hope you read this and understand...with all due respect. I admire you looking out for your brother. The question I have is - are you really helping him? Think about it. Do you know how many times I denied my sister things she would ask me for? Not because I did not love her....but....my point to her always was...DON'T rely on anyone (esp a man)to do ANYTHING for you. If you want something, you work for it and get it yourself...that way you owe no one any favors down the road. Tough love is difficult, but in the end...your brother will be a better man for it....trust me dude.

I applaud what KBrown is doing in trying to look out for his brother. I have to believe that someone will offer his brother a scholarship so KB can then feel comfortable in choosing where he wants to go w/o having to worry. No drama with that, just looking out for family. The only drama that gets whipped up is by the recruiting sites trying to feed their subscribers something.

He can sit on the sidelines freezing his butt off in Champaign, IL watching the scoreboard show The U beating another opponent en route to an NC and start clicking his heels together and chanting "theres no place like home" .... only to wake up on that same sideline to watch the balloon leave the building without him .....

If lil bro was that good ... he could get a schollie on his own merit .... KB your rap is weak .

Keith Brown we holla at cha. U ain't no real Cane. All do respect to u n ur brother but don't come to TheU. We have other issues to worry about then to worry bout giving ur lil brother an schlorship, so we will be moving on without and use this schlorship wisely. We will better moving on without this kid bc it seems to me if we sign him he will become a distraction to our program. Authur Brown and his brother are examples.

Yep this sounds like another drama queen. They didn't call me and baby me for a while. Did U ever think they had a job to do and fix a mess they were left. I like the fact that he is a family type guy and if he wants to go the Illinois then let him. I would love for Brown to end up a Cane but if his heart isn't with the Canes then its best he looks elsewhere. Good luck to him in his endeavors though.

Someone is giving you bad advice young man. It's time to be a man on your own, let your brother find his own way. You carrying him like this isn't going to help him, it makes him weaker and dependent. Do you really want that for him? He will be stronger in the long run making his own way, not you giving him something he didn't earn through his play.

If his brother is willing to play both ways like FB and LB in his career sounds good. Worth the scollie if he true. I bet he is from what ive heard

Keith Brown at the U, his little brother at FIU. Problem solved.

Need the trneche mentrality. Guys with blue-colored ethnics.

Some of these posts...honestly people. Learn how to spell...
This is nothing more than extortion. Can't have it. See ya Mr. Brown.
Have fun in the snow and ice...

another arrogant punk kid who thinks he's such a superstar that he can tell a school it's two for one or forget it...well i'm glad to see the U tell him sorry no room for your bro..sounds like another willie williams...i say he's trouble waiting to happen...let him,and his bro,go freeze their butts off at illinois...

Well said cane dude. For those that say he is trying to get a scholarship for his brother are ignorant of the facts. His brother needs to do it on his own. No grades, no brains, not a good player, cut him loose brown it will help you in the long run.

I have two words for Keith's brother - "Walk On". If his brother is a good as he claims; then a scholarship offer should not be that far away.

Well, I hope Lamar finds a scholarship somewhere. And, I hope that Keith develops strength of heart in his love for UM. Illinois is a bad choice, with or without Zook. Never going anywhere in the Big "10."

While it is admirable that Keith wants to play with his brother, and that says something about commitment to family, he is best served by playing close to family and following his heart to the U. That said, the U must have committed players because they will develop and become hard working team members.

We need to consider One Major thing, and that is the kid will not be making the decision..
It is his parents...

If they have this scenario set in place - the 2 for 1 deal-, then Coach D or Coach G has to sell them on an alternative...the sales job has to be done on the parents because those are the players here.. not the brothers.

Brown as you said "no.1 in your heart" well follow it to the "U".
Good luck,
Go 'Canes

from what i see Keith brown is not a real cane don't beg him the u is trying to give him a scholarship and if sounds like he want to run Miami not play for them i know how he is he was South ridge then he then left to go to Norland he is a selfish kid so let him go we want kids that want to be at Miami and we dont need another lebron james and chris b in miami good luck kid .

This is whats been wrong about Miami and south florida hs players and by extension with Miami recruiting:

"Miami coaches were taking me for granted".

really? What do you want? A roll out of the red carpet? boats and hoes? nights out bowling? cashola?

Seriously? YOU ARE A HIGH SCHOOL PLAYER! YOU should be so lucky to be a cane. The fact that you'd ratehr be an Illini up in that frozen tundra, means you are no cane at heart.

