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Gameday blog: Boston College at UM

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- The Miami Hurricanes (6-5, 3-4 ACC) will wrap up their first season under Al Golden today when they take on the Boston College Eagles (3-8, 2-5 ACC) at 3:30 p.m. The game will be televised nationally on ABC.

Luke Kuechly> ABOUT BOSTON COLLEGE: If there is a strength for BC it is linebacker Luke Kuechly, whose 182 tackles are 35 more than the second-leading tackler in Division I football. The Eagles are far from an impressive team on offense, ranking 113th in total offense (293.64 yards per game) and 85th in rushing (128.91 yards per game. Sophomore quarterback Chase Rettig ranks near the bottom in passing, sporting a 52.3 completion percentage, 10 TDs and 9 INTs on the season. The running back tandem of sophomores Rolandan Finch (5-10, 209) and Andre Williams (6-0, 222) have combined for 1,074 yards with 7 TDs. Each is averaging over 5 yards a carry. Kicker Nate Freese is 9 of 15 on field goal attempts, with a long of 52 yards.

> WHAT U NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE CANES: It's the final game for 25 seniors including quarterback Jacory Harris and Sean Spence. The 2011 senior class helped lead UM to a record of 29-11 since 2008 including three straight bowl bids -- without a bowl victory. UM is a second half team, outscoring opponents 153-888. In the fourth quarter alone, the Canes have outscored their opponents by 46 points. Harris has completed 172 of 261 attempts for 2,241 yards with 19 TDs and only one INT. Running back Lamar Miller currently ranks fifth all-time in terms of single season yardage with 1,158 yards. He potentially could catch Clinton Portis (1,200 yards) and Ottis Anderson (1,266 yards) today.

> MANNY'S PICK: UM 30, Boston College 13. I head into the season finale with an 8-3 overall record picking the Canes this season. My losses -- Kansas State, Georgia Tech and Virginia. At times, it's been tough to get a finger on this team. One minute they look phenomenal on offense, the next they struggle to two field goals at USF. Same thing on defense (look up Virginia Tech and then Georgia Tech two weeks later). Boston College is bad. But they aren't Duke bad. They beat an NC State team that beat Clemson, lost two Notre Dame 16-14 and beat a Maryland team that beat UM 28-17. I expect a close game for a half, a big day for Jacory Harris and Travis Benjamin and a good day for the Canes defense when it comes to creating turnovers (they're due).


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I see all the canes fans showed up today.

If that had been thrown properly a td

Okay they scored take Harris out. Tickets started at 4 bucks today.

Our secondary is awful

God awful. I hope golden doesn't keep one of them

I ALWAYS cheer MY/OUR Canes on. However, since THIS year IS a bust overall, I will take a pass ;(

Brandon MCGee SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miller needs to gain strength. Was he out of gas at the end

I'm gonna keep saying it. Our secondary is an embarrassment to the canes uniform. It must be hard for the likes of Ed reed antrelle rolle and Brandon Harris to watch.

Brandon mcgee is bad, but i think Jo Jo Nicholas is worse. And ray ray is by far the biggest disappointment.

Itc, miller has been out of gas last six weeks. I hope he comes back, for our and his sake.

I see all wagon still empty. Maybe when they're 10 - 1 or better the bandwagoner's will hop aboard

While we are talking about disappointments....laron Byrd and aldarius Johnson, especially since their freshman year.

Inimounts. Your right. But it was his legs and wind that gave out.

Under this coaching staff the U will not return to the winning tradition. Golden is no better than Shannon....they both have subpar assistants...Shannon had Whipple and Golden has Fisch and D'Onofrio!!! I will give Golden credit, he does have a gimmick with the tie..unfortunately none of that crap will resonate into victories. All I want for xmas is for Golden to be gone!! His heartless, apathetic coaching is better suited at PSU!! The talent in Florida is still here watch a college game and listen to the home state of the players. ..The game has passed Golden old school coaching style up!! Especially when you are talking 5 star kids……The decision to not accept a bowl game is a pre-emptive strike against NCCAA sanctions but it will cost the school revenue. PSU will accept a bowl bid for shielding a sexual predator…wtf!!..Golden should let the kids play the game….if Golden wants to place his stamp on the program do a better job coaching…stop placing all of the blame on the players.

I love the improvement in Harris' QB play this year, but he just seems to have trouble finding the hot receiver. He just doesn't seem to time up with the receiver who is free in the secondary often enough. Something is just a bit off. I think better days are ahead for UM's offense with a new QB at the helm.

Jacory is simply scared....too many 4&1's. Scared he's going to get hit... Get the first down man!! I know they want to wait until 2:00 are left on the clock and try to pull a late come back, man, this is sick.We have such talented team that plays like they are scared.

I'm speakless now we might have the lead for now, so lets see who wins the second half.

DarinD. You are otl. The one consistent problem for three years now is players especially MNW playets and an entitlement attitude. You apparently bought into that.
Thank goodness we only have 30 minutes left of Harris throwing into trie and quadruple coverage and making dumb decisions. Bring on Morris and the rest.
Without Golden and staff we would have maybe 2 wins.

I am so glad this is JAcorrys last game as a cane. It is so irritating to watch him slide for 8 yds knowing full well he needs 10. Sure that will go well in the NFL!, and its feast or famine with him. Either he makes a 40 yd bomb on 3rd and 3 ornothing. Never mind he needs a g-##d da--ng first down!. Mean while the BC QB, a sophomore is content dinking and dunking us for 5 yds a pop. They have like 9 first downs to our 5. Seriously.

Jacorry. Go away. Never come back to Miami games. Stay away from our future QBs. Never give them advice. Shooo

This article says thatthe BC QB ranks near the bottom in passing rating. Way to go UM defense in making yet another sorry QB looklike Peyton Manning.

