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Gameday blog: Boston College at UM

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- The Miami Hurricanes (6-5, 3-4 ACC) will wrap up their first season under Al Golden today when they take on the Boston College Eagles (3-8, 2-5 ACC) at 3:30 p.m. The game will be televised nationally on ABC.

Luke Kuechly> ABOUT BOSTON COLLEGE: If there is a strength for BC it is linebacker Luke Kuechly, whose 182 tackles are 35 more than the second-leading tackler in Division I football. The Eagles are far from an impressive team on offense, ranking 113th in total offense (293.64 yards per game) and 85th in rushing (128.91 yards per game. Sophomore quarterback Chase Rettig ranks near the bottom in passing, sporting a 52.3 completion percentage, 10 TDs and 9 INTs on the season. The running back tandem of sophomores Rolandan Finch (5-10, 209) and Andre Williams (6-0, 222) have combined for 1,074 yards with 7 TDs. Each is averaging over 5 yards a carry. Kicker Nate Freese is 9 of 15 on field goal attempts, with a long of 52 yards.

> WHAT U NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE CANES: It's the final game for 25 seniors including quarterback Jacory Harris and Sean Spence. The 2011 senior class helped lead UM to a record of 29-11 since 2008 including three straight bowl bids -- without a bowl victory. UM is a second half team, outscoring opponents 153-888. In the fourth quarter alone, the Canes have outscored their opponents by 46 points. Harris has completed 172 of 261 attempts for 2,241 yards with 19 TDs and only one INT. Running back Lamar Miller currently ranks fifth all-time in terms of single season yardage with 1,158 yards. He potentially could catch Clinton Portis (1,200 yards) and Ottis Anderson (1,266 yards) today.

> MANNY'S PICK: UM 30, Boston College 13. I head into the season finale with an 8-3 overall record picking the Canes this season. My losses -- Kansas State, Georgia Tech and Virginia. At times, it's been tough to get a finger on this team. One minute they look phenomenal on offense, the next they struggle to two field goals at USF. Same thing on defense (look up Virginia Tech and then Georgia Tech two weeks later). Boston College is bad. But they aren't Duke bad. They beat an NC State team that beat Clemson, lost two Notre Dame 16-14 and beat a Maryland team that beat UM 28-17. I expect a close game for a half, a big day for Jacory Harris and Travis Benjamin and a good day for the Canes defense when it comes to creating turnovers (they're due).


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'Cool Cat - I'm giving BC all the credit in the world. Said nothing bad about BC. Plenty bad to say about the U. Harris has at best, been an iffy QB, but just too cool for his own shoes. Posing on the sidelines for pics. I believe the few seniors the U have have given up with no bowl game.Including inept Harris.

Never said the current crop of U players are very smart. That past four months have proven that. Just at the suspended players that think with their, errrrr......instead of what little non-football brains they may have.

And, Coach Al, i am calling it non-football stupidness.

Why is that stupid Jokecorey still in there

why is Harris still in this disgraceful game?

Buh bye Jacory. ThanK you and best of luck.

Golden era has begun..... not like his past coaches were they only pay attention to soft miami south beach recruits. There's a reason why he leaving the city to go get kids like chickillo, tampa kids, palm beach kids, ft. laudy kids, orl kids, north fla kids in recruiting because they have waaaaaaay more HEART than the miami kids!! FREAKING FACT!- We have the most miami kids in the nation on this team and we are getting slaughter by average teams. MIAMI HAS THE BEST TALENT MY ARSE!!!!! GTFO...... TIME HAS CHANGE .... TURN ON THE TV AND WATCH HOW OTHER PLAYERS ARE PLAYING IN COLLEGE.

WOW!! Golden has signed to coach the U through 2020....Hell I would take the free cheese also, all he has to do is continue to put a team on the field unprepared!!

Lose revenue

Lose players

Teams can now start scheduling the Canes for their homecoming games.....With Golden as the coach this is a slow burn!!

Great coaches
Howard Schnellenberger
Jimmy Johnson
Craig Erickson
Butch Davis

Poor coaches
Larry Coker
Randy Shannon
Al Golden

We now have a hatrick this half by jokecorey. Good bye jokecorey only 8 long minutes left of your sorry career

And we are turning the keys over to this coaching staff? The same staff that could not figure out that Jacory was not a good QB!!!

