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Freshmen ready for first taste of UM-FSU rivalry

Anthony Chickillo didn't need to listen to the Seminole War Chant -- played all week inside the University of Miami locker room -- to get him fired up for Saturday's rivalry game in Tallahassee. 

Anthony ChickilloAs a third generation Cane, the 6-4, 250-pound freshman defensive end said he's been looking forward to lining up against Florida State since he was in diapers.

"My dad has told me whatever happens in these games you're going to remember it for the rest of your life. Twenty years from now you're going to look back and say man this is how I did against FSU," said Chickillo, who has started six games this season and ranks sixth in tackles (33), second in sacks (3.5) and third in tackles for loss (5) on the Canes defense.

"I think my dad only lost one game to them when he played [from 1979 to 1982]. I know I don't want to have a losing record against them."

Chickillo, UM's top recruit last February, has lived up to his hype through nine games. Florida State, meanwhile, who had the No. 2 recruiting class in the country last year according to Rivals.com, has had a number of true freshmen make big impacts for them this season on offense.

Among the standouts:

> Running back Devonta Freeman, who led Miami Central to the state title in December, has started the last three games for FSU and leads the team with 367 yards rushing and six touchdowns.

> Tight end Nick O'Leary, the grandson of famed golfer Jack Nicklaus and a former standout at Palm Beach Dwyer the Hurricanes badly coveted, has started twice and ranks sixth on the team in receiving with 12 catches for 164 yards and a touchdown.

> Former St. Thomas Aquinas offensive linemen Bobby Hart, has started the last four games at right tackle. Austin Barron, who started alongside Hart on the Raiders' state and national championship team last Decemeber, made his first start for the Seminoles last week at center against Boston College.

> Receiver Rashad Greene, another star on that St. Thomas championship team, ranks second on the team in receiving with 26 catches for 457 yards and a team-leading six TD receptions. Greene has missed the last four games with an ankle injury, but it appears likely he'll return this week.

Aside from Chickillo, the Hurricanes (tabbed with the 36th best 2011 recruiting class in the country by Rivals.com) have had a couple of other true freshmen standouts shine this season.

Linebacker Denzel Perryman, who said he "hurt" last year when he sat in the stands and watched the Seminoles wallop the Canes 45-17 at Sun Life Stadium, ranks fourth on the team with 48 tackles despite making just two starts. He also has a sack, three tackles for loss and a forced fumble.

Phillip Dorsett, who tried unsuccessfully at swaying his former Aquinas teammate Greene to defect to the Canes late in the recruiting process after taking an official visit to Coral Gables, is sixth on the Canes in receiving. Last week against Duke, Dorsett caught his first touchdown pass. He has 10 catches for 120 yards and a score. He also serves as the backup to Travis Benjamin on kickoff and punt returns.

While other true freshmen like cornerback Thomas Finnie (8 games, 13 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 PBU), defensive tackle Olsen Pierre (7 games, 4 tackles) and linebacker Gionni Paul (6 games, 4 tackles) have had some playing time, UM coach Al Golden has been content with allowing the majority of the 16 players he signed in his first recruiting class spend the year learning on the scout team.

Asked if he thought any other freshmen might see more playing time over the last three games, the only player Golden mentioned was defensive lineman Jalen Grimble.

"We’ve got a lot of football left," Golden said Tuesday. "I think when freshmen show that they are capable of playing or making progress, you reward them with more time. I think some of the guys that we’ve mentioned already are doing that and will continue to do that as they grow here."


> A total of 48 players between UM and FSU have high school connections. The most popular: St. Thomas Aquinas, who has 11 total. Miami Northwestern High is next with eight. 

> The Hurricanes, who recorded 18 sacks in their first seven games, have been shutout over the last two weeks.

"There's been some opportunities," Chickillo said. "But Duke was throwing a lot of quick passes, slants and stuff. You just have to get your hands up. Ball disruption is just as good as a sack. Batted balls and getting in the quarterback's line of vision is important. We need to do a better job of that."

