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Freshmen ready for first taste of UM-FSU rivalry

Anthony Chickillo didn't need to listen to the Seminole War Chant -- played all week inside the University of Miami locker room -- to get him fired up for Saturday's rivalry game in Tallahassee. 

Anthony ChickilloAs a third generation Cane, the 6-4, 250-pound freshman defensive end said he's been looking forward to lining up against Florida State since he was in diapers.

"My dad has told me whatever happens in these games you're going to remember it for the rest of your life. Twenty years from now you're going to look back and say man this is how I did against FSU," said Chickillo, who has started six games this season and ranks sixth in tackles (33), second in sacks (3.5) and third in tackles for loss (5) on the Canes defense.

"I think my dad only lost one game to them when he played [from 1979 to 1982]. I know I don't want to have a losing record against them."

Chickillo, UM's top recruit last February, has lived up to his hype through nine games. Florida State, meanwhile, who had the No. 2 recruiting class in the country last year according to Rivals.com, has had a number of true freshmen make big impacts for them this season on offense.

Among the standouts:

> Running back Devonta Freeman, who led Miami Central to the state title in December, has started the last three games for FSU and leads the team with 367 yards rushing and six touchdowns.

> Tight end Nick O'Leary, the grandson of famed golfer Jack Nicklaus and a former standout at Palm Beach Dwyer the Hurricanes badly coveted, has started twice and ranks sixth on the team in receiving with 12 catches for 164 yards and a touchdown.

> Former St. Thomas Aquinas offensive linemen Bobby Hart, has started the last four games at right tackle. Austin Barron, who started alongside Hart on the Raiders' state and national championship team last Decemeber, made his first start for the Seminoles last week at center against Boston College.

> Receiver Rashad Greene, another star on that St. Thomas championship team, ranks second on the team in receiving with 26 catches for 457 yards and a team-leading six TD receptions. Greene has missed the last four games with an ankle injury, but it appears likely he'll return this week.

Aside from Chickillo, the Hurricanes (tabbed with the 36th best 2011 recruiting class in the country by Rivals.com) have had a couple of other true freshmen standouts shine this season.

Linebacker Denzel Perryman, who said he "hurt" last year when he sat in the stands and watched the Seminoles wallop the Canes 45-17 at Sun Life Stadium, ranks fourth on the team with 48 tackles despite making just two starts. He also has a sack, three tackles for loss and a forced fumble.

Phillip Dorsett, who tried unsuccessfully at swaying his former Aquinas teammate Greene to defect to the Canes late in the recruiting process after taking an official visit to Coral Gables, is sixth on the Canes in receiving. Last week against Duke, Dorsett caught his first touchdown pass. He has 10 catches for 120 yards and a score. He also serves as the backup to Travis Benjamin on kickoff and punt returns.

While other true freshmen like cornerback Thomas Finnie (8 games, 13 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 PBU), defensive tackle Olsen Pierre (7 games, 4 tackles) and linebacker Gionni Paul (6 games, 4 tackles) have had some playing time, UM coach Al Golden has been content with allowing the majority of the 16 players he signed in his first recruiting class spend the year learning on the scout team.

Asked if he thought any other freshmen might see more playing time over the last three games, the only player Golden mentioned was defensive lineman Jalen Grimble.

"We’ve got a lot of football left," Golden said Tuesday. "I think when freshmen show that they are capable of playing or making progress, you reward them with more time. I think some of the guys that we’ve mentioned already are doing that and will continue to do that as they grow here."


> A total of 48 players between UM and FSU have high school connections. The most popular: St. Thomas Aquinas, who has 11 total. Miami Northwestern High is next with eight. 

> The Hurricanes, who recorded 18 sacks in their first seven games, have been shutout over the last two weeks.

"There's been some opportunities," Chickillo said. "But Duke was throwing a lot of quick passes, slants and stuff. You just have to get your hands up. Ball disruption is just as good as a sack. Batted balls and getting in the quarterback's line of vision is important. We need to do a better job of that."

