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Gameday blog: UM at FSU

TALLAHASSEE -- The Miami Hurricanes (5-4, 3-3 ACC) take on rival Florida State (6-3, 4-2) at 3:30 p.m. at Doak Campbell Stadium Saturday in what will be the 56th meeting in their storied series. The visiting team has won each of the last five games, but the Seminoles are considered a nine-point favorite coming in.

> ABOUT THE SEMINOLES: Jimbo Fisher's team has won four games in a row since dropping three in a row to Oklahoma, Clemson and Wake Forest. Quarterback EJ Manuel, the ACC Preseason Player of the Year, has played extremely well since coming back from a shoulder injury. He's completed 66 percent of his passes for 1,290 yards and eight touchdowns while throwing just two interceptions over his last five games. The Seminoles are averaging 292 yards passing per game and already have 21 TD passes including 40 pass plays of 13 yards or more. Freshman receiver Rashad Greene (St. Thomas Aquinas), who missed four weeks with an ankle injury, is expected to return this week only bolstering FSU's passing attack. Freshman tailback Devonta Freeman has helped spark the Seminoles running game over the last four games (710 yards). Freeman has run for 2888 yards and five TDs over FSU's four-game win streak. If there is a weakness for FSU, it's offensive line play. The Seminoles have given up 25 sacks this season as they've shuffled players around and dealt with injuries. Defensively, the Seminoles rank third in the country in run defense (78.89 yards per game), fourth in total defense (268.0 yards per game), fifth in sacks (3.33 per game) and 22nd in pass defense. FSU has also forced seven turnovers over their last two games. Punter Shawn Powell is averaging 45.8 yards per punt.

> WHAT TO WATCH FOR THE CANES: The suspension of Ray-Ray Armstrong hurts Miami in the sense it pulls the team's best cornerback -- JoJo Nicolas -- back to safety. Now, Brandon McGee and Mike Williams will be lined up against FSU's dangerous receivers. Not a good equation for UM's porous pass defense. The Hurricanes, shut out from any sacks the last two weeks, will need a big game from its best pass rusher this week in Olivier Vernon. If Vernon can apply pressure on Manuel -- he should be lined up opposite freshman tackle Bobby Hart -- UM may be able to find a way to mess up FSU's offensive rhythm. As good as UM has played on offense this season, this is only the third team they are facing with a consensus Top 40 defense. The return of Jonathan Feliciano should help provide extra support against FSU's pass rush. It will be interesting to see if Seantrel Henderson shifts over to left tackle if Brandon Washington struggles.

> MANNY'S PICK: FSU 34, UM 26. Would love to pick the Canes here and believe they've "turned the corner." But I've been burned too many times by this group. FSU is red-hot, has a dangerous quarterback who can kill you through the air and the ground -- Cane kryptonite. FSU's defense probably isn't as good as advertised. But that won't be enough for Miami. Defense has been the issue all season. In the end, too many explosive plays on pass defense will doom UM. But the Canes will play well and won't fold. If there's any way they've turned the corner in any way, that's what Golden has achieved. This team always fights and scraps. 


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Number 22 Rodgers was a high star rated player in Texas but his football IQ has not been so good. he has been around for quite some time so its not being a freshman.

Streeter is like Brandon Marshal but faaster with a 49 second 440 man in high school with hands

Streeter is playing himself into the draft.

I really hope the dolphins draft streeter. I know they won't, because try don't draft up and coming talents (Jimmy graham anyone?) steals from canes, or anyone fr canes, but still

Miami makes so manyy mental mistakes that often kill drives. Many palyers have been playing like this for years.

Stephen Morris stares down his receivers way too much. That's why his ratio is so horrendous

Going to be interesting to hear why Golden is swapping QB's.

Those FSU hoes look good!

Well this is sick.

Lol! DJ just got SMOKED


With 51 seconds left. Screw this. Gentleman, can i ask a question, and those that know, please respond: HAS IT EVER BEEN A HARDER TIME (DECADE) TO BE A CANES AND DOLPHINS FAN????

Many of the Miami players are a bunch of uncoached "street acting" types that cannot play what they are supposed to as the coaches draw it out on the board and prqactice it in scrimmage. Lack of discipline. I played for BTW and FAMU and saw this so much as a player.

this team just finds ways to lose , it is a sad shameful truth that they arnt good, losers lose and winners find ways to get it done, I hate FSU but miami trys so hard to give games away to stay losers............. FSU has to but show up and miami gives the game away... makes me sick!

Benjamin got rocked!!!!

I don't understand this quarterback platooning all of a sudden. Breaking up the rhythm of the offense.

72 is too big and not quick footed to be a OT. I played OT in high school and at a Sun Belt school and he is a guard or center not an OT.

I look for Golden to use any type of sanctions to take the Penn State job.