FSU has given up 26 sacks this season. Despite being rather elusive, E.J. Manuel has been brought down 18 times -- including 10 sacks over the last three games.

Of his own play, Chickillo said: "My footwork has gotten a lot better. My technique has gotten a lot better. My feel for the game, knowing my job, learning the process, going week to week and how hard I have to study.

"Coach Jet [Jethro Franklin] is a perfectionist. He wants me to work on the little things to make me great. Having a pass rushing plan every single play, a counter to the pass rush play. I just have to keep working and getting better."

> Chickillo insists he was always going to UM, but had he gone with his second choice it would have been FSU. "I took 6 unofficial visits to FSU," Chickillo said. "I got a lot of friends at Florida State, a lot of friends who went there. Coach Fisher is doing a lot of good things, they have a lot of good coaches I had good relationships with. I can't wait to play against them. It's going to be an exciting game."

> Receiver Tommy Streeter, in the hunt for a 1,000-yard receiving season, figures to draw safety help over the top of him in coverage Saturday like he has over the past couple weeks to prevent the deep ball.

But Golden said Streeter is more than "just a go-runner."

"He is catching fades. He’s catching back-pad throws. He’s catching slants. He’s catching in-cuts. He’s doing a lot of different things. He’s more versatile," Golden said. "He’s done a great job with his hands. He’s running routes harder. He made some key blocks for us too. Knowing Florida State and watching how they played, I don’t think they’re going to pay any more attention to him than they did anybody. Whether it was the young man from Clemson, they’re just going to line up and do their deal and make you beat them. They’re aggressive and they have good cover skills. Their safeties can cover and can run and strike. They have 30 sacks and none of them seem to be breathing heavy because they just keep rotating them in there. It’s going to be a great challenge for our offensive line and quarterback."


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[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

this is gonna be a good game, unlike last year, Golden will have this squad PREPARED....MIA 35 FSU 28

FSU ready for UM Freshman !

I dont think we're deep enough to wim this one (thanks Shannon)...but it should be a closer game than last year. Go CANES!

The spear is queer?

Sebastian breaks the spear across his knee!

[] []
[] []
[]____[] Mia 31 - fswho 17



Dammit it came out wrong oh well I tried hahahahahaha

Miami still wins 31 - 17.

noles will try to make it 24-20 with a FG but will miss, again and Miami will shut the door in the 4th qtr. Have a great Saturday everybody.

Golden's first and last game against the 'Noles.

Golden's first and last game against the 'Noles.

Posted by: PSU bound | November 10, 2011 at 04:19 PM


That pipe dream will never come true. Here's a few reasons why..

#1. Hey Golden, did you enjoy not having to shovel a path out of your house this morning?

#2. Hey Golden, how does the family enjoy this 70-80deg weather in Decemeber? Nice isn't it?

#3. Hey Golden, the kids enjoying the beaches in South Florida? Perfect weather when you live in a vacation spot don't you think?

#4. Hey Golden, what's it like to be part of a university that doesn't have anything to do with molesting children over the course of a decade?

#5. Hey Golden, what's it like to be of the greatest brand in college football? That's a lot of crystal balls on that shelf huh?



CANETILLIDIE - you should realize Golden went and played there probably doesn't appreciate your PSU = idea.

Right now nobody appreciates PSU. Nobody. So he went there. Look at what's going on there. He doesn't seem like that kinda of guy to start something and just drop everything and leave. He took the job at Temple and stuck it out until he made them into something. Honestly just the fact that he took a Temple job that nobody wanted was amazing to me. Now he comes here and his gigantic book on what he wants to do here and people think he's gonna leave just because he has a connection with "that" school? C'mon man. I understand that this is a touchy subject for people but Golden's character (that he's shown so far)doesn't leave me to believe that he would jump ship. Especially with the notion that next year he'll be without 90% of candy randy's recruits and will be working with his players that he brought in. I get where you're coming from but we're all jumping the gun on him bolting for "that" job. Let Urban Meyer take that job. The squeakiest clean program in the land just went down the toilet. Miami has been down before more than once and has risen like a phoenix from the ashes, dominated and conquered. This will happen again with him as head coach here, not at psu but here.