And Lamar Miller. Yeah I know he can always break thebig one, but when y9ouneed him to pound inside and grind out 3, 4 yds, he turns his back to tacklers. He seems therb equivalent of JAcorry.

Crowd is pathetic. what 25k?

Donna shalalalalal will be sooooo pissed if Miami wins this game.

Inimoints: I'm with U on the secondary: It just makes U wonder what the DC does when there is no game. Ray Ray's head is not here, Williams is a transfer bust. But they would probably play better if there was pressure up front.

But a good coach can take the worse players and get something out of them. Not this DC, though.

Quick lesson for you chief!! In order to be a great athlete you must have a degree of arrogance. It is the coach’s responsibility to channel that attitude into success. This notion that we would have only won 2 games this year if Shannon was still coaching is ridiculous. I take it you do not like Miami NW? I guess winning is something you really despise after all your screen name does have dolphin…Enough Said!!

are they sure that this QB for BC is terrible?

this looks like the usual way to finish the season.the seats are empty for a reason. this team stinks. its the last time some will suit up, and they show they dont care. if golden wants this to change, he must work on the attitude first. they are losers, and know it. they expect to lost\e. and they will. to a very bad below average team.

all thats needed now, a pick-6 from harris. to end the season like they should. regressing like all those other years. last week, doubt set in with golden. this week, more unsureity. i would expect this top 10 recruiting class to have alot of changing of minds.

Unsureity? 'no-hope' for you sounding intelligent

Week after week we see this pathetic play on the field. I am convinced that they practice this way also. "you play the way you practice" and if that is true what does that say about the coaching staff??? I remember when you could get free tickets to a Canes game at McDonald’s. The Howard Schnellenberger showed up and the tradition began. We need to search the college landscape for that type of charismatic leader. We need a coach that can relate to any player regardless of socio-economic status. Each week this teak shows up clueless and unprepared.

good job harris. djh, or is it really, "duh"

Given the game away....bye bye Jacory!!!!

Darind. How's that arrogance for you. It's arrogance that has us so bad and mnw playets lead the way.
So glad there is only 22 minutes before we never ever have to see jokecorey again. What a looser he is.
This game is solely on jokecoreys shoulders.

Crowd is pathetic. what 25k?

Posted by: Nevin Shapiro should watch his back | November 25, 2011 at 05:04 PM



I have voiced my opinion that Morris should have been the starter..I think Morris is a better player and decision maker as a QB!! The problem that I have with your beloved coach Golden, he had three years of tape to see Harris pathetic play and yet he is the starter...Golden and Harris appear to be kindred spirits... I have said on this blog several times that Jacory is not even a semi pro or arena player....what you are doing is making a bold statement that all players from MNW are losers and that my friend is a lie and exposes you as simply an idiot!!

I said mnw playets. If you q uplift as a playet so be it. Obviously spence is not included. After that it's a real toss up.

Only 15 minutes left of jokecorey. Do us a favor al take him out now.
Was willing to give golden the benefit of the doubt on jokecorey but today shows he's totally uncoachable and not a big time player.

Can you all say with me Stephen Morris??

Another great 12 seconds of jokecorey. Threw into true triple coverage.

Hey ItDolphin: Now come on man, the NW crew is not responsible for UM's downfall. The downfall was already in place years ago. Blame Coker for that. Blame Coker for not taking the program at least a notch up. As far as J12, again, he came from a spread offense, played under multiple OC's, including the awful Nix and the perplexing Whipple and was hurt some, etc. If U want to pass some blame, do not do it with the NW crew.

I'm sure U'd agree that Spence is one of those players that U just don't have to coach.

did i call that or what. what else can you do to top this pathetic way to finish, maybe just GIVE UP LIKE SHANNON TAUGHT THEM.

Poor golden
Can anybody blame him if he goes

Cool cat even you can't believe that and makes excuses for jokecorey. A joke as a qb no matter how you put it, this is 4 years of experience.
Harris I am happier than your parents you are graduating finally

Poor Golden!! really it is Golden fault that Jacory is the starter..Golden has been in charge since the end of last season...do you want 4 yrs of blaming Randy for Golden's failures??

What a stupid, lousy, deserved way to go. Harris partied too much last night and on the sidelines.

He is just too cool to, well.......

Canes are getting their butts kicked by a bunch of white guys from up north. That just doesn't sound right, does it?

Right now, doesn't help that a bunch of unknown coaches for BC are killing a bunch of unknown coaches for the U.....

J12 has definitely had a bad game but worsebthan the Oline or defense or anyone else on the teem???

Missing a crowd? Blame shalalalalala, she bulldozed the orange bowl. The crowd at the OB alone was good for 2 games won (12th man).

its 4th and 1, we cant stop the run, why did bc throw? it shows why they have the record they have, and top it off, we are outcoached, outmanned, out everything. most of all, out scored. expectations will be low next season. no hype from manny and susan will change that. lucky to be 6-6 next year

b23hqb: (sounds like an audible BTW): Look, sir: Give BC some credit: The school is a Jesuit university, that means, forget money, U got to be smart to even go there. Not everybody there is from "up north" either. U see, those guys are so smart they've got opposing team figured out even before the game starts. Take Telemaque for example: VT figured things out a long tome ago and is only giving about 60 percent. VT is an incredible athlete and in the right defensive scheme would get the job done. But look who he's playing with in the secondary. Williams...That Brandon guy. And then U never see Finney.

if golden wants to show the future players he will play the best, then replace the idiots on the field, let the younger guys get the experience for the future. this is getting tough to watch

Golden signed contract extension today through 2020!!!!!

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