FSU has given up 26 sacks this season. Despite being rather elusive, E.J. Manuel has been brought down 18 times -- including 10 sacks over the last three games.

Of his own play, Chickillo said: "My footwork has gotten a lot better. My technique has gotten a lot better. My feel for the game, knowing my job, learning the process, going week to week and how hard I have to study.

"Coach Jet [Jethro Franklin] is a perfectionist. He wants me to work on the little things to make me great. Having a pass rushing plan every single play, a counter to the pass rush play. I just have to keep working and getting better."

> Chickillo insists he was always going to UM, but had he gone with his second choice it would have been FSU. "I took 6 unofficial visits to FSU," Chickillo said. "I got a lot of friends at Florida State, a lot of friends who went there. Coach Fisher is doing a lot of good things, they have a lot of good coaches I had good relationships with. I can't wait to play against them. It's going to be an exciting game."

> Receiver Tommy Streeter, in the hunt for a 1,000-yard receiving season, figures to draw safety help over the top of him in coverage Saturday like he has over the past couple weeks to prevent the deep ball.

But Golden said Streeter is more than "just a go-runner."

"He is catching fades. He’s catching back-pad throws. He’s catching slants. He’s catching in-cuts. He’s doing a lot of different things. He’s more versatile," Golden said. "He’s done a great job with his hands. He’s running routes harder. He made some key blocks for us too. Knowing Florida State and watching how they played, I don’t think they’re going to pay any more attention to him than they did anybody. Whether it was the young man from Clemson, they’re just going to line up and do their deal and make you beat them. They’re aggressive and they have good cover skills. Their safeties can cover and can run and strike. They have 30 sacks and none of them seem to be breathing heavy because they just keep rotating them in there. It’s going to be a great challenge for our offensive line and quarterback."


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Do You haters realize there will be NCAA santions at PSU. "The Death Penalty" was already being talked about on the radio today. That was the an UNBELIEVABLE lack of institutional control. When the NCAA comes knocking..... it's over. Golden stays!

Guys. what 2nd tier talent r u talking about? Right now we are #6 Scout, #7 espn and #10 rivals. Randy did leave some areas deep, however, U would have think in the 4 classes he brought in that he could have gotten the depth chart well. Shannons DUMB ARSE had streeter on the bench, arthur brown couldnt play here but looks like a heat seeking missel at LB at penn st, theron collier transferred and he was great in slot--it seems shannon had a stick up his arse and was moody. Anyway, guys, #2 okla st has 2 and 3 star players. Boise 2-3 star players. Oregon just started getting big time players, but traditonally 2-3 star guys. IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL, U NEED 2 B AT LEAST 2 DEEP AND HAVE a good qb, and skill players. SEE AUBURN0---take cam away, and now they are average

SORRY BUT URBAN MEYER HAD 5 or 6 TOP 3 CLASSES, TEAM IS LOADED WITH 4 and 5 star recruits right? 5 or 6 losses last yr, 4 this yr. HE IS SO INTO HIMSELF THAT HE BOLTED WHEN HE REALIZED THEY DIDNT HAVE ""LSU"" TALENT. He didnt want 2-3 bad seasons on his record.
TEXAS--MACK BROWN GETS THE 1 or 2 class every year it seems, or at least top 5, THEY LOST 7 GAMES LAST YR ----2 or 3 this yr(Already).
FSU--FISHER HAS LOADED UP ON TALENT THESE PAST 3 YRS--WELL , noles lost 4 last yr and 3 in a row at 1 point this yr.

FORGET THE STARS_-Obviuoisly you cant win with 2 star guys, but U can get 3 star lineman, just ad a good qb and stud wr's and rbs. and on D have 7 or so DLINEMAN U can rotate(like we always did) and decent lB play, and 1-2 studs in DB's.