Keep the faith, stay the course and we'll make it out on top.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!

"he took a Temple job that nobody wanted was amazing to me"

Doesn't that answer the question that he would consider his dream job at his alma mater.

Golden, before you hit the door: Please play Finney, Cain, Hagens, Dorsett. Please take Ray Ray with you, his head was never here and he just proved it several times over.

P.S. Let Shalala know that you're recommending Cristobal.

CANETILLIDIE, you are right on the money. He stayed at Temple to finish the job when he had offers to go to bigger, better programs. I was in South Beach this weekend and the word is that the Golden family likes it in Miami. Will Golden stay 15 years? Don't know, but I believe he will stay until he rights the ship and brings us a title.

No former player or coach will be the new coach at psu. Golden will stay at the U.

Playing in front of friends and family on the Miami-Dade/Broward line every saturday and dealing with the risk that there won't be a program to coach in a year.


Going to PSU and being worshipped for the next 40+ years and playing in front of 100+ every home game with NO competition for area recruits.

WG cane: I want to agree with U, but can't. U see, the recruits we have lined up are NOT 5-Star. They are second and third tier. I cannot remember when a UM coach "righted the ship" purely with those kinds of players.

Name me one blue chip recruit from anywhere coming to UM. On the other hand, for all his faults, RS was a master recruiter.

ummm...i don't remember the last championship we won with 5 star recruits....cause IT'S NEVER BEEN DONE...we always developed our raw SOUTH FLORIDA talent into something special..and for the lame cat who keeps his name as PSU bound...I would much rather stay and deal with a couple stripped schollies and maybe a bowl ban for a year than deal with questions over the next decade about why little boys are banned for coming to "happy" valley and drink jesus juice.

I'd rather have a very good recruiter, and a relentless coach/teacher than a great recruiter that is a "good" coach.

We'll see where AG stands over the next 13 months.

Funny thing these prognostications...especially from the girls who don't state their allegiance.

Since the late '70s, no coach has stayed at UM more than 4 or 5 years, including Howard, Jimmy, Dennis, Butch, and Larry. So, that seems to be the most we can expect from Al. And that's probably a realistic timeframe for him to achieve enough to take him to somewhere else, if that's what he wants to do.

The Golden Era..Go canes

Incredible! DeQuan Jones will sit out the entire season as he works with the NCAA's investigation of the UM athletic program.

Can anyone say 'lack of institutional control'? I knew you could.

Keep running those fluff pieces for the U cause soon there won't be a program to write about.

Cool cat you can't be more incorrect. We have won most of our championships with 3 and 4 star players. They understand there is no I in team, something the mnw playets do not get it and obviously some others.
Good riddance ray ray
Good riddance aj
Good riddance to anyone else that acts or thinks like that two.

Ex cane fan take your blather elsewhere. Thanks goodbye

Fire shalalalala now

..and we didn't even get into the 4 to 5 million reasons a young coach with a family would set him and his family up for the rest of his/their lives.

Whooo Cowboy Cool Cat! If Randy was a "Master" recruiter then I'm Herman Cain. Not! You appearantly slept thru the many articles detailing his lack or recruting prowess. The fact he didn't even recruit kids at certain schools in Miami. I refuse to look back at failure! I look at several of the top teams and I'd bet you would have not taken many of their recruits. You don't recruit based on stars awarded by some person you don't even know. You evaluate kids personally to determine their "potential", because until they play thats all it is. This man has been at UM for only 10 months and we already have 20+ commitments. Plus improved play, coaching and discipline throughout the team. He, his staff and the players will get better as all get on the same page. We actually have a real football "program" from top to bottom. Nobody but you would dispute that.

