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Gameday blog: UM at FSU

TALLAHASSEE -- The Miami Hurricanes (5-4, 3-3 ACC) take on rival Florida State (6-3, 4-2) at 3:30 p.m. at Doak Campbell Stadium Saturday in what will be the 56th meeting in their storied series. The visiting team has won each of the last five games, but the Seminoles are considered a nine-point favorite coming in.

> ABOUT THE SEMINOLES: Jimbo Fisher's team has won four games in a row since dropping three in a row to Oklahoma, Clemson and Wake Forest. Quarterback EJ Manuel, the ACC Preseason Player of the Year, has played extremely well since coming back from a shoulder injury. He's completed 66 percent of his passes for 1,290 yards and eight touchdowns while throwing just two interceptions over his last five games. The Seminoles are averaging 292 yards passing per game and already have 21 TD passes including 40 pass plays of 13 yards or more. Freshman receiver Rashad Greene (St. Thomas Aquinas), who missed four weeks with an ankle injury, is expected to return this week only bolstering FSU's passing attack. Freshman tailback Devonta Freeman has helped spark the Seminoles running game over the last four games (710 yards). Freeman has run for 2888 yards and five TDs over FSU's four-game win streak. If there is a weakness for FSU, it's offensive line play. The Seminoles have given up 25 sacks this season as they've shuffled players around and dealt with injuries. Defensively, the Seminoles rank third in the country in run defense (78.89 yards per game), fourth in total defense (268.0 yards per game), fifth in sacks (3.33 per game) and 22nd in pass defense. FSU has also forced seven turnovers over their last two games. Punter Shawn Powell is averaging 45.8 yards per punt.

> WHAT TO WATCH FOR THE CANES: The suspension of Ray-Ray Armstrong hurts Miami in the sense it pulls the team's best cornerback -- JoJo Nicolas -- back to safety. Now, Brandon McGee and Mike Williams will be lined up against FSU's dangerous receivers. Not a good equation for UM's porous pass defense. The Hurricanes, shut out from any sacks the last two weeks, will need a big game from its best pass rusher this week in Olivier Vernon. If Vernon can apply pressure on Manuel -- he should be lined up opposite freshman tackle Bobby Hart -- UM may be able to find a way to mess up FSU's offensive rhythm. As good as UM has played on offense this season, this is only the third team they are facing with a consensus Top 40 defense. The return of Jonathan Feliciano should help provide extra support against FSU's pass rush. It will be interesting to see if Seantrel Henderson shifts over to left tackle if Brandon Washington struggles.

> MANNY'S PICK: FSU 34, UM 26. Would love to pick the Canes here and believe they've "turned the corner." But I've been burned too many times by this group. FSU is red-hot, has a dangerous quarterback who can kill you through the air and the ground -- Cane kryptonite. FSU's defense probably isn't as good as advertised. But that won't be enough for Miami. Defense has been the issue all season. In the end, too many explosive plays on pass defense will doom UM. But the Canes will play well and won't fold. If there's any way they've turned the corner in any way, that's what Golden has achieved. This team always fights and scraps. 


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I remember Butch Davis in an interview in the late 90s when he started to beat FSU he stated we always knew what it took to beat these guys but at that time (mid-90s when FSU destroyed them) did not have the talent to do so.

The Offensive line of Miami has a distinct weight advantage on the FSU DL and cannot get any real movement. What is wrong with this picture?

Leave ficth and please take golden and dc.

Waaaaah! Waaaaah!

I think Hurns took fsu and the under today.

killer drop.

As one blogger posted ...get a REAL strength coach. Not this carry over from the Coker and Shannon era. This guy Swasey has a degree in sociology and looks the part of a wet noodle physically. hell as a avergae powerlifter not on any juice I benched 365 and squatted 560 at 240lbs. at age 22.

Come on Hurns if u cant catch that soft thrown ball good luck trying to make it to the NFL

Or Hire playboy bunnies as coaches and we will have a good reason to go to the games!!!jajajaj and U thought our games where empty jajaja wait for the final ones its going to be ghost town.... Shalala what don't U understand.....

It will take a couple of years...provided the NCAA penalities are not too severe...for Golden to get rid of some useless players who are ego seekers for themselves only. He has some good recruits already for next year.

The story all year...play like crap until the forth quarter and then lose but lose close. PLAY A FULL GAME!!!!!!

