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Freshmen ready for first taste of UM-FSU rivalry

Anthony Chickillo didn't need to listen to the Seminole War Chant -- played all week inside the University of Miami locker room -- to get him fired up for Saturday's rivalry game in Tallahassee. 

Anthony ChickilloAs a third generation Cane, the 6-4, 250-pound freshman defensive end said he's been looking forward to lining up against Florida State since he was in diapers.

"My dad has told me whatever happens in these games you're going to remember it for the rest of your life. Twenty years from now you're going to look back and say man this is how I did against FSU," said Chickillo, who has started six games this season and ranks sixth in tackles (33), second in sacks (3.5) and third in tackles for loss (5) on the Canes defense.

"I think my dad only lost one game to them when he played [from 1979 to 1982]. I know I don't want to have a losing record against them."

Chickillo, UM's top recruit last February, has lived up to his hype through nine games. Florida State, meanwhile, who had the No. 2 recruiting class in the country last year according to Rivals.com, has had a number of true freshmen make big impacts for them this season on offense.

Among the standouts:

> Running back Devonta Freeman, who led Miami Central to the state title in December, has started the last three games for FSU and leads the team with 367 yards rushing and six touchdowns.

> Tight end Nick O'Leary, the grandson of famed golfer Jack Nicklaus and a former standout at Palm Beach Dwyer the Hurricanes badly coveted, has started twice and ranks sixth on the team in receiving with 12 catches for 164 yards and a touchdown.

> Former St. Thomas Aquinas offensive linemen Bobby Hart, has started the last four games at right tackle. Austin Barron, who started alongside Hart on the Raiders' state and national championship team last Decemeber, made his first start for the Seminoles last week at center against Boston College.

> Receiver Rashad Greene, another star on that St. Thomas championship team, ranks second on the team in receiving with 26 catches for 457 yards and a team-leading six TD receptions. Greene has missed the last four games with an ankle injury, but it appears likely he'll return this week.

Aside from Chickillo, the Hurricanes (tabbed with the 36th best 2011 recruiting class in the country by Rivals.com) have had a couple of other true freshmen standouts shine this season.

Linebacker Denzel Perryman, who said he "hurt" last year when he sat in the stands and watched the Seminoles wallop the Canes 45-17 at Sun Life Stadium, ranks fourth on the team with 48 tackles despite making just two starts. He also has a sack, three tackles for loss and a forced fumble.

Phillip Dorsett, who tried unsuccessfully at swaying his former Aquinas teammate Greene to defect to the Canes late in the recruiting process after taking an official visit to Coral Gables, is sixth on the Canes in receiving. Last week against Duke, Dorsett caught his first touchdown pass. He has 10 catches for 120 yards and a score. He also serves as the backup to Travis Benjamin on kickoff and punt returns.

While other true freshmen like cornerback Thomas Finnie (8 games, 13 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 PBU), defensive tackle Olsen Pierre (7 games, 4 tackles) and linebacker Gionni Paul (6 games, 4 tackles) have had some playing time, UM coach Al Golden has been content with allowing the majority of the 16 players he signed in his first recruiting class spend the year learning on the scout team.

Asked if he thought any other freshmen might see more playing time over the last three games, the only player Golden mentioned was defensive lineman Jalen Grimble.

"We’ve got a lot of football left," Golden said Tuesday. "I think when freshmen show that they are capable of playing or making progress, you reward them with more time. I think some of the guys that we’ve mentioned already are doing that and will continue to do that as they grow here."


> A total of 48 players between UM and FSU have high school connections. The most popular: St. Thomas Aquinas, who has 11 total. Miami Northwestern High is next with eight. 

> The Hurricanes, who recorded 18 sacks in their first seven games, have been shutout over the last two weeks.

"There's been some opportunities," Chickillo said. "But Duke was throwing a lot of quick passes, slants and stuff. You just have to get your hands up. Ball disruption is just as good as a sack. Batted balls and getting in the quarterback's line of vision is important. We need to do a better job of that."

FSU has given up 26 sacks this season. Despite being rather elusive, E.J. Manuel has been brought down 18 times -- including 10 sacks over the last three games.

Of his own play, Chickillo said: "My footwork has gotten a lot better. My technique has gotten a lot better. My feel for the game, knowing my job, learning the process, going week to week and how hard I have to study.