You're right it doesn't matter about the stars, especially when you win with 3 stars but it sure doesn't hurt either when your loaded with a bunch of 4 star players. Our nimus is the 5 star player, we have had absolutely no luck with these dudes the last 7 or 8 years. Look at Forston & Ray Ray and the jury is still out on Seantrell.

Itcdolphin - you do realize that it's possible the next president of UM might not even want a successful and high profile football program?

Tad Foote didn't want one. Shalala at least wants the team to win, and she'll be retiring soon enough.

From SI writer Robert Sullivan's 1987 article on Foote wanting the football team to be made up of actual students:

"In other words, maybe someday the football team will be part of the university. For now, although they wear Miami uniforms, it can be argued that the players who will meet Oklahoma on New Year's Day really don't represent the University of Miami at all. Foote, to his credit, would like to change that. If he's ever allowed to, Miami would really have something to be proud of."

"he took a Temple job that nobody wanted was amazing to me"

Doesn't that answer the question that he would consider his dream job at his alma mater.

Posted by: Think bro... | November 10, 2011 at 04:59 PM

It's simple man. He took that job because he could make a name for himself if he was the one to bring them out of the gutter, and he did. That's something to tip your hat at dont'cha think? He was offered other jobs at better places and he took the toilet job because it would look better on his resume if he turned them around, as he did. Now he comes down to Miami and rebuilds this program. And he will rebuild this program. He'll do what Butch did and build it in his vision. Here he gets players that he could have only dreamed about at Temple. Even at Penn State you couldn't get players from that area with this kind of speed. The speed in players that live in the state of miami doesn't exist in the north. Maybe one out of a 1000 athletes while down here, everyone is fast.

Keep the faith and stay the course. We're on our way back. We can't judge Golden & Co during their first season. That's impossible. Now by the end of next season we can start judging and see where it all ends up. By then, majority of candy randy's players are gone, more of Golden's recruits will be present and maybe whoever is left from randy's squad will pick up the pace. By then everyone will have completely taken in the process and the culture that Golden is creating. It's the only real way to observe and make judgment of someone in college football. We need to give him time like we gave candy randy. That's fair.


Tad Foote = Dean Wormer


Tad Foote is not liked in Miami because he didn't like his players who are part of this community. He didn't mind the money though. You can't take the money and then slap the person in the face who gave it to you. That's just bad business.

Go Canes

Give HIM a chance?? You mean will he give UM a chance!

Eucolptus. You post the most unintelligent comments of anyone on this blog, to include other trolls like you.
When tad foote was around college football was not what it is today. Back then we really had student athletes and scholarships for football did not exist. So to compare football then to now is stupid make s no sense.
Shalalalala has a record of trying to ruin athletics at schools especially football. Just look at Wisconsin. She is doing the same at the U by leading from behind. She learned that well from her DC days with other fellow liberals.
Please have a coherent thought but no need to reply, game set match.

Tampa cane then how come Shannon's recruiting classes were rated almost always in the top 25. What it shows is top recruits do not necessarily have the heart to play hard.

What it shows is that these so called top 25 recruits were all overrrated and hyped

PSU Bound, are you dumb, after the university ends up unloading half of their endowment fund on lawyers fees and law suits, you won't have 4 to 5 million reasons to hire a up and coming young coach.

Any one with ties to PSU and Sandusky will not be hired to lead the football team! You douches should pray that you get Urban Cryer, if not, I hear Bobby Bowden is looking!