4 quarterbacks this year (O'Brien, Lucas, Logan and the BC QB) have all had career days against us. All 4 are looses. Their combined completion percentage probably exceeds 85%.

if there is a bright spot here, will someone point it out. i cant believe how far back we went these last 2 weeks.

Have any ofvyou guys thiughtvthat the coachingvstaff does have a clue and decided J12 IS a better option than Morris.
My predicition - Morris does not start next year

i would say that keeping harris in is a sign that golden has GIVEN UP QUIT

at least his last throw was caught.

Yes Sir Coach Golden, Jacory was you pick to start!!!

J12 is gone.....time to celebrate!!!

i guess we just lost another "bowl game"

Jacory is going for 5 picks

I have to agree with Tt, the reason Morris isn't playing is because he is worse than Joke-cory, hard as that might be to believe.

Look how far we have come, we are only losing by 10 to BC as we fold like little girls at the end of the season. At least we are not losing 48-0 to UVA to close down the Orange Bowl. You see we are improving, ha ha.

If you think that Jacory is a better QB than Morris you should seek help immediately!!!

THANK GOD JACORY IS GONE WTF 4 picks his career in a nutshell picks and bad throws and to much a coward to run for a first down. SEE YOU!!!! plz find a real QB .... this last 10 years has SUCKED A-S friggin do something wtf this was a pitiful shameful end to a sad season wow the thought of this team going in the right direction just was squashed today loser 6-6 team makes fans sick!!!!!!!! the canes made a 3-8 team look like a BCS champ today, sooo much to be proud of...

DarinD you are an idiot. JJ never won more than 8 games before miami was 8-5 his first year at miami. DE was was from washington st. Give golden time you moron. Harris finished with 20 td and 8 int a great improvement over the previous 3 yrs they wanted morris to sit and learn

The looser jokecorey is finally gone. Halleliluya.


Guys I will see you all next year, and sad to say we will be saying the same things again. Golden is not the guy sorry he is a slow burn to misery!! Jacory at best you are playground legend...because you sucked in college!!! glad you are gone....

til then everyone lets do it again next year!!

Wow! This is the worst last game I've seen since I saw the U get stomped by ND last year, along with in person to USF, and in person vs Wisc in that horrible stadium in Orlando at the end of the 2009 season, and to Cal in 2008, and in person the last game at the OB to UVA in 2007....

Good riddance to this class of 2008, mostly from Miami NWHS, and the coaching and loser mindset of Randy Shannon.

Five consecutive years losing their last game....Woe to incoming classes worrying about their senior years.....

Cudos to BC and just completely outsmarting (not very difficult) kicking the U's players on-field collective butt....

Thanks Harris, for finishing pretty much the same way you started, and thanks for probably partying in Shapiro's honor last night for all the good times he gave the U, but not on the field.....

Clean house, Golden. No scholarship is irrevocable. Get rid of the dead wood, and build a team in your image, and let's see how it comes out....

Only in Miami where a coach can get an extension or anyone for that matter without proving themselves on the field. Has UM gotten this bad. I cant seem to process that right now.

My worst nightmare, jokecorey comes back as qb coach.

thanks for all the comments, it's been the a great way to enjoy a pathetic season on the field.

Worst Cane team since 1997......

Darind is an idiot but for
Different reasons than u stated. Stephen Morris has the worst completion to interception ratio, is responsible for our worst loss of the year and a horrible start to te year, and he is NOT the answer going forward. A shame we lost Tate forcier, to be honest i have no clue what we are going to do for
Qb next year, but if Stephen Morris is it then we are 'in' real teouvle

it will take the full 9 months to forget this game. next season, more of the same. it is miami football now. we had a great run in the 80's, early 90's. a brief but incredible run in the 2000's, now all that is long gone. so is the tradition here. it will not get better for many years. ncaa will make sure of that. enjoy being irrelevant. its where we are. golden says the right things, but what was on the field these last 2 weeks, proves othewise

Im glad it is over , I hope the Lines get in the weightroom cause tired of seeing them get their arses handed to them.... sad and pitiful season , hope next year is better because those seats will never fill up until the team shows it can win.... I myself wont buy tickets and drive 4 hours to watch a team play like they have of late. And I cannot blame anyone else who lives closer to waste money on that kind a sad performance either.