"Coach Jet [Jethro Franklin] is a perfectionist. He wants me to work on the little things to make me great. Having a pass rushing plan every single play, a counter to the pass rush play. I just have to keep working and getting better."

> Chickillo insists he was always going to UM, but had he gone with his second choice it would have been FSU. "I took 6 unofficial visits to FSU," Chickillo said. "I got a lot of friends at Florida State, a lot of friends who went there. Coach Fisher is doing a lot of good things, they have a lot of good coaches I had good relationships with. I can't wait to play against them. It's going to be an exciting game."

> Receiver Tommy Streeter, in the hunt for a 1,000-yard receiving season, figures to draw safety help over the top of him in coverage Saturday like he has over the past couple weeks to prevent the deep ball.

But Golden said Streeter is more than "just a go-runner."

"He is catching fades. He’s catching back-pad throws. He’s catching slants. He’s catching in-cuts. He’s doing a lot of different things. He’s more versatile," Golden said. "He’s done a great job with his hands. He’s running routes harder. He made some key blocks for us too. Knowing Florida State and watching how they played, I don’t think they’re going to pay any more attention to him than they did anybody. Whether it was the young man from Clemson, they’re just going to line up and do their deal and make you beat them. They’re aggressive and they have good cover skills. Their safeties can cover and can run and strike. They have 30 sacks and none of them seem to be breathing heavy because they just keep rotating them in there. It’s going to be a great challenge for our offensive line and quarterback."


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"Back then we really had student athletes and scholarships for football did not exist."

Eucolptus. Yes you got it right, and you pull that out without the context of the whole post. How professional of you. The entire context was as stated earlier, and there were not scholarships then as today. Another game set match

Golden Al isn't going anywhere, deal with it haters.

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

PSU Bound, are you dumb, after the university ends up unloading half of their endowment fund on lawyers fees and law suits, you won't have 4 to 5 million reasons to hire a up and coming young coach.

Step out of your extraordinarily small, private school world kids. PSU is a state University who has parking lots larger than your entire campus.

Did you see the knuckleheads protesting over the firing of a football coach who should've been let go years ago? The fans are rabid and have short memories up there. If PSU doesn't hire a Saban/Miles quality guy there will be blood spilled. They've got the money, U don't. Golden is in their cross hairs.

psu now that your school has been labelled pedophile sexual university who wants to go there.

Your mean our school with a football program vs. your school that will have none?

Posted by: ltcdolphin

There was a serial killer at VaTech and it didn't hurt enrollment or recruiting. Sure maybe a dip but overall won't have an impact.(unless the new rumors are tree - then they should shut down the whole program)

PSU bound, the students rioted because they are idoits. Who would riot because the university let a coach go that didn't report children being raped in a football facility? Penn St. thats who!

Both of my in-laws are PSU alums and I enjoy going up there a couple times a year for the football games, but all of that is ruined now. My 4 year old daughter keeps asking me why Penn St. is all over the news. Simple Fact: Parents will not want their kids to go there, I sure as hell will never go back there again. My in-laws are so embarrissed that they are giving up their tickets and never donating to the university again.

Golden already gets $2 Mill per year here, not to mention, there is a buyout clause for Penn St. in there.

From reading some of the comments I must say that I don't agree with those that say Golden is going to PSU. Until this whole mess at PSU began I felt that yes Golden would take the PSU job once the NCAA layed the hammer on the "U" for their violations. But not now. Once the criminal investigation is completed and heads continue to roll the NCAA will then step in and conduct their own investigation on PSU's lack of institutional control. The PSU sanctions are going to make the "U"s sanctions look like a walk in the park. How worse can it get than knowing that an ex coach is raping kids and doing nothing about it? Heck as the investigation continues it may come out that this freak was raping kids while still working as a coach at PSU. Something tells me this sicko had been doing this for a much longer time. PSU is probably trying to cover their as. by stating that this happened only when he was no longer a coach at PSU.

Now on the FSU game. As much as I hate to say it I think FSU will win this game 30-17. I think Golden will have them ready to play but there are to many wholes on the defensive side of the ball for the "U". Last years beat down was no fluke. The bigger picture is making sure the "U" gets payback on South Florida and beats Boston College to end the year.

Golden would be crazy to take that job at this point. They will be talking about this for another year or two....esp....as this plays through the court system. This will be a HUGE distraction for Penn State and anyone involved with the football program. I think Golden will take his lumps with the Canes and be thankful it was a few kids taking money and not children be abused. The Penn State brand will be tarnished for quite some time.