I just don't see how any reputable coach would want his name associated with Preteen Sex University right now. They are going to get sued out the wazoo for all the child sexual abuse they covered up or just looked the other way. This was an institutional-wide failure, including the President, AD, VP of Finance and Business (who also oversaw the campus police), Head FB Coach, janitorial staff and grad asst turned WR coach. This school is a MESS! Not only will they get sued, enrollments will go down, recruits will go down. No way Golden bucks Miami for "Happy" Valley. No way, as much as he loves his alma mater. That job will go to some up and comer who needs a chance. Sandusky and his many school boy shower escapades make Shapiro look like a jay walker.

Hahaha, I didn't realize that back in '87 there were no football scholarships and the players came directly from whoever happened to be in the normal student body!

You learn something new every day!

Posted by: cawyst

Penn State is still a better job then Miami. There won't be any NCAA sanctions for PSU. I think we are going to get screwed badly. Having DeQuan suspended for the whole year speaks volumes. It proves that some of what Nevin says is true and the administration knows it. If you were Golden would you stay here with no prospect of the ACC Championship game for 2-3 years or go to your alma mater and clean it up in an easier conference where you have the chance to be the guy who brought Penn State back??

The NCAA is now investigating Penn State. The reason DeQuan is still suspended is because the NCAA has not cleared him or brought punishment yet. It's nice to know low people in high places, Paul Dee is still the head of the NCAA infractions committee, and was the Miami AD when this Shapiro crap happened. If Miami gets lack of control, than Paul Dee will be addmitting gilt. That won't happen.

How will Golden recruit at PSU after the scandel, he won't. Hell, even the kids that were at Temple wouldn't touch PSU!

I bet they won't even offer him the job because he was there when Sandusky was there. Golden is going to be in Coral Gables at least for the remainder of his contract, unless he gets an NFL job.

I think PSU will go after Meyer before trying Golden.

"The reason DeQuan is still suspended is because the NCAA has not cleared him or brought punishment yet"

He is suspended for the whole year. There is no clearing him! BAD NEWS.

Paul Dee has to come down hard on Miami because of the way he vilified USC.


It has already started nationally with Golden as PSU second choice

Hey bro, how on earth could Penn State hire a Joe Paterno disciple to turn the page and rebuild a program that hasn't had an offseason coaching change in 45 years?

The Penn St situation makes us look like choir boys.

Go ahead Ray Ray...have some more chicken and least you're not a child rapist.

If you read what's out there, the number one strategy being talked about is Penn State hiring a coach completely NOT CONNECTED to Paterno. Golden is not going. Canes for life, kiss the 5 rings.

Perhaps in A;'s mind, our THEN administration (those who hired AL, including Shalala) are no more honest than those at PSU..though obviously the circumstances at PSU are egregiously more horrific.
Still, lies are lies, and in Al's mind, the opportunity to not only resurrect his alma mater's reputation, but make 2-3 million doing so HAS to be on his mind.
PSU is 8-1 this year, so the cupboard's hardly empty.
OSU is down, as is MSU. Even Wisconsin has lost 2 games.
If he were to make the move, NOW would be the time.

Also, you just HAVE to think these 30k crowds at Joe Robbie have to be discouraging.
Temple probably didn't sellout, but that's a different situation.

no parent would ever want their kid to go to that trash heap of pedophilia. Their #1 recruit just decommitted. Why would AG want to go there? he's got kids that place is like Kryptonite. I wouldnt want my kids growing up within 100 miles of that place. that place needs to be scrubbed clean with Lysol and restart anew. In fact they should cancel their remaining games.

None of that compares to what happened at Miami, BSU, OSU or USC.

Fire shalalala now

Eucolptus. Gee did you intentionally ignore the fact that the point was that college football was not the big business then as now. I played against golfers from the U and they as others did not have full scholarships. It was not until late 80's that a lot of money went into scholarships. Remember the U was essentially broke when Foote arrived. Here are some facts: in the early 80's Miami spent 500k on scholarships, and by 87 the school spent 2.5 on scholarships.
And further it was foote that got the Harvard of the south thing going. It almost cost him his job in 87.
Just love it when facts are out there.

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