Please UM- don't recruit this clown.

I been thinking about it and torn between if we should take them both or not. On one hand we can't let kids dictate to us, on the other hand we could be losing another difference maker from our backyard. Don't know, I think we should hold firm....we saw what happen with whiny players Shannon recruited. Think they are much better than they are, don't work hard enough and it got us 28-22 in 4 years, and no bowl wins. We need more Chickilos. Talent and humility.

agree with supa and canedude1 and most here.

DAaU: Walkons are treated academically as any other student applying, i.e. they need to get in academically (1250 SAT >3.5 gpa)even preferred walkons. because of this ridiculous rule, a couple of potential studs were left out last year- one a 6 ft 230 lb from Fort Myers who I heard was a diehard cane and was being recruited by Barrow (a better MLB judge there isnt) but couldnt qualify because he didnt have those hugely difficult numbers that most athletes dont have. And for you all that think other academically rigorous programs dont have more lenient criteria- think again.

This guy Brown is another Bryce Brown. me me me me me me.

brown, should come to the U, and if his brother is as good as he say he is, he should be able to get a scholarship somewhere, maybe, brown need to lower his brother's standards, and aim for Bethue Cookman, FAMU, or one of those schools in Jacksonville.

With four soft verbals, including two OLB's and Duke Johnson, we might have more room to reach 30 than we'd like.

I'd like to get my brother a job paying $30/hr. Come on! Time to grow up. We need you and we want you but we do not have scholarships to waste. Why is that not completely understandable?

Miami is most definitely in a bloody CATCH-22 situation. No not the novel. Eh.

Because The Golden One absolutely needs Brown to help shore up the Canes terrible LB corp. Yet, on the other hand one could read between the lines and infer, that Keith is bloody well PLAYING the Hurricane program.

Bottom line is Keith Brown will probably end up going to Big Ten country. Simply because Miami doesn't have the scholarship numbers available. Then there's the N.C.A.A. thing CURRENT- ly off the shores of SoFla.

too many reasons he gave not to be a Cane... He should be begging to be a Cane. It is a priviledge not a right to wear the U. I agree and admire the Chickillo (bad spelling) comment. Watch that kid play and see the U blood running in his veins. I think The Tie will stay away from this situation anyway as he needs complete buy-in and probably has not seen it from this kid. He should have been spreading the U word with recruiters not whining that the Coaches took him for granted. You told them you were coming so they moved on to make our TEAM better. Good luck to you and your brother Keith.

I just saw on a recruiting site that Amos Leggett will probably de-commit. Since we will not be allowed due to his grades! So maybe we can use that scholly for Brown brother?

We must use these schlorships wisely. He a recruit decommit all hell let him and move on. We need true Canes, let me repeat myself True Canes. Don't matter sant or not, grades or not we want True Canes.

Admirable that he wants to help his brother, but scholarships are not a 4 year ticket. They are year by year. If his brother does not perform and is not given the scholarship for the next year will Keith want to pack his bags and leave in search of the next combo platter? Will Keith be willing to sit a year and have to transition to a new program and scheme? If his brother is as good as Keith seems to think, then get him into a prep academy for a year to play a bit, get bigger, stronger and collect a few college credits before he seeks the scholarship.

While LB is a need, Keith is not some sort of monster defensive tackle or tremendous defensive back. Who might warrant a two for one type of deal.

No player is worth being blackmailed to get! If his borother is good enough he will get a scholarship!

How is Brown's request for us to give both him and his brother a scholarship any different than hiring Whipple and "giving" his son a free ride? Whipple, the QB, should have never been on scholarship and I would offer too that Brown's brother will add more value to our team than Whipple ever did as a third or forth string QB. Think about it...playing special teams, FB, and eventually playing LB is worth a scholarship if what Whipple did in place holding duties is worth an offer. We need Brown on this team; even if some of you clowns fail to realize that fact.

Mr.Keith Brown,you must decid whats best for you and your brother must understand he must fit in where evre he can. If you go pro you will not tell a PRO TEAM or Genarl Manger you want your brother drafted with you because its not going to happen. You must follow your heart. You brother should beef up and be a man and say toyou go ahead and follow your dream school and I will see you at the next level if its Gods WILL. He should not hold you hostage. I have no respect for that. CANES 4 Life

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