Penn state will always be a better program than tthe U. The U will be hit with sancations and there is no proof that the State will be penalized. We have 60,000 fill our stadiums and the U has 10,000, were the Nittany Lions and one guy wont screw it up for this prestegious school. Unlike THUG U!

60K? They get more than that for their spring game. Try 100K on Saturday.

Penn State won't hire Al Golden to turn the page on the JoPa era.

Al Golden won't leave a better job in a better location for Penn State.

So scream to the contrary until your face is blue and let's just watch to see what happens.

Penn State less JoePa = an upcoming century of irrelevancy.

Even with JoePa, PSU has been irrelevant for a decade.

If a coach's decision was purely about stadium attendance, no one would coach in the ACC or Pac-10.

Unfortunately for idiots, like Gatard fans, there are many more factors at play. The ability to avoid dumps, like Gainesville, is certainly one of them.

UM has won four national championships since Penn State's last one.


Better fans, more legendary program.

Not filled with showboating thugs who take money and wants to be flashy!

UM has won four national championships since Penn State's last one.

Penn State is in the middle of nowhere, impossible to recruit anyone to go there. The closest city is f*cking Harrisburg. The closest real city is Pittsburgh.


Better fans, more legendary program.

Not filled with showboating thugs who take money and wants to be flashy!

Miami is a mix between Little Haiti, Lil Cuba, litlle DR, Little Columbian, Lil Jamaica, immigrants!

Miami is a mix between Little Haiti, Lil Cuba, litlle DR, Little Columbian, Lil Jamaica, immigrants!

If a coach's decision was purely about stadium attendance, no one would coach in the ACC or Pac-10.

Aside from Oregon, Clemson, and VPI. Of course I'm assuming you already knew that.

Nice indictment of the ACC and PAC 10.

PSU bound - Penn State just fired it's president, athletic director, and their long time coach and face of their program because they were all involved in covering up the on campus rape of a 10 year old boy by one of Penn State's former coaches.

So when they hire a former Joe Paterno disciple to come in and turn the page on a legacy that has forever tainted their school you come back here and make fun of UM for losing it's coach.

Until then you just sound like a desperate a**hole who can't face the reality of what just happened to the national image of their school and the repercussions of this past week.

And don't bother with responding about UM's problems, UM has never been thought of by the national media as anything other than a team of misfits.

Miami is a mix between Little Haiti, Lil Cuba, litlle DR, Little Columbian, Lil Jamaica, immigrants!

Posted by: JOHOHOHOHO | November 11, 2011 at 12:35 PM

I didn't know this was a blog for the racist. You pedophiles up in psu have 60,000 at your stadium because there is nothing, I REPEAT, nothing to do up there. We have South Beach, clubs, perfect weather year round. It's great to live where everybody vacations to and wishes to live. It's so funny how people come down here to visit and soak up the atmosphere and then go home and talk garbage about Miami as a city just to make themselves feel better for living in a toilet. PSU hasn't done anything in years. We got more championships than you do in less time. Psu has 2 national titles in 50yrs while The U has 5 in less than 30. Psu was established in 1855 while UM was established in 1925 and started the football program in 1926, so it has taken psu over 100yrs to win a title while miami did it in less time. The U controls more college records than pedophile state university ever will. Psu is pure garbage, and anyone who defends it is a garbage individual as well. Might as well come out and say that you bent over the same kids that Sandusky did.

JoePa had a responsibility to maintain the integrity of the team and school and he failed at that. Plain and simple, he deserved what he got. I wanted to defend him hoping that he never knew anything about it but it's clear that he did. Why else would he "offer" to retire at the end of the season? He wouldn't have offered anything unless there was something that would come back to him. Anyone and everyone that knew about this should all be charged, arrested, incarcerated and left for dead in a cell.

F%^k psu and everyone else who defends pedophilia.

Penn St covered up a child rape. You're the biggest thugs in college football.

Cool Cat is playing his little agenda game...talking through the wrong orifice and at the same time drawing attention...Start thinking about the interest of the "U" and forget all the selfish reasons that are concoted about Coach Al...let him Coach in peace...How would you like to be hounded by these Blogs..EVERYDAY about going or Staying...
ENOUGH already...Cheer for the 'Canes and shut***. Right now let us concentrate on the 'Noles and win that game...
Support our team and our Coach G and his group or go out and play SCRABBLE..
I am sick and tired of all the naysayers and Chicken Littles that populate the board..
Footbal is a game of fun and inches...But for a few we would be talking about a Super season.
Go 'Canes. Win on Saturday guys and Play with ALL you got.