Look, I'm against the extension too, but let's gve golden next year. That's two recruit classes and two full years 'in' his system. Gene chizik guys. All we need is a qb. And secondary players, mainly a shutdown corner and roving safety.

Thankfully, it's over. Thanks for yet another sub Miami year fellas. You dont show up, neither do we.
Discusting...absolutely looks like the U of old...I mean when Miami was everybodies choice for their Homecoming games.
I like the comment about the white kids from up north coming into your backyard and whipping your cocky, lazy, unmotivated sses. If dreadlocks counted for points we'd be unbeatable. The Miami Hurricants.

I don't know who's worse, Jacory Harris or Kirby Freeman. Thank you Lord, that this loser is finally out of here.

Wonder how the blogger writers will try and spin this debacle......it will have to be in the positive in order to have access to the, errrrr.....team.

Bye, Harris. Hope you have a degree of some kind to get a job with Miami City.....

Butch Davis we need youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

I would like like to thank the UM administration for sparing us the pain and embarassment of seeing a 6-6 team lose another bowl game.

for the first time the school made the right call on offense.. no bowl game for the U.. CHOKEorry sucks... 4 ints? what f...

Jacorry- noodle arm pathettic. My 99 year old grandma can read a defense better than that skinny noodle. None of the 4 ints should have been thrown at all.

Benjamin looks like a pop warner kid out there playing amongst men.

Golden now has to get rid of the dead weight/. All of the fat lazy no football mind losers who have deimated this program (2 back to back off side penalties at home with a 30k crowd? really?)

Kehoe needs to befired and Donofruion needs to be put on warning.

lamr mIller should be #2 behind Clements and Duke Johnson I dont give a d how fasr he is. he runs scarred!

A real Linebacker? NOT Sean Spence. The real lb was that Keukly guy from BC> That was Dan Morgan all over again How many ints did Sean Spence have in his career? How can you shower him with accolades when the defense is as bad as this?

'cool cat is surely some racist. Son, you dont know football you are lost. Jokecooory is THE WORST quarterback in miami history and from now on, his name shall be banned form all UM commentary and they should erase him from the record books. I do believe he threw this game. Liks some other dude said.

LOSERS from Miami NW get the --- out of the gables and never come back. I am sick.

Oh well, this was the most terrible loss of the year. It was weird because I didn't even feel angry like I have in the past. It's kind of a relief to begin a new era and to see some of these guys go. For some reason this offense just went blank for the last part of the season. As much as everyone is pissing on D'Onofrio, the defense has actually overperformed whereas the offense has underperformed.
I'm eager for Morris to take the helm, and I'm not sure what to think of L. Miller. He's definitely the best back we have, but he's no Portis or McGahee, and definitely not an Edgerrin kind of guy. He's more like a Cooper, and I even liked the way James Jackson ran more than Miller. Miller just dances too much and instead of gaining 3 or 4 yards, he gains nothing. What a terrible way to end a season. Hopefully these 'Canes can bounce back the way Alabama did following their 6-6 season after Saban's first year.

U sUck

The thing stings the most is (ad nauseum) this was the no. 1 recruiting class 4 years ago, last year they were supposed to compete for the ACC and this year the BCS. Not even close.
Wow the wool was pulled over our eyes. Giving Golden an extension through 2019, really? Reeks of what Notre Dame did for Charlie Weis a few years ago. He may prove to be great but with a Sr. led team to go .500 overall in an incredibly weak conference is suspect at best.

I don't like to bash kids but geez Jacory, 4 picks including a 6er at home and a loss to a bad team. Inexcusable. Here's to next year.

Note to Golden: Please recruit kids with high football IQs, no. 1 priority. The rest will fall into place from there.

A god send this team isn't going to a bowl to play Boise. Chris Petersen and Kellen Moore would hang 50 on this team without trying.

Jacory is out!!!! Praise the Lord!!!

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