Number 48 the DE of Miami did not set the edge and was sucked inside. This has happened all year. lack of focus and discipline.

That number 29 is a real "Winner" where did he come from...a 1 A high school?

U know what sucks? Everyone is talking about golden recruiting but i am seriously worried here. No Freshmen have shown me
Anything except chickillo, who is going
To be amazing, but he was coming to the u before he was even born. Where is our Sammy Watkins? Where is our Sean spence? Remember his freshman year? Or Colin McCarthy's? So don't get excited about the golden era yet.
I give a coach two years, but only if the first year they don't regress. And we are dangerously close if not already there to Be as bad as we were last year. There should be improvement and there isn't. We lost basically nobody and gained streeter and chick.


It’s the coach! Each week we watch these players come out and make the same mistakes. This is why I say it’s the coach. Schnellenberger, Jimmy, and Butch were meticulous, disciplinarians, and the players respected those coaches and staff. Now have we lost the recruiting wars and the talent level has slipped absolutely. But even with the drop in talent, the coaches should scheme a game plan to put us in the best possibility to win. Go back to the Maryland game; it took the defense Coordinator three quarters to figure out how to handle a bubble screen. The Kansas State game, how many downs did we have at the 2 yard line? And yet we attempt pass plays? But week after week I see the same mental mistakes...and then I read were Golden is calling out players in the media! Is that how it’s done now or is Golden simply not ready for prime time? But I will not let the players off the hook either, I am still upset over the Va tech game where we went for it on 4th down and the tight end # 9 could not hold a block and James got stuffed in the backfield. So I see your point about talent level drop off because he is not Bubba Franks, Winslow, Shockey, Olsen, Graham…he is not even a shell.

inimounts, hows the weather over there. bikini's still out? what are you drinkin' at the bar? long day here, but they will get better soon. no doubt. good to see you here, have a great day, or night, whatever time it is there.

sadly this team is losers again 5-5 what a joke of a season , I woner how they can even look at themselves in the mirror?

Posted by: Gong44

Right, this team isn't impressive. We stink.

Spence is great.BUT this N.W. & Boo T has got go!!

See u later mike...I'm 'in' Ohio right now, will be back to Miami soon, freezing my pathetic arse off

Wwe have been Whippled!! first by the dad and now the son.

Who is ready to watch our impressive dolphins lol geez.

this team has done everything wrong today, BUT THEY NEVER QUIT. without the turnovers, dropped 2pt conv., penalties, this game miami wins. lots of work to do, but im glad we didnt just fold. go canes.

Our team is so pathetic. Because that may have been the best onside kick I've ever seen. It just went ten yards, slow one bouncer gave plenty of time....

wow they suck dont even know how to do a onside kick, the front row is supposed to take out the recieving teams guys first what a fitting end to another loss

I agree the kick was perfect , the rest was pathetic

Posted by: mike-s

I would suggest that we did fold. FSU kept us in the game.

We are 5-5. Anyone thinking penn st wands golden is fooling themselves. This is coaching. It really is. Want proof? Okay. Look at almost all these players as freshmen. They have almost all regressed. The only question is, is it all shannon and co fault or is golden and
Co just as bad.
See u all later. Hopefully next week will be better.

Anyone having trouble not getting the games on tv should check out espn3.com, it's where i watch my canes when I'm out of town.
The only thing i can hope for now is that we go bowl eligible so we can keep ourselves out of the bowl game to lessen the sanctions.

Mike S there is no moral victories, we are 5-5 and patheticly irrelevent....... 10 yrs of shameful coaching/lack of heart and poor talent has made miami a program that would best be disbanned, come back in a few yrs as a division2 because this crap we watch "IS NOT" hurricane football it is temple/duke/syracuse loserball...

junkie, in some ways your right. but without our mistakes, fsu really did very little. i think you posted earlier,fsu is not really that good, and we are a little worse. go canes.

I'm a FSU fan and this was one of the worst officiated games I've seen, and that includes the reviews. If this game was a carton of milk, I'd return it as it really left a sour taste in my mouth.

inimounts, i believe its unfair to judge this fast. but it shouldn't take 4 yrs like randy to know. there will be alot of work on the offseason this time. last year, everything was crammed in. next season should show major changes, or the seat should be HOT. later go canes

I cant believe this team is "hopeful" for a win against USF/BC just to have 6 wins for a chance at"the toiletbowl" hell take the sanctions and F--- the bowl chance, they record shows our team stinks and has no business in a bowl and no decent bowl would even want us------ THAT is the "NEW CANES" makes me sick...