Golden isn't going anywhere so everyone can quit drooling over a made up rumor but some fatass behind a computer, jerking off, surrounded by cheetos crumbs. Golden is much, I REPEAT, much better off here at The U. 5 titles to 2 in less period of time. I can say more but really no more is necessary to say. We don't rape children is another fact as well. There you go.

Now on to fswho and beating them down again on their home field. We own doak stadium 4-1, don't forget that you dirty noles.


Tommy Streeter
Darius Smith
Anthony Chickillo
Jojo Nicolas
Seantrel Henderson
John Feliciano
Mike James
Phillip Dorsett
Kendall Thompkins
Dyron Dye

But let me make this clear, these guys can't wait to meet you.

Enjoy today because tomorrow will suck for you noles.

Canesfagtillidie, Ever heard of Nick Saban didnt he say he wasnt going to be Alabama coach guess what money talk BS walks, and PSU has the money to pay Golden unlike cheap U. Maybe we should send Sandusky to perform oral on you, youll prob like it.

Canesfagtillidie, Ever heard of Nick Saban didnt he say he wasnt going to be Alabama coach guess what money talk BS walks, and PSU has the money to pay Golden unlike cheap U. Maybe we should send Sandusky to perform oral on you, youll prob like it.

Posted by: JOHOHOHOHOHO | November 11, 2011 at 03:13 PM

Maybe you didn't hear but Golden is getting 10million for 5yrs. That's not bad considering what he got at Temple and even after signing an extension to continue coaching there. No amount of money can sway a DECENT person to coach at "that" school. Alma mater or not. Plus after the 5yr contract, The U will happily throw more at him. Get ready to see Golden wearing his orange tie for some time here in the South.

The people who aren't happy in happy valley are the children. PSU, raping children since 1855.

And actually no thank you on that offer. Since you like to think of homosexual interaction why don't you give sandusky a call. Sure he'd rather suck you off than his prison mates.

Now go and troll somewhere else loser. Only the lifeless troll.


Sorry bud -- there are 4.5 million reasons (per year) for Golden to go to PSU. Remember, the guy's not even 40 (if so not by much). He can set his family up for friggin' LIFE then never have to work another day in HIS life after banking that scratch for 3 or 4 years. Better coaches would coach curling in Mongolia for that.

Canes can't even sniff an offer like that.

I hate when cane fans who have not gone to college always say attendance or lack of is due to the amount of things to do outside of going to a game. Most of the time college towns that have packed stadiums are full of alumni who come from all over to celebrate there teams and enjoy the weekend activities. This is incomprehensible to the MDCC drop outs. To those calling Tally a redneck town - keep in mind it's the capital of the state where laws are made including testing you dropouts for drugs before you collect your welfare checks.

I listen to talk radio and the above comments are directed at the Laz's, Abels, and StormCats of the area.

Sorry bud -- there are 4.5 million reasons (per year) for Golden to go to PSU. Remember, the guy's not even 40 (if so not by much). He can set his family up for friggin' LIFE then never have to work another day in HIS life after banking that scratch for 3 or 4 years. Better coaches would coach curling in Mongolia for that.

Canes can't even sniff an offer like that.

Posted by: PSU bound - easy decision | November 11, 2011 at 03:41 PM

The why didn't he stick around at Temple and just wait until JoePa retired then? Why take another offer? Why come to the GREATEST BRAND IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL instead of his alma mater? His family loves it here. His kids are going nuts that they can go to the beach in December instead of staying in the house during a white-out. Sorry guys but the idea of NOT having to shovel your way out of your house to get to work isn't as appealing as wearing a t-shirt and shorts to go to work and make millions. He's making the money he's making now because it's his first contract with The U. A LOT MORE will come afterwards. Guaranteed for the next 4years we'll be in bowl games and that 10mill for 5 years will become 20mill for 5yrs with bonuses and that cycle will continue for as long as he stays here. This is a hot bed and pennsylvania isn't. Sorry. Too many pluses against too many minuses.

GO U!!!

You are wrong, dumb. The schools that pack stadiums with more than 80K have undergraduate enrollment of at least 40k. Add the grad schuss and Ocala and you have 60k before any alums show.