NEXT YR< Defense---Buchanan is back, perryman is a nice replacement for spence, and U have some good LBS coming in and redshirting.
DLINE--most are coming back, forston was a JR this yr, and med redshirt, so he as 2 yrs left and we have 1-2 Dline committs already,
DBS are all back accept telemaqye right? Ray ray for his sr year because of his bad play will come back hard next yr, that crawford kid is redshirting, and we have 4-5 DB committs already.

Morris is a nice replacement that can run and throw and has experience.

3 QB RECRUITS COMING IN------3. 1 , the Dewey kid made the Elite 11 and is an espn150 player, and 2 other 3 star kids.

Do U GUYS AGREE< when U bring in 3 qbs, at least 1 is gonna transfer. I mean, who wants to sit their whole career??? Iknow 2 will redshirt but come on....
Watch out. In case we get some sanctions, golden is gonna close strong and land 1-2 5 stars and a few more 4 stars and finish with a top 5 class.....

LAST------believe it or not, we r a 1-2 plays in each game from being 9-0.
Game 1. led maryland w/3 min left when we kicked fg.
game 2. Jacory's td called back vs kst. lost by 4'
Game 3. led 35-31 w/40 seconds left at VA TEACH

GAME 4. lost to uva, player stopped at 8 yd line--4 trips to redzone with zero points.

I mean, if U REALLY THINK BOUT IT, we could b 9-0 and playin for a national title/.


Dont ya'll know PSUbound is a gator?

IMA----when the U wins, they get good crowds. Penn st hasnt beaten anyone this yr, and when they played a good team, got spanked by alabama. They are not that good of team.....Tradition wins out, Penn St is gonna b done for a few years.. Alot of parents wont want their kids around that , in their minds who knows if sandusky prowls around or there are others.

Dom ...Brown went to Kstate.

PSU bound, where are you getting these numbers, like I said before, your university will have no money after you are done paying for legal fees and being sued.

Did anyone hear that classy guy, Franco Harris, say "the board made the wrong decision with Joe, and he thinks that football and morals should be seperated in this situation". WOW! They should drop bomb on that campus and build a retirement community!

Tomorrow's game

Fswho is gonna be in for a nice surprise when they get to meet all of the hurricanes that they haven't since last year. The dual combo of Travis and Tommy will be too much for fwho's DB's to handle all night. That will open lanes for Phillip Dorsett running across the middle. They think that it's the same Harris as last year. We all know that the facts are not that. In fact Harris is in the top ten for QB efficiency. Everyone knows that EJ is not. I lost count of how long ago Harris actually threw a pick. EJ has thrown 9 picks throughout the season and Harris has only thrown 4. Honestly, the 4th techanically counts and the first 3picks only happened in the first 2 games for Harris after his suspenion. He actually can manage the game while EJ is your tuck and run QB who has throws it up for grabs pretty consistently. Problem is that he'll have to deal with Vernon on one side and Chickillo on the other. If he tries to go up the middle he'll have to deal with Spence at MLB. Tomorrow will be fun. Travis is gonna have fun with special teams as he's done pretty much all season.

Miami 31 fswho 17.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Can't wait.


Five star guys don't win natl titles, hard work and developing kids within a system does. As far as I can tell 5 star kids have had so much smoke blown up their A@# that when they show up they think they have arrived.

Ha, HaHa, ha, ha, haaaaa, ha,ha, ha, ha....ooops just threw up in my mouth from laughing at an incredibly stupid comment.

jesus Arty

the Pirte to FIU

Shannon to FAU

Al to Penn.

Cristibol too ?

Tubbyville ?

who got The U ?

F%^k psu and everyone else who defends pedophilia.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | November 11, 2011 at 02:33 PM

a father U will be ?

have a cigar

U figUre oUt who yoUr next coach is by ? ? ?

Tuberville and Soldy ...

You have to be kidding me. We shoot ourselves in the football and these team beats us by 4pts. What a joke. This goes down as one of the weirdest games I've seen in a while.

We've played better than this.

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