Another game lost to the offense I am for one looking forward to see what this coach can do with his own QB. I mean Harris has not and will not be the one to take us back to the glory days. Sorry if anyone feels different but I have watched this kid and he isnt what we need. Also I was watching the game why in the hell didnt we kill them on the ground? They were getting six to eight yards on first down, then we run the same play and lose yards on second. Come on run a play action or a screen play to get them back on their heels. However I am glad to see they had a little heart left in them that they didnt just give up, but they should have played that way the entire game not just the fourth quarter. I will always love Miami no matter how bad they are, but now it is time to move beyond the J Harris project. Shannon I hated that they let you go but you but all your chips in on Harris and you didnt even have two pairs. Sorry he is not a good QB and Golden good luck because you will need it. Go Canes

We have to play like garbage for this trash team to win by a measly 4 pts. Unbelievable. That's not the hurricane team I've been watching the last few games. Dammit. Well this season will end with randy's recruits leaving. That's all I got, I'm too pissed at what I saw. Gonna have a few drinks. Gnite everybody.

Go U.

They weren't that good today, but at least they didn't quit like last year. The defense played better today. Spence should have been the middle linebacker from day one. Turnovers cost them the game. They'll be better next year.

Posted by: mike-s

I hear you...unimpressed with FSU, disappointed in our team.

canes Sk

Later Cane , I dont drink anymore, but it makes me want to Im tired of hopeing for a team to cheer for only to put up with constant crap from people up here about the sad and pathetic canes football program...

Just to add, I wouldn't want FSU's coaching staff for my team. Those guys have been on the ground for a while and they are talented and undisciplined.

You are fools if U expected a win from this bunch of loosers. They don't deserve to carry the U.... Kick Ray Ray of the team... for being an IDIOT!!!!

Hell , My own wife asks me to take down all the canes stuff in my office because it reminds her of a team that loses all the time.... she doesnt even like football and has that opinion of the canes : ( what happend to my canes ... wow sad days indeed

Miami doesn't belong in a bowl game.

aye Ray Ray needs to go and the canes have no business in a bowl, after 10 games we dont have a winning record, sad days

Too many errors, penalities, bad special teams play, etc. Its a shmae,

Now that’s what I call IRONY of the Hurricane sort. Eh.

Miami’s D-unit played their relatively BEST game of the season, arguably speaking. And the S.T.’s absolutely SuCKED this afternoon.

Then, the Cane O-unit plays a very, very average game and has those turnovers which put D' Onofrio's unit in harm's way. Yet, the Golden One’s squad had a slugger’s T.K.O. longshot chance at the end.

Nonetheless, the Miami, F-L-A Hurricane program still WINS at the end of the day. dUh. What the freak’ is moi bloviating bout’.

So, why did the Hurricanes win at the end of the day. Because BOISE ST. bloody well CHOCKED, again, and lost in DESOLATE Boise. That’s why!

In other words, the Bronco’s absolutely WON’T BREAK Miami’s 58 STRAIGHT HOME GAME WINNING STREAK!!!

Hurricane rUffians. I absolutely don’t believe the Hurricane STREAK will be broken. Therefore, I call that a bloody MORAL victory in the big picture of major college football. Get the fUc! outta’ here.

By the way, I called for D’Onofrio to be CHIT CANNED at the end of the season. I WAS WRONG, especially after today’s GUSTSY performance by the Cane D-unit in TRAILERTRASHville.

Finally, I bloody well toUted that the Golden One’s squad would COVER the Sin City WISE GuY line. And baby, they did that!!

What are you guys bitching about? FSU is clearly the better team, not by much but better. The problem is Jacory cant get it done in big games,

@Miami Fans- You should see the size of the chicken I am eating right now (while my team is losing)!

I think if the Canes are invited to a bowl, they should accept the offer. Bowl games are valuable recruiting tools, and bowl games provide revenue to keep the other sports at the University going. It's a business decision guys! We will have these same conversation next year and the year after, Golden is not the answer that we seek. My fingers are crossed that he does leave for Penn State, and we bring in a competent coach that truly understands how to bring together a quality staff to help him coach at once proud football kingdom. Right now we have egotistical players being assisted by incompetent coaches!

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