You are an ignorant 'neck. Let me know what there is to do in Trailerville or Crappy Valley outside of 7 Saturdays in the Fall.


Not even in the top 25


TRAILERTRASHville + SODOMY Valley = Stinkin' Lincoln, Nebraska. Hee hee hah hah.

In other words, the NEANDERTHAL bUbba's in those RURAL enclaves have nothing better to do than WORSHIP their collective college pigskin DEITIES.

By the way, Colin COWchit listed Miami, F-L-A has one of his Top 5 college football program for a head coach to pursue his career. And one of his criteria was ALL the social/academic AMENITIES. Go figure.

And COWchit DIDN'T list SODOMY Valley or Stinkin' Lincoln or even TRAILERTRASHville. Say it ain't so.

Posted by: Dumber

There can be a million things to do on Saturdays other then attend your cane games but you will still be on this blog and the Gator Clause instead of enjoying the company of other humans - male or female.(your meatloaf making mom not including)


Not even in the top 25


Posted by: Don't let facts get in the way | November 11, 2011 at 04:50 PM


The "U" is synonymous with college football. No school football program HAS EVER DONE what The U has done for college football. Love or us hate us, we are The U.


When I think of Penn State before all of this garbage did I think of championships? Nope. When I thought of OU (pick either one), do I think of anything special? Nope. But when EVERYBODY AND THEIR MOTHER WHO KNOWS AND CARES ABOUT COLLEGE FOOTBALL is asked about THE U, they all say nasty football players who win championships and ruin championship hopes of opposing teams.

You're welcome. You're right about one thing though and that's not to let facts get in the way. Facts will always be facts. No college team has done what The U has done. PSgarbage couldn't do it and they were around for almost 100yrs longer than The U.



Posted by: macjones

Great insight!

Posted by: macjones


Hey PSU bound.....
WEATHER............Miami Wins
RECRUITING.........Miami Wins
LIFESTYLE..........Miami Wins
NFL Players........Miami Wins
Need I say more...It's probably 30 degrees in Happy Valley....you don't want to know what the weather is here so keep the pie hole shuttered and check out our ASSETS..
GO' Canes and don't STOP until we defeat the 'Noles.

What about fans?

PSU wins!

Thats why so many coaches turned down UM job! Remeer Dan Mullens didnt want it.

What about fans?

PSU wins!

Thats why so many coaches turned down UM job! Remeer Dan Mullens didnt want it.

Posted by: JOHOHOHOHOHO | November 11, 2011 at 05:27 PM


That's your one and only argument? Really. This is a show me town and we just haven't seen it. While everyone in pedophile valley show up not for the ninny lions but for the peachy paterno ice cream free giveaways.

That's how they brought in all those lil'boys. With ice cream, or so they say.....


How do you determine COMFORT COACHING in your rankings? They have had the same coach for the last 40+ years!

COACHING STAFF I would say this leans toward Penn State as we haven't had a good coaching staff since 2001 NC team.

Not sure how you gauge FAMILY HAPPINESS. Have you interviewed everyone? I am sure Randy and Larry's families weren't very happy.

I noticed you left out STADIUM and FAN BASE.

You should do some more research before you post.

Joho. Fans try and find PSU fans outside sodomy kids valley. You must be a soap on a rope dope.

What happened with Ray Ray? Is this going to add fuel to the NCAA fire?

4.5 Million base

Five star guys don't win natl titles, hard work and developing kids within a system does. As far as I can tell 5 star kids have had so much smoke blown up their A@# that when they show up they think they have arrived. Give me a 3 star who has a chip on his shoulder, knows he has has to work, and wants to work within a system. I will show you a team that will win, if you have the right coach in place, which we do. I am tired of all these "5 star guys" crap. Who cares, Golden will right the ship with "his" guys, no matter what the stars because he gets it. Ask Chris Peterson what the "stars" behind his recruits names mean to him. BSU would hand our Canes their lunch this year..period. Get off the "stars" crap. GOOOOOOOO Canes


C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.5 Million base

Posted by: 4.5 Million base | November 11, 2011 at 05:56 PM


$4.5million base for representing a school that covers up child molestation/rape scandals for a decade after knowing about it the whole time....


I honestly wouldn't be amazed if nobody takes this job and this interim coach gets the job.

I guess, Gatr maggot, I could say the same about you. I just toy with you. After all, what's the glory in crushing a UTrailer diploma holder?
Few things are easier.

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