It's starting to get away from us. But there's another half to come back.

GOD THEY SUCK!!!!! 3 turnovers in the first half what a bunch of worthless crap !! man this team blows you cant even root for them anymore it is heartbreaking watching this mess... im done with this game time to watch a movie canes blow "another season" and another lost step in recruiting.. wow sucks being a canefan anymore


Why does anyone think that al golden is wanted at Penn state? They won't go interior on this one, they will hire from the outside, and even if they weren't....this was his application, and even though i don't totally blame
Him, 6-6 or 7-5 at the university of Miami doesn't get the job at Penn st, especially since u are dealing with the same level of talent

Thankfully, 12 is a senior. Golden will go to PSU anyway. Fire Donna and bring Butch back.

Al golden stop swapping quarterbacks if we lose its the suburban looking head coach.

The thing with my Miami team is that I don't expect them to win big games anymore (for awhile now) so it isn't as stressfull as before. I WILL BE SHOCKED if Miami WINS.
All in All THEY SUCK!!!

Waaaah! Waaaaah! Waaaaaah!

Watch the f*cking game.

Regardless of the previous coaches some of these guys just "ain't" football players. Some of these mental mistakes are not even done at this magnitude by decent high school teams.

"if" we lose?? hell it is alrdy over, 3 turnovers is all it takes to lose in this series, clast 10 yrs of canes brand football is to blow games you should be winning , stats say we should be ahead but we are getting smoked, so only thing left to say is we are giving it away.... and it is a shame because it started with promise, now im sick to even watch it. they blow

They need Morris to come out for the 2nd half. Better athlete,stronger arm is what's needed against a pressure defense.

What a joke, stop playing both QBs; do not expect Harris to manage this game going in an out every two plays. This is garbage; either let Harris play or not. Morris IS NOT a better QB than Harris, not matter how you look at it. As for Harris' int, it came after switching back in without any measure consistent play. Any system with two QBs means that it does not have one. This season cannot end soon enough.

We better make something happen right out of the locker room. This game is starting to get away from us.

I don't think Golden will leave for PSU. There has to be more to this story than has come out so far.

During the last decaade while UM had Cooker and Shannon both whom they paid large sums of money after they were released other teams settled on real coaches and this is beginning to show as it has been over the last 5-6 years or more.

Penn State has a lot of $$$$$$$$$$ out there for not having this coach hiring debacle. This UM president Shalaha has shown what she is made of and the UM trustees falling for it.

17 needs to make his progressions in the 2nd half, but after number 2, tuck it, and GO!

If Golden stays he just needs to get his type of player in at the school. Some of these people he has not may test out as good athletes but when it comes to playing the complete game they do not have it and never will.

...as for my 2 cents as to why they are swapping QBs, i think they want to give 17 addtl game experience (not against 2nd/3rd teamers) for next year.

Golden is staying because Penn state doesn't want him.
Ummm Russell wilson 16-16 174 4td

Theo Smith. What has Morris proved that Harris hasn't in this game to make you think he should start the 2nd half?

FSU gets a good pass rush with just 4 and our 4 never get much anything and this dates back last last year. Our OTs are being destroyed by the speed rushing and quickness of the FSU DEs. They may be big at OT but not athletic.

OK, who do we lose as a Senior this year which we cannot replace with a somewhat experienced underclassman?

Id rather have the Shapiro mess than have the ghost of protecting a child molestor for 20 plus years and knowing it!!!!

Cane Fan, i think J12 screwed up his back on that last sack...

It's funny, Coker and Shannon haven't gotten jobs at major programs. Goes to show the reputation those guys have.

We have some talent on offense...that's about it.

I don't expect J12 in the second half, he was hurting.

final score is going to be about 45 to 7 or 10 at most. So we should find something better to do than watch this mess...bunch of loosers!!!Primadona Loosers!!!

That #9 at TE is physically weak and cannot block LBs. I remember three weeks ago the Virgina LB who they said benchs 400 destroyed him when the U was trying to push it into the end zone. He even look rather weak.

Hank, too many injuries up front. In truth, as much as 71 has the motor, he needs to work on some technique. Vernon is just now in game 'shape' but the 2 DT's are really 2md and 3rd team forced into starting...

Botts has been really inconsistent punting. He's as responsible as anyone else on that punt return for a TD. The coverage ran by the returner because of how short the punt was.

rboud, that's the problen with the 2 step punters...a trade off between fewer blocked punts vs distance & hang...



Shannon's staff was not even high schoolish. Hell he did not even try in some cases to recruit some of the top local talent other than that NW class 4 yerars ago.

ted78, fully agree...that is why he went juco

Rboud. Are not the coverage guys supposedly watching the ball. Would help if they did.

As much as i like wieclaws foot, why 'in' the world is he taking such bad angles and